Interlude 6 – A strong-willed Loli girl

“Wend.” (Luise)

“What’s up, Luise?” (Wendelin)

For the sake of participating in Erich-nii-san’s marriage, we had boarded the magic airship heading for the royal capital. The four of us: Erwin, Ina, Luise and myself.

As I had inherited money among other things from master, I was different from the remaining three people, and thus I had to loan them the ship fare for the magic airship myself.

Although they were saying things likeIt’s nice to be able to lend money so easily, the act of lending money to others wasn’t such a nice thing in this world.

Not returning the loaned money to the creditor would result in a lawsuit. Upon losing the lawsuit, the debtor couldn’t even complain about being made to slave away in a mine either.

The amount of money was an important factor and not being able to return it meant being forced to labor until you were able to earn enough money in compensation. This was also written down in law.

However, this time there was no contract or interest either way.

Therefore it would be difficult to win a lawsuit if those three wouldn’t return the money to me even if I told the margrave of Breithilde.

That’s because there was no evidence.

But, to explain the situation this time, there were two of our group caught in a dilemma.

The children of retainers had borrowed money from me, who could be considered to be placed in the duty as head magician in the future, without being able to return it.

Even more so without any contract or interest, complete loans without collateral.

Naturally, the families of Ina and Luise would be carefully examined by the margrave of Breithilde and eventually fall into disgrace.

Being fully aware of this matter, it was very improbable that those two would avoid repaying the debts.

Moreover, including Erwin, the four of us wanted to go hunting as soon as possible to return the amount of one gold coin per person.

Being unwilling to spend one gold coin would have meant wasting a full month using a carriage to make the trip, which would have been profane.

Because those three came to this conclusion, they asked me to loan the money unconditionally.

“Yes, about the money that was loaned…” (Luise)

After boarding the magic airship and finishing to eat the first dinner while lazing around in my room, Luise appeared and passed me the three gold coins they had borrowed from me.

Honestly, I was amazed by the speed of reimbursement.

“That was fast!” (Wendlin)

“I found a good part-time job.” (Luise)

“Can I do it as well?” (Wendelin)

“You can’t. I don’t think you can use a magic combat style for a part-time job, can you?” (Luise)

“What kind of answer is that…” (Wendelin)

“Though it is fine to tell you, I want you to keep it a secret.” (Luise)

Luise began to explain the method how she was able to return the fare costs just after having boarded the magic airship for less than half a day.

“This ship is dedicated for the exclusive use of rich people, wouldn’t you agree?” (Luise)

Because the lowest fare price was one gold coin, common citizens were excluded and the quality of customers was mostly limited to only nobles with their attendants and wealthy merchants.

That’s why Luise had gathered many people in the lounge and started a game.

If you can win in arm wrestling against me, you will be awarded one gold coin. The participation fee is 10 silver coins.(Luise)

With a cute girl talking about such courageous matter suddenly, naturally it gathered a lot of attention.

“The noble-sama’s wouldn’t accept such a challenge.” (Wendelin)

“The ones I was aiming for were the retainers.” (Luise)

One gold coin for beating Luise, who looked like a 10-years-old, in arm-wrestling.

There were many guards, employed by nobles to protect them, who were confident in their strength.

Assembling those, Luise started to challenge them to arm-wrestling.

“I feel sorry for them.” (Wendelin)

The unadorned strength of Luise wasn’t supposed to be any different from a girl of the same age.

However, she had endured the training in a magic combat style until mastery with her father and her brothers as instructors.

A muscleman with a stature exceeding a height of 2 metres was defeated by Luise in mere seconds. Because of that all of them got fired up and paid the participation fee in order to become a challenger.

When it became the second half of the challenging, the surrounding mood turned into something like There must be a person who can defeat her at least once.

To this degree Luise’s streak of consecutive victories had lasted.

“Apparently you yielded quite the profit.” (Wendelin)

“Un, now I am able to go shopping in the capital.” (Luise)

As we wouldn’t have any expenses while staying in the royal capital, she quickly returned the the borrowed money so she could focus on shopping and getting presents no matter what.

I was told that the earnings this time had resolved any and all worries regarding that.

“There won’t be any problems.” (Luise)

As she had defeated them all fair and square, the adult men certainly wouldn’t admit such an embarrassing thing like being defeated by Luise in arm-wrestling.

For that reason I am pretty sure there would be no issues with Luise keeping the 5 gold coins she had earned.

“Just in case, I lost once in the end.” (Luise)

Only one person, a former adventurer, who was employed as a guard of a noble, was up to the task.

Therefore, she had acted as if it was a close contest and lost on purpose in the end.

“You shouldn’t do such a heartless thing.” (Wendelin)

Naturally the gallery noticed and glared at the challenger, who had defeated Luise and obtained the price of one gold coin, which lead to the conclusion of them facing that man next.

During that busy time Luise used the opportunity to skilfully sneak away with a feeling of Maidoari1 .

“Being shrewd, you reimbursed Erwin’s and Ina’s share as well, huh?” (Wendelin)

“Hahaha. As for paying Erwin’s share, I have arranged to work him hard as a luggage carrier while we go shopping.” (Luise)

Because Ina is her childhood friend, it isn’t particularly strange for Luise to not demand anything of Ina.

Considering the relationship of those two, Ina likely will diligently work towards reimbursing Luise.

“You are a frightening woman.” (Wendelin)

“Right, I am a devilish woman!” (Luise)

While saying this, Luise was making a coquettish-looking pose. Unfortunately I must say, though, that it apparently had no effect at all.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t much time left.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t say that!” (Luise)

Just on this occasion, the devilish woman was nowhere to be found no matter how you look at it.

Without wanting to make light of her disposition, it was still a fact.

“I am the same age and am also a student of the adventurer prep school just like Wend. Although I am the child of a semi-noble retainer, I don’t want to incur debts as far as possible. Those are my thoughts, but…” (Luise)

Although she shamelessly relied on me, she still has pretty much the extreme pride of a noble.

Finding a balance there is an exceedingly difficult task.

“Then let me pay a little bit of interest.” (Luise)

“No need.” (Wendelin)

“A gentleman would silently accept it.” (Luise)

Like that Luise swiftly moved to my side and gently kissed my cheek.

As one would expect of a magic combat style user.

I wasn’t able to do anything but ending up being kissed as is.

“Because it’s embarrassing, it’s not on the lips.” (Luise)

While stating those words, Luise’s face turned bright red due to her embarrassment and she ended up escaping from the room quickly.

“Despite still being a child, it’s clear that she will become quite the devilish woman in the future, huh?” (Wendelin)

I am not sure what I should think despite being seduced by such a child, but to tell you the truth, my heart was severely going *dokidoki* .

However, that *dokidoki* ended up changing into a totally different *dokidoki* just a half day later.



Translation Notes

1 Thanks for your continued patronage … but I like the Romaji more. ^^


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      Him being strong and cool got their attention for sure. But they already got as much of his power as they are expected to get as his retainers. They are considered to low status for him to marry, so the best they can get is being his mistresses. The only real benefit of that lies in night time activities.

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