Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 82: Marry Her

Maidens in love are…


Translated by Shasu


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  1. Links broken.

  2. I think your chapter link isn’t working

  3. Same here ( ‘-‘)/

  4. I will be stating the obvious here but I wanna say it too! link is broken plz fix it

  5. Yhea this is what comes out.
    Oops! That page can’t be found.
    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

  6. please,i read use google translate to translate to indonesian,please!!

  7. Is this a new type of play?

  8. LOL this was very evil XD

  9. The link is broken and i need my fix.

  10. Justice needs to be served

  11. The God Of Novels

    sigh….. why thee tease this god with empty chapters thee shall recieve no donations from thy heavens

  12. After getting a good night sleep, and now there are bloody insults?!
    sigh, patience guys, patience!
    our beloved translater wil fix it when he’s ready, so give hem some rest, geez

    • I just woke up a few ago myself anyway, wasn’t even awake at the time of release. WP bugged it up. Oh well it’s available now though.

      • I already had fun reading it, so don’t worry about the small stuff
        and thank you for taking the time for giving me a reply.
        and have a nice weekend, but i hope you don’t have a lot of trouble with the snow in germany as i have here in the farmer village i live in in holland.
        ( ^-^)// tschüss!

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