Interlude 14 – Duel Uproar

It isn’t always clear who is talking because there are many actors, but little indication. Speech where it isn’t certain was left without an indicator.

There is a character that always adds a “ndana” at the end. I tried to find a possible meaning for that ending but failed to do so, so I decided to add a “dana” at the end to reflect that specific speech pattern.



“Well then, today there won’t be any strict training by the doushi either.” (Wendelin)

“I know, right … ? Wend, which of the flawed purified properties do you think is comfortable?” (Luise)

“Don’t ask me …” (Wendelin)

After receiving a mansion from that shady Mr. Rinnenheim as thanks for the multiple exorcisms, Luise and I were about to leave sluggishly.

Or perhaps I should say rather than receiving it, it was the result of no more than getting a mansion in lieu of exorcism costs.

I don’t even feel that Mr. Rinnenheim has a shred of gratitude for it.

As expected, it would be fine to go complaining to Cardinal Hohenheim about the matter of that dubious Mr. Rinnenheim afterwards.

Although I will be accompanied by Elise, I know that he is only lying in wait for me to make an appearance at the Hoheheim household. He had told us so after all.


『Rinnenheim is a man famous to deal with high-class properties on the surface. But at the same time, he is famous for trading with flawed properties in the background.』 (Hohenheim)

No matter how you look at it, it was very unlikely for him to sell a property he bought cheaply. He tells the owner of the property to pay a large commission fee in case he was able to sell it. By purifying a normal property using his own connections, he increases the property’s value.

As for those connections, even though the majority of them can be considered to be connections with the church, it seems he uses an adequate amount of expenses for that reason.

『That man is for some reason quite clever like with discovering that the new church would be constructed in this place.』 (Hohenheim)

The soil was even prepared in advance and he appeared while rubbing his hands together. Furthermore he sold it slightly cheaper than the usual market price, it seems.

He may be dubious, but he is definitely talented as a realtor.

It appears he is such kind of man.

『Is his priority treatment for purification requests so high because of that?』 (Wendelin)

『Given that he isn’t stingy with donations either, he is highly favored by the priests of commoner origin.』 (Hohenheim)

As Mr. Hoheheim said, people are weak towards their desires.

『Honorable Grandfather-sama! Having a novice like Wendelin suddenly perform a purification with such a high degree of difficulty at those places … !』 (Elise)

As she forced her way into the discussion, Elise, once again becoming enraged, threw her honest opinion at Cardinal Hohenheim.

『I am sorry. I forced something unreasonable on Elise’s beloved husband. Don’t you consider it to be a good thing that you were able to happily perform multiple exorcisms together with your darling husband-sama yesterday?』(Hohenheim)

『Darling Husband-sama …』 (Elise)

Just as you would expect of an old man’s wisdom.

Easily dodging the accusation and finishing it by doing a counterattack on the contrary. Elise ended up looking downwards with a deep red face.

『It had become a good way to practice purification, I guess.』 (Wendelin)

『There is that. Also, although son-in-law-dono earns an income by himself, you would be insulted if you were to suddenly purchase a mansion in the higher-ranking noble’s block. What do you think will happen then?』 (Hohenheim)

『Eh, is it that terrible?』 (Wendelin)

Apparently it isn’t very becoming for an eighth son of a poor Knight household like me.

Although I am an ordinary newcomer, I would use my excessive assets to suddenly buy a mansion, originally for those above baron in rank, in the high-ranking noble’s block.

With only that it would back-bite me with comments like 『An upstart newcomer …』.

And 『You, it is plenty for the likes of you to own a mansion in the low-ranking noble’s block』.

『That’s also true. You would be cheated by that shady Rinnenheim and the church, being in the background. There would be just several flawed properties of poor quality and your introduction would be only in the name of getting purification done. Considering the troubles associated with that you would get something around a baron mansion as compensation. That’s how the story would turned out.』 (Hohenheim)

As Cardinal Hoheheim said, apparently it was also necessary to consider such things as an upstart.

Alongside the bad reputation with the nobles, I would head to Mr. Rinnenheim who would obtain a large amount of monetary profit from me, it seems.

In that situation, it would be even more so as he is famed to be dubious to begin with.

『Also, flawed properties of poor quality usually sell well.』

『There are no convenient mansions. There are a lot of guys on the side of the low-ranking nobles who are waiting for their turn. As for those guys, you would also need to do something for them so you could demand their gratitude, husband-dono.』 (Hohenheim)

By just buying a single mansion, I really don’t comprehend the living thing called a noble.

Since my insides are of a former commoner, I judged it to be unnecessary to understand them.

『In the end we even received that mansion for free though it is haunted by something weird.』 (Wendelin)

Although it was the ghost of a young woman wearing maid clothes, since she was saying 『Are you the master-sama? If you are the master-sama, I will tear apart your existence.』 while smiling sweetly. All of us ended up becoming speechless.

Before long she was tenderly persuaded by Elise and after a gentle purification spell she was able to ascend to heaven.

『What? That Rinnenheim fellow handed you a flawed property as reward mansion?』 (Hohenheim)

『He might have thought that it would be easy to purify if it’s Elise and me.』 (Wendelin)

『As usual, you can’t be careless around that man … It won’t be any good if I don’t chew him out a bit afterwards.』 (Hohenheim)

Did Cardinal Hohenheim summon him the next day to scold him?

Mr. Rinnenheim came to apologize and shoved the certificate of ownership, formally transferring one mansion, in my hands right away.

We immediately headed towards the mansion recorded in that certificate of ownership. Apparently the place was a mansion formerly used by a certain royal person.

On an immensely large plot a single mansion had been erected.

At the same time, the entire wall surrounding the grounds was pasted with carefully produced ofudas (paper talismans) of the church once again. Within the grounds there were several hundred evil spirits flitting about in broad daylight. This had to be the most flawed property yet.

『What’s the matter …? (This was the residence of royal prince-sama of the former 7th generation. Those people are servants, retainers up to his family. His hobby was the atrocity of torturing people in the countless cellars. But that was a secret) …』

It was an extremely cruel story, but as it would be a problem if it was leaked to the society that the king’s younger brother took pleasure in mass murder, it was eventually decided to get rid of that royal prince by pretending him having died of sickness.

But then, thanks to that secretive disposal, the wrath of the killed people permeated the mansion and grounds and ended up accumulating there.

Nowadays it seems to have changed into a disaster class flawed residence even the church gave up on.

