License issues: Update

Heyas folks,

as I told you in a previous post, I was contacted by a law attorney regarding the translation of Kuro no Shoukanshi and Yomigaeri no Maou.

As this law attorney represents the company Overlap, they asked me to heed their legal notice until August, 10th or in other words tomorrow.

I used last week to check on the legal situation concerning translation of publicly published web novels and on further examination (reading law text can really hurt your brain) I deemed the removal of the content unavoidable.

I tried contacting the author and the attorney in order to get some kind of statement or to overturn the situation but I got nil response. In order to not be dragged into some kind of lawsuit due to copyright infringement, I don’t see any other possibility as the one mentioned above.

I know many of you will be unhappy with this decision but I prefer preserving this blog and shield myself from having to pay money over continuing the translation of a web novel.

As for the extra chapter I owe you guys, I haven’t forgotten about it and will take care of that once things have calmed down a bit (although naturally it won’t be hosted on this blog).

The already existing content will be removed before the next release at 10 PM GMT. Of course I won’t discourage anyone to pick up either of those series as you are all free to do as you like. ^^

As for the future plans, I got an idea or two, but you will have to wait for another update until a final decision has been set. 😉


With greetings,



  1. First and so sad…

    • I can understand why the author wouldn’t want someone to post their work online but if it is online anyway why does it matter? Sorry for the small rant just sad to see Kuro being forcibly given up…

      • If it’s a lawyer then it’s no longer a matter of author (they rarely have money to hire lawyer). This mean a publishing house or some company like that who signed contract with authors. This type of contract usually contain rights to electronic version of all type, meaning this TL may fall into that.

        It’s a business-in-a-day for a company lawyer to send out notices like that. nothing we can do about that, even said author, since (s)he signed that contract already.

        • ahh that sucks…

        • I think the reason isn’t only that, personally I think the author don’t like his work being translated and spread for money and maybe this author often surf the internet so he found out about this. The company usually didn’t search untill little corners and don’t attack someone who only translating the web novel because usually the light novel version is somehow has different contents (except they didn’t know it was translated based on web version). Since this is the first time (from what I know), maybe the japanese company started to change their way and started to care about the web novel afterall lately the webnovel was translated and sold like hotcakes.

          • IF if is the authors, they would normally drop a post at the blogs, or in a normal forum like reddit or 2chan or something, asking for TL to stop it. It would get back to TL very quickly. They wouldnt waste lawyer’s time, since lawyer’s time = money.

            • First, the author didn’t need lawyer, afterall he do have a contract with the company, so why need go so far to find lawyer himself. But he can or he may inform the company because it’s weird for company to care for something like english translation eventhough it isn’t english license but the novel license and find this kind of small site (except the license issue was a joke or it’s english license eventhough from what i know it still not licensed for english version).

              Second, do you think it’s a smart move to post it on blogs or forum, I didn’t know if the author is online activist or not but it’s up to his personality how he will do to stop translation. And in the end something like posting it on blogs or forum will not have much effect, didn’t you see MLS, it’s one rare case where the author care about online translation activity but after sometime the translation continue.

              Third, what I said is not to antagonize the author afterall it’s all just my opinion that the author involve in this and rather I like and support this kind of action because lately the translation communities has become money diggers eventhough at the first it’s just started for fun and to share the fun, furthermore many translation are like quick MTL,

  2. sad panda time… I was wishing so hard for the goddess summon!

  3. so sad… guess thats the end of the road for Yomigaeru no Maou… who knows how long it will take for them actually release one volume in english

    • Won’t happen, sorry to tell you. There is only one volume released in Japanese after almost 240 chapters in the web novel (Nidoume has half the web chapters and already got 4 volumes out).

      English publishers pick up only what’s interesting, that one for sure isn’t with its slow story development.

  4. another sad story of broken hearts:(

  5. I would save the content and try contacting the author again. Just in case the miracle happens and the series can return.

  6. so sad goin too miss it

  7. why don’t you tell them

    in Japan, even though the web novel is already made to Light Novel the Web Novel is still continue to exist

    if translating a web novel is also copyright infringement then please delete the web novel

  8. I am just a normal human being

    I am pretty sure web novel is free to translate. The author post it free and online after all, not in book shape, nor they sell it.

    • Any work, be it publicly published or sold as a book or whichever, is automatically under copyright. It doesn’t matter if it is already free for all to read. Translating it and publishing it at another place without the explicit consent of the author is copyright infringement. While there is the leeway to quote some parts of it or use it for educational purposes claiming “Fair Use”, neither of those apply to translation of complete chapters. Unfortunately this was signed by almost all countries of the world in the Berne agreement which regulates internationally the copyright.

