Chapter 26 –

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For this chapter, following name changes are used:

The margraviate where the adventurer’s prep school is at: Breithilde

The city it is in: Breitburg

The name of Wendelin’s male companion: Erwin (nick: Erw)

The name of Wendelin’s master: Alfred Reinford (nick: Alf)

The name of Alfred’s master: Burkhart Ringstadt

The names pertaining the Holy Empire Urquhart will remain untouched as the language theme, if there is one, is not clear at the moment.

Now, regarding the term ‘maryouku’ which is often used in this story. The translation would be magic power. But the term is also used in conjunction with quantity of magic energy, or in other words mana. Magic power sounds more like a measurement of quality and thus I will adapt the term used based on the situation.

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“Incredible! What a magnificent view!”

“As one would expect after spending a gold coin for the fare. The meals included are superb.”

“The dessert is delicious, too.”

To participate in the wedding of Erich-nii-san who served as junior governmental official in the royal capital, Erw and me had boarded the magical airship that visited Breitburg once a week.

This magic airship was a legacy of an ancient magical civilization that had perished long ago. Miraculously it was excavated almost completely functional from ruins and it was possible to operate it using modern magic technology.

Even though the modern magic engineering skill was far inferior to the ancient one, leaving aside building a fully new magical airship, it posed no problem at all to maintain it with simple servicing.

The amount of magical airships excavated from the ruins was limited to eight ships.

Originating from the royal capital of Helmut kingdom they operated in a total of four directions:

the major northern sea route to the Imperial capital city Barude of the Holy Empire Urquhart,

the western route to the border territory of the margraviate of Holmer,

the eastern route to the border territory of the margraviate of Browig

and lastly the southern route to the border territory of margraviate of Breithilde.

Directly managed by the kingdom, the magic airships also were strategical military assets which would be requisitioned by the army in case of emergencies.

Furthermore, the northern Holy Empire Urquhart were operating several airships they had excavated from similar ancient ruins as well.

Thus, even if the Helmut kingdom possessed magic airships it wouldn’t be an one-sided military advantage in case of a war.

Because the cease-fire had been kept for now almost 200 years, the common opinion of those involved in the foreign state politics in both countries was that there would be no war for the next several hundred years to come.

Otherwise setting up the sea route using magical airships wouldn’t have been possible.

“However, it’s really fast.”

After spending an entire day aboard the magical airship peacefully, they had already traveled 40% of the way.

Looking outside the window you could see the magic airship advancing at an astonishing high speed.

Spreading below was the splendor of nature of the Helmut kingdom. Most of it was undeveloped soil infested with monsters, thus it was only natural that the inhabited areas were scarce and widely spread.

“Boy, what are you looking at? Did a monster come out of the woodworks?” (-)

“Certainly not, bare a few exceptions, monsters never venture outside their domain.” (Wendelin)

Calling out to me and coming to my side was the employed Head Magician of the Margraviate of Breithilde, my master Alfred Reinford’s master, Burkhart Ringstadt.

By the sound of it, one would think that the Head Magician of the Margraviate of Breithilde was quite the busy person.

Once I mentioned that we had to delay the training as I was going to travel to the royal capital for my brother’s wedding though, for some reason he announced to accompany us as a guardian and really boarded the magic airship thereafter.

“Beings such as, for example the wandering corpses.” (Wendelin)

An ordinary monster won’t leave its domain without exception. Therefore it was not unusual for a farmer to nonchalantly plow their field next to such a domain even if it was a surreal scene looking objectively from the outside at it.

You might say the only exception were the talking corpses who originally were human to begin with. Because of their lingering affection their behavioral pattern to try accomplishing it was in itself understandable.

However, the majority of humans dying in the domain of monsters became zombies or ghouls. Zombies and ghouls had neither lingering affections nor any kind of intelligence, thus it was impossible for them to leave the domain.

Further evolution into an higher undead like liches was certainly possible but those were rare and they seldomly ventured outside the domain.

Subjugating them quickly was easily accomplished as there were only few of them.

“There aren’t any other exceptions, are there?” (Wendelin)

“There actually is. At least thousand years ago, going by the books.” (Burkhart)

This rare exception was a dragon who turned undead in the same way as the talking corpses.

“However, small sized dragons like wyvrens are not of the same type of class like a proper Domain Lord Dragon. Although they may turn undead, they will not leave the domain by themselves.” (Burkhart)

“And if it is?” (Wendelin)

“If it isn’t an ancient dragon of a level that was hunted by the masters of previous generations, then it doesn’t leave the domain as it doesn’t know how to do that.” (Burkhart)

Old documents stated that the blood of ancient dragons was a cure for all kind of sicknesses.