Come to think of it, the mansions that are in the same section as this residence have all turned into uninhabited properties.

As for the high-ranking nobles it is only natural to know about the origin of this residence. I guess they hesitate over moving into properties that are even remotely close to being called neighborhood.

『That cheating bastard of a realtor!』 (Wendelin)

『Wendelin-sama?』 (Elise)

『It wouldn’t be much of a nuisance if it was just me owning it, huh?!』 (Wendelin)

After all, it would become a matter of the two of us, Elise and I, purifying this residence as well.

However, since this was a residence successive generations of church officials had given up on, we were stuck with expending large amounts of mana and time on that purification. It went as far that I had to be absent from doushi’s special training that day.

『Purifying that residence! If it was me, I wouldn’t have any motivation to rise up to that challenge!』 (Armstrong)

Although even that Armstrong-doushi had said this much in regards to that residence, we somehow managed to purify the residence.

But that was certainly only possible because I had the advice and cooperation of Elise.

If it were only me, I would have definitely failed. And if it was only Elise, it would have been impossible because her mana capacity is overwhelmingly insufficient for this task.

『That cheating realtor, won’t he unexpectedly come rubbing his hands together to discuss about selling this property?』 (Wendelin)

『I can’t say that it won’t happen …』 (Elise)

『I will never sell it!』 (Wendelin)

If that should happen, I would become furious. The realtor sold a purified property to Margrave Breithilde for the sake of getting on friendly terms with him. It was even sold for the loose change of 15 platinum coins …

『However, because of this bloodstained royal prince residence, all the residences in the vicinity had been bought by Rinnenheim Real Estate cheaply …』 (Elise)

『As you would expect of a cheating realtor.』 (Wendelin)

『Even between the dealers of the same trade he is famous for being dubious.』

Notwithstanding, within a short time all the residences in the low-price surroundings had been sold and he sent an supplementing recompense in form of a large amount of money to me.

That in itself appeared to have sincerity as well. The shady Mr. Rinnenheim is someone I can’t comprehend quite well after all.

In the end, it doesn’t change the fact that he is shady.


“There is the work related to purification coming from that bogus realtor. The reward is good but the level of difficulty is high.”

From then on, I also received this kind of request allowing me to practice purification magic occasionally for some time.

As for the clients, half of it comes from the church and the other half from Mr. Rinnenheim, I guess?

The reward is good and since I can use the time to practice a different magic than the one I am practicing in the doushi’s training sessions, I ended up unintentionally taking up those requests.

It reached the point that I recently go as far as commerce/industry district and the low-ranking noble block together with Elise who acts as my sensei.

“In case of a moderate level, I think it is fine to leave it to the church to deal with it.”

Eliminating the poor-natured evil spirits and wraiths, which weren’t purified for many years, they take advantage of my very rarely appearing powerful magic power allowing me to annihilate them in one go by using the effective method of force.

In addition, doushi, who is the same kind of rare magician, is apparently not very good with Holy magic.

『If it’s Holy magic, it’s preferable to not use it.』 he often grumbled.

“(In doushi’s case, he would punch the evil spirits to death, I think?) It’s alright since it turns into magic training. It has a different significance in regards to the doushi’s training.” (Wendelin)

Although I strongly desired to be released from the training by Armstrong-doushi, which was exercised almost every day with the exception of the rest days, I couldn’t confirm my skill in the magic I learned from Burkhart-san.

Furthermore, since the content of the training was a single magic close combat technique, I almost ended up forgetting that I am a magician myself.

Even Luise started to forget the training in the magic combat style ingrained into her body, it seems.

The magic combat style is an even smarter technique stressing close combat.

“Have a good day.” (Elise)

And now, seeing us two off while having such a talk, it is Elise, who has become my fiancée.

She was aware of the time I spent living together with Ina and Luise in the mansion in Breitburg. She ended up fancying herself as being a freeloader after the remodeling of the mansion finished and all luggage was carried over .

Although the society would criticize her for living together with her fiancée before the marriage, she didn’t mind such rumors at all.

Unexpectedly she might have a character that won’t be agitated by things.

Moreover, even the necessary employees for the new mansion were all handled by the Hohenheim household using their connections.

Even herself, she makes my meals and sweets, brews tea for us and in addition is good at handling the housework.

Putting it in Luise’s words 『She is already a young wife』. That’s the current situation.

Maa, while that might be true, I haven’t made a move on her yet.

In regards to this world, it appears to have a way of thinking which prohibits unmarried women, becoming the legal wife of a noble, to have premarital sexual relations.

Considering all that, I feel there are many stories about remarkable mistresses and lovers.

Something to the extent of kissing, I wish you to excuse as prolongation of a greeting.

I think other nobles are doing it the same way as well without a doubt.

“Elise, you are in quite high spirits.”

“With this, you have received the bentou …”

It doesn’t mean that Elise’s cooking is particularly bad.

One of the doushi’s disciplines is the incomprehensible point of procuring provisions by yourself.

Simply put, it is a matter of catching prey from something like forests for lunch by yourself.

Luise and I ate things that were more or less cooked, but doushi repeatedly did nothing but draining the blood, grilling it, sprinkling it with salt and then eating it.

Furthermore, he recommends it to us as main dish.

『Doushi, don’t you know any other ways how to eat?』(Wendelin)

『There is no need for that. This way of eating is how I like it best.』 (Armstrong)

He was born into a prestigious noble household, granting him a life with no inconveniences, but since he had talent in magic on top of being the second son, he walked the path of being an adventurer to develop his skills.

Being the second son and thus deciding to not live at home, he was supported by his childhood friend, His Majesty, since there is a third son as well.

Although it appeared to be a great change in his living style, he is a person who enjoyed that change very much.

Without having a home, he makes rough commoners food with salty flavoring and only his frequency in drinking cheap alcohol is high.

Even if he is able to eat everything, 『First eat it, then it will have a novel taste』 he said, causing astonishment amongst his other party members. He became immediately used to the life as an adventurer, it seems.

『Camping is fun as well! Catch a rabbit, drain its blood and roast it.』 (Armstrong)

And then sprinkle it with salt and eat it.

It has become the favorite method of cooking for doushi.

But, in his family’s house, he won’t eat like that due to leading a viscount household himself either.

It went as far as it becoming the biggest reason for him to prefer frequently leaving to the outlying areas on the order of His Majesty.

Even that Palkenia Grasslands reconnaissance mission, he used it to repeatedly engage in his beloved camping by himself in the prairie for many days.

