Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Omake 3: The circumstances of the opposite genders

Heyas folks,

it’s been around a year now since I made this new blog with its own domain. Well I’m not so much into celebrating anniversaries and such. BUT, I wish to express my thanks to two people, who have supported the series Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!, for over a year now!

This omake is dedicated to Asvan and Brandon P. Your guys rock !!


Also, this is the last “chapter” of Volume 6. There are some illustrations that don’t fit anywhere and thus I suspect they are LN Only. Well no reason for you guys to not enjoy them, see below.


The female cast taking a bath!


Elise and her mother fighting for attention!


  1. Seriously, the last page are Amelie? I thought there is no illustrations for her… I heard that from some place,

    And with that illustration she is a woman with 3 child…A milf…


  2. Amelie id Kurt’s widow? Don’t remember well.
    Anyway, thanks a lot to Asvan and Brandon P. for their support in this translation, you guys are the best 🙂

  3. The woman in the second picture is actually Nina Meyer von Hohenheim, Elise’s mother (if I did correctly interpret “二ーナ”). That’s covered by another chapter in the LN book 🙂 Also, thanks to Asvan and Brandon, you dudes rock!

  4. From 1st pic, Elise>Kath>Ina>Wilma>Luise.

    • You rank them by their breasts’ size?

      • That or he is just telling his favorite order.

        I’m not that sure if Wilma’s breast are smaller than Ina, thought they are around the same level. There are several images of the girls and in some Wilma’s looks bigger than Ina, thought at others are hard to tell but i think Ina’s are bigger. It matter a lot the angle, is hard to tell by the image here.

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