In the past the margrave of Breithilde sent troops into the forest domain because he wanted to obtain this blood. The result was an utter defeat.

In the first place, up until today no one has confirmed the existence of an ancient dragon going by Burkhart’s declaration.

“Are you doubting the existence of ancient dragons, boy?” (Burkhart)

“Practically I don’t believe in the existence of things which can’t be confirmed to exist.” (Wendelin)

If you were to go there, you might as well believe in ghosts and UFOs. And I don’t believe in neither of them.

“There are many who think this way. But, ancient dragons do exist.” (Burkhart)

However, they live deeply in remote regions that are impossible to access for ordinary humans. Furthermore they won’t turn undead easily as they live for ten thousands of years.

Thus you won’t likely find one in the areas inhabited by humans easily.

“In other words meeting one would be a miracle?” (Wendelin)

“Most humans wouldn’t be happy to meet one as they are categorized as natural disaster.” (Burkhart)

There was no part of their body that was unusable. Basically it was a cluster of high priced raw materials. At the same time, those humans who were able to slay one were a miracle by themselves, too.

If a ordinary person were to run into it, they would be dead in no time.

It possessed an overwhelming might and was merciless towards others weaker than itself.

That would be the being called an ancient dragon.

“In other words, it is unlikely for you to run into one while you’re alive, huh?” (Wendelin)

“That’s right.” (Burkhart)

“By the way, why is Burkhart-san accompanying us?” (Wendelin)

I asked the question which was weighing on my mind since the first day.

Departing for the capital to lead a bunch of children, no matter how I think about it, that’s not the job of an employed Head Magician.

“About that, huh? It’s just a good opportunity.” (Burkhart)

According to Burkhart-san’s explanation the margraviate of Breithilde had an obligation to regularly report to the king about the local state of affairs in the southern part of the kingdom.

However, it’s not like the margrave could go himself every time to report, thus sometimes the Head Magician substitutes him as a representative.

“As a matter of fact my social standing is considerably high, therefore using me as substituting representative works well.” (Burkhart)

Additionally there are other matters to attend in the capital. Since acting as representative isn’t considered as impolite, he is expected to visit several places.

“To attend Erich-dono’s wedding for example.” (Burkhart)

Attending Erich-nii-san’s wedding apparently was part of his duty.

Even though the family Erich-nii-san is about to enter as a groom belonged to the lower class nobility, they still possessed a high pedigree due to their inherited high ranking governmental office.

Naturally, if you consider having close ties to the soon-to-be reigning family head of nobility possessing an inherited high ranking governmental position, it would be a bad move to not attend the ceremony.

If an influential rural noble and a noble possessing an inherited high ranking governmental position became too close friends, it would cause strange suspicions and rumors to spread. Having said that, possessing no connection at all would be problematic as well though.

Therefore the wedding ceremony would serve as an ideal stage for the representative of the margraviate of Breithilde, Burkhart-san, and them to meet.

“Well, it certainly is a difficult topic to talk about. In reality it is only to confirm that it is possible to make a small connection. In the end, that would be the hope of my Lord towards Erich-dono.” (Burkhart)

Considering the relatively mediocre family members within my house, Baumeister, it was an hope of expectation of the margrave of Breithilde towards the considerably more intelligent Erich-nii-san.

Originally he wanted to employ Erich-nii-san as retainer in charge of domestic affairs in the margraviate, but was rejected by the person himself.

“It would have been troublesome, if the fifth son of a vassal were to become a favorite of the feudal lord.” (Burkhart)

“For supporting the favored Erich-nii-san as next family head of the Baumeister clan …” (Wendelin)

“Such suspicions would definitely appear.” (Burkhart)

Such detestable difficulties seemed to be the reason for Erich-nii-san becoming a junior governmental official in the capital. Additionally there was that troublesome invitation from Klaus.

It was the same issue for me though. However it would be quite sarcastic if I were to become an employed magician of the margraviate of Breithilde in the future while everyone believed each and every member of the Baumeister clan to be an idiot.

“The ability to rule, regional bonds through consanguinity and the abundant troubles of of being involved in complicated human relations. That’s a noble.” (Burkhart)

“Aren’t you in the position of a noble yourself, Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“Not particularly. I am not holding a noble title as I was hired solely due to my magic abilities. Neither do I have a wife or children. Ooops, disclosing this information so easily …” (Burkhart)

Suddenly Burkhart-san broke off the conversation and turned his focus with a sharp gaze towards the direction the magic airship was heading.

