Info-Update regarding Delay

Heyas folks,

sorry for not getting back earlier regarding the delay for the translations. Before anyone asks, no I don’t intend to drop translation of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de and Hachinan tte, sore wa nai desshou! I have already started on the next Hachinan chapter and got it 30ish% down the line, so no worries there.

Unfortunately though I didn’t have much time the last two weekends (one was for company’s 20th anniversary and its after-effects and another for social obligations and errands).  Although I’d love to get things done during the week, it is mostly impossible for me to translate long (Hachinan) and difficult (Nidoume) chapters as I am working basically from 7 am to 7 pm everyday. After such long and busy work days my motivation to sit down and translate stuff is usually going towards bottom of the pit.

I plan to finish chapter chapter 34 of Hachinan towards the weekend and if it remains as free regarding weekend plans as it is at the moment, I might add the following Interlude to the list (both are fairly long so don’t get your hope too high up for a double release). Nidoume will follow up the week after.


Just a short update





  1. You only have one life, there no need to stress over it, take your time.

    • this is the 1st time im 1st.

    • Ah, I am not stressing over it. After all I can’t change how things pan out anyway.
      Fact remains that when I started translation I had more time than I got now, so I think at the very least I should tell you, the readers, what’s going on. 🙂

      How I miss the times of part time jobbing. Was so wonderfully relaxing even if it wasn’t as relaxing for the finances. xD

      • I mean that whet our appetite, i can wait.

      • Real life can be busy, as most readers know 😛
        I’m just glad for the status update so we know you’re still alive, some translators disappear for a couple months with no word and everyone is just like whaa? q.q

        Anyways, keep up the good work, and don’t worry about schedules and stuff if you have things to do irl 😛

  2. Take your time an rest men

  3. From 7a.m. to 7p.m. What the hell is that? Considering time to wake up and have breakfast… ugh. When do you wake up?
    Take care of yourself… your schedule is too harsh…
    that’s better to have 1 chap per 2 weeks to 1 chap for 3 days, but then collapsing, getting illness and losing a job like translator of TDADP…
    Well, simply not overdo it!

  4. Lol my job was 6:30am to 6:30pm, payed $70 for whole day…

  5. As long as your not dropping it I am fine with it take your time.

  6. Don’t worry about it.
    Your job and its social obligations are more important than translating.
    So what if we have to wait a lot more?
    As we in holland say ‘geduld is een schone zaak’ (for those who don’t have the fogiest wat it means, it means: ‘patiance is the key’ in dutch)
    So take your time.
    And thank you for all your hard work you made this far ^-^

    • The English equivalent of that is “Patience is key.” Or “Patience is a virtue.”

      Don’t know why there’s no “the” in the saying. Sayings don’t always follow proper English.

      • Thank you for the corection
        I’m always in a bind with english grammar (even with the dutch grammer haha)
        And that’s why i’m thankfull for people like you cannibaloid, who take the time and
        give me some help with it.

  7. So true! Job an RL stuff has to come first. Yet a few lines (only a few) instead of no word for weeks at a time would be nice. There are SO many translators who simply STOP every activity out of being fed up with the fan community and quit without a word. So, when there is no word for weeks leeches get worried what’s going on and people who potentially would take over but can’t because they’re unsure if the translator is just taking a break. So, if I may be so bold: could you give a few words like “sorry, was too busy” before everyone worries about the project and more important YOU

    • I was holding onto the little sliver of hope that I’d have enough time last weekend to actually get a whole chapter done, but it wasn’t supposed to be, thus the notice on Tuesday. 🙂

      As for others picking it up. I don’t particularly mind to be honest. I don’t hold any licenses for the series to begin with, so not like I could or would want to stop any ambitious translators taking over to increase release speed.
      I’d be just grateful if they’d drop me a line or two, so we don’t do the same work. There is plenty of other untranslated interesting stuff, so not like I will ever run out of work either way. :p
      Since there was no one who approached me in regards to this yet, I will keep doing the series albeit slower than before. 🙂


      • well, it’s no big deal, just a tiny request
        We still love you – maybe just for your translation work, but we love you 🙂

  8. 7am-7pm? Ouch, hope you’re taking care of your health. Anyways, thanks for the update and, like everyone said, RL stuff has to come first.

  9. If you think you won’t be able to translate much now then why not take a break and have someone else translate until you feel like doing it again? It be good on your health and us

    • I replied to another person before you that I don’t mind anyone else taking up any of my series as long as they do tell me that they will be doing it.
      Also it’s not a matter of me feeling to do it, but just about me not having the time although I want to do it.
      Just to get you an idea, chapter 34 of Hachinan took me roughly 11 hrs to translate. That’s quite a bit of time. I don’t mind spending it at all since I like the series’ I am translating, just that I hadn’t the time to sit down and work on it in the past weeks.

      Lastly, if it is bad for your health then you don’t have to visit this blog. It’s not like you are forced to do so, so don’t strain yourself, take a break and relax. If you come back in a year or 2 there might be more to read for you. 🙂

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