Interlude 15 – Helmut-nii-san’s adoption into the family of his bride

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“After 5 years since leaving my home, I will finally be able to marry.” (Paul)

“There isn’t one ridiculing you, including me as well, for that, Paul-nii-san.” (Erich)

At the evening of a certain day, a dinner party was held in the Brandt’s mansion led by Erich-nii-san.

The members are the usual five of us and everyone of the Brandt family, including Erich-nii-san.

The one marrying this time is the third son, Paul-nii-san, with his fiancée.

The fourth son, Helmut-nii-san, was participating too.

In addition, it seems that it is scheduled for Helmut-nii-san to get engaged in the near future as well.

It appears that his partner, same as with Paul-nii-san, has been introduced by Military and Naval Affairs Minister Edgar.

They will soon carry out the formal marriage interview (omiai).

As for that omiai, With the matter of not having any luck lately…it has such conclusion which shouldn’t be pointed out though.

Although if Helmut-nii-san had the resolution to abandon his future as noble, I guess it would have been different.

“Going by my patron, it is a knight household having only a daughter.” (Helmut)

“That’s an unthinkable good condition.” (Wendelin)

“That condition is due to Wend’s miserable suffering.” (Helmut)

Even though I had only planned to buy a mansion, because of Cardinal Hohenheim and the kindness-faking realtor, just how many defective properties did I have to purify?

Also, the mansion I obtained came with a scary, torn-apart ghost of a maid.

For an instant I pondered within my mind whether I would have been delighted with a cute maid haunting the mansion. I want you to give me back my pure heart.

Though I will just say it in case, it isn’t like I am particularly thinking of making a move on a maid or such.

I just think that it will become a dose of refreshment enriching the heart, if it is an adorable maid working at our mansion.

“Those were nothing but properties even the church couldn’t handle. Why did I… ?” (Wendelin)

“Even if you have a lot of mana, it will still be difficult.” (Erich)

I was comforted by Erich-nii-san.

Starting with the purification of the aforementioned Bloodstained Duke Mansion, requests to purify properties, having been possessed by evil spirits, at various places in the capital came flooding in.

It turned into magic training, but I was aware of the hardships connected to those requests.

Thanks to them, there hasn’t been any criticism for me suddenly getting a mansion in the high-ranking noble’s block either. On the contrary, it seems my evaluation has risen due to my skill in purification.

From the point of view of the high-ranking nobles it has reached the point that they could use the mansions, which they couldn’t buy for living due to the evil spirits haunting them until now.

Having purified those, I guess those fellows are thinking of me being useful.

In a certain sense this also followed Cardinal Hohenheim’s intention.

“And at last that Duke Hertha, huh… ?” (Erich)

“Ano, so Erich-nii-san knew about him as well after all?” (Wendelin)

“I do. That person was famous in a bad meaning.” (Erich)

Ano, the case of the duke-sama isn’t really worth to think about. It seems His Majesty, having gotten tired to deal with him, was waiting for an opportunity of him going on a rampage.

As he was a person having many problems, mainly with women and money, beforehand, when he suddenly targeted me, it ended up in a grand self-destruction.

That strangely high reward apparently was also a way of thanking me for saving the national finances of going bankrupt due to the Duke Hertha household.

The reward for me was completed with a one-time-payment. There won’t be any newly Duke household formed after crushing the Duke Hertha household either. Watching it on long-term, it is helping the national budget.

The annuity of a duke is 20 platinum coins per year.

Considering that it finished with never having to pay those yearly 20 platinum coins to Duke Hertha any longer, it might have been a cheap deal to reward me those 50 platinum coins.

Additionally, as there were ten-odd vassal households connected to the Duke Hertha household, those had to pay a large penalty for the sake of avoiding being amongst those getting dissolved.

Also, as the whole situation was a troublesome matter, they didn’t want a rumor to spread about the truth, thus it served as hush money as well, I guess.

“Now that you mention it, the Baron Balschmitt household was also dissolved, right?”

As a supplement the three noble families under Baron Balschmitt were crushed as well due to being Duke Hertha’s followers.