What should I say? I feel that it suits him quite well.

“I want to eat Elise’s bentou.” (Wendelin)

“Me too. I can’t stand eating anything drained-of-blood and then grilled with salt anymore.” (Luise)

Nevertheless, it doesn’t imply that this will simply not occur anymore either.

While resigning myself, I decided to leave the mansion. Thanks to the training by the sad doushi, my odd perception has improved.

Someone like Luise should probably notice it at the entryway to the mansion.

She displayed a meaningful smile in my direction.

“Who is it?” (Wendelin)

“Yo-Yo-You noticed us dana.” (???)

Upon me calling out, several men showed up behind the door of the gate.

Their age was around the first half of their twenties and in their middle there was a person in the later half of his forties, I guess?

Since all of them wore expensive-looking clothes, I suppose they are nobles.

Moreover, the man in the middle looked like he even had a considerably high social rank.

Blond hair parted on one side, a figure with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 150 kilo. That’s my impression of him, I think?

Stereotypical for overweight body builds, he was even constantly breathing through his nose roughly. No matter how you look at it, he appears to have no kind of regard towards martial arts.

“I-I-I am D-Duke Ro-Ro-Romanus Albert von Hertha dana.” (Romanus) (T/N: >> Romanusu Aruberuto fon Heruta <<)

What to say, it seems that he is a Duke.

In other words, he is related by blood to royalty.

Also, given that his manner of speech is exactly like a certain master painter in a television drama in my previous life, I unintentionally ended up laughing at him. (E: Painter in the Wind? But that is a Korean drama…)

I wonder if he will be delighted if I give him an onigiri? (T/N: No idea about the show this refers to, onigiri … well it’s a rice ball)

“Ano, what business do you have with me, Duke-sama?” (Wendelin)

“I-I-I am c-challenging y-y-you to a d-duel dana.” (Romanus)

At the same time he said this, he threw a white glove.

However, I guess my perception has become sharp due to doushi’s training.

I ended up dodging the white glove by reflex.

Because it was that questionable Duke who threw it, it was normal for a person to be slightly wary and completely dodge it.

“E-E-Escaping is c-cowardice dana.” (Romanus)

“Duel huh? Do you mind telling me the reason for that?” (Wendelin)

Or rather, I wonder whether it is fine to challenge someone arbitrarily to a duel like this?

If dueling is illegal and I injure or kill him in the process, I will be accused of that crime.

In the worst case, it might even end up with something worrisome like execution.

“Y-Y-You have m-made a m-move on m-my E-E-Elise-chan dana.” (Romanus)

“Eh? Is that so?” (Wendelin)

I asked Luise who was standing next to me unintentionally.

As a matter of fact, before the engagement to me, this Duke-sama might have been a potential engagement candidate, is what I ended up considering.

“I wouldn’t know, would I? But, currently Elise is Wend’s fiancée.” (Luise)

“That’s true as well. Because of that reason, please withdraw your challenge.” (Wendelin)

Maybe it might be possible for him to be decided as fiancèe upon Cardinal Hohenheim’s order in the past.

But since that is a matter of the past to the last, I don’t care about it.

“I-I-I won’t p-pull b-back due to such r-reason dana.” (Romanus)

“Excuse me! Wait a moment please!”

Then, at last, a single young man, amongst the followers of the Duke-sama, called out to me.

“I am Duke-sama’s friend, Baron Diethardt von Balschmied.” (Diethardt) (T/N: >> Ditoharuto fon Barushumide)

He is almost as thin as a praying mantis. Truly a man suited to be a follower.

There are two more people, but both were knights around the age of thirty, called Endelus and Hepukent. (T/N: >> Enderusu … Hepukento <<)

They are likely the Duke’s vassals, I think.

Those two were very plain-looking people that you could see anywhere.

“In relation to duels between nobles, it is officially recognized by law.” (Diethardt)

Announcing it officially, mutually acknowledging it, deciding date and time and having a third-party act as referee and witness.

Injury and death by following above-mentioned details absolutely won’t result in becoming a crime. That was the story.

“Therefore I would like you to accept the duel with a peace of mind.” (Diethardt)

“I don’t want to.” (Wendelin)

“A-A-Accept it dana!” (Romanus)

Although the Duke threw his white glove once again, I once again dodged it by reflex.

“Duels are the beauty of nobles. Conversely, not accepting it, do you want to bear the great disgrace?” (Diethardt)

“There isn’t even any merit in it for me, is there?” (Wendelin)

Even though I don’t think I would lose to that overweight Duke, who apparently has zero experience in physical training, in front of my eyes, but in the odd chance he does win, I am certain he will demand Elise.

Or rather, since I didn’t receive Elise’s permission I can’t just go and arbitrarily duel with someone either.

I am sure even Cardinal Hohenheim wouldn’t stay silent then.

“If you win, you will obtain the honor of having defeated Duke-sama.” (Diethardt)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

I am no fool that judges another person’s true strength by appearance alone. I wonder whether this Duke might be a very great master in magic and martial arts in reality?

No, with the method of sensing the presences of other magicians taught by Burkhart-san, I can’t confirm the Duke’s mana.

Instead, I don’t want to be burdened with the punishment due to the crime of inflicting an injury or killing the Duke if I defeated him unskillfully.

“I-I-I shall b-be g-generous dana.” (Romanus)

“We will visit tomorrow once again. We expect a positive answer by then.” (Diethardt)

“W-W-Wash y-your n-neck and w-wait for m-me dana.” (Romanus)

Saying what they wanted to say, the Duke-sama’s honorable party from before us.

Luise and I weren’t able to do anything but just seeing them off dumbfounded.


“Duel? It is a word I haven’t heard in quite a long time.” (Burkhart)

Eventually the training on that day was called off for the sake of developing countermeasures against the aforementioned Duke-sama.

Because I didn’t know how to cope with this situation properly, I invoked teleportation magic and had my patron, Margrave Breithilde, join us.

The discussion began with a lineup including Burkhart-san, Armstrong-doushi, the only other person really involved, Elise, and the usual four of us.

We gathered at the living room of my mansion and Elise made tea for everyone after the discussion started.

“It’s been a while?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, just as Burkhard said.” (Breithilde)

According to Margrave Breithilde-sama’s explanation, it appears that the manner of settle disputes amongst nobles by duels stems from the time this kingdom was still a small country.

For things like honor, women, territory, rights and property.

Although it doesn’t matter for what reason, duels follow a distinct set of rules.

