Well I will answer some commonly asked questions here. Before commenting on my releases/chapters, please make sure to read these as to decrease my work in answering reappearing questions. Thanks in advance.



When will you release the next chapter of XXX ?

Once it is done. Check the Translation/Edit status at the side bar for further information.

Will you pick up series XXX?

I generally only pick up series’ that interest me. Currently I have my hands full with the series’ I am translating, so any further new series’ are of no interest to me. And if they were, I’d pick them myself.

Can you include the illustrations for XXX?

No, I won’t. Why? Because I lost 2 series due to the license holders claiming for copyright infliction due to me posting their illustrations.

Can you edit the previous chapters to be more readable?

That depends on yourself. I won’t waste any time on any chapters that weren’t translated by myself. If you dislike spelling/grammar of a chapter, then feel free to send in a revised version to me. You can find the method to contact me in “Contact”

How can I join the team?

I am always looking for editors or people who are able to check the translation. Editors need to be native English speakers with at least a High School degree. As for TLC’s I expect at least Japanese language knowledge B+

How do I donate?

You can simply use the button in the side bar.

Will my donation increase the release speed?

No, except for extra chapters, my release speed is set in accordance with my RL. Donations are meant as appreciation towards the translator/editor for their efforts. Those are very welcome and if you can, please specify for which series you are donating.

How can I help the group?

By spreading the word about the translations, donating and actively taking part in any ongoing discussions.

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  1. Chp. 12 to 18 of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de are gone. ^^’

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