I wondered whether they were some kind of extras in the beginning, but it looks like Baron Balschmitt schemed some worthless things in reality.

On order to lower the debt of the gradually growing duke household, he planned to steal a large amount of money from me, it seems.

I will lose the duel.

Saying that it will be impossible to part with my fiancée approved by His Majesty, they will charge a large amount of money instead without it being a ransom either.

Although it would mainly depend on Duke Hertha, it seems he wouldn’t be fixated on a specific individual no matter how lustful he was.

It should be easy to persuade him. After the investigation I was told,

In exchange for Elise-jou, he thought it would be fine if you presented the other two remaining fiancées alongside a large amount of money…

As they didn’t believe that the huge debt of the duke household would vanish with only the money gained from the bets of the bookmakers, that was their scheme, it seems.

Ina and Luise, being completely chosen as bargaining chip, were extremely angry. In the first place they are the daughters of Margrave Breithilde’s retainers since both of them are still minors.

Such a thing like reaching out his hands towards family members that have the support of an influential provincial noble, that was the limit of Baron Balschmitt being a member of a self-proclaimed intelligence faction.

“Thanks to those great hardships of Wend, we can get married?” (Paul)

“It is because he has been marked by such a big-shot like Military and Naval Affairs Minister Edgar.” (Erich)

Thanks to me, they are receiving favorable treatment from Military and Naval Affairs Minister Edgar.

“I am working as guard. So, for the time being I am an underling within the military.” (Paul)

“Thinking normally about it, I thought he wouldn’t be able to remember mine or Paul-aniki’s name until our death.” (Helmut)

Since there are more than 2.000 of only the knight households in the whole kingdom, the important nobles shouldn’t be able to remember all of them either.

“When it comes to those below the third son, it is indispensable to have connections and talent to a great extent.”(Erich)

That is in order to be adopted into the noble household of the bride which has only daughters or to cleverly enter a noble household, that has no children, as adopted child.

At this point, the probability of that happening is so low that it is close to being a miracle.

Continuing, it is also possible to marry into the retainer household of an important noble.

Usually even that is difficult because one has to be agreed upon by the fellow retainers or be accepted below the second son of the lord.

And lastly, they can marry a daughter below the second daughter of the same stratum aiming for a successful career by waging their life.

Mostly that’s no good though as their household will end up dropping to commoners with the generation of their children.

There are also people giving up from the beginning and marrying the daughters of commoners.

Since the advantage is that it isn’t necessary to pointlessly put on airs, it finishes with them not having to spend overly much money. That’s the gist of it.

It seems that those people aim to become a merchant, a wealthy farmer or such after the marriage.

And there also are people who end their life by stubbornly being obsessive about being a noble without marrying.

As a matter of fact, there is a considerable number of those existing.

Paul-nii-san felt relieved that he hasn’t ended up like that.

“For me, it is pointless since my name is useless…” (Helmut)

“That’s because the name Helmut is the most used one in this country.” (Erich)

He was the fourth son, Helmut-nii-san, but that name is the name of this country to begin with.

Although it felt disrespectful, there were many parents as a matter of fact who gave their children the name Helmut.

Not only commoners but nobles as well.

The number of those is overwhelming.

In reality, even amongst the subordinates of Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san there are several such people present.

Recently there are a lot of sarcastic people saying that this name was The proof of mediocrity.

Of course, there are many Helmuts leaving behind achievements in various fields, but there was nothing bad about it besides being slightly confusing when you look at historic books.

Since everyone is Helmut-san, they eventually stuck with differentiating them by their middle name and surname.

“I am beaten by my own name. As it is father, it looks to me that he ran out of names in stock to give, it seems.” (Helmut)

“Ano, am I not Wendelin?” (Wendelin)

“I don’t know. In the first place the naming criterion of that old man is obscure.” (Helmut)

With having recently reached the point where I could often talk with those two elder brothers, the four of us, also including Erich-nii-san, heaved a sigh simultaneously.

Even though they are reluctant to succeed such remote place, they are still envious of nii-san becoming the head of the Baumeister main family.