“The opponent throws a white glove declaring their desire for a duel.” (Armstrong)

Would it be rude if I were to judge by appearance?

Apparently even doushi knows of the rules.

“I even dodged it two times.” (Wendelin)

“Well then it wasn’t approved, I guess.” (Armstrong)

Going by doushi’s words, if the opponent doesn’t touch the white glove in the end, it results in the challenge for a duel to not be approved.

“With you not getting hit by the white glove at that time, I think it will be better to put an end to such a thing like a duel. It is that Duke-sama…” (Luise)

“Although it is as Luise-jou has said, a representative is deemed acceptable in a duel as well.” (Burkhart)

Somehow it seems to be what that Duke-sama would do.

In spite of not fighting himself, he would entrust it to a representative. He even proudly said to wash my neck and wait for him.

In a certain meaning, it is a quite enviable character he has.

“But, why did he let the time pass until now to propose a duel?” (Ina)

It is as Ina said.

If he desired Elise, it should have been fine to declare his objection right after her engagement.

At this point, it is nothing else but suspicious.

“Just to be sure I want to ask, but Elise, do you know something about Duke Hertha?”

“Yes, I know him.” (Elise)

About two years ago, 『B-B-Becoming my 25th w-wife is a-a-appropriate dana.』 is what he said. He was persistent in asking her to become his wife.

“Honorable Grandfather-sama kept refusing him, but …” (Elise)

He was poor at giving up. With 『A-Although you a-are equal to a V-V-Viscount, i-it is d-d-disrespectful to go a-against a Duke l-like me dana』 the other party blamed the way Cardinal Hohenheim handled things on the contrary.

“Equal to a Viscount, eh? That Duke-sama.” (Wendelin)

“Yes, it is a Baron Baumeister said. Officially it was a slightly disturbing manner, everyone agreed.” (Breithilde)

Saying his true opinion, it was an insult without considering the church’s upper echelons. It seems he was assessed as baka who can’t read the situation.

He caused various other problems as well. He might be a baka but since he is a Duke it isn’t possible to simply criticize him publicly.

Of course he received harsh criticism behind the scenes.

I hear that the capital’s citizens treat him as if he is half-way mentally retarded.

Also, although it was Margrave Breithilde, it reached the point that he called me Baron Baumeister.

With the case of not sending congratulatory gifts to Erich-nii-san’s wedding, I want to banish my memories regarding the situation of the main family (T/N: Baumeister Knight household) into the corners of my mind.

『The merchant group turns up there a few times per year, there was even such a household?』 I dimly recognized to be told before.

As for the case with not sending congratulatory gifts, only a small number of concerned people knew and so it didn’t leak out in the end.

Since it was too absurd, Margrave Breithilde made moves so that it wouldn’t be leaked to the outside.

Given that I made up for it right away, there were only few amongst the participants who noticed it at the announcement party.

There was no intention to leak it to the outside on our side and because of that the other parties likewise shouldn’t publicize it purposely. Thus there was no reason for worry on that side either.

In my opinion, although I hope that father simply didn’t know, it wasn’t evident whether this was Kurt-nii-san’s aim either.

“Duke Hertha is the youngest brother of the previous king.”

He was royalty, but had no marriage arranged for him, thus he entered the Duke Hertha House, which had no children by chance, as adopted son.

From the point of view of His Majesty, he is equivalent to being his uncle.

He had been careful to not cause a scandal up until now, but even if he obediently nodded his head on the spot when his opponent was his nephew, the nephew doesn’t have good ears for what happens behind the scenes.

I hear that between royalty he is repeatedly treated as an outcast as well.

“Viscount Hohenheim will get angry.”

“I want to see that. He should have also received a report from his retainers living in the capital.”

He said lowly people such as Viscounts, but as matter of fact, between Duke Hertha and Cardinal Hohenheim the latter is more powerful in regards to nobles.

Which isn’t surprising though. In this kingdom the rank of Duke is something like a semi-honorary title.

For the remaining royalty it is something of the degree of securing their livelihood on the level of not losing their face.

Therefore a Duke possesses no territory.

Long ago, when the king was on the verge of death, several Dukes used the opportunity to simultaneously raise an army and start a rebellion.

After this it was decided that the Dukes would be living in the capital as appointed nobles.

In this way they appeal for the lawfulness of royalty in the provinces and hinder any reason to cause a rebellion.

Afterwards the number of Duke households was decided too. It became a plot so that it wouldn’t be easy to raise their numbers.

Because of that time the ranking was made in the first place.

In the early days of the established kingdom, the person with the highest rank among the nobles aimed to be called king.

Thereafter, with the creation of royalty, it seems that they decided on a standard sum of money paid as annuity for each rank.

In the olden days, with 『Those are my assets, what’s wrong with me using the kingdom’s assets freely!』 the kingdom’s fortune was wasted and the financial affairs of the kingdom concentrated on the king.

Currently it has become a system handling the individuals where the king’s annuity payment is also determined by him being ranked first.

As expected, given that the public and annual expenditures are accounted in the budget, the king’s annuity is nothing more than pocket change.

Also, even for a Duke it is natural to receive annuity abiding by their rank.

“Most of the annuities are paid to nobles. But they have no territory.”

On the topic of normal, although he shouldn’t be taken as falling behind in matching an appointed Viscount, Viscount Hohenheim is also a Cardinal of the church.

Of course he has competency above that.

“Elise should be the court rank successor as eldest daughter of Cardinal Hohenheim’s eldest son. Becoming something like the 25th concubine of the Duke with this, I am certain everyone would be angry if their father was beyond Knight rank.” (T/N: Grats for getting a new title, Viscount Baumeister)

If you don’t fall into poverty, there shouldn’t be any reason to become the 25th concubine at any point in time.

If it’s that rank, it isn’t even at the level of larger scaled merchants presenting their daughters.

“Honorable grandfather-sama talked to His Majesty about the circumstances …” (Elise)

It seems His Majesty summoned Duke Hertha after hearing about the situation and reprimanded him.

However, this person was someone just as he was reputed to be.

Though he prides himself to be His Majesty’s uncle at times when it is convenient, being scolded in such manner, he brushed it off saying 『I won’t mind something like being reprimanded by the likes of my nephew.』 using his good-natured skill. Good grief, without learning by experience he regularly desired Elise as concubine and talked about it non-stop.