“Ano … Burkhart-san ?!” (Wendelin)

“Due to training for half a day, my perception1 has slightly increased. I can sense a very sinister magic aura.” (Burkhart)

Moreover, this kind of magic aura was an impossible feat for a human being.

Though there are people possessing huge quantities of mana, they shouldn’t be able to simply emit it on the surface.

As explained previously, the mana of a person is confined within their body and it was not possible to detect the full extent of it from the outside.

Burkhart-san’s magic aura detection ability was quite amazing as in contrast to many common magicians he could sense magic auras up to several thousand kilometers away.

“It’s not human. Wild animals are not possible either.” (Burkhart)

“It can’t be a common monster as this route is far off any monster domain.” (Wendelin)

Under the present condition, building another flying magic airship was impossible. Same could be said for the neighboring nations.

“What is it then?” (Wendelin)

“I would have never thought …” (Burkhart)

Apparently our apprehension was right on the spot.

The magic airship suddenly made a sharp turn increasing its speed to make an escape.

The magic airship operated by feeding mana into a gigantic magic stone to power what appeared to be something similar to a steam engine. Additionally to this steam engine, the magic airship had deployed sails to use the wind for further propulsion.

Although the power generated by the wind was for free, the mana stored in the magic stone had to be replenished at certain intervals. Naturally this resupply required payment.

Therefore, for the magic airship to leave the course considered to be the most economical, it was impossible unless there was an emergency forcing it to disregard the most fuel-efficient cruising speed.

“Ano, Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“Boy, follow me. We will go up to the bridge and ask the captain about the circumstances.” (Burkhart)

“Ano, why me too?” (Wendelin)

“Just listen and come!” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san forcibly dragged me by the hands until we arrived at the entrance to the bridge which was usually off-limits to unauthorized personnel.

Hereupon we stumbled into a crowd of ten-odd people appearing to be nobles and wealthy merchants protesting with loud voices towards the guards stationed at the entrance to the bridge.

“Therefore, why was the route suddenly changed!” (-)

“Explain what happened!” (-)

“Such speed of the magic airship disregarding fuel efficiency! Something strange must have happened!” (-)

“You won’t hear anything from my mouth …” (Guard)

“Then send out the captain!” (-)

“Ain’t it natural to expect an explanation!” (-)

The irritated crowd started to push their way into the bridge. From within the bridge several sailors of the crew appeared as reinforcement to prevent anyone entering.

Thus the current battle-of-strengths had come to a total standstill not advancing in either direction.

Upon seeing the figure of Burkhart-san, one of the sailors called out to him.

“Are you the Head Magician of the Margraviate of Breithilde, Burkhart Ringstadt?” (Sailor)

“That’s true, so?” (Burkhart)

“The captain wishes to consult with you regarding a certain matter.” (Sailor)

“Understood. Since the situation is causing anxiety and cannot be comprehended like this, I will act as representative for everyone here and listen to the story of the captain.” (Burkhart)

Unlike the casual way of speech Burkhart-san used when talking to us, he addressed the gathered nobles and merchants with the proper polite manner that was expected of an employed Head Magician. Frankly speaking, he was like another person.

His social status being what it is, apparently he had to be able to act like this in certain circumstances, too.

“Oh well, as it is, we won’t get anywhere either way.” (-)

“Leaving it to Burkhart-san should be alright.” (-)

The nobles and merchants, who were disputing before, knew Burkhart-san to be a famous magician and thus made way for him to pass.

Certainly, the social standing of a famous magician seemed to be rather high considering how the big-shot merchants and nobles meekly retreated before him.

“This boy is my disciple. You don’t mind us entering together, right?” (Burkhart)

“Yes” (Sailor)

I received permission to enter the bridge and since it couldn’t be helped I followed Burkhart-san inside.

The bridge of the magic airship resembled those of regular sailing vessels. On top of the upper deck there was steering wheel to navigate the ship by whirling it around. Due to the high speed of movement the upper deck was covered by a dome using material similar to glass as protection against the head wind.

“I am sorry to specifically call you. I am the ship’s captain, Kunz Flieger.” (Kunz)

“I am the first mate, Leopold Bergim.” (Leopold)

Both were in the latter half of their thirties. The middle-aged men who bore a weathered composure greeted us.

Without waiting for an answer the pair pointed in a hurry towards the rear of the bridge.

Thanks to the transparent dome you could clearly look at the rear of the ship. It was questionable though whether the situation will become clear by just looking at the back of the ship, right?