There seem to be various complicated emotions plaguing my elder brothers.

“However, you don’t want to return any longer then?” (Wendelin)

“That’s right.” (Helmut)

“Such a country life is already impossible.” (Paul)

Just as Erich-nii-san says, although my elder brothers are serving as guards with low salary in the capital, that life of only eating the thin, salty soup and the tasteless, black bread is obviously disagreeable for them.

I think that it is as expected different now, but I think they don’t want to return to that inconvenient country life lacking any kind of entertainment.

“When off-duty, we are also able to go hunting with our subordinates in the forests in the outskirts.” (Helmut)

“At least we know how to hunt. It is a benefit of having such a home.” (Paul)

Given that our home is in the sticks, there are many young men amongst the Baumeister males who are quite skilled in using the bow.

Even my elder brothers go to the forests in the capital’s outskirts to do such things as hunting while also using the time to have a picnic.

The air is fresh and you can obtain your own food. There is also the matter of earning some money by selling the raw materials you have gathered.

Thanks to their birthplace they aren’t bothered by having to hunt. They don’t end up spending money wastefully either.

I am told that it isn’t such nice hobby.

“Do you also want to come with us next time, Wend?” (Helmut)

“That’s a good idea. Let’s have Erich-nii-san join us as well.” (Wendelin)

“That’s true. Let us four work hard at hunting.” (Erwin)

“Naa, Wend.” (Erwin)

As the four of us siblings are discussing about hunting, Erw joins in there.

“What’s up, Erw?” (Wendelin)

“Before you became aware of it, it has become possible to form a faction of young man of the Baumeister household, who left the house.” (Erwin)

“It’s allowed to form a faction if there are three people founding it.” (Erich)

“That’s great to hear.” (Wendelin)

Also, saying this, since we have been neglected by our home, it can’t be helped that we gather as comrades who had left from there.

Given that our house made it clear up to the point of criminally not sending any congratulations to Erich-nii-san, it was also necessary to make certain that they wouldn’t cause yet another ridiculous incident.

“Usually it is the elderly unifying, but in our case it’s the reverse.” (Erich)

“Erich is intelligent and Wend can use magic.” (Paul)

Having together experienced the pain of not succeeding a household, it seems that fellow siblings, who left their home, have a tendency to gather.

But it appears that there were many cases where such relations broke down very quickly due to the other siblings luckily marrying into a noble family and thus becoming nobles themselves or due to becoming successful in life.

“We have no more than average talent.” (Helmut)

Although he says this, since he is leading subordinates as guard, I have heard that he even faultlessly commanded the feudal lord’s forces before.

It looks that he is generally capable of being company commander in the army.

“I think that Kurt-nii-san is the most questionable amongst us.” (Paul)

“Hermann-nii-san, having entered the household of a lower retainer as son-in-law, excelled the most in swordsmanship in the Baumeister household.” (Helmut)

Though he is slightly frightening due to his large appearance having the biggest body amongst the siblings, he is actually a nice person to talk with. He is skilfully commanding the population in the defense of the territory.

I don’t want to boast about it, but as there was almost never a chance to talk with him, I wasn’t concerned with him often.

“How about Kurt-nii-san?” (Wendelin)

“Nowadays, with father’s health seemingly declining, there aren’t many occasions where he makes his own decisions. Before I left the house, he was diligently listening to the things father told him…” (Paul)

“He is an ordinary person. Amongst our siblings…” (Helmut)

Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san answered like this towards my inquiry.

Even if he was the most useless one, he would succeed afterwards since he is the eldest son.

When considering the rules of households, this is inevitable, I guess.

Besides, it isn’t like he is an incompetent person to the degree of not being allowed to govern the territory.

He is the ordinary of ordinariness.

This was the common opinion shared by my elder brothers.

“The Baumeister family faction residing in the capital…” (Erich)

“Now that you mention it, I hear that there is another Baumeister household in the capital as well.” (Paul)

“There actually is.” (Helmut)

“Although it is in a state of having broken all ties with us.” (Erich)

“Why?” (Wendelin)

According to the story of my elder brothers, it was a matter of a second son, calling the Baumeister main household his home and unwanted by the Baumeister household in the capital, founded an ancestral household after crossing the mountain range and clearing a plot of land.