“In a certain way he is an amazing person.” (Erwin)

“Yes, just that he only moves following his own lust.” (Breithilde)

As Erw pointed it out, Margrave Breithilde answered while showing a troubled facial expression.

Actually, up until now, I guess it is likely that he had to put up with those troubles.

“What I am surprised about is the fact of that Duke Hertha having 24 wives.” (Erwin)

“In case he didn’t enter his mistresses into his family register, it might be three times that number.”

“He is quite good to not go bankrupt …”

Although appointed, his annuity as Duke should be large.

But, in addition to hiring people to follow him, nobles should also have various socializing to do.

Also, there should be also times where royalty and their relatives come together for socializing. Being a duke, he doesn’t seem to be someone having a surplus of money.

And yet he has 24 wives.

How does he manage to get by? That’s what ended up to keep bothering me.

“(Maybe he endeavors in money-making techniques and is in reality a go-getter?)” (Wendelin)

“No, no! That person is drowning in debts.” (Breithilde)

As you should expect talking about Margrave Breithilde.

He is even well-informed about the depth of the Duke Hertha household’s pocket.

“That generation suddenly piled up huge debts.”

“The reason is far too easy …”

Extravagances, love affairs with women, these days there is a tendency to support the children squandering money like sesame seeds.

Apparently the annuity vanishes into only repaying debts.

“(Isn’t this almost as if barely keeping the business going?)” (Wendelin)

In such a situation (A/N: being drowned in debts) desiring for Elise to become his wife, he was able to be happy in a certain meaning.

“When it was announced that I am engaged to Wendelin-sama, he became docile. Because of that he gave up on the matter.” (Elise)

“I wonder whether he has some plan that will grant him certain victory?”

“You are talking about a way for certain victory? He might have found a representative that can win the duel against Baron Baumeister, maybe?” (Breithilde)

“Duel, huh … ?”

Brutal wild animals, bone dragon, great elder dragon and to a certain extent a number of monsters.

With this I have battle experience in my own way.

But the problem is that I have experienced combat against people only in the training of Armstrong-doushi.

By some chance I might receive a blow resulting in my unexpected defeat.

“In the first place, a representative being able to oppose the dragon-slaying boy? That will be difficult …” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, being a former adventurer, started to recall renown magicians included within the adventurers that might have been employed by Duke Hertha.

“Kimbly the Explosive Flame wouldn’t accept something like being a representative … Lisa the Blizzard, that debt-loaded Duke won’t have the money to put up a request for her …” (Burkhart) (T/N: >> Kinburi << but couldn’t resist the FMA reference, sorry … >> Risa <<)

“Those are dangerous nicknames.”

“Since they are adventurers, it is important to have a nickname with an impact. Their work is affected by the number of requests after all.” (Burkhart)

It seems to be the same thing as Pro Wrestlers using gaudy names.

I am told that both of them are certainly celebrities as active adventurers.

“It is in the form of a duel, therefore the boy not being able to use techniques to outwit the opponent surpassing his mana and magic power will be severe.” (Burkhart)

Because it starts in a halfway fair mutual state, if the opponent is superior to me, it will be difficult to use surprise attacks and smart tactics to catch the opponent off-guard.

If it becomes like that, it will end up becoming complicated for me, who is a simple high.output magician, to win.

The person who undertakes the task of representative is quite the masochist, Burkhart-san replied.

“Maybe the other party thinks that I am actually quite weak?” (Wendelin)

“That might be possible.”

Realizing their gift in magic and training themselves to a certain degree up until around intermediate level, rookies become prone to traps, I heard.

『Even I, who was able to defeat that bone dragon, should have even more flexibility, I think.』 and such is what I ended up being convinced of.

I feel like this can also be called the disaster of having learned magic almost completely by self-study.

“Boy, doushi and I will be responsible in teaching you duel techniques.” (Burkhart)

“Is it fine? No, will I be safe?” (Wendelin)

“If it’s doushi and I we can defeat you, boy. Unfortunately we haven’t received the request to be a representative for Duke Hertha.” (Burkhart)

“I will help too. However, it’s been 57 years since the last duel, huh? I am looking forward to the fun.” (Armstrong)

“Ano, enjoyable event, you say? Though it doesn’t mean that it will become one …” (Wendelin)

Despite people dueling after this, doushi remains the same as ever.

Going by his looks, I have the impression that he loves duels after all.

“Before, although I challenged an annoying noble, he refused while sobbing. What a kill-joy! It was really disgraceful for a grown man!” (Armstrong)

“(Such a thing like dueling doushi? Isn’t there any other future but death left then?)” (Wendelin)

All members except doushi ended up pitying that particular noble from the bottom of their hearts.


“I-It’s good y-y-you took u-up the c-challenge dana. S-S-Say your p-prayer dana!” (Romanus)

Just as doushi and Burkhart-san told me to, I ended up accepting the duel the next day.

As the other side was overjoyed for some reason, they might possibly hide an unbelievable ace up their sleeves.

“How foolish. Coming here being all nervous …” (Wendelin)

The duel was decided to be held in 2 days.

On the night before the duel I was watching the night sky from the veranda on the second floor of the mansion as I wasn’t able to sleep due to the tension.

This world likewise has only one moon and even though its color is slightly blueish, its size and such don’t differ from the moon on earth.

“I won’t be able to go sleep any time soon.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-sama, don’t strain yourself for my sake …” (Elise)

Elise, who apparently ended up likewise staying awake, called out to me there.

Since Elise is a kind girl, she started to tell me that she wouldn’t mind me calling off the duel either, seeing me all nervous.

However, I definitely won’t do that.

Even my very small pride didn’t allow me to hand over they 12-years old Elise to become the 25th wife of such certain-fake-master-painter middle-aged fatso.

Or rather, such thing like an ossan his late forties getting a 12-years old, big-breasted bishoujo …

In the first place, that’s a crime.

Even if it isn’t anything illegal in this world, the justice in my mind would mark him as criminal.

“It gives me a peace of mind seeing Elise all fine. Elise is my fiancée. I have to show the society what happens to fools trying to make a move on you. Even if he is a Duke, I will kick his ass.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-sama…” (Elise)

“Don’t worry, I will make sure to not get careless. I won’t have over Elise to such a toad.” (Wendelin)

“Yes! I am happy receiving such words.” (Elise)

Pulling Elise close to myself, we began to watch the moon again.

I made a cool speech in a perfect situation.

For the current me it was the composition of an overwhelming victory.

