Patreon Update: A little game

Heyas folks,

a while back, at the beginning of the year, I had the idea to change my Patreon page. Most of my fellow translator peers already used a system of offering chapter previews depending on the patron’s tier back then, and no matter how much of an old man I am, I thought I had to go with the times.

I quickly realized though that doing that would basically mean that once the stock is filled up, I would be back to regularly translating the chapters as I have been doing more or less for 3 years now.

So I came up with the idea of an event-driven world-building game using Patreon. The advantage is that on top of getting the tier rewards, the patrons would be able to unlock even more chapter previews by participating in game events. Effectively that would spur me on to translate as much as possible and not waste my time on lazying around while at the same time giving the whole Patreon business a bit of life.

Well that was the idea, but then Nidoume was licensed and I had various setbacks in RL like sickness, family matters etc. making it at some times even difficult to keep up the regular releases.

But that’s over and done with now (I hope), and I finally finished all the steps needed for the game to go live and even had already a little test run with the current patrons.

Thus all of you are invited to check out and also join the Patreon game The Rise of Asuria Oukoku by clicking the picture below. I hope many of you will look positively at the idea, and of course I’m always open for suggestions.



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