Rules of Conduct

Since I know that sometimes the comment area in blogs tends to get rather wild. I want to use the opportunity to state a few simple etiquette requests here:

  • Constructive comments are always VERY welcome. If you find errors in my translation or got advices regarding the blog management, feel free to post them. I will consider such comments with the appropriate seriousness and implement the changes if I deem them to be correct.
  • Destructive comments that bear no content but malicious bashing are NOT welcome. If you don’t like my translations and/or my blog, don’t read them. If you want to bash them, do it somewhere where I don’t have to see it.
  • Likewise trolling and bashing other users is a NO GO. Joking around is part of the show. But please remember that there are real people on the other side of the screen. So keep things in moderation, please!
  • No spoilers. People come to read here without having others tell them the entire story ahead. If you read ahead / read spoilers somewhere else, keep them to yourself.

That basically covers it all already. Not much to watch out for I would think and mostly all of it is simple Netiquette. 🙂


  1. if you make site more easy to fine pliz

    • Not sure how to go about that though. You can find it in search engines if you go by the series translated, the chapters are posted on baka-updates and reddit. And some kind users reblog it too.

      Any more than that would mean putting money into advertisement which I surely won’t do. xD

  2. Ask other translation groups to put up a link to your site on there most would agree.

  3. I can’t seem to find your contact info, did I miss it or is there no such information avaible?

  4. Speaking of constructive criticism, I’m glad that you are translating this series since its seems pretty interesting. But it’s a little difficult to read due to somewhat numerous grammatical errors. Do you have an editor? If not I’d be glad to look over your translations when I have some time. or if you want I can just post some mistakes and possible corrections in the comment section for each chapter, up to you I just thought I’d like to help make the story a little more enjoyable and take some of the load off. Hope to hear back from you and thanks for the translations.

    • You can contact me at [email protected] if you want to talk privately.

      • With “this series” you mean the earlier chapters of Hachinan? Or which chapters / series do you mean?
        If it is about Hachinan, we were in the process of re-editing them, but since I have been boggled down with RL stuff I wasn’t able to whip them editors into shape!
        Well up to chapter 12 should be nothing too difficult to deal with as a kind soul provided edits for 4 chapters, too.
        Chapter 21 was edited out of line as well. But anything besides that until chapter 25 is up for grabs basically.
        Once you edit a chapter, you can drop the chapter via email to [email protected].


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