“Currently they are receiving financial support for sending out selected inhabitants of the slums as population of the fief.”(Paul)

“It seems they are receiving considerable favors.”(Wendelin)

“To a certain degree it is going as planned, but it appears that they have lost contact with them.”(Paul)

Although it is a cruel story, even my elder brothers in the capital knew about this.

Paul-nii-san, while on patrol duty as guard, happened to pass by in front of their mansion by chance. When he went towards them for greetings next, he learned of the reason of the terrible and apathetic correspondence.

“I guess it was dreadful to return the so-called support funds.” (Paul)

“Unjustly, without saying anything… Or rather, they were told to return it.”(Erich)

“I think that’s normal though, no?” (Wendelin)

I wonder if there is such useless blood flowing through our veins as amongst our relatives?

“You can’t even show your face as you also have become famous, Wend. Their heart might be filled with resentment to a large extent.” (Paul)

“Once again I am plunged into trouble thanks to my home.” (Wendelin)

Give us favorable treatment because we are your relatives or such. They think it is common sense to not return the money. I only talked with them for a little bit, but that’s the feeling I get from them.” (Paul)

After that the topic returned to Paul-nii-san’s marriage and then the enjoyable dinner party came to an end.

And then, three days later, Helmut-nii-san’s formal marriage interview, organised by Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar, was apparently carried out.

All together there wasn’t any worry of being turned down in the first place. Rather than a formal marriage interview it was a simple meeting, but for some reason it ended up in us being called to the location as well.

“It seems that Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar wants to meet you after the formal marriage interview.” (Helmut)

“Even I have only met him up to 2~3 times so far.” (Wendelin)

The first time was at the audience after defeating the bone dragon.

The second time it was after the subjugation of Grade Grande.

The third time, I certainly remember thanking him for the present at the birthday party, but…

So, most of the meetings were only at His Majesty’s audience.

Or rather, I don’t recall having even talked with him much.

Going by his appearance, he is around 50 years old. His body is always dressed in formal wear with a lot of medals attached to it.

His feature is the crew cut, brown-colored, short hair and his handlebar mustache. He indeed was a man looking like a soldier.

“As for me, it will be the first time to meet him personally…” (Helmut)

For that reason it has been arranged that I would turn up at the formal marriage interview of fellow nobles.

Since it was Helmut-nii-san’s marriage interview, it was a delicate position how to handle the patronage.




“Eh! What’s this house?!” (Wendelin)

Three days later Helmut-nii-san’s formal marriage interview took place as planned.

We decided to go to the meeting place since a retainer of Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar brought a letter.

The members are the usual five of us.

Although Erw somehow or other is on guard duty and the other three are my fiancées as well, I was worried whether it was fine to bring them along, but the retainer of Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar said By all means.

It seems the other party is extending their invitation to anyone even referring up to concubines.

Apparently he wants to give a good impression towards Helmut-nii-san’s marriage interview partner.

And then, although it was the crucial marriage interview partner, unbelievably she was from the capital’s Baumeister household mentioned at the dinner party.

Even the location was the same mansion Paul-nii-san investigated before.

Because Paul-nii-san has been surprised and actually went there once, I guess it’s the truth.

“Is the marriage with a relative who broke off all relations… ?” (Wendelin)

It isn’t a particularly odd thing to be engaged to a fellow household with family relations.

Also, since we have been separated for four generations, viewing it as blood-relation is a far stretch indeed. It wasn’t unusual amongst nobles to be engaged to their cousins or such either.

Rather, the problem was on the side of the broken off relationship.

“The main fear of our master is the situation where we are breaking up our relation with our patron.” (Vassal)

It seems that the patron of the capital’s Baumeister household is Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar.

Or to be precise, the patron of the Steibelt household, who is holding the rank of appointed Marquis for generations is providing great numbers to the leadership of the kingdom’s army and is serving as home of Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar, is the Baron Daum household, likewise appointed to the rank of a Baron household. They are the patron of the capital’s Baumeister household.

