Chapter 38 – Studying at the Royal Capital

“Boy, there is a letter from my master.” (Burkhart)

“Letter?” (Wendelin)

After finishing the first date with Elise and returning to the Brandt mansion, Burkhart-san gave me a single letter.

The sender of the letter was my official patron, Margrave Breithilde-sama.

“What? What? … Burkhart-san, is this really true?” (Wendelin)

Because I have already submitted the authorization for you to graduate from the prep school, I wish for you to remain in the capital to work as adventurer there.was written in the letter.

“It is really decided. This letter is in the handwriting of my master, isn’t it?” (Burkhart)

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s how it is.” (Wendelin)

However it had a point I couldn’t really agree with.

It was impossible to return to the prep school after finally managing to enroll there. Suddenly having to strive to work as adventurer in the capital could only be commented with “Damn it!”

“Burkhart-san. What is this about?” (Erwin)

Erwin asked the question to Burkhart-san even faster than I could.

The reason was that it wasn’t only me who was treated like that. Continuing to read what was written in the letter, Erwin’s group was likewise put in the same circumstances as I was.

“Those are adult circumstances, you guys.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san explained the intention of the letter which was sent by Margrave Breithilde-sama.

First off, despite me still being a minor, I ended up defeating two dragons. The outcome of that was that there was no meaning in me to visit the adventurer prep school in Breitburg any longer.

“At this late hour, what do you want to learn from the lecturer for magic at that prep school?” (Burkhart)

“Well, look. Such things like knowledge necessary for adventurers and skills besides magic. There are such things as well, aren’t there?” (Wendelin)

“If it’s about such knowledge, you can likewise study it at the capital. Besides, there is an exclusive school for adventurers here as well. There are also many various schools gathered here where you can study whatever you like.” (Burkhart)

To begin with, the magician at the prep school didn’t possess a remarkable ability to such an extent.

As it was, an oji-san, who was past at the age of 80 years, had already retired from the adventurer occupation. In case one was an active adventurer working diligently, it was possible to work at some noble household or mercantile house receiving high salary until the age of around 60 years.

Therefore it was inevitable for such an old man to not become anything else but a magic teacher or something like that.

Still, you could say it was still preferable even if it was only to the degree of a magic teacher. As a matter of fact there also was a severe shortage of magicians no matter where you looked, be it prep schools or schools.

“Erwin and the boy as well as Ina-jou-chan and Luise-jou-chan, too. As it it pointless to seclude yourselves for more than 2 years by remaining at the prep school, it will be a better to do something like taking lessons from a first-class expert in the capital.” (Burkhart)

Originally, Erwin’s group were possessors of overwhelming talent in comparison to students of the same age group.

Given that the martial arts teacher, like the magic teacher, wasn’t a master of such a degree either, Erwin’s group in their current condition would be too much for him to handle as his own strength wasn’t that different from theirs.

Even if they couldn’t use magic, in case they were martial arts experts, they preferred the direction of earning an income as adventurers.

Therefore, expect for becoming a temporary advisor, it would be strange for them to become full-time instructors at a prep school. It was a truth that those were quite rare.

Thanks to that, before departing to the capital with Erwin’s group, we received ordinary classroom lectures.

As for practical skill, we were stuck with doing practice battles within our own party.

“I hear that Warren teaches in his free time, Erwin and boy.” (Burkhart)

We could learn the basics of how to handle magic power from an expert as Warren-san is skilled as magic sword master.

Furthermore, given that he was promoted up to company commander of the Imperial Knights corps due to those skills, he was suitable as sword teacher for Erwin.

“I can introduce Ina-jou-chan as well, since there are spearmanship experts in the Imperial Knight Order.” (Burkhart)

“Nee, what about me?” (Luise)

“I have arranged for an excellent teacher for you, too, Luise-jou-chan” (Burkhart) (E: Jumped from ‘can introduce’ to ‘have arranged’? Wend’s group got played!)

Also, rather than at a prep school in the southern remote region even if it is the central city there, it was definitely more advantageous to study at the capital no matter what.

But, expressly catering favors to such an extent for us, what kind of gain would there be for the person who acquired permission from Margrave Breithilde-sama?

Unintentionally I ended up brooding over that.

“In this case it was His Majesty’s influence. Therefore my master had no other choice but to give his permission.” (Burkhart)

According to Burkhart-san’s explanation, apparently the circumstances were that he wanted to sell us, who possessed a promising future, favors without delay to establish a claim for the future.

Because I am the eighth son of a poor Knight peerage household, although I was completely under the radar of the royal palace, I ended up defeating two dragons and becoming a baron.

Naturally, even though it would be reasonable for any noble to introduce me to their faction, as the privilege belonged to the patron, they couldn’t butt in and proceed this way due to reason of me being the vassal of Margrave Breithilde-sama.

Next, as it could be predicted that they would try to lend help to me since I was unfamiliar with the stay in the capital, as I originally came here in order to attend the wedding of Erich-nii-san, who was to be adopted into the Brandt Knight peerage household, it would be wrong to try that.

Although lower class, the Brandt household was for generations employed as governmental officials in the financial affairs group. The finance minister Marquis Rückner and his vassal Viscount Mongérard, who belonged to the same financial affairs faction, due to receiving their instructions we were taken care of apparently.

Even though the meals and lodging during our stay in the capital could be referred to Erich-nii-san for having to look after us, fortunately the money for this was provided as assistance by the Brandt household.

Besides Erich-nii-san, the prospects of the third son Paul and the fourth son Helmut working in the capital were guaranteed. I consider this to be plenty of favors.

Such way of thinking could be expected of important appointed nobles, is what you should say, I guess?

And, even though this was mainly His Majesty’s move, this was for his own close friend, Royal Head Magician Armstrong’s niece, who is my fiancée.

However at the same time, since there also was that grandfather, Cardinal Hohenheim, who was in the upper echelons of the church and yielded large influence in the kingdom, it resulted in owing favors to the church’s side as well.

“Since you are a precious magician who defeated a dragon, it isn’t unusual for everybody trying to form a connection.” (Burkhart)

“Because of that various people try to steal a march in order to get Margrave Breithilde angry.” (Wendelin)

“Do not dig into the wounds of people, boy. At any rate, until you guys become 15 years old, you will strive to train and study in the capital.” (Burkhart)

This seems to be set in stone. (E: I’d rather teleport out and become a hermit…)

Also, no matter how strong I am in magic compared to other people, it is difficult to go against the authorities and nation by myself.

As there is no particular reason to treat it as outrageous, I decided to take advantage of His Majesty’s good will for now until I become an adult and will be able to officially debut as adventurer.

Such were my thoughts.

“Although it’s fine to live in the capital, what will happen to the residence in Breitburg?” (Wendelin)

“Haa? Isn’t it fine to occasionally return there with magic? His Majesty is well aware of the boy having mastered Teleportation magic.” (Burkhart)

“Come to think of it, that’s true.” (Wendelin)

“Still, an extended stay at the newly-wed Brandt household would also be quite tasteless. A proper house has been prepared.” (Burkhart)

In spite of of only expecting to enjoy sightseeing the capital and participating at the wedding of Erich-nii-san during my summer vacation, for some reason I was officially appointed as noble and it was decided that I would spend my time in the capital until I became an adult.

Half of this great change in my own fate caused me to be surprised while the other half was me merely following the flow of events.


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