Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 30: Erich-nii-san’s marriage

Good evening folks,

once again, sorry for the two days delay. Well, at least you get this time a fair share to read on the bright side. 🙂

I will use this post to announce a few things:

First and foremost: Please welcome Kruncs as new editor for Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! He will be the one suffering through all my little slip ups in those eternally long chapters of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! so I am not sure he is aware what he signed up for, but shhh! 😉

Furthermore I got another editor for that series on board who will be announced in due time. As I decided to have the editor team to look over older chapters of the previous translators to make the reading of those more enjoyable, I am still looking for 1 or 2 more editors (there’s a lot of work to do there after all).

If you are interested to work on this series, Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!, please send me a proper introduction (you can look up my requirements here). Also, I’d like to stress p-r-o-p-e-r introduction! That doesn’t include 2 liners saying “I want to edit …., gimme!” 😉

Second would be a change in release time: As I get home now at 5 PM GMT and have to go sleep latest at 11 pm GMT my time window for translation is kinda small in the week. But even worse would be cutting it with an 8 PM GMT release. Thus the releases will now move to 10 PM GMT so that I have time to use the time after coming home to translate some without interruption.

Furthermore, since I won’t have that much time to translate in the evening, I will have to daily translate a portion of bigger chapters. So I decided to move Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de to Friday with a strong tendency towards Saturday as release day. Luckily Kuro no Shoukanshi should be doable a chapter a day, if push comes to shove, so there’s no need to worry on that front (Chapter 12 will be released tomorrow at 10 PM GMT). 🙂

Well, I think I have said, what should be said …. thus … enjoy!




  1. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you, Shasu-san… I don’t really keep up with the schedule so it doesn’t affect me at all, I just read the new chapter whenever I see it pops up on my reader 😀

  3. Oh god what a pointless chapter…hell at this point I’d recommend to just summarize that crap

  4. Thanks, but somehow my phone wordpress apps couldnt opened the link. Does someone have the same problem?

  5. First of all, Thank you Shasu-san for all the hard work, I have been waiting all week for this. Second of all I would agree with Fusion if you choose to summarize chapters like this. Although chapters like these are interesting, if it is to much work for you, you can trim some stuff out (not like we will notice unless some obscure detail somehow is important later in the story).

    Again, thank you for the hard work, and I am grateful for the time you spend doing this. (perhaps you can take a poll and see how others feel about summarizing chapters and cutting things out, just to make your life easier.)

    • I will abstain from “summarizing” chapters for 2 reasons:
      – Main reason is that I would need to translate it anyway, even if not type it all down. It would cut me some work but summaries are always biased on the person doing the summary. Something I might find unimportant, may very well be quite important to the author or the other readers.
      – If I translate something, then I do it properly. I can’t simply read ahead and check whether something of all the noble’s history and background won’t be important in further chapters where the author focusses on action and assumes these facts now to be known.

      Just regard these chapters as story build up chapters. Amusingly, those chapters are more heavily discussed across all boards than a normal action or romance driven chapter. So, it doesn’t seem to be such bad chapter, if it gives people something to talk about.^^

  6. radical dreamer

    “I want to edit….,gimme”

  7. I’m having a bit of trouble. No matter what I do I can’t make the link work. I don’t understand why. Please help me!

    • Ah, please use the Table of Content or the navigation bar to access the chapter. Due to the move of sites, the links in the release posts are out-of-date. I won’t change those either as it would be far too much work and kind of unnecessary work to top it off.

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