News: Current schedule status and recruitment

Heyas folks,

thought it would be good to give a short run-down on which series I will be doing for the next while (years?) as there has been a bit movement in the last weeks.

Hachinan tte sore wa nai deshou! – Remains as Sunday release, will be mostly split in parts due to the chapter length.

Imperial wars and my stratagems – Will be dropped for now. I might pick it up at another time again as the chapters are short n’ easy though.

Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Will be released bi-weekly on Saturday.

Maou no Utsuwa – Will be released bi-weekly on Saturday, alternating with Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! This project is a collaboration with Ainushi and Cnine.

Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Irregular releases according to my free time. Length-wise it’s quite short, though the language of the author is sometimes quite cumbersome.

Summoned Slaughterer – Remains as is with a fixed release spot for Friday.

Now then, you see there’s a lot on my plate and yet I have only two active editors. And one of them, Kruncs, will retire coming May due to RL leaving me with only one editor! Everyone likes to read but no one likes to work for it, huh?

Thus, once again, I’m looking for editors. The requirements aren’t that nasty either. Ideally you are a native English speaker able to properly write etc., you are reliable, you own Skype, you are available regularly and you have an interest in helping out in a long-lasting endeavour.

Not much, is it? If you are interested, send your application to [email protected] with a brief introduction of yourself. I will toss you a trial chapter and then we shall see, right?

Well, don’t be shy and try your luck. Ah, by the way, please only apply if you are really interested in it and want to put in the effort. No point of doing it for the fun of it. Thanks~!




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