“It’s not just an ordinary dragon, is it? It’s size doesn’t differ overly much from this ship’s size, does it?” (Burkhart)

Furthermore, adding to the malposition, this dragon possessed another characteristic trait. It didn’t have any kind of skin or flesh left on its body any more, in other words, it was a dragon made completely out of only bones.

This huge dragon or to call it properly, bone dragon, was the emergency approaching this ship. Certainly you couldn’t inform the passengers about this.

“The renown Ringstadt … can you take care of this?” (Kunz)

“You want me to fight against such a monster?” (Burkhart)

“That is … so it’s not possible?” (Kunz)

“If I were to tell you a lie and claim I can win, after dashing out and losing, the panic spreading would just increase, I believe.” (Burkhart)

Winning is impossible, that was clearly transmitted.

Such a severity, as expected of a former first-rate adventurer.

“Yet, even if we continue to escape …” (Kunz)

It is just as the captain stated. Only running away will not end this deadlock.

Even if we kept fleeing disregarding the increased fuel cost, sooner or later the mana would run out and the bone dragon would catch up to us.

Having said that, the situation wouldn’t improve though, even if Burkhart-san went and challenged for a battle with no chance to win.

Even worse, Burkhart-san might even spur on the bone dragon’s wrath further.

“Also, it’s not like we have no hand to play at all” (Burkhart)

“Ohh! What kind of hand would that be?” (Kunz)

With an attitude of grasping at straws, the captain and crew eagerly waited for Burkhart-san’s reply.

“That dragon is undead. In that case magic with the attribute Holywould be able to cleanse it, don’t you think?” (Burkhart)

“Indeed. Ringstadt-sama can let it depart the world of the living with Holy magic.” (Kunz)

“Unfortunately I am not capable of using Holy magic.” (Burkhart)

There are considerably few magicians who can use Holy magic. No matter how high-level a magician one was, the chance of being able to use it was the same as for beginner or intermediate magicians.

Because it was not in proportion to a magicians ability, those using Holy magic were valuable, their significance increasing furthermore as not many people were able to do it. Also, excessive usage of Holy magic by the user actually diminished it.

Come to think of it, Alfred-shishou made me use Holy magic at the end. There was such a guidance, wasn’t there?

“So, who will use Holy magic then?” (Kunz)

“Well, my disciple will do it.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san declared, calling me his disciple. Given that he’s my master’s master, it wouldn’t be incorrect to call me like that considering I was the disciple of his disciple.

“Ehhh? I will do it?” (Wendelin)

“Boy, there is no one but you.” (Burkhart)

“That is … although that’s certainly true …” (Wendelin)

I understand Burkhart-san’s point.

To defeat that bone dragon Holy magic is necessary and since I can use it, it makes sense that I am suited to fight it.

But even so, I’d like you to reconsider and think about it.

I am just a kid who is not yet 12 years old. My combat experience amounts to no more than dealing with a ferocious bear. Such me, dealing with a ridiculously large bone dragon. That is far too unreasonable.

“That’s impossible! I have never been in a situation where I had to fight a monster yet.” (Wendelin)

“There are many first times for every human.” (Burkhart)

While that is certainly true, I feel like I’d like to refrain from such first time.

“In what world would the debut fight of an adventurer apprentice be against a dragon?” (Wendelin)

“That would be here! Or rather, if you don’t fight, everyone here will die! Show some fighting spirit! If it was Alfred, he would say I’m offwith a smiling face.” (Burkhart)

“Those words, that’s unfair …” (Wendelin)

For me master was a person risking his life in pursuit of greatness.

He died early without ever being able to fully use his talents.

Therefore I have an obligation to live the life of a magician in his stead.

For the sake of making the great teacher Alfred Reinfeld known throughout the world, I, Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, had to carry on.

Even if I usually am carefree, lazy and selfish. On this I won’t concede.

“This bone dragon somehow resembles a large maquette2” (Wendelin)

“Ah, just a little, the materials are expensive after all.” (Burkhart)

Thus, by Burkhart-san’s explosive statement, my first real fight against a monster would be against an ancient dragon turned undead, making this the worst debut battle one could imagine to face.


“The strategy is simple. The boy rushes out using Flight magic and cleanses the bone dragon in one go.” (Burkhart) (T/N: I LOL’ed rather hard when I translated this one, I wonder why. ^^)

“No no! That’s not what you call a strategy.” (Wendelin)

“There is no time to set up an elaborate strategy.” (Burkhart)

“That is a correct realization. However I still am quite unhappy …” (Wendelin)

On the bridge, the ship’s captain, who left the matter of extermination of the pursuing ancient dragon to Burkhart-san, expressed words of gratitude towards me, who was designated as the one performing the deed.

