Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 19: It seem to be a peddler

Heyas folks,

this time’s chapter was slightly longer than usual and the author went on a rampage using confusing expressions and wordings. Please extend your thanks for editing to BakaGrappler.

On another note: As I mentioned in a previous blog message, this week my parent’s wedding day, my mother’s birthday and my own birthday are coming up, so I might not be able to release a chapter next weekend. I will do my utmost but I hope you guys can understand if it doesn’t work out in the end.

Well here you go with the chapter. Enjoy! 🙂





  1. Thank you for the Chapter!

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  3. “The tempered pattern of the katana’s blade had an inlet inserted having an rotund appearance of wind swaying clovers intermingling with each other. (ED: Is there a blade smith in the house? If so, please tell us what all this shit means, aside from “Its beautiful.”)

    I guess he is talking about hamon line, and can be adjusted by smith by varying the thickness of clay applied onto blade before quenching (clay slows down the cooling when hot metal is put into water/oil, so with the clay layer being of variable thickness, the steel obtains differences in atomic microstructure that can be brought out by proper polishing. Clover pattern would be somethinglike this

    • Thanks for the explanation. Looking at that picture the actual description the author gave is easier to understand. I shall include it into the Translation Notes. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Shasu! And happy parent’s anniversary/birthday extravaganza! Enjoy the festivities!!!

  5. thank you and i’m looking forward to more.

  6. He just traded the indestructible shinai? Really?

    I… I don’t even…

    Thanks for the chapter.


  7. He traded a grade 10 for a 7…..

    • I also feel cheated, especially since the shinai was “indestructible”. when she was told to change it for a katana I was expecting a katana to appear from the shinai or the new katana to fuse with the shinai…

  8. Thanks for the chapter.

  9. If I am not mistaken…..did this guy gave away the most powerful weapon in the world?!?!?!

  10. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Didn’t he even test the shinai against other objects or at least read the description?
    That merchant banging the two weapons together, I’m guessing she realized that the shinai is much stronger than the katana.

  11. Congratulations with the wedding annaversary of your parrents.
    and thank you for the hard work on the new chapter.
    and for next weekend, congratulations with you mother’s birthday, and congrats with your own birthday.
    enjoy these coming week.
    Take your time to enjoy those days and we’ll see you (read your posts to be precise) the week there after.

  12. Fuck that useless goddess and fuck her useless angels!!! There were plenty of opportunities to appear infront of him, but no~~

    Also, why the hell didnt she explain it more properly? That goddess have lived for how many years? Isnt there a saying that wisdoms comes with age? You know what? Screw it! If he sells that weapon!! ARGH!!! This is the template for the enemy acquring this weapon! Making the journey billions times harder for him to accomplish!

    • Maa, maa … calm down. ^^
      I don’t see it as such a bad deal for Renya.
      First off, what use has a weapon that is only stored in the Inventory? That’s just like an useless spare. Renya didn’t see the shinai as anything more than a training tool either. After all he only used it once against the mercenaries attacking Rona and Shion in the forest at the beginning. After that he didn’t even take it out once. The katana he obtained might have a lower grade, but since we don’t know the grading system yet it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad item. And foremost, it is a weapon he can actually use all the time too. 🙂

      Now as for the angels, it just makes sense they want to recover an item made by a god. Putting aside Renya, if it fell into the wrong hands , it might become a much bigger problem than it’s worth it. xD

      Well just my 2 cents. ^^

      • The angel was going to change the shinai’s form into a katana -.-

        Also, an useless shinai?! That thing is INDESTRUCTABLE, in physical-,spiritual- and whatever plan there is!

        What does this tell you? He can destroy anything!! Abosolutely anything! He just hasnt tested the shinai’s true abilities yet -.-

        • Do you think he would test it anytime soon as it was rotting in his Inventory? 🙂
          A weapon, no matter how powerful, that isn’t used is nothing else but decoration (which that peddler imposter said herself too).
          Well I read as I translate so I won’t say my view is correct either way but I do think Renya’s choice was kind of logical :3

          • No doubt about it, but damn!!!

            Stupid Goddess: I want you to fix my messed up world

            Renya: Sure thing

            Stupid Goddess: Here is some few “cheats”. Btw im not sure if those cheats are enough to beat the warlords. Here is also a shinai that wont break(she didnt say it was indestructable or how it could be used). Btw i cant tell you much so you have to find out about everything yourself!

            Renya: Im off then

            Me: Why? Just why?!

    • There will probably be a chance in the future that he will get what traded back. Since he can not release the full power of his weapon. For right now he is using a kantai that will help him right now. And most likely when he level up more, that the kantai will break he buy it back, or both he will buy it back.

  13. Nuooooo~ Indestructible Shinai~ T.T
    at first i thought that **** Angel would change the shape from shinai to katana, so it’s still have Indestructible Attribute. never thought that she just change it to some katana,
    Grade 10 -> Grade 7…. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
    Give Me Sacred Treasure(cheat weapon)!!!!~

  14. Thanks for the chapter. And happy birthday.

  15. – no spoilers please –

  16. Happy birthday an congratulations with the annivercery of your parrents wedding day.
    hopefully you have a splended time this weekend.
    greetings from a dutch leecher (#246743368)

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