Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 8: Behind the scenes of the Fiancée Selection

Heyas everyone,

this Interlude was solely sponsored by Tyler from Massachusetts (Yep, he wanted me to write that, so, you USA MA guys, let the hunt begin! :p), so please be grateful to him! 😀

Also extend your thanks to Kruncs who is back up from his sickness and shed tears of blood while editing my translation!

Well then, enjoy Interlude 8!





  1. Thanks for the chapter~! To shasu for translating it, for Kruncs for the editing and to Tyler to feeding us leechers.

  2. It seems like every noble is trying to tie him down.
    Soon one day he will grow to powerful to control. I hate how everyone trying to decide how he should live his life,one day hopefully he grows fed up with it.
    Anyways Elise is too perfect that it makes her suspicious too.

    • They aren’t so much trying to tie him down but to forge connections with him that will benefit themselves later. Also let’s be honest here other than the responsibilities that go along with them, becoming something like a highly trusted retainer of your King while also having family relations with the leader of the church is in no way a bad thing in this type of era. Wend is going to end up with a ton of political clout once he becomes an adult.

      Personally I like how the King is here thinking about how he could take the Baumeister territory from the main family currently led by Wend’s eldest brother and give the whole undeveloped territory to Wend instead to manage.

    • Some say politics is evil or shaded. I agree with you that he can pull through since he is a reincarated young japanese male from modern society. And the knowledge from his other world wil help through this medival magical era.

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    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
       ( ( ・ω・)

  4. Mikoshi.. iirc is some kind of immediate symbol for the act of furthering a cause or causing you to have a just objective

  5. I love interludes, intermissions, side stories etc etc. Those who hate them can go s… themselves! Isnt nice to see what happens behind the scenes? Different point point of views? The aftermaths after certain events? Such things are pretty fun to read. I dont understand why you people only want the story to pace forward. I think having a completely casual chapter is nice as well for change of pace.

    Thx for the good as always btw 😛

  6. Manhunt in Massachusetts? Im down! I got my pitchfork and torch ready!

  7. Thanks for the chapter.

  8. Thanx(to the donor and the translation team) for the interlude, it was quite amusing to see all the old fellows struggling behind the scenes XD. For now, i think Hachinan pulls off politics rather well.

  9. For some reason, I felt a little sympathy to Breithilde in this chapter. One minute he has an outstanding vassal, the next minute nobles in the capital are all tripping over each other to forge ties with Wend and the Cardinal tricks Wend into becoming betrothed with his grand-daughter without his foreknowledge. Medieval politics is scary. I also kind of wonder if the Cardinal had a deeper reason to trick Wend into marriage. He seemed like a cool guy and it was obvious with the donation that Wend wanted good relations with the church so he doesn’t need a marriage to get Wend on his side.

    Anyways, thanks to shasu, Kruncs, and Tyler for the chapter!

    • Look at it from the Cardinal’s PoV. Wend is around the same age as his granddaughter and with his magical talents it is likely that he will go very far in political power as well. Wend looks like a very, very good longterm investment. Plus Wend seems like a decent guy who has just had tons of stuff thrust upon him. He’s not one of the nobles that was trying to marry her for connections or things like that so he’s safe in that regard too.

  10. Well we think the politics going on now are scary they will look like child’s play if send has any notable achievements in the next few years!

  11. “Because I will lead the heir sprouting forth from Baron Baumeister’s marriage.” -_- I don’t like this Breithilde guy… CAN SOMEONE REMIND ME WHY EXACTLY THE “MC” HAS TO SERVE UNDER SOMEONE ANYWAYS? can’t he just be a Baron in title only and do as he pleases as an adventurer? is there a law saying that he(who now has a title so I understand that he can’t be a freeman anymore) has to serve under someone with greater rank than his, other than the kingdom?(right, no king but kingdom, he doesn’t have to serve the king but he has the obligation to protect or do things for the kingdom’s prosperity, is what I’d liked to think)…

    At this point is time to start reading a couple books about that other continent or whatever and if it sounds good then leave as soon as possible xD… he can take his 2 lovers and 1 friend with him and idk about the official fiance since she may choose to stay in her church instead of going with the MC… idk anything about her real personality or feelings for the MC so she is not on my good side yet 🙂 we’ll see…

    Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂

    • If says no to his fiance he probably will have the church as enemy as well as bad relationship with Armstrong and the King.

      • It’s not about saying no to the fiance girl… but he is going to become an adventurer for who knows how long?… until 40? 45?… I said that even if they married, it will only be political and in name only “if” she decides to stay in her church instead of going adventuring with him around the world… She is an important figure for her church and kingdom. I doubt they’ll let her go unless she is actually in love with the MC and goes with him no matter what her grandpa the cardinal or anyone says… That’s what i meant by “not in my good side” since “as of now” she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for the MC and they are already making him marry her when they may meet once every 10 years because of his travels around the world if she doesn’t go with him(they don’t know he can teleport and sure as hell he won’t do it in front of the cardinal xD)…
        We deviated from the main question though lol… My question was about “why” he has to serve someone no matter what and can’t just be a freeman? as if someone could remind me if there was a law about it… because I don’t like Breithilde who is already thinking of taking the MC’s children as his as if they were property -_-

        • Maybe you should look at it from another side? What does he gain by having a high-ranking noble as his patron?
          As far as I understood the author this patron/vassal system has many benefits. You have someone who can guide you in those complicated politics, protect you from other nobles mistreatment and it also adds prestige to yourself.
          As for why it had to be Margrave Breithilde, I guess the most simple reason would be the fact that he is the highest noble in the area Wendelin was born. Also his retainer Burkhart is Wendelin’s master.Plenty of arguments speaking for him there, I’d think.

        • Well believe it is because he is a 12 year prodigy magician is the reason. And the fact he is from another world which grow up in modern society and being reincarnated to a world of monarch’s is because he is trying to learn the society. I am sure once learns more of the society, grows up, and makes a name for himself on his adventures. Then is more then likely it is possible that he will have more power to do what he wants. Right now it is best I believe he serves someone like Breithilde from the other nobles and the fact this is more than likely how nobles thought how to do things back compare now days.

  12. The first chapter of the manga is translated!!
    Though it skipped the childhood arc straight to adventurer school arc..


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