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I just noticed I’ve been following this community for a little less than 15 years now. Time flies, eh? I started with animes, then proceeded as editor of mangas, then followed again animes and novels and finally settled into becoming a translator…

Nowadays there’s hardly any novel or anime I’m following. On the novel side it’s mostly like 10 series I’m reading and on the anime side it’s mostly 3-4 per season. Sad development? Or rather, I’m getting old? Well, I still refuse to consume anything that’s not Japanese aka fake.

This season’s animes are mostly crap as usual. I had expected a lot from Clockworld Planet, but was disappointed right away… figures, I guess. After all, even the manga is better than that crap…

On the bright side… Seikaisuru Kado, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, Re:Creators, Akashic Records and Attack on Titan 2 look promising. Especially Attack on Titan is great, I can guarantee, I just recently caught up to the manga and the story is really decent.

It’s funny that with Renai Boukun and Eromanga-sensei there are 2 mangas being animated I read like 10 years ago. Oh well, I guess that’s the rambling of an old man.



  1. “not Japanese aka fake” – so you won’t read a webnovel that isn’t Japanese? Did Japan copyright the concept of webnovels while I was busy elsewhere? If not, then, fake how?

    • Seriously Wonderous

      Hey hey hey, be pretty depressing if even i just read that comment, so no sarcastic ones like that… its bad for the mental health when u have comments that seem (or are intentionally) wude.

      • How was it wude? I was asking a question. He answered. Done. Mind your own business if you’re just gonna assume shit about me and call me rude.

    • *shrug* The entire subculture originates from Japan, so I perceive other nation’s jumping on the same band wagon as fakes. It’s the same concept as drinking coca cola and drinking one of the no-name brands. Are those no-name brands not allowed to produce a cola? Surely they can. Is it the same? Surely not.
      So yea, I don’t read or watch anything else and don’t intend to change that. 🙂

    • Seriously Wonderous

      Any way, have u tried out youjo senki? I recommend reading it first though on skythewood, cause if u watch the anime for it first, then obviously there are changes, and the worst part is that when most people watch the anime first, they can’t go and then read the books, though manga is ok.

      I dont know if its psychological or something, but watching anime makes people not want to read it, or at least, not with the original enthusiasm as u had when hyped up to know about the … title (?) and yeah.

      So please, read youjo senki on skythewood first, cause it is really really good, and… i will recommend some more books ive been reading, if i remember to come back here to post them.

      And if u like star wars, and fanfictions for them, then check out the fanfic ‘the dangers of foresight’.

      Now, thats the second part of the series. I told u that one because i forgot the name of the first one. Just click or tap (if on phone) the author’s name (which should be ‘obi-camp’, or something like that), and then go to her fictions, and find the first part of it, which has the word ‘HINDSIGHT’ in it.

      Thats the first part, while ‘dangers of foresight’ is the second part of the series.

      Basically, its a time travel fic about anikan going back in time, but it really is a cut (like a huge cut!) Above the rest of the time travel fics (cause most of them suck sh#t).

      Please check it out ?

      Anyways, thnx for the translating, and have a good day?

      • Ah, I think you misunderstood. It’s not that I’m reading around 10 novels because I can’t find any other but because I read most of the good stuff and those around 10 novels are what’s interesting enough to follow. I read Youjo Senki at the time Skythewood released it, though I think he dropped it after a few chapters in (like 2 or 3?)
        I also read Clockwork Planet like a few years back (the LN is getting translated actually though I don’t think the releases appear on NU).
        Well, unless it’s something totally new, I don’t think there’s much to be recommended I haven’t read yet one way or the other and if I didn’t read it, it usually means it wasn’t my taste. 🙂
        Ah, Obi-quiet aka Anne camp writes fanfiction of Star Wars. But unfortunately I don’t read american fanfiction. If I started on fanfiction and amateur books released in the fantasy scene, I would need to stop translating for the next ten years or so. :p

  2. Tried to read chineese novels(xianxia or whateverxia) and what do you think happened??? I could not remember any name of characters. I have already forgotten name of the novel… Who has similar experiences?

  3. macktheknife123

    I know you feel. I am to moving way from shows from CBS, NBC, and etc. And am I just focusing on really anime that is English Dub on Hulu, anime eng sub base off light novels, video games, or the light novels that are printed out Yen Press and One Peace.

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