“I will also believe in Wendelin-sama’s victory.” (Elise)

“Thank you.” (Wendelin)

After gently kissing Elise, both of us headed to our bedrooms in preparation for tomorrow.


“NOOOOOW THEN! Pay attention towards today’s big event!!!! The duel between that dragon-slaying hero and the appointed representative of Duke Hertha! Once again, after 57 years, a duel will be held!!!!”

The next morning I, who had accepted the challenge, met the guide sent by Duke Hertha and followed them to the venue.

I wasn’t sure whether it would be held on a vacant plot in the suburbs, but against my expectations apparently it would be held in the capital’s coliseum.

This royal coliseum was used for all kinds of royal martial arts tournaments, as a place for the mock battle contest between several knight orders and more.

It was a gorgeous arena made out of stone allowing for around 3000 spectators to watch the performed events.

“I tell you, the good reservations were gone in no time.” (Balschmitt)

“Duke Hertha yields quite a bit of influence in the royal castle as well.” (Balschmitt)

It is the praying mantis-like man Baron Balschmitt from the other day who was boasting like that.

According to the information from Margrave Breithilde, it seems that he is amongst the intellectual faction of Duke Hertha’s vassals.

Since the level of intelligence of that group itself is questionable, Baron Balschmitt, being slightly smarter than normal, was treated as brain, apparently.

“As for the coliseum, there is even staff that erects magic barriers so that the audience isn’t hit by spells. Therefore, please feel free to use your magic without worries.” (Balschmitt)

“You are brimming with confidence. I already thought you would suggest to ban magic.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t that your only redeeming ability? You are welcome to use it to your heart’s content.” (Balschmitt)

It seems I have been clearly made a fool, but I didn’t particularly mind it either.

Rather, I was anxious about the representative.

“Well then, we have arrived.” (Balschmitt)

The coliseum was filled to the brim with spectators already.

Also, they were eagerly trading some kind of paper slips and grasping them tightly.

“Oi oi, are they betting on duels between people?”

Next to the man trading those paper slips, a plate, displaying the current odds on a poster, was erected.

“Let’s see … 1.1x for Baron Baumeister and 13.5x for Duke Hertha!”

The bets were completely shifting towards my side.

Given that I didn’t enter for getting a fee for performing, I couldn’t care any less.

“I dare say that confidence will turn into despair before long.” (Balschmitt)

It seems Duke Hertha’s side has prepared some outrageous hidden ace.

All of them, including Baron Balschmitt, looked at me with a disgusting smile.

Before the match, moving to the entrance gate from the waiting room to the coliseum, I could take a proper look at the stadium.

With the coliseum fully occupied by the visiting spectators I got the impression that there were many people interested in the traditional event, called duel, being carried out after a long time.

Even so there was one section of audience seats prepared for the exclusive use of the parties concerned.

In that sectione were Erw, Ina, Luise, Erich-nii-san, the Brandt family, doushi, Burkhart-san, Margrave Breithilde and his vassals.

Actually, all of them might thirst for a splendid amusement.

Even though I think they are all worried, they enjoyed the light meals and beverages they had bought.

“WELL THEN!!! Anytime soon the duelists will enter!!!!”

I was accompanied by an oddly lively announcement as I entered the coliseum. I was awaited by Duke Hertha, Baron Balschmitt and also two inconspicuous knights there.

“A-A-At last dana. E-E-Even t-the dragon-slayer w-will find h-his end h-here dana.” (Romanus)

“You seem to have quite a bit of confidence.” (Wendelin)

“I-I chose t-the best r-r-representative.” (Romanus)

“Where are they?” (Wendelin)

“I-I haven’t r-released h-h-him yet as he i-is t-too h-h-high-spirited dana.” (Romanus)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

I had some kind of bad premonition.

While thinking this Duke Hertha’s group retreated. Following that the door of the entrance gate opened.

From within a huge cage placed on a wagon was pushed out. Taking their respective positions the door of that cage was opened.

A five meter high, with an overall length of around ten meters, mountain-like object made out of metal jumped out from there.

No, looking properly at it, it was a monster.

Although it was inferior to a dragon, it was larger than a wyvern of the smaller species.

At my home, isolated at the mountain range in the territory of Margrave Breithilde, many of them lived there.

Living by forming a medium-sized flock, ferocious carnivores, occasionally even hunting wyverns, it was a medium-sized dragon.

Although it could be labelled as flying dragon, it was near-completely enveloped by a metal armor.

“Oi! That’s your representative?” (Wendelin)

“It isn’t stated in the rules that something else but humans is not allowed as representative.” (Balschmitt)

“Well, that is …”

As for the rules, there was only written 『It is likewise allowed to nominate a representative as duelist』.

But, following common sense, it was naturally decided that anything but people were excluded as representatives.

“Isn’t that a rule infringement?” (Wendelin)

Following my statement, calls like 『Coward!』 arose from the audience.

On the contrary there were also jeers like 『Since it is interesting, just fight!』 swirling around.

“There isn’t a single thing written about monsters not being allowed.” (Balschmitt)

However, as expected of the self-proclaimed intellectual faction, Baron Balschmitt.

I couldn’t simply laugh at him for thinking too shallow.

Releasing a dragon onto me while at the same time collecting money from the bookmakers for betting on the duel.

Since the majority of the audience should have bet on me, the bookmakers could expect a huge profit if I should lose.

“(Obtaining Elise while at the same time making profits, huh?)” (Wendelin)

However, because of that metal armor the opponent is uneasy about a flying dragon.

Furthermore, it seems that armor was magically covered with a coating of mithril on top of the steel.

To put it simply, it is a magic armor. I guess they prepared it to place a handicap on a magician like me.

Most likely they have been carefully preparing this after my engagement to Elise became known.

“Come on, won’t you hurry up with the battle.”

“Baron Balschmitt, get ready to fight as well.”

“Haa? What are you talking about?”

He wasn’t aware about captured flying dragons for some reason, but a caught dragon absolutely won’t listen to human commands.

Even for the small-sized species of wyverns there wasn’t person who could tame them up until now.

Conversely, the amount of people killed due to failing to do so was so far countless.

The reason for this kingdom only having magic airships as air force and not something like dragoons was due to the dragons not getting accustomed to people at all.

“That shitty dragon will face the weak you first anyway. Please die.” (Balschmitt)

“Haa… don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Certainly, that fully armored dragon will plunge into devouring a single child like me from the beginning.

I was in the middle of trying to hurl such things like small fire arrow spells at the dragon, but that mithril coated armor would need some more work. Those didn’t show any effect at all.

