Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! – Chapter 2: The hand of mine is small and frail

Well yes!

I wanted to test how fast I can translate a chapter of this series over the weekend. Well, the language is definitely not easy but I think a got a good grasp on a possible release speed. 😀

I am still looking for a dedicated editor for this one. