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  1. It would be greatly appreciated if the illustrations were included 😀

  2. Thanks for translating Hachi-nan. (and adding both your opinions during the translation and editing. – your comments are really funny)

    Keep up the good work. Cheers 🙂

  3. The healer will continue or is drope,….

    • It is dropped here but continued by another TL.

      • Do you allow people to host their novels? I’m looking to host novels to be read on various Japanese/Chinese websites…to get the novel read. Both those novel cultures had encouraged me to try writing my own tale in English. Do you allow that?
        If you want to read it beforehand, then

        is where I write. Of course I am trying to also get RoyalRoadl and other sites to accept me writing.

        Why am I doing this? To get readers. Wattpad is mainly used by romance, fanfiction and fantasy writers and readers, and my adventure novel has only been read 3 times by genuine new readers.

        How much have I finished? I have finished 9 chapters, but do plan on releasing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

        If you can’t, I understand. Just help me find likely translation groups willing to host my writing freely.

        (link removed)
        for more information.

        • If you mean with hosting, that you would post your original story here in some way or another, then the answer is no.
          In the first place this is a blog of a translation group for Japanese Novels. Original Novels have their own platforms/blogs where they can present themselves. I support keeping a clear distinction here, with the only exception of course being, if a translator writes an own story alongside, but that’s not the case for Infinite Novel Translation either way.
          Sorry to disappoint you, but I think you are knocking at the wrong door.

  4. Where is the chapters of Yomigaeri no Maou

  5. will you be updating the links in novel updates site?

    • Not sure which links you mean, but Novel Updates isn’t my site and I can’t update there anything. Thus, if you ask me whether I will ask NU to update the links for me, I think not, cause it’s a lot work which they likely won’t do.

  6. It would be greatly appreciated if you could change the background or text color on certain chapters… I saw ~5 chapters with a black background and grey text…. It’s rather painful to read…
    Thanks for the hard work.

    • I can change it though it will take some time as I have to do so while TLing etc. But you can do so as well. At the top left there’s a button, you can change the blogs colors via contrast.

  7. hi if looking for series to take because janitor-san is not a hero is great series thx for your time

  8. Hello, is there a need for editors on infinitenoveltranslations? If there is, then i would like to apply for the position of an editor. I may not be the best editor out there, but i am confident that i can be of use.I am good at Grammar and sentence-formation/correction, and overall, My English ain’t half bad.

  9. do you have a discord server?

  10. Can you repair chapters 6 to 19 of nidoume ? I cant read ir please

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