Anyway, since it was indispensable to fight outside it was necessary to prepare properly. It was then that Erwin, who had joined us, called out to me with a worried expression.

“Well … I pray for your safety.” (Erwin)

“Don’t worry. As long as our attacks hit.” (Wendelin)

“Even if I were to attack it, my level of magic power is too low and thus it is impossible to cause a fatal wound. I’m sorry.” (Erwin)

The captain had already informed everyone on board the ship about the dragon chasing us.

Usually the place would have erupted in a state of panic, but the captain continued by telling everyone that Burkhart Ringstadt and his excellent disciple were on board the ship. This caused them to calm down before long and be certain of their safety.

As expected of Burkhart-san, being the Breithilde margrave’s prided magician.

“I suppose if it were Alf, he would generally win though… From what I’ve heard we’re at a suitable disadvantage, but you should also be our best chance.”3 (Burkhart)

For an undead of this level, there seems to be no other way than by acting suitably and putting all of one’s strength into their magic power to get rid of it.

Petty tricks and their likes are pointless, all that’s needed is to fire the Holy magic into the undead ancient dragon to safely put it to rest.

It seems to be a battle of power rather than technique, huh?

“Anyway, pay attention to your senses and fire away. That’s all there is to it.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san will remain on the ship in case the bone dragon decided to use its breath. That was a necessary measure as there was no meaning in defeating the dragon at great pains while the ship was sunk beforehand.

“The boy will perform the main role. As for me, I will make sure the ship doesn’t get a single scratch.” (Burkhart)

Although we didn’t know what kind of breath the bone dragon spits, Burkhart-san made efforts to prepare deploying a magical barrier for the sake of protecting the entire ship.

“If the breath attack should be aimed at you during flight, I will cast a magical barrier on you. Save your mana till the end so you can focus on cleansing the dragon with HolyMagic. After all you are Alfred’s disciple.” (Burkhart)

The simultaneous deployment of various magic spells, the prided special ability master excelled in.

I also learnt this skill and increased the amount of simultaneously deployed magic spells to three in the past 6 years.

However I still have a long way to go as master was able to use up to seven magic spells at the same time. But there is nothing I can do about that now.

One should be cautious to not make blunders due to haste.

For example, even if the opponent is a legendary ancient dragon.

“The match will be over in an instant.” (Wendelin)

At the immediate rear of of the ship the bone dragon was approaching, steadily closing the gap while soaring through the sky. There was only little time left before the preparation of HolyMagic was finished and I had to leave.

The gathering of mana had already started. Once it finishes I have to hurry and rush off this ship to cast the magic at the bone dragon.

Truthfully, the time window for deciding victory or defeat was small what made it kind of a gamble.

“Boy, set up the Flight magic to make your body float. Once you leave, do not forget to adjust your velocity as well.” (Burkhart)

“Yes” (Wendelin)

If I were to forget it, I would be instantly left far behind by the ship and the dragon.

Trying to catch up then by flight would be a waste of time with my mana. That’s why this was a crucial matter without having to say as much.

“Boy, once this is over, training will resume at full power. So, don’t die.” (Burkhart)

“I don’t intend to die at such age. Well then …” (Wendelin)

Upon my nod Burkhart-san and Erwin opened the door towards the back of the ship in one go.

Without any problems I flew out. Immediately following my exit, the bone dragon began on a wide scope to spit its breath which was similar to a threateningly black fog full of malice.

“Hey, that’s dangerous!” (Wendelin)

Starting to prepare severely, I invoked a magical barrier at once.

Burkhart-san as well had finished the deployment of his magical barrier enveloping the entire ship almost instantly.

After all Burkhart-san was the teacher of my teacher.

The magical barrier enveloping the entire magic airship completely defended against the breath attack of the bone dragon.

“Way to go, well done for being able to break it up!” (Wendelin)

Confirming the ship’s safety for a moment, I invoked my mana I had saved for the sake of this moment in almost no time to cast the Holy magic.

“<The bone dragon is thoroughly engulfed in the highly concentrated Holy magic …>” (Wendelin)

Because there was a risk that the beam of light I used on master before to let him pass on could be evaded, I decided to invoke the magic this time with such an image in mind.