Although the Baron Daum household was a hereditary appointed Baron household with their work mostly related to the military, their employment was to manage any kind of rivers and forests in the vicinity of the royal capital.

Even though it gives the feeling of being far apart from being a military task, those are usually places where no people live and thus invite refugees and such to settle down there, criminals, who committed offences in places where people live, to take refuge in there and poacher to make a regular appearance there.

Their work is containing the arrest and removal of such people upon discovery.

Because there also are occasional fights, the work is falling under the jurisdiction of the military, it seems.

It isn’t often, but they also take responsibility for subjugating bandit troupes and their likes.

“As the discord with everyone’s honorable home occurred in the following generation, the Baumeister household of the capital reached the point of inheriting this job.” (Vassal)

Their job was to manage the woodlands and also the sources of rivers in the suburbs of the capital.

Since the inhabitants of the slums, who settled down close by, are attempting to poach those, this seems to be a busy job in its own way.

“The present head-sama’s way of working is reliable as well. And even the evaluation by Baron Daum-sama is good, but…” (Vassal)

Apparently this household also has nothing but daughters.

Therefore they requested from Baron Daum to mediate in finding a son-in-law to adopt into the family.

“Just at the time we were looking for a suitable candidate, we heard the talks about Helmut-sama…” (Vassal)

Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar (T/N: I am starting to hate this ministry…) is always knowledgeable about the peerage household’s family circumstances of excellent knights, although he shouldn’t have such degree of spare time.

Accidentally getting to know the situation of my elder brothers being guards, it resulted in him looking for a solution by somehow getting them married. I guess it was him, who brought the talk about being adopted into the family of one’s bride to the capital’s Baumeister household.

“(Then, take care of Paul-nii-san’s situation earlier…)” (Wendelin)

I felt a part of me worrying whether Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar has been doing it on purpose for the sake of causing mischief.

At such times I wish to get Erich-nii-san’s advice.

Since today was a normal workday for him, I couldn’t ask him to come along with us.

“As for Paul-dono, our master wishes to use the opportunity to see whether he is someone who can be entrusted with a Knight household.” (Vassal)

Also, considering the kingdom’s financial situation, they can’t increase the number of nobles this easily.

But, they are also aware of the saturation of noble households in regards to young nobles.

If they lose any hope, it might become troublesome by even leading to the assassination of living family heads.

Therefore it was necessary for the important nobles and His Majesty to hold a conference, although a balancing quota existed to a certain extent.

For the sake of increasing that balancing quota, overly awful nobles are sometimes lowered in rank.

Also, such things as being successful at exploiting undeveloped areas also led to an increase of noble households.

Our home is a prime example of that as well.

“Our master is expecting a lot from the abilities of Paul-sama and Helmut-sama.” (Vassal)

Going by the words of Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar’s vassal, my elder brothers laughed bitterly at that.

That’s because even they are understanding the extent of their own abilities.

Although they are capable if it is about maintaining a noble’s household, they don’t possess any other outstanding abilities or such.

If it’s me, I am confident in my magic, but as for my ability in being a noble, it is uncertain.

“Well then, shall we enter? Head-sama is already waiting.” (Vassal)

Entering the Baumeister mansion due to being urged on by Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar’s vassal, there appear to be people like a man, resembling a father slightly half past his thirties, and his wife, being of the same generation, at the entry hall.

A cute, around 18-years-old daughter came to greet us.

“I am Wilhelm Hans von Baumeister. This is my wife, Korinna, and my daughter, Friede.” (Wilhelm)

“(Am I resembling them?)” (Wendelin)

Given that the household has separated from us four generations ago, I don’t think that our appearance and such resemble each other very much.

The sole common thing is about having dark-brown colored hair, I suppose?

“I am Helmut von Benno Baumeister.” (Helmut)

Starting with Helmut-nii-san, all of us are introducing ourselves in order. After this had finished, we are guided into the mansion and led to the living room.

After the maids have made everyone’s share of tea, the head of the capital’s Baumeister household, Wilhelm, begins to talk.

