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Heyas folks,

I am sorry for not giving you a notice for a while. Unfortunately I was hospitalized, so there was no chance to do so either way.

I had some cruel state of influenza (or whatever it is called in English), thus I was bedridden with a fever up to 40°C.  Since it didn’t go down at all even after taking an extended rest they transferred me to a hospital and took several tests. Seems it was some kind of bacterial infection  and thus they stuffed me full of antibiotics and had me rest for several days.

Thus I still feel quite sluggish as those drugs are still within me, but I am back now more or less.

I will finish up the next Nidoume chapter as I had already started translating it but don’t expect me to get it done quickly (sometimes this weekend should be possible as there isn’t overly much left to translate). I hope you can understand that settling things with work takes priority, after that I will get back on the Hachinan case.

Once again, I am sorry for the delays but this one was out of my hands.






  1. Take your time! Dont let it stress you out. Your health is more important than translating so make sure youre completely recovered. Thanks for worrying about your readers but we want you to be happy and able to continue at your own pace.


  3. rest up and don’t over exert your self

  4. dammm man keep yourself healthy…you cant pour from an empty cup

  5. Sorry to hear that. You get better and looking forward to your next work.

  6. glad tyo hear you’re feeling a bit better and you know your life isn’t in danger anymore or anything 😛 just take your time even if you need a few more weeks off health always comes first

  7. Get a good rest man, your health it’s first

  8. Get a good rest! Your health comes first. Make sure to drink plenty of water!

  9. Take your time, get some rest, and don’t worry about us. re reading from the beginning of a novel while waiting for the next chapter is fun as well.

  10. Well als Long as you get healty again we can wait. Well get Well Soon it’s better being healty than sick

  11. Just glad to see you’re ok. We generally call that the flu.

  12. Take care of yourself!

  13. Glad you are feeling better take care

  14. In the words of the 6-fingered man: “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

    Glad to see that you’re doing better! Take care and take your time!

  15. Hope you feel better soon and the drugs finish their course. Always look forward to releases, but rather look forward to knowing the person responsible for them is healthy and capable of producing them. So make sure you rest up until you’re back to normal before you bother putting extra pressure on yourself for things like translations.

  16. Thanks for the heads up and hope you feel better soon! Take your time, stuff happens. No hurry. 🙂

  17. Our wishes for blessings of good health be upon you, o Shasu!

  18. Take a good rest. ???

  19. Very grateful for your survival!!! That was a dangerous situation… Please take care of yourself and rest!!!

  20. This was definitely in your hands. All you had to do was sneak out of the hospital, get home, translate the chapter and posted, and get back to the hospital without anybody noticing. This is totally doable.

  21. Get well soon so we can enjoy your works again~

  22. getting hospitalized isn’t something anyone want’s to be,
    But i’m glad that you went and returned in good health.
    Don’t worry about releasing the chapter this weekend.
    Just try to take this weekend to rest some more,
    so you’ll be fit enough for work and just start translating at the next weekend
    (Now my fellow leeches after reading my reply will be in the mood to strangle me haha)
    thank you for your hard work up till now
    greetings from a nutjob from holland

  23. Dude, you have some bad luck recently! PC Crash, Overworked, extremely dragging RL stuff and now being hospitalized by sickness. That sucks. Well, I’m more then just grateful the TL doesn’t stop completely, seriously thanks. But even with all that extra trouble, you might want to spend a bit more on translating. With all that trouble around the release Intervals have become so long, that there may be a few people thinking “No Progress at all. Maybe I should stop reading these two web-novels and check in another year, or so if anything new is out at all”
    Ungrateful idiots they may be, but no one checking you site would probably suck. Seriously, waiting 2-3 Months between chapters of a story gets irritating.

    • “But even with all that extra trouble, you might want to spend a bit more on translating.” You mention he’s overworked yet you say he’s not working enough? You mention “Ungrateful idiots” yet call the gaps irritating?
      The best feature of wordpress I discovered was the “Subscribe” button. Once registered, you can subscribe to your favorite wordpress blogs and set up email notices the moment they update their blog! It’s a nifty feature and no matter how long it’s been since an update, you get notified the moment it comes back to life! You should try it.
      I know I’m not the only one that uses that feature so there’s no lack of fans who won’t be informed about updates. So worrying about “clicks” and “likes” and “views” is unnecessary and far, far, FAR less important than worrying about one’s health and not being overworked to the bone.

  24. get well soon, just take rest for a while

  25. HOLY CRAP! Don’t work to hard, man, rest and work only at a pace that your body can handle. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

  26. Its okay if your sick your sick your get better

  27. Hang in there dude!

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