“Maa, just as expected, huh?” (Wendelin)

“Are you trying to bluff?” (Balschmitt)

Although Baron Balschmitt was ridiculing me thinking I am in a pinch, I don’t expect loose to something like a flying dragon.

First I put up a small magic barrier making sure that I wouldn’t receive any attacks.

The flying dragon collided with my magic barrier using all its power without stopping. I was sent flying around several meters as is.

“You!” (Balschmitt)

“Such an attack won’t work on me either. And next is …” (Wendelin)

And since that was the case, the dragon followed its instincts and changed its target to the easily obtainable prey close by.

The flying dragon, for the sake of satisfying its appetite, jumped at the 4 small prey.

In that way, Duke Hertha’s group were labelled as prey.


In the situation of having the targeting of the flying dragon turned onto themselves, Duke Hertha’s group was unable to stand up due to fear.

Somehow, it seems there was no one among them who carried out the duty of a noble.

“I-I-I have t-to s-survive!” (Romanus)

At the same time as Duke Hertha shouted those words, the flying dragon arrived right in front of the group. Once again the flying dragon was repelled by a magic wall flinging the four around a dozen meters away.

I had stretched out a barrier surrounding those four as well.

“I won’t be able to inquire about your reasons after you are killed and eaten. Bringing an out-of-control dragon to a duel, that’s a huge scandal, Duke-sama!” (Wendelin)

“…” (Romanus)

Even though Baron Balschmitt ended up casting down his face in shame due to my words, Duke Hertha became lively in reverse.

“I-I-It is a-a c-chance dana! B-B-Blow away B-Baron B-Baumeister a-a-at once!” (Romanus)

“How overly foolish …” (Wendelin)

I had the four of them enveloped in a magic barrier.

Something like a sneak attack is unthinkable in the first place.

“I am also surrounded by a magic barrier! Also, isn’t your representative a dragon?” (Wendelin)

“I-I don’t c-c-care dana!” (Romanus)

Or rather, I have the impression that this Duke Hertha is a first-class, full-blown baka.

The three below Baron Balschmitt seemed to have already obediently given up.

“Boy, do something about the dragon!” (Burkhart)

“Roger” (Wendelin)

Since Burkhart-san, from the audience seats, requested me to deal with the dragon, I immediately formed multiple sharp spear-shaped earthen lances from the coliseum ground’s soil and pierced them, flying at ultra-high-speed, into both eyes of the flying dragon.

Of course the dragon wasn’t immune against such magic.

Because it was at the level of a flying dragon, I successfully destroyed the brain portion through both eyes which weren’t covered in armor.

“Really … If you want to duel, do it the usual way.” (Wendelin)

I the quickly froze the deceased flying dragon and stored it away in my magic bag.

Since it was proof of the baka Duke’s group’s crime, I secured it right away.

Also, at the same time I did this,

“Arrest the fools who defiled the first duel in a long time! I entrust the ruling to His Majesty!” (Armstrong)

With the order from Armstrong-doushi the fours were seized by the coliseum’s guards.

Although I didn’t know to what extent their actions were illegal, they set a captured dragon as duel’s representative.

Furthermore, they weren’t able to control it.

Despite this being a duel, I think there is no greater disgrace for nobles than such uncouth duel.

What kind of decision would His Majesty make? I somehow didn’t get tired of being curious about it.

“Wendelin-sama!” (Elise)

Following doushi, Elise also came down from the audience seats and hugged me tightly.

The touch of her breasts felt very pleasant. I believe she was happy from the bottom of her heart about me winning the duel.

“I am glad you are safe.” (Elise)

Even though it wasn’t suitable for her reputation as saint, as she was dressed as normal 12-years old girl, I guess the spectators were simply pleased.

Before long an applause resounded from all over the audience seats.

“It’s an amazing applause.” (Wendelin)

“Fumu, it’s almost everyone in this place. It is because they won their bets.” (Armstrong)

I see, that is certainly important.

“Can Duke Hertha pay the bookmakers?” (Wendelin)

Adding to the bets of the bookmaker, they most likely should have even bet on themselves attaining the victory.

As I pondered about the amount lost, I didn’t even know whether it had maybe become impossible to pay out considering the state of the financial affairs of the Duke Hertha household which stayed barely afloat before.

“I will leave His Majesty to deal with the aftermath.” (Armstrong)

When doushi said this, he secretly showed me a sheet of paper.

It was a letter written by His Majesty himself. The contents stated that even if I ended up killing Duke Hertha and his followers, that crime would be waved off as having never happened.

Due to the uneasiness if I were to be over enthusiastic during the duel, doushi had received a letter from His Majesty in advance.

“You bastard! Don’t think you can get away with this!”

“Because the loser fell into the water at long last, you should pick the choice of fighting me here.” (Armstrong)

“How scary!”

“Duke Hertha was that much of a pain in the ass. We do pay attention as well.” (Armstrong)

“I guess so.” (Wendelin)

I also swore in my mind to be as careful in my everyday’s conduct as possible.


“‘I have put you through trouble’ were His Majesty’s apologetic words!” (Armstrong)

It was three days after that duel uproar. Today was a rest day, so I was relaxing at the mansion.

That’s when Armstrong-doushi appeared carrying a letter and a reward from His Majesty.

As he said that he hadn’t had breakfast yet, Elise set the table.

After eating up everything on top of it, he unveiled everything about Duke Hertha’s group’s punishment.

“The household of Duke Hertha will be discontinued. Duke Hertha himself will be exiled to an abbey in the countryside. The wives and children will be returned to their homes. The children’s noble status will be revoked. Baron Balschmitt and the three below him will receive the same treatment as well.” (Armstrong)

Skipping the order of coliseum usage by yielding the name of Duke, they disgraced the duel, held for the first time in a long while, in front of a huge amount of commoners who had been gathered as source of income by being spectators in addition to the bets.

It wasn’t alright to throw the flying dragon into the coliseum’s arena either, especially as they weren’t able to control it although it was theirs.

What would they have done if the flying dragon broke the magic barrier and escaped outside?

Obviously it would cause a tumult.

“Also, the Duke Hertha household’s debts exceeded the royal family’s maximum permissible level of tolerance. In order to catch a flying dragon they had to pay the costs for elite adventurers. There were also the costs to cover the flying dragon in specially made mithril coated armor. The bookmakers had to be paid too. The other day seems to have been the finishing blow.” (Armstrong)

When the entire scheme failed at last, the Duke Hertha household’s loans ended up passing the interdiction of loaning threshold.