The bone dragon was engulfed completely in a blueish white light characteristic to the Holy magic attribute cast by me. The holy light bathed the bone dragon for several dozen seconds and caused it to raise a severe howl of agony.

During this time, the bone dragon was recklessly thrashing around swinging its claws and tail.

Even though I prevented the attacks with my magical barrier, the force of the impact from the attacks of the bone dragon caused me to be knocked back.

As I was knocked back the aim of the Holy magic I casted with trouble shifted and the bone dragon was released from its grasp.

Just like that the chance to finish the bone dragon in one go vanished.

While eagerly trying to control my position with Flight magic, I had to defend against its attacks.

“Not yet. Until that bastard can’t move at all any more …” (Wendelin)

I channeled even more mana continuing the holy light.

Thereupon the howl of the bone dragon gradually began to weaken. In the end it entirely stopped moving remaining still on the spot.

Seeing the response to the rush of magical power, it seemed like the undead monster finally stopped all its activity completely.

“Comparing it to the time when I cleansed master, the body doesn’t seem to disappear, huh?” (Wendelin)

Still, as one would expect of an ancient bone dragon, even though it was bathed in holy light for an extended time not even one bone is damaged.

Rather, because it was released from its undead state, the bones emitted a beautiful brilliance.

A few seconds after the holy light diminished, the airborne dragons skeletal structure retaining the figure of bones started to gradually break apart and the parts dropped towards the ground one by one. As the bones which lost the state of undead only were an inorganic matter this was to be expected.

Being pulled by gravity and falling down one could call it a natural conclusion.

“O~~~i! Boy! Collect the bones! So wasteful!” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san shouted towards me, who was floating in the air, in order for me to collect the bones which were in the process of breaking apart and dropping towards the ground.

Although those were the bones of a legendary ancient dragon, I still didn’t think it would be a good idea to collect the bones of an undead.

Then again, there might be no problem as they were safely cleansed with my Holy magic.

Quickly I successfully collected all the bones before they were able to reach the ground. At times like this the magical bag was convenient after all.

And I succeeded in retrieving another mysterious object, too. Approximately two meters directly below, there was a naturally shaped stone casting a beautiful bright red pure light. Most likely this was the dragons magical core. Without the magical bag I wouldn’t have been able to pick it up in the sky.

In books it was mentioned that every monster possessed such a core within their bodies containing the monster’s spirit.

After processing this magic core it will turn into a magic stone. Then it could be used to recharge diminished mana.

Adventurers should always collect the magic cores of monsters they defeated. This was also written in the reference book of the prep school. Even in class, the teacher had emphasized this point.

“As expected, my mana is almost at its limit for today.” (Wendelin)

When I returned to the ship after collecting the dragon bones and the magic core, my mana already was down to the breaking point of exhaustion.

If there was another dragon, I would definitely go to the netherworld.

“However, an entire set of dragon bones and an outrageously large magic core, huh? That’s quite the large profit, isn’t it?” (Wendelin)

Although many people greeted me, who defeated an undead ancient dragon, with joyful cheers, it seemed Burkhart-san couldn’t help it to be worried about the aforementioned magic core.

In answer to a request, I took it out of my magic bag. This caused the surroundings once more to raise their cheers of joy in an increased volume.

“Certainly, it’s quite big.” (Burkhart)

“Although this magic airship is moved by a magic stone, its size is at the most 50 cm in diameter.” (Kunz)

The over-all length of the magic airship exceeded 100 meters and was fed with energy by such a magic stone. Still it was only a quarter in size of the huge magic core in front of their eyes.

Then, just how much could be accomplished with a magic stone four times in diameter? (T/N: Yea, don’t ask how a quarter = 1/4th in diameter, might be mistranslation, but will leave as it is)

I started to feel very uneasy about such appraised value.

“Let’s see … For a magic stone of that size you can estimate a market prize of 1000 platinum coins.” (-)

As if hearing the voice in my mind, one merchant called out to me while nodding with an “un~ un~.”

The age was about 50 years, I think?

Judging by his attire, it was a merchant conducting considerably big business.

Because he took the magic flight for one gold coin even if it is the lowest fare cost, he couldn’t be an insignificant merchant.

“Artur, you want the magic core after all?” (Burkhart)

“Ah, if it is me, I will start with a price of 1200 platinum coins.” (Artur)

It seemed that he was an acquaintance of Burkhart-san and a wealthy merchant to boot.

While the pair looked at the magic core, they were chatting with each other showing their good relationship.

