Happy New Year 2022!

We at Infinite Novel Translations wish you a happy, healthy, and successful New Year 2022! Hopefully many will be able to enjoy our translations in the coming year as well! 🙂






P.S: Little notice about schedule changes: Vermillion will be posted tomorrow. Nidome no Jinsei won’t be posted tomorrow, and will resume on the 8th January again.

Happy New Year

As the title says, the Infinite Novel Translations team wishes all of you, our dear readers, a blessed and good New Year 2021. We’re looking forward to see all of you enjoy our translations in the next year to come. Releases will resume, starting with the 1st January. 🙂

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and lots of health to all of you!


Your INT Team

Announcement: Risou no Himo Seikatsu Licensed

Heyas folks,

just today JNC announced that they licensed the Light Novel of Risou no Himo Seikatsu (Ideal Sponger Life). Since they have released the first parts of the LN alongside their announcement, they didn’t give me much time to react. But, as is good practice for any fan translator, I will stop the translation of Risou no Himo Seikatsu as of today.

Accordingly I have disabled all pages linking to the chapters I have translated, effectively removing them from my blog.

Let me use this opportunity to thank ApoWo for editing this series for me! Also, I kindly thank all of you, the readers, for supporting this series by reading and commenting it as you’ve done so far. It has been a fairly short ride, but a helluva pleasant one!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will leave the Thursday slot open! I have a few candidates to choose from, so expect to see a new novel in this slot very soon (maybe as soon as next Thursday).

Stay tuned!




Advertisment: Current Line-Up

Infinite Novel Translations concentrates on bringing you the best possible experience in reading  Japanese Novel Translations.

Our line-up mainly focusses on dark, realistic novels of the Different World genre that cater to many audiences. Have a look at our currently translated novels, maybe you will find something that interest you!

Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!

 One day the protagonist wakes up as eighth son of a Knight household. Although he lives in a poor household in the sticks, he possesses strong magical talent. Through various adventures, our MC obtains a harem and travels the world while struggling through various political entanglements. Read more

Hakai no Miko


Souma Kizaki gets summoned to a different world by an evil cult. This is a novel about a normal highschooler who uses his modern-world-knowledge to support his friends in the new world. The protagonist fights against humans together with beastmen and like-minded humans to create a better world. This novel contains romance, but no Harem. Read more

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de


Our MC dies of old age on Earth. As former war hero he gets reincarnated into a different world. While forming his own harem, Renya strives to live in the new world. Getting involved in various schemes, plots and incidents, he ruthlessly plows his way through. Read more

Summoned Slaughterer


Just as the name says, highschooler Hifumi is a boy who wants to test out the martial arts he learned in peaceful Japan. After getting summoned into a different world, he strives to create a new society where war, battle and bloodshed is a common occurence. Read more

The Spearmaster and the Black Cat


This is the epitome of adventuring. Shuuya Kagari gets summoned into an endlessly, rich world where magic, various races and gods exist. In his carefree, preverted style, he travels the world and encounters many people and difficulties. Read more

Update: Release Schedule

Heyas folks,

some of the older followers of my blog might wonder what my schedule plans are now that Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de is back in business. Thus I thought I will give you a short run-down on my future schedule.

Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – A regular mainstay in its Sunday slot. It will be released in parts. If you want to read ahead, check my Patreon.

The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – A new mainstay in the Friday slot. Most of the times I will release entire chapters but as a few chapters get as long as lower-end Hachinan chapters, those will be split in parts. For reading ahead, you have to consult my Patreon.

Summoned Slaughterer – Originally a mainstay but with a dwindling reader-base it has been delegated into a shared Saturday slot. Unfortunately the number of readers for this series has dropped sharply over time. Originally I planned to translate the second season as well, but that has been called off now as I don’t intend to translate novels if hardly anyone wants to read them. This series will finish at season 1 which has still 24 chapters left.

Hakai no Miko – My personal favourite. It will stay on an irregular release schedule for now. As the chapters are mostly short I can handle them after coming home from work during the week. As keeping it that way worked in the series’ favour, I will keep it like that for now. Of course that means that there might be some weeks with no releases and others with 1-3 releases.

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Until the end of Summoned Slaughterer it will stay on a irregular release schedule. Though I will try to release a chapter at least once every two weeks. Might be more depending on my mood. Once Summoned Slaughterer ends, it will get the weekly Saturday slot.

Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Now this one’s a difficult case, in various meanings. The material is definitely difficult. The author uses a highly prosaic and archaic manner of writing. This makes the translation slow, even if the chapters are short. Adding to that, hardly anyone reads the novel, sadly. So this one will be on a very irregular release schedule ranging from once every 1-3 months.


I think that should clear up some questions. I’m still looking for an active editor who speaks native English for Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de. So hit me up, if you are interested in helping out. You can easily find me on our Discord server. 🙂




Patreon Update: A little game

Heyas folks,

a while back, at the beginning of the year, I had the idea to change my Patreon page. Most of my fellow translator peers already used a system of offering chapter previews depending on the patron’s tier back then, and no matter how much of an old man I am, I thought I had to go with the times.

I quickly realized though that doing that would basically mean that once the stock is filled up, I would be back to regularly translating the chapters as I have been doing more or less for 3 years now.

