Chapter 39 – Story about increasing the masters

“Naa, who will be Luise’s teacher?” (Ina)

“I don’t know? I haven’t heard anything either. Wend?” (Luise)

“Although I can imagine somehow, I don’t want to tell you…” (Wendelin)

“It’s that person, isn’t it?” (Luise)

The period of summer vacation had ended. At first we had planned to gradually start the new new school term but there was a great change in our future as we were told that our graduation from the prep school had been decided. In order to make an effort of training even more until we became adults, the adults chose for us to stay in the royal capital in the end.

But that doesn’t mean that there are any particular problems with that decision.

Even if you were to study the same subject, you could expect the educational field of the royal capital, the capital city of the whole country, to have advanced subjects. Above all the public infrastructure and the quality of entertainment is far superior.

Although we don’t intend to spend all of our time in idle amusement, we want to fully enjoy our days off when we have the chance.

Practically it will be a lot more interesting to have a good time in the capital than Breitburg.

Just comparing this to something like my dull and entertainment-lacking home could be called something ridiculous.

We had also decided on the house for rent for the stay. Furthermore I heard that Margrave Breithilde would pay that rent.

The turf war of nobles is also quite dreadfulor such. Several days after I thought that Luise and I for some reason were heading towards the same place.

For the sake of taking sword lessons from Warren-san Erwin was at the Imperial Knight Order. Ina also headed towards the castle in order to take lessons in spear handling as the same Imperial Order had experts at spearmanship as well. Luise and I were told to go towards a military facility at another location.

I am a magician. Though Luise can similarly enhance her power by magic, it is limited to only her magic combat style, otherwise she can’t use her mana.

She isn’t an all-around type like me. Yet, due to that she can be categorized as some kind of specialized magician type. There are a certain amount of such people, those possessing piercing talent, albeit only in one kind of magic system.

Because of that, someone like Elise, who can’t use anything but holy magic centered on healing, could also be called a specialized type.

There are also people who can’t use anything but magic applied to produce magic tools, handy and unique magic of the life system, and magic used by magicians for long-distance communication or teleportation.

As this magic named <Calling> belongs to the wind magic system, the magicians able of using it receive large amounts of money and are well-protected by the military and merchants as it is a convenient magic.

Once you master it, I hear it is possible to carry the voice to a magic tool exclusively used for <Calling> and to teleport several thousand kilos to a fellow magician without time lag.

Because I never had the opportunity to employ it, albeit being able to use it, I am not aware of the details.

Yes, as I was originally a loner, there wasn’t anything like a partner I could use it for having a talk over a long distance.

Furthermore, doesn’t the partner need to have the ability to use communication magic? Given that I don’t possess the expensive magic tool for transmission use, communication wouldn’t be established. Hence I don’t think I will have have the opportunity to test it from now on either.

“Will I have special training together with Wend?” (Luise)

“Did you actually learn flame magic?” (Wendelin)

“That’s impossible.” (Luise)

For that reason there was no chance for Luise and I to train at the same place.

Since Luise uses her magic combat style, she is a close combat type. I am a long distance combat type as I fire off magic from far away.

It would likewise be troublesome to both of us if were were given the same training menu in the current state.

“I’m sorry. Today…” (Guard)

“Ooh! I am glad you came! (Armstrong)

As the facility’s guard taught us the details and wanted to guide us inside at once, we were called from a certain building’s entryway. I met him there before.

No, half of my summer vacation we have spent together. Although he should be a wonderful person being an elite as magician, for some reason this person gave me nothing but a sultry impression.

In spite of being the Royal Head Magician, that person was much more suited to be a bandit who sunk his teeth in roasted monster meat during the time of the monster extermination expedition.

Possessing such a muscled appearance that you wouldn’t possibly imagine him to be the uncle of that big-breasted angel-chan, Elise.

Viscount Klimt Christoph von Armstrong.

That person awaited us with his usual, sweltering smile after all.

“Armstrong-doushi is our teacher?” (Wendelin)

“That’s right! I wasn’t able to easily fall asleep yesterday due to my excitement!” (Armstrong)

Although he was clad in an armor made by magic, he hit the dragon with his bare hands.

It is reality, Armstrong-doushi, the magician who towers above regular magicians by more than half, is our teacher. I kept brooding over how to escape.

