Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 9: At the Baumeister knight peerage after the dragon subjugation

Heyas folks,

now this interlude got a damn long title. xD

First off, please thank Diego from Barcelona for mostly sponsoring this chapter, an anonymous sponsor finished off the remaining bit there!

Also extend your thanks to Kruncs-kun for quickly editing my gibberish into English on short call. 🙂

Have fun!

The next interludes are an arc of 8 interludes in a row, as previously mentioned. I haven’t really looked into them yet but if they are integral to the main story, you can count your commissions as extra chapters which will boost the release speed (at cost of my sleeping time … sleep where areth thou!) and if not, it will be business as usual. 😉





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  2. Oh shit!! FORESHADOWING!!!

    • The moment the king bestowed the noble title to him without changing the name is the first sign. This confirms it.

      • …or rather this reinforce it.

      • The King himself basically confirmed it in the last interlude. He was thinking about taking away the Baumeister Territory and bestowing it to Wendelin. He even already has legitimate reasons to use for doing so since they were supposed to develop so much of the area and utterly failed at it.

  3. Thanx for the chapter

  4. perfectly follow the Lord like Yakult. Based on context , should it be like a cult? Since the speaker is not a reincarnated and no way of knowing the term.

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Viewpoint of Villager F.

  6. Meatbun Delivery~

    Yay~ Revolt Arc! Revolt! Revolt! Revolt! Overthrow the Lord! Kick him to a ditch! Bury Him in shame! steal his cookie!

  7. Thanks for the chapter.
    Well it can go in 2 ways. Or they gave some new territory to Wen or they “gave” him the territory of his family. So they get nothing or things can go bad or good.

  8. Thanks for doing this Chapter ?

  9. Looks like things will get troublesome. Fritz is a good person. The land should easily be his without dispute along as the King says its all land… Honestly I don’t know were the story heading

  10. Thanks for the chapter. Does any one know who Jürgen is ?

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