Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 34: Compulsory army order: Old dragon subjugation

Heyas folks,

albeit a tad slower I am still alive and thus you get chapter 34 of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! today. Of course you are also allowed to thank Kruncs for his awesome job in correcting my terrible engrish. 😉

Some of you sent me mails asking for me to re-host Yomigaeri no Maou in some form. To make things short: That won’t happen. Why? Because I am lazy and don’t see any value in doing so. There won’t be anyone picking up the story because it’s crappy and very likely there won’t be any company picking it up to publish it as an English book either because it’s crappy.  If there really is a translator masochistic enough to do so, I will send them the chapters over if they ask, but I seriously doubt that happening because the story is …

Well as for Black Summoner, I will host it soon enough and yea I didn’t forget about the extra chapter I owe you guys. I have a place in mind already, so sit tight and wait for it to appear. :p


I wish to also use the opportunity to thank Nicolas for encouraging me with a little gift. 🙂






P.S.: Some new translator asked me to reblog their introduction post via mail. Well I don’t do that since the blog posts here are for the novels and nothing else. But I have no problem providing the link to his blog, so here you go: https://koreyorihachidori.wordpress.com/


  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    But Still, two dragons in the rows, huh.

    Anything he defeats after that will be small fry comparatively.

  3. So Wendelin will get no direct compensation for killing this dragon? Seems quite to be quite the unreasonable task for an associate baron to accomplish. They should at least raise his noble level for this, maybe even give him some territory. Some new land did just become available.

    • From what was read from the chapter, Wendelin did collect the blood of the dragon (since he knows he won’t be compensated), which he stated sells for a high price, so it looks like Wendelin already got it covered.

  4. Thanks for the chapter! The fight was a bit anticlimactic, but a fun read.

    • Going by the chapters translated so far, this author ain’t one to dwell in describing fights properly. Rather he is focussing on the circumstances around the life of the MC. Well later chapters might prove me wrong but I just thought I might advise you to not expect too much of fighting scenes. 😉

      On a side note: chapter 35 will be the longest chapter I’ve ever done (about 20-30% longer than 34), so don’t be too surprised if it’ll take some time (Interlude 7 first though).

  5. Yay it’s so awesome!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  6. Just asking but is there any way for me to view chapter 22 and onwards of yomigaeri no maou anymore? I just recently started and just realised that the links have been taken down from here.

    • The links have been taken down due to copyright issues with Overlap who has licensed the novel. They won’t reappear. I could host the chapters elsewhere but I see no point in that because the story will remain unfinished (has over 240 WN chapters) most likely or in other words even if I rehosted them somewhere else, you wouldn’t get much story progress and an eternal cliffhanger. 😉

  7. So no taker yet for Black Summoner?
    So Wizard = State Alchemist.
    This Armstrong must really related to that Armstrong! I can see the same sparkles and fabulous muscles and overwhelming power and overbearing (over-muscling) personality! I wonder if this Armstrong has hot sisters and one of them can play the piano as well?

  8. Hey, hey..Shashux-san hey,psstth
    wanna some novel illustration?

  9. Hey man can you spoil me and tell me what happens that makes you hate to translate it? Plz tell me at least the reason

  10. i dont know i would betray such useless kingedome anymtime not even giving compensation in every kindom i know the lord never needs to fight personaily in the frontline he just needs to supply troops to royal army and support but whatever^^ the king does everything for his benefit which can.

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