Even though it might be enjoyable for the other party, from the point of view of my side, I had nothing but an unpleasant premonition.

Or more precisely, I could take lessons from Burkhart-san as much as I wanted.

By no means had I meant to come taking lessons in the way of hitting a dragon.

“(For me such magic is impossible! Or rather, is that even magic at all?)” (Wendelin)

Even if Armstrong-doushi was the Royal Head Magician of this kingdom because of that magic, I still ended up feeling uncomfortable somehow.

“(Even though I should be able to grasp it… wait, if it’s Luise, is it possible for her to learn it?)” (Wendelin)

From my view, since I don’t quite understand the difference between Armstrong-doushi’s hand-to-hand fighting and the magic combat style, only Luise may be able to make progress in this kind of training.

Establishing an agreement in my mind, Luise, who is next to me, abstains from talking as she became speechless after seeing the muscled Royal Head Magician for the first time.

“For Luise this combat technique will undoubtedly be a good reference. I would feel sorry to obstruct it, I think?” (Wendelin)

“Eh? Only me? Also Wend, don’t we usually decide together?” (Luise)

I told Luise the story how Armstrong-doushi used his magic to clad his full body in an armor by materializing his magic power, used his high-speed flight magic to freely move around Grade Grande to punch it, splitting its breath with his fist and finally kept causing damage by firing highly focused mana balls in succession.

From my point of view, I doubt that there is such a technique within the magic combat style. Although I thought as much after trying to inquire about it, Luise affirmed that there is no such technique in the magic combat style.

Materializing magic power? If everyone had such vast magic power, there would be no particular reason to train in magic combat style. Even the highly converged mana ball, there is no such technique in the magic combat style. It is standard to clad the fists and legs in mana in a battle. The magic combat style is about efficiently using little mana to benefit the combat abilities by adding martial arts. Although I have a mana amount between the elementary and intermediate level, the reason why I am taking lessons in magic combat style is that I can’t use the crucial magic at all.” (Luise)

As for the way of Armstrong-doushi fights, even though it has overwhelming offensive power, due to its extreme consumption of mana, apparently it isn’t suited for long battles.

Considering all that, as Armstrong-doushi was full of spirit after the battle, it serves as proof that he has an extremely large amount of mana.

As you would expect from the person who was acknowledged as rival of my master (Alfred).

Compared to master, who was the refreshing type, he has the fault of being slightly sweltering.

“No, such things as martial arts isn’t for me. Since I am the long distance type, I am suited to support with magic attacks.” (Wendelin)

Although I more or less only practice the basic sword handling since in my childhood, the combat instructor at the adventurer prep school was forced as far as guaranteeing It’s almost as if you had no aptitude at allat the time of enrollment.

In reality, despite having grades ranging from average to a little above at the enrollment, nowadays my grades in sword fighting has fallen as far as dead last making the the method to count them easy.

The time of exposure of my poor ability in sword fighting was only slightly delayed by the basic training I received at the Baumeister household.

But since it can be said that I am reasonably talented in the arts of knife throwing and the bow, I trained it alongside my magic.

“I am no good with the sword.” (Wendelin)

“Even if you are no good with the sword, it might be fine if it’s martial arts, don’t you think! Let’s learn it together!” (Luise)

As Luise was for some reason frantically persuading me, I felt reluctant to have just the two of them, this sultry Royal Head Magician and her, train together after all.

Speaking of why I think so, it’s because it is unpleasant for me.

“I want to practice magic. I haven’t reached my mana capacity limit yet.” (Wendelin)

As I am still 12 years old, I have been training everyday without missing a single one the mana circulation and practical application of all kinds of magic I received from master.

Also, such things like the economizing of the employed magic I have been taught by Burkhart-san. That’s also a task I can practice for all my life without being able to say that I have perfected it.

Besides, there are also the magic experiments I haven’t had a chance to try yet, the improvement of the quality of my employed mana and something like noting down the matters concerning magic in my own way in a diary as possible reference for the next generation.

If I feel like it, I will be able to busy myself as much as I like.

“What! While already possessing mana that exceeds my own, you still haven’t hit your growth limit!” (Armstrong)

“Yes. Therefore, I am…” (Wendelin)

Even though I tried to leave by only pushing Luise into it, this was like a wholesale store not selling wholesale.

While the doushi was shedding tears of joy for some reason, he firmly seized both of my shoulders.