There was no room for something like sympathy for the principal offender and his accomplices. The four were stripped off their court rank and damned to lead a life of faith in the countryside, I was told.

If they attempt to escape or such, it is possible they will die from illness even though they are still young, I guess.

Mostly it can be called something like sending the head of a former noble household to an abbey after a change of rank.

Since it would be a problem in case of executing them, they will be kept in a state of semi-banishment until they die.

“There were also other vassals involved in preparing the armor for that captured flying dragon. As they were reprimanded severely by His Majesty with the words 『If you have that kind surplus, I suppose you can pay a penalty in order for your rank to not be lowered?』, they became teary eyed.” (Armstrong)

If they don’t pay up, they won’t be able to complain either.

Therefore they reluctantly accepted to pay the penalty, it seems.

“What the hell was this all about anyway?” (Wendelin)

“I hear it’s because His Majesty spoke in high praises about the lad’s deeds.” (Armstrong)

They were rescued from the flying dragon, being enveloped by my magic barrier, even though I was at the same time the opponent of Duke Hertha’s group in the confrontation.

Avoiding the parts equipped with the mithril coated armor, I killed the flying dragon by piercing earth lances into its brain through both eyes.

At the end I encased the killed dragon in ice in one go and stored it into my magic bag.

“Although they are such sort of fellows, it was a nice follow-up as Duke Hertha’s group dying would have caused a problem even if they are idiots. The spectators also greatly enjoyed watching the lad’s magnificent magic.” (Armstrong)

There was also the passionate embrace of Elise after the duel, I guess?

『For the sake of protecting his fiancée from pig-like Duke Hertha, he accomplished the defeat of the dragon admirably in the duel while yet still being a young boy noble-sama』 is what was apparently talked about in the city.

“The contents of that story will be reproduced in a play. The entertainment guild has already filed a request for this at the royal castle, I heard.” (Armstrong)

“Uwa, what’s this?” (Wendelin)

Undoubtedly it will turn into a terrible dramatization that the person himself won’t be able to endure watching the performance in the end, I fear.

“Also, this the reward for the lad.” (Armstrong)

Saying so, Armstrong-doushi handed me a silk-made pouch embroidered with the crest of the kingdom.

Within were 50 platinum coins.

“That’s a lot…” (Wendelin)

“Half of it is composed of hush money!” (Armstrong)

“Bribing to keep my mouth shut, eh? What’s this about?” (Wendelin)

“That’s the kind of pretense it is!” (Armstrong)

“Uwa! You are quite blunt about it!” (Wendelin)

As for the breakdown of the rewards, first off there is the proceeds of the sale of the killed flying dragon.

Since the flying dragon is a dragon after all, parts of its body are well in range of being worth more than a platinum coin.

There are also the proceeds of sale for the specially made armor the flying dragon had equipped.

Of course, since it couldn’t be used as is, it has to be melted down. But that armor’s exterior is coated in mithril.

Even that much guarantees a decent value, I was told.

“Notwithstanding being covered in debts, it is made quite well …” (Wendelin)

Immediately following the engagement of Elise to me, he mustered his remaining assets and hastened his preparations.

Reflecting upon it, he might have been quite enthusiastic for the sake of Elise.

Though he made an extreme error in his course of action.

“There is also a part of assets coming from the liquidation of the Duke Hertha household’s property.” (Armstrong)

“Are? Wasn’t he drowning in debts?” (Wendelin)

I heard that he was in a state of paying only the interest with his annuity for a while now as the debts increased too much.

Therefore Finance Minister Rückner discussed it with his creditors. He exerted himself and won such things as repayment exemptions and freezing the debts as they are currently (T/N: No interest added to it).

It resembled the renunciation of financial obligations by banks and their ilk for enterprises that failed in business to a certain degree in my previous life.

The creditors being merchants, they obediently renunciated quite the amount of claims after being told 『As the interest had been paid up until now, I am certain you got quite the profits.』 by Finance Minister Rückner.

“Apparently Baron Balschmitt and the three below him didn’t have any debts.” (Armstrong)

“If that’s true, it would be nice of them to fix the financial affairs of their patron one way or another.” (Wendelin)

“This is impossible considering the pride of a noble.” (Armstrong)

Even in the case of the royal family, they wouldn’t give a helping hand in the worrying state of Duke Hertha household’s financial affairs.

To say nothing of it being impossible for a vassal to mention anything about the financial condition of their patron.

Although it would be possible if Duke Hertha household’s side would request it, doing this would cause unneeded interventions next.

As a result, the Duke Hertha household ended up being crushed due to being drowned in debts.

A noble’s pride is really a troublesome matter.

“In addition there are multiple vassals cooperating with Duke Hertha’s stupidity as well. A fine was taken from them too.” (Armstrong)

Searching for an adventurer party capable of capturing a flying dragon, actually capturing it and the act of them ordering a custom made armor, the funds for that were sponsored by the vassals even though they were told they could refund it afterwards.

“It’s complicated, huh?” (Wendelin)

“Because their rank would be lowered if they didn’t pay the penalty, they paid it upfront.” (Armstrong)

Four noble houses were crushed and fines were collected.

The annuity for the crushed noble households was unnecessary already. Those were the gains of the disappearance of that trouble-causing Duke Hertha household.

Taking the whole picture into consideration, this turned into a blessing for the society, I am sure.

A large amount of monetary rewards should be given to me.

“Just, how many people within royalty will begin to lobby the necessity of a new Duke household substituting the crushed Duke Hertha household … ?” (Armstrong)

“It is difficult for His Majesty as well … Elise, Ina and Luise, let’s go out and have some fun.” (Wendelin)

Finishing the talks, today is a rest day.

After this I only want to go out and have some fun so I can forget about the matter of Duke Hertha.

“Hey! I will come along as well! After all an escort is necessary too.” (Erwin)

In addition to the role of being a guard, Erw also declared his intention to accompany us wanting to enjoy some fun as well.

“I want to go as well!” (Armstrong)

“You would stand out like a sore thumb, doushi. Though groups intending to kidnap us or such would disappear too …” (Wendelin)

“On this topic, I want to eat a bucket parfait!” (Armstrong)

“Uwa, that will cause a sour stomach …” (Wendelin)

Although in the end this could be called the work of men, this spelled the end of the plot surrounding my first duel at last.


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