“1200 platinum coins! Although it’s rare, do you have this much!” (Erwin)

“Well … You, are you a friend of the tiny hero-dono who defeated that ancient dragon?” (Artur)

“I am a classmate in the same adventurer’s prep school as him.” (Erwin)

Erwin greeted and introduced himself to Artur-san.

“I see. Is that so? Burkhart, your employer seems to be zealous in raising fine adventurers.” (Artur)

“That guy is fairly skilled with the sword. So much, that you can hear the lower grades of the knight order talking about it.” (Burkhart)

“Such a youthfulness. That’s quite splendid.

Ooops, we were talking about the market price of this magic core. The magic stone that is moving this magic airship, it was processed from a magic core of a fire drake who took residence in the Schnaps volcano and boasted an age of 7000 years.

Even though the size of it is only a quarter, it has critical significance for moving this magic airship as it is lost technology.

In the auction where they put up the magic stone, a businessman with political ties, who had received a request by the kingdom, caused the bidding to be dropped.

The amount of money that was paid in the end was 275 platinum coins.” (Artur)

Considering that this magic airship would be used as battleship in times of war, the value of the magic stone moving it wasn’t low in the least.

Considering it would be 27.5 billion yen in Japan, it can be said that the amount of money invested was far lower compared to nations in my previous life on earth who owned such things as Aegis-class cruisers and nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

“Then, such magic stone with four times the size?” (Erwin)

“Errr … Erwin it was? Naturally, it is at most a minimum estimation. It’s sounds saddening saying it myself, but if it comes to such highly valuable item, I’d definitely lose the bidding in auction for it.” (Artur)

Such level of huge magic core can’t currently be found in existence even in the neighboring nation Holy Empire Urquhart.

In the Holy Empire Urquhart there are many ruins and dungeons inherited from the ancient magical civilization.

Apparently within those ruins and dungeons such huge magic stones, which can’t be produced with the current technological level at all, are excavated occasionally.

“However, even the auction won’t be held this time.” (Artur)

When the merchant called Artur murmured those words to himself, the surrounding nobles and merchants agreed to his opinion and began to nod their heads in silent approval.

“Ano, that is?” (Wendelin)

“Oh that! That’s a simple matter. However, tiny hero-dono. For you there are various troublesome matters to settle in the royal capital.” (Artur)

“Troublesome matters like what?” (Wendelin)


While not understanding what kind of troublesome matters were meant, the magic airship returned to the peaceful route and arrived half a day later safely at the royal capital.

Although there was a delay of several hours due to the bone dragon, it was not so much of a delay as I suspected at first.

“Iyaa~, we were even treated like feudal lords.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san, is it alright to drink such an expensive sake in one go?” (Wendelin)

“It’s alright. Boy, we saved the magic airship from being burned down by the breath attack of an ancient dragon after all.” (Burkhart)

Certainly, by enveloping the entire ship with his magical barrier, Burkhart-san had properly protected it from the breath attack of the ancient dragon.

I successfully stopped all signs of life of the undead ancient dragon by using Holy magic, too.

During the remaining half day, the captain arranged the most gorgeous room on the ship and guided us, Burkhart-san and me as well as Erwin, to it.

The fare usually would have been 1 gold plate which was about 10 million Japanese yen.

It was quite the exclusive room usually only used by major merchants with political affiliations or important nobles.

Inside the room there were luxurious ornaments, furniture and similar spread. On top of the table there were various appetizing dishes served like a basket full of high priced fruits. There was an exclusive maid who could be asked to serve high-class tea and cakes without restraints. There even was a special wine cellar which could be used with no reserve.

Erwin and I drank non-alcoholic drinks due to our age, but Burkhart-san lost all restraints gulping down obviously high-priced sake.

Although I suspected him to become a proper acute alcohol addict, it seems he is abnormally strong against alcohol.

Without even a hint of hangover he wolfed down the delicious breakfast while asking for seconds.

“Did you like it, boy? The captain wished sincerely to express his gratitude for saving the ship by changing our rooms. It would have been rude towards his courtesy to hesitate and hold back.” (Burkhart)

“Indeed, having emptied out that wine cellar …” (Wendelin)

“Iyaa~, I thoroughly enjoyed the high-priced sake. Drinking this much I have had my share for one year.” (Burkhart)

I don’t know whether Burkhart-san’s simple point of view was true or not thus I ignored it. However, the captain and his crew certainly treated us politely without a hint of belittling us as we disembarked the ship. The captain went even as far as seeing us off.

“Since you are the heroes who defeated an ancient dragon, the captain won’t get angry over a little eating and drinking.” (Artur)

For some reason Artur-san was accompanying us.