“(My shoulders will be crushed! My bones will be broken! Or more precisely, I have to escape from here!)” (Wendelin)

“If that’s the case, it is all the more reason to partake in my lessons. For training the circulation of mana there is nothing as efficient as my magic mobile armor and helmet. There is no need for an advanced close combat sense like in the magic combat style for getting used to enhancing your physical ability and using high-speed flight magic during combat. I haven’t been ever taught such things like martial arts from another person either.” (Armstrong)

Having found a match with the reasoning of Armstrong-doushi’s explanation, I lost the chance to escape thanks to that.

Or rather, this muscle-doushi.

That strength seems to be only reproducible with a tough body and magic.

Looking at it from the world of martial artists, he is an unthinkable person.

“Alfred, who was a genius in skilfully mastering multi-colored magic, different of someone like me who is a magician who only uses close combat magic, completely ignored the field of physical strength. But even though he said himself that he had no talent in it, he at least wanted to acquire my magic mobile armor and helmet only.”

He might not have lost his life in that forest of demons at the southern end.

Armstrong-doushi wore a lonely expression while talking about it to us.

“Nee, Wend.” (Luise)

“That’s right. Arbitrarily deciding that it is impossible without even ever having tried something yet might be rash.” (Wendelin)

Given that I am not able to skilfully act in order to conceal my ability anyway, the latest dragon subjugation and the following conferring of decorations were inevitable. I decided to think of it like that.

But, since I ended up standing out due to that as well, some hardship might visit me down the road.

Still, no matter how powerful my magic power as magician becomes, something unexpected might happen. It’s better to have several methods in reserve to defend myself at the time my mana diminishes.

That’s why I decided to learn magic or rather magic close combat techniques from Armstrong-doushi.

“Lad, you have talent. You will learn it easily.” (Armstrong)

“Thank you very much. But, are you fine with that?” (Wendelin)

My only concern is the point called Aren’t you busy?since Armstrong-doushi is the Royal Head Magician.

Though I can’t imagine the figure of Armstrong-doushi poorly controlling his subordinates and his paperwork, he can’t escape from his work as Head Magician in the end.

That’s the way I thought.

“If that’s what it’s about, you don’t have to worry at all. I won’t be summoned by His Majesty nor will I have to go to the castle.” (Armstrong)

“Eh?” (Wendelin)

“Think about it. What use would it be for the kingdom to govern someone like me everyday? Even though it was plainly visible at the previous Grade Grande subjugation as well, except for emergencies, someone like the Royal Head Magician is basically only a decoration for the kingdom.” (Armstrong)

For something like guarding His Majesty the Imperial Guards and several of the intermediate-leveled kingdom’s wizards are sufficient in the end. The intermediate-leveled lot doesn’t bother themselves with the various paperwork either as it apparently isn’t any kind of problem to push it on those below.

Also, I hear that something like periodically being in the official function only meant for the Royal Head Magician to occasionally make an appearance.

“However. His Majesty, who is a close friend since my childhood, is also awe-inspiring. He told me to turn up at fixed intervals.” (Armstrong)

I see, following my guess, Armstrong-doushi seems to be a person with a sharp mind contrary to his appearance.

Although he became His Majesty’s childhood friend by chance, his level as magician was referred to appear in the kingdom once in 500 years.

But even if he could be as successful in life as he wants to if he felt like it, he attained this exceeding court rank with only the magic he is talented in.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of the nobles group absorbed in engaging in power struggles, Armstrong-doushi who is a favorite of His Majesty, is a pain in the butt to deal with.

Wouldn’t a type like Alfred be more suitable to be Royal Head Magician?

In order to stay away from those who skilfully spread rumors to slander him in this way, he acted like a foolish figurehead, deliberately entrusting his subordinates with the difficult tasks. Only in emergencies does he play his role as Royal Head Magician.

One of my masters, who went through hardships as an orphan in the capital in his childhood, had already shrank away from those pesky naggers in the royal palace and ended up escaping to the south.

“(This person might be under quite the surveillance.)” (Wendelin)

And yet, he has deep loyalty towards His Majesty as his close friend.

As result of that loyalty he wasn’t used in strange ways, I determined.

Whether that can be done perfectly is another matter.