“Although it ended up being a slightly cold interaction for meeting Paul-dono for the first time, we aren’t implying anything in particular by that. That is an instruction handed down to us by our ancestor.” (Wilhelm)

“Handed down instruction?” (Helmut)

After thoroughly supporting them, the capital’s household ended up being completely cut off by the other party on the main household’s own accord without a care.

Therefore the handed down instruction from four generations ago was If you also meet the descendants one day, it is okay to complain!

“Luckily our great-grandfather from three generations ago was able to secure the hereditary work of defending the forests. Even with him probably never meeting them ever again, it couldn’t be helped for him to keep bearing a grudge.” (Wilhelm)

“(Rich people don’t fight… ?)” (Wendelin)

Certainly, originating from the same Knight household, I feel a certain comfort in the offered tea and cakes.

Or perhaps I should say, there aren’t such things like tea cakes in our home.

There was nothing but thin maté tea.

“This tea is a forest maté tea, right? Its sweetness is different.” (Elise)

“As expected of the ojou-sama of the Hohenheim household. You understand it well.” (Wilhelm)

Elise immediately realized that the offered tea was a high-class item.

As one would expect, Elise possess master class competency where the making of tea is concerned.

“It is a side benefit of being a forest guard. It’s for free after all.” (Wilhelm)

They protect their assigned area of the forest from the hands of poachers and trespassers.

There were a great number people appointed to the lowest class, Knight household, but it seems there drew a very delicious managerial position.

“In the interior of the forests our household protects, there are wildly growing yerba mate trees.” (Wilhelm)

As they performed their managerial position of guarding the forests without recognition of their service, they had the right of freely procuring things produced by those forests to a certain degree.

Also, it is even possible for them to charge the hunters with a fee for entering the forest and decide their numbers.

There were many more wealthy people than official positions and peerages.

“By carrying out harvesting to a degree without decreasing the wildlife growth, it also possible for us to enjoy ourselves by drinking our own additional income.” (Wilhelm)

“I am envious of your leaves from the forest’s yerba mate.” (Elise)

In regards to this world, the most popular tea was without doubt this maté tea.

Its appearance is resembling the leaves of the tea plants of my previous life.

Although the leaf’s color is tinged with a trace of yellow.

It is an article exclusively purchased by royalty and titled nobility and the authentic leaves, from the worst to the best, are traded with a price of same-weighted silver and above. The masses used stalks and cheap tea leaves for drinking.

Both things existed.

And, although it was a type of high-class item, it was in reality a yerbal maté tree.

With originally being a wildly growing plant, it is sprouting at difficult places within its natural environment and its leaves are holding a property of becoming sweet once grown.

Also, that sweetness wasn’t the same sweetness as the one originating from sugar.

It is a faint and refined sweetness. Without leaving an aftertaste, it was considered something of a high-class degree.

The top quality leaves are wildly growing in the neighborhood of the peak of a mountain range with an elevation of 8000 meters in the northern Urquhart Holy Empire.

The price of these were far higher than silver of the same weight.

Since you can’t collect the leaves more than three times a year in the harsh environment, their price ends up becoming high no matter what. Even going to pick them is a matter of life and death.

And then, the next most valuable yerba mate trees are growing in these primeval forests and such.

Although the leaves are of good quality, they end up being eaten by wild animals since they taste good making them difficult to be obtained.

“We have gone to the extent of employing extra people for watching the wildlife growth of the tea plants.” (Wilhelm)

If they are sold, they will yield a profit. I guess it also serves as perfect gift for people in high positions.

Indeed, you could call this a side benefit.

Leaving naturally high-grade tea leaves to the chance of ending up being eaten by wild animals, the forest guards are collecting them under the pretense of protective management.

It isn’t like they are picking a lot of them either. Since the forest is close to the capital, the guards are busy once they enter.

Actually, even Wilhelm-san returned today for the sake of attending the formal marriage interview, but usually he is living in a management cabin within the forest except on his rest days.