It seems he is the present master of a large-scale company with its main office situated in the royal capital. Being able to do such things as coming and going into the royal palace, he was a person who was treated as businessman with political ties in society. Besides, he used to be a famous adventurer back in the old days who also partied with Burkhart-san.

“By the way, that old aged fire drake which was mentioned earlier was subjugated by us.” (Burkhart)

“I established the company with my share of monetary award.” (Artur)

Although they succeeded in subjugating the fire drake, Artur received an injury which was not curable and fatal to an adventurer’s life. Thus he started a second life as a merchant. Because it was a huge success, the injury from back then now was a nice memory.

“Then, this would be the second dragon extermination for Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

“Haa? What are you saying?” (Burkhart)

“After all Burkhart-san protected the ship with his magical barrier while I cleansed it with Holy magic. Wouldn’t that count as group work?” (Wendelin)

If Burkhart-san had not defended the ship, the magic airship would have been sunk by the breath attack with its sickening colour by the ancient dragon.

Thus I insisted on Burkhart-san having the claiming rights to half of the dragon’s bones and the sale price of the magic core.

“In this case, without your Holy magic the dragon extermination wouldn’t have been possible in the first place. I only protected myself, no more than that. Oh well, Erwin was aboard the ship too. So, give me one tenth of the profits on sale as a bodyguard fee.” (Burkhart)

“But …” (Wendelin)

“Or rather … Boy, you should know that I’m more than wealthy enough. At my age you don’t need such a large amount of money any more.” (Burkhart)

In his early days he had been an elite adventurer making heaps of money and after his retirement Burkhart-san served several noble families. Therefore it seems he had amassed a fortune that rivaled that of nobles and their likes.

Thus I was told that he didn’t need half of the share of the looted prize.

“Moreover … I was appointed by my Lord to deal with his business here. Because of that, due to the approaching burdens, you can just think of it as nuisance fee.” (Burkhart)

“Nuisance fee, it is?” (Wendelin)

As I didn’t understand what Burkhart-san meant, I tilted my head to the side in that situation.

“You seem to have trouble, Boy. You don’t understand? Oh well, okay. Artur, won’t you come along for a little while and take care of it?” (Burkhart)

“The reward being?” (Artur)

Accordingly asking for a reward, as one would expect of a person in the occupation of merchant.

“Which reminds me, you were a merchant. You should be grateful to consider yourself being close friends with such talented magicians such as Alf and me.” (Burkhart)

“Well, isn’t it also poor taste to demand gratitude like this?” (Artur)

Artur-san, as the sole person comprehending nodded.

“Say, Erw. Do you know what these two people are talking about?” (Wendelin)

“You might be able to obtain an absurd amount of money, Wend. It’s probably related to that …” (Erwin)

“Hey, Wend. Treat us to cake in the capital, ‘kay?”

I couldn’t grasp what those two were talking about more and more. Furthermore, Erw, who was next to me, didn’t seem to understand it neither.

“Just a little bit longer and you will understand it. Well, I am off with this.” (Burkhart)

I expected Burkhart-san to act more or less like a leader, but it seems he had business to attend to and thus left ahead towards the harbor.

Those of us remaining consulted the map that was attached to the letter by Erich-nii-san, and after discussing the route we walked towards his house. In front of the house there was a knight in dazzlingly bright armor together with an attendant visible.

Considering the splendidness of the armor you could immediately tell that such a knight was a person of befitting high rank.

“I am here to deliver a message of the king regarding the matter of the ancient dragon extermination. Thank you for your trouble.

Such being the case, you are now requested for an audience in the royal palace.” (Knight)

“… (This is the nuisance Burkhart-san wanted to avoid …) I am extremely honored. I shall visit at once.” (Wendelin)

“I will guide you there.” (Knight)

If I didn’t defeat the ancient dragon, far from coming to the royal capital I would actually have lost my own life. I asserted that this action was not a mistake.

But, as a result I was forced to meet the king of this country.

Title of this chapter: Encountering an Undead Ancient Dragon

Translation Notes:

1 I think the author forgot the noun here or the sentence part is supposed to mean “I have slightly improved.” Due to the flow of the story I decided to add “perception” here as it makes more sense to define what he has trained after all.

2 Like a dragon model showing its bone structure, in case some were not familiar with the word “maquette.”

3「アルなら普通に勝てたと思うんだけどな。俺はと聞かれると、相当に分が悪い。坊主も、良い線でいけると思うんだがな」 … Thanks Aegypti20019. 🙂


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