So I came up with the idea of an event-driven world-building game using Patreon. The advantage is that on top of getting the tier rewards, the patrons would be able to unlock even more chapter previews by participating in game events. Effectively that would spur me on to translate as much as possible and not waste my time on lazying around while at the same time giving the whole Patreon business a bit of life.

Well that was the idea, but then Nidoume was licensed and I had various setbacks in RL like sickness, family matters etc. making it at some times even difficult to keep up the regular releases.

But that’s over and done with now (I hope), and I finally finished all the steps needed for the game to go live and even had already a little test run with the current patrons.

Thus all of you are invited to check out and also join the Patreon game The Rise of Asuria Oukoku by clicking the picture below. I hope many of you will look positively at the idea, and of course I’m always open for suggestions.



Update: Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de licensed by J-Novel Club

Heyas folks,

today I was contacted by J-Novel Club that they licensed Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de.

Here a little extract:

You may have noticed on the news, but we have now licensed Nidome no Jinsei from Hobby Japan, and have begun releasing the series officially.

As is our usual procedure, I’m emailing you to request that you remove your translations of the portion of the web novel that correspond to volume 1 from your website, and when we begin to translate volume 2, please remove those chapters as well etc…

I took some time to consider the options and also discussed it with the team and we decided to stop the translation at this point in time.

Some may ask “Why?” as it clearly states above that the content that isn’t released by J-Novel doesn’t have to be removed. But as translator I don’t feel like starting to play a game of cat and mouse. And unless I up my release speed, which I naturally don’t intend to do as that would affect my other projects, J-Novel would catch up in about 2 years or less with my progress (going by their release speed of other series’). By that time most of the series would be an empty husk with most of the content being removed from this blog. So yea, no point in that as I’m usually going for the long run and not short term.

I have two chapters in stock of which one will be released in a while and the other one regularly in two weeks time.

I’m sorry towards all those who supported this series being translated on this blog up until now, but just like with Yomigaeri no Maou and Black Summoner, I see no point in trying to struggle against an official licensing and thus chose to make a clear cut at this place.

On the bright side, it also offers you the chance to legally support the author by buying the English books online.

According to their demand, volume 1 has been removed from this blog. The rest will follow in a few weeks time, so if you want to salvage anything, do it before you have to later search through the dozens of aggregator sites and e-pub blogs.

So what will happen next? A new series will come, naturally. I’m not into changing release speeds of currently running projects or hashing up old projects that are dormant due to me lacking motivation/reason to do them. I need my dose of alternating stories and styles after all.

One potential candidate will be posted later today, so look forward to that. 🙂


Many greetings,


Random Stuff

I just noticed I’ve been following this community for a little less than 15 years now. Time flies, eh? I started with animes, then proceeded as editor of mangas, then followed again animes and novels and finally settled into becoming a translator…

Nowadays there’s hardly any novel or anime I’m following. On the novel side it’s mostly like 10 series I’m reading and on the anime side it’s mostly 3-4 per season. Sad development? Or rather, I’m getting old? Well, I still refuse to consume anything that’s not Japanese aka fake.

This season’s animes are mostly crap as usual. I had expected a lot from Clockworld Planet, but was disappointed right away… figures, I guess. After all, even the manga is better than that crap…

On the bright side… Seikaisuru Kado, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, Re:Creators, Akashic Records and Attack on Titan 2 look promising. Especially Attack on Titan is great, I can guarantee, I just recently caught up to the manga and the story is really decent.

It’s funny that with Renai Boukun and Eromanga-sensei there are 2 mangas being animated I read like 10 years ago. Oh well, I guess that’s the rambling of an old man.


News: Current schedule status and recruitment

Heyas folks,

thought it would be good to give a short run-down on which series I will be doing for the next while (years?) as there has been a bit movement in the last weeks.

Hachinan tte sore wa nai deshou! – Remains as Sunday release, will be mostly split in parts due to the chapter length.

Imperial wars and my stratagems – Will be dropped for now. I might pick it up at another time again as the chapters are short n’ easy though.

Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Will be released bi-weekly on Saturday.

Maou no Utsuwa – Will be released bi-weekly on Saturday, alternating with Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! This project is a collaboration with Ainushi and Cnine.

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Irregular releases according to my free time. Length-wise it’s quite short, though the language of the author is sometimes quite cumbersome.

Summoned Slaughterer – Remains as is with a fixed release spot for Friday.

Now then, you see there’s a lot on my plate and yet I have only two active editors. And one of them, Kruncs, will retire coming May due to RL leaving me with only one editor! Everyone likes to read but no one likes to work for it, huh?

Thus, once again, I’m looking for editors. The requirements aren’t that nasty either. Ideally you are a native English speaker able to properly write etc., you are reliable, you own Skype, you are available regularly and you have an interest in helping out in a long-lasting endeavour.

Not much, is it? If you are interested, send your application to [email protected] with a brief introduction of yourself. I will toss you a trial chapter and then we shall see, right?

Well, don’t be shy and try your luck. Ah, by the way, please only apply if you are really interested in it and want to put in the effort. No point of doing it for the fun of it. Thanks~!





Heyas folks,

been busy this week with RL, so no chapters this week. Next week should go back to normal.

I will backtrack these missed chapters in my vacation starting from Christmas. Sorry for the delay.