Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Omake 2: The muscled substitute Priest-sama

Evenin’ everyone,

and here the last interlude/omake for a while to come. Yay!

It was quite funny though AND it was the shortest chapter I ever translated for Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou *sobs out of joy*

Ah, also, no worries, there won’t be any gibberish, if you click on the link. Instead, I’d like you to take the time to answer the polls at the bottom of the post for me. 🙂

Extend your thanks to Asvan for providing this Omake to you !!!

|>> Here you go! <<|

Please take a bit time to answer following questions:

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Thank you!





  1. Can I say that the poll can’t be use in mobile app so it is a underhand vote? lol. It works with chrome tho. but I won’t see this page unless I check on wordpress app. You might get less vote for mobile from that.

  2. >Do you HAVE TO save it as pdf/epub to read it at all?

    Looks like I’m in minority side :/

    • I won’t overlook minorities, just because they are minorities though…
      I will formulate my further proceedings once the polls are filled in a bit more. I have an idea in mind already but well, we shall see.

  3. thanks for the chapter!!
    me being in the minority is a downer but i want to suggest that pls consider to make a pdf for each arc when its completed maybe? so that those who likes to read and reread it offline could be satisfied while at the same time you’ll keep your work from being stolen at real time!! thanks in advance ^^

  4. to be honest, all that’s just a pointless exercise in futility. i can write a script to reverse the text back to english in about 30 mins. unless u wanna change it every release then IT IS POINTLESS. all u achieve is wasting time and annoyed ppl that use tts reader.

    • So you are saying translating is a futile activity? After all it will get stolen anyway and if I don’t want that then I should simply quit. After all otherwise I only achieve wasting time and annoying readers, who can’t read the chapters due to some restrictions. Is that what you want to say? 😉

  5. = =; so u read it like that, huh? sorry about that.

    i was comment on the act of trying to put “anti-piracy measure” on ur translation and give an example from my side of the amount time i use to reverse it. well… may be in a bit of a harsh tone because i really dont like DRM. sorry m(_ _)m

    i understand that u dont want other ppl making a profit on ur work but any “anti-piracy measure” will not work. it will only buy u time and cause portion of ur reader inconvenience same as DRM for game did to its player.

    • No, I just read it like it’s pointless to do anything because someone will crack it anyway. Well, I’m not too much into Japanese shounen genre and all their hype speeches but one thing is true, “if you don’t ever try, nothing will ever change.”
      It is true that it can easily be cracked etc. But, imagine you have to use those 30 mins every time for 100s of novels because the translators put up these measures. I’m not sure that it would be a very rewarding work for the one having to do that. Also, don’t forget, my series’ aren’t the only ones being stolen and used there. And neither am I the only one trying to protect myself from it.
      Yes it might be an inconvenience for the readers at some parts, but you are getting free content with no ads or anything. So if you have to bear with a bit of difficulties, I don’t think you have much reason to complain in the first place. And these difficulties aren’t really that bad either (not like you have to install some very specific software that only works on designated systems i.e.).
      Well anyway, I will adapt a method that will keep the inconveniences down as much as possible. But the readers will still have to compromise some here. If you can’t at all like a selected few, well… you know where the door is. I can’t make happy everyone anyway and neither is it my job to do that. 😉
      And no, that isn’t meant in a harsh tone, just a plain logical one. ^^

  6. I have no problems reading the story on my phone, in some ways it’s better than reading on my desktop.

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  8. please,i read use google translate to translate to indonesian,please!!

    • translate this site using google translate?
      isnt faster if you translate the raw??
      (terjemahin dari situs asli ja lebih cepat)

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  10. This Anti-Theft makes quite some problems for me and I don’t mean because I can’t copy for myself. The problem is, that I use a ScreenReader because of my bad eyes and the Reader (very expensive software by the way) can’t handle it and I only get gibberish. I get it must suck having your work stolen, but you do it mostly for free, is it really so bad if someone does and additional post? After all, if you take it down, without a post on another site by a copy-cat eventually no-one can read it at that time. As for another idea, why don’t you post watermark sentences within your work. If a copycat doesn’t work it over, you can see what was done. If they work over the text they put additional work in it, for example extra editing grammar. Just as a suggestion.

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