“Besides, this is also the objective of my training.” (Armstrong)

“Armstrong-doushi’s objective?” (Wendelin)

“That’s right. I haven’t yet reached the limit of my quantity of mana.” (Armstrong)

“Eh~~~!” (Wendelin)

Even though he is a monster already, Armstrong-doushi, with his age surpassing 40 years, is still en route to increase his mana it seems.

In the normal case the increase of mana ends up reaching the limit before an age of 20 years.

In other words, Armstrong-doushi can also be classified as unique in relation to growth strength as magician.

“Luise-jou hasn’t reached her mana growth limit yet either. Therefore you will devote yourselves to capacity alignment for starters today.” (Armstrong)

At the end of the day I finished performing the task of aligning to the capacity of Luise, Armstrong-doushi and dozens of apprentice magicians he had brought along.

For capacity alignment, if the partner with whom you join your magic exceeds your own mana quantity limit, it is possible to raise the maximum quantity of mana at once.

Since they ended up becoming aware of my ability, they suffered a shock. Not being able to accept that reality, it became a habit of those doing capacity alignment with me to dish out abusive language and such.

As a matter of fact, it couldn’t be done without having mutual trust.

In other words, it is something like the relation between master and disciple.

Those dozens referred to as Armstron-doushi’s approved disciples, since he spread groundless rumors talking about an easy method of raising the amount of mana by capacity alignment with a person who has an as high as possible mana volume, Armstrong-doushi brought those guys along who wanted to perform capacity alignment with me.

Of course, there is no truth in that.

Also another thing, there exist certain conditions as well.

In the past they conducted a capacity alignment with a baby having talent in magic. I heard that this baby acquired an enormous amount of mana.

Thereupon, the baby ruined the room each time it cried with wind magic.

When it wanted its mothers breasts, it drew its mother forcibly toward itself with magic.

Once it began to walk, it used magic to take away the toys from the children playing together.

Thus, in order for performing a capacity alignment it became an indispensable condition for the other party to have done training in magic to a certain extent and to have reached above a certain level of reason and self-awareness.

Even though I felt like being an exception, Burkhart-san voiced his opinion I guess at around 5 or 6 years old. There is no amount of mana that is too much for you to handle, boy, given that it was approved by Alf (Alfred) via performing a capacity alignment with you. I don’t think there will be any problem.

In my case it is an exception since my inner self already is an ossan.

“I guess the amount of mana has been raised to the limit amongst every one of you this time. But, you shouldn’t be sad about that quantity in the least. Although it is certainly important to have an amount of mana as well, there are also many other parts to be trained in magic. Rather, since you saved time spent on increasing the amount of mana, you guys can count yourselves lucky.” (Armstrong)

Though I don’t know from where he brought them along, Armstrong-doushi explained this to them, who laid sprawled on the floor due to mana intoxication after having done capacity alignment with me.

But, based on the fact that all of them at least maintained an intermediate level of mana, I believe they are candidates for being a Royal Wizard in the future.

“But why doesn’t Armstrong-doushi suffer from mana intoxication, I wonder?” (Luise)

Luise apparently also felt some slight dizziness, though not to the degree of them.

Even though she sat down close to me, that growth can be summarized in a single word, marvelous.

Talking about the quantity of her mana, it can be compared with rising in level from intermediate to high level.

As one would expect, recently she started to become an outstanding talent after not being restrained by her family’s practicing of mana strengthening.

However, it is uncertain whether Luise will be able to use other magic.

I fear this will be the challenge for her from now on.

“Isn’t that the same for me?” (Wendelin)

“Eeto… maybe?” (Luise)

Currently Armstrong-doushi’s amount of mana is completely the same as mine.

To put it simply, the matter is that despite having the same amount of mana as him my mana growth hasn’t reached its limit yet.

Or rather, I already have reached more than twice the amount of master.

Continuing like that, I don’t know how it would have ended if Armstrong-doushi’s rival, master, hadn’t died.

“Fumu, it’s been a while since I sensed the magic bag enlarge by means of having a large amount of mana through capacity alignment. What a nice sensation… Well then, let’s start with method of employing the magic mobile armor and helmet right away.” (Armstrong)

“We will study it now?!” (Wendelin)

“Naturally!” (Armstrong)

Luise and I ended up spontaneously being drained of all strength then and there due to the exceedingly spirited Armstrong-doushi.

And then after this, it was nothing but a matter of praying that the legend of the strongest magic fighter Wendelin didn’t start.

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