      I do understand the complaints from the logical side as it is already released and freely available in the net. But well, that logic doesn’t matter to the law (which you might as well call outdated in this regards).

      • I am just a normal human being

        Yeah, it is sound stupid from logical point. I am not in pirate side, because i understand their effort in creating it, but i share their belief in “If you don’t want other to copy your work, then don’t share it”, especially when the author him/herself publish it free online.

        • I don’t think your belief is wrong but you need to look at the author side too. Many creators not just like web novel but other things too, share what they made on the internet. it’s maybe done for entertainment, education, or to get acknowledgement but they didn’t mean it to be pirated. On the internet there is unseen rule that as long as there isn’t something written on that said it can’t be pirated then it can be pirated but the right moral is the other way, as long as the author haven’t give permission to let his work spread beside from him as source, then it’s mean that the author don’t want it to be pirated.

      • Translating it and publishing it at another place without the explicit consent of the author is copyright infringement. – but this isn’t will of author here.
        It’s a overusing of copyright – over$ has rights to LN – not to WN, and layer which represent will of company cannot represent will of author (he don’t have rights to do).

        Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of the novel that has been published is in the author(google)

        So how the hell layer of over$ have right to tell what is will of author.

        • Do you have the contract and communication between Overlap and the author where he says he is fine with his novel getting fan translated and published online? Otherwise you are just guessing what the terms are in his contracts and what the authority he has granted Overlaps lawyers.

  9. Well it’s said but what can you do sorry for what happened but don’t let it discourage you we all support you 110%.

  10. Any chance we could get a PDF or a google docs link to what you have translated so far? It would be a shame to lose all of it.

    • Providing you a PDF or a goggle docs link would be kind of counterproductive at this stage, if I do follow the attorneys request, wouldn’t it? ^^

      Well saving 12 pages of content isn’t anything difficult with any browser and not like I can stop you from doing so, now can I? ^^

  11. I wonder could it be possible to have a DL link of your translation ? Because I wanted to wait some time to continue reading this novel and I was at ~ the 40th chapter so I will never have time to read it if you “clean” your website tomorrow and thanks for your hardwork !

  12. I hate this why couldn’t stop be so stupid. I also want to ask when we can expect a site that will be posting in a few days, weeks, or months till there a site I can re-read the ch because I like to look back at stories when I’m bored.

  13. Really thanks for the translations you’ve done. Just to confirm, you’re dropping kuro? I completely understand removal from the blog, but I also know there are many safe alternatives. Hell posting anonymously with pastebin, or junk gmail account to gdocs. Worst case they remove the content. Just some things to consider. Also I tried google translating the novel… It just makes my brain hurt

  14. Mhmm. Mhmm. Can totally understand the situation. So now it’s time to start the crusade!? Right?
    Those who can understand Japanese, try to find Japanese voting sites and vote down the novels.
    Those who can’t, find sites in whatever languages you can read and vote them down.

    After all, if they don’t want people to read their work, then we should do our best to help them out!

    As for anyone against this kind of crusade, my response is as follows: Why do you support racism? By letting them off with discriminating against those who cannot read Japanese, that is exactly what you are doing! Shame on you!

  15. World War 3: Didn’t start due to territory grabs or lust for power, but because some guy got pissed off over some (admittedly retarded) law…

    …Sounds like as good a reason as any?

  16. Wannabe One Time Tler.

    I tried my hand at machine translating the 13th chapter ( No Japanese knowledge, nor experience with MTLing) ~ Link edited out: For the time being, please use another site to host such links, thanks, Shasu ~ It made me realise how difficult this really is, and my respect has grown even greater towards translators.

  17. well, if it is about law there is nothing you can do about it.just use your free time to translate hachinan and nidoume more quickly. maybe twice a week? ^_^ (Kind of hoping)

    • Hachinan twice a week with those overly long chapters regularly popping up? xD
      I would lay dead in a sink after a few weeks of that.

      Nidoume would be an option from the length but not from the difficulty. That author sometimes loves to drop in chapters with long absurdly abstract sentences where you get a headache after staring at it too long. xD

      Well, I only got like 5-6 hrs after coming home from work on weekdays (2-3 hs max for translation), so I prefer to choose something that is manageable even while having a half dizzy mind. ^^

      Well, you will get an update on the development on that front sooner or later. No need to hurry for now, just sit tight n’ wait. 🙂

  18. Bueno, estas cosas pasan. :’C

  19. And I forgot to back it up… guess I am going to have to delay this story for a looong time… Though I am more upset about Kuro… For some reason I’m pretty sure that one won’t be officially translated into English anyways…

  20. Another good novel lost because of some stupid liscencing issue!!

  21. we need to find a good place like wordpress but from a china website, that will protect us all from this %$#”

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