“I want male help for the household. It would be better if men were alternating between being at this mansion and the management cabin in turns.” (Wilhelm)

Although the state of the capital’s public order was good, the slums are gradually spreading. There might be people bearing a grudge towards those related to the guards occupation.

Therefore he wants to find a husband for his only daughter as soon as possible, Wilhelm-san explained.

“In case of such talk, I am not as capable as my younger brothers.” (Helmut)

“Helmut-dono is commanding subordinates in your position as a guard. If you use our own guys skilfully, it will be fine to do it patiently and steadily.” (Wilhelm)

Even if they receive training in this, it’s not like there is only capable people like this no matter how much of a noble one is.

Also, usually he is doing his work patiently in accordance to his earnest know-how.

Because the professional duty is to guard the forest, this level of work attitude seems to be just right.

At any rate, the foundation is most satisfactory if nothing happens. It is a job of waiting for an incident to occur.

“Only the founder of the Baumeister household from 12 generations ago was a magician like Wendelin-dono. We are truly a common Knight household.” (Wilhelm)

It was decided from the start anyway, but the formal marriage interview finished safely.

Although Helmut-nii-san and his bride, Friede-san, left for a date together with the words From here on it will only be the young folks…, in my opinion, our side is overwhelmingly younger.

Erwin ended up pointing out (You really pay undue attention to the good things at any cost).

“Wendelin-dono is the youngest, but you also hold the highest court rank.” (Friede)

Friede-san says as she is consulting about such things as the appointed day of the ceremony.

It seems I am the top of the Baumeister household’s family residing in the capital.

“Our capital’s Baumeister household will adopt Helmut-dono into our family adding him actually to the Baron-dono’s faction. Or to put it simply, that’s how the noble society is going to view it.” (Wilhelm)

I have a mood of excluding the head household with all my might.

The cause for this was the other side. At any rate, the capital’s noble society shouldn’t pay any attention to the head household and their likes either way.

Given that they are living at such remote place, you could even call it natural since there wouldn’t be any opportunity to get to know them.

“Eeto… the head house will mostly be isolated. As Wend should be the top of the branch family, Erich-san of the Brandt household, and Helmut-san of the capital’s Baumeister household will form a clan.” (Ina)

“Also, as husband Paul-dono will definitely establish an independent Knight household. Thus Paul-dono will also enter the clan.” (Vassal)

Following Ina, the vassal of Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar, who stayed silent until now, adds another explanation.

“With this, Wend is the vassal of Margave Breithilde-sama, Erich-san is the vassal of Finance Minister Rückner, and Paul-san and Helmut-san are the vassals of Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar, huh? How tiresome.” (Luise)

“Although it might be troublesome, I have decided to consider a noble to be such a person.” (Wendelin)

I answered the facts pointed out by Luise with partially teary eyes.

“U~~~n. If Wend looks closely, you will realize that you are bound by various bounding ties of obligation…” (Luise)

“Uu, I want to quickly start working as adventurer…” (Wendelin)

Seeing that the escort of the formal marriage interview finished, Friede-san released an outrageous remark at the end.

“This year is the martial arts tournament hosted by the kingdom once every three years. Won’t Wendelin-dono make an appearance once… ?” (Friede)

I am told that this is something absolutely requested by Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar.

“Ano, what about magic in this tournament?” (Wendelin)

“You aren’t allowed to use it.” (Friede)

“I will lose in the first round.” (Wendelin)

The tournament will apparently be held in one week.

Therefore, I pledged in my mind that I would go to the extent of doing a final struggle if I had time.

And then we were invited to dinner by Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar after this, but it wasn’t anything particularly interesting.

For Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san the other party was a person far beyond their reach and thus they were nervous with a *gachi gachi*.

Erich-nii-san’s behavior naturally showed that his innermost thoughts were very strained.

For some reason I acted as usual, but that was because I kept company with that kind of person regularly.

“(As expected of the meals of important nobles. It is delicious.)” (Wendelin)

Watching Luise demanding a second serving of dessert with a nonchalant look, even Armstrong-doushi seems to have been slightly helpful excluding the training. I actually revised my opinion of him.


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