Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 63: It seems to be the end of the battle

Heyas folks,

here’s the first of this month’s chapters. Another one will likely follow next week. And then I will probably stockpile a bit.

I will move this series to a bi-weekly release as that’s the rate I can (could barely) keep up even if RL is getting busy. Though I won’t fix a special release day for it as it mostly depends on how difficult the chapter (this one was a brain frying pain in the ass) is and how RL treats me. I hope you can understand that translating after a 12 hrs workday takes a bit willpower.

I will keep the extra chapters open for this series but am limiting it to max. 2 extra chapters per week (and that’s me already coughing blood). And, as extra option, I will add another guaranteed monthly chapter for every 4 supporters (currently 0) of this series until we reach above mentioned limit. Give me some incentive, and I won’t even mind coughing blood for you guys. 😉

Well, enjoy~


  1. Take your time, don’t cough up blood.

    A slow(er) TLer is better than a dead(er) TLer.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

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