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Well one day has passed and the result of the poll is pretty much clearly for Kuro no Shoukan Samurai. Even waiting any longer wouldn’t change that result. Thus I will go with that one. 🙂

I removed the teaser category already and replaced it with the correct category reflecting the result. As I posted in the previous blog message the next chapter of  Kuro no Shoukan Samurai will be very likely tomorrow. Since the chapters are short up until now translation goes pretty fast for those. And yes, I decided to go with the Romaji version of the title to keep in line with the other 2 series and to portrait it being a Japanese novel.

As for other site changes, I added a donation button in the side menu. Feel free to use it or to ignore it. In case you do decide to donate, I shall take it as token of gratitude towards the time invested into translating the novels. However, donations have no influence on my releases, schedules or anything else at all (otherwise I would have called it commission instead of donation 😉 ).

Lastly, for those loving to know the current state of ongoing translations: Nidoume no Jinsei wo Sekai de Chapter 7 is translated and edited. I set it to automatically release on 23d June at 8 pm GMT. And no, I will not release it earlier because it is done already. I plan to stockpile some chapters so I have a bit more leeway later on down the road for either really long chapters or a side project and of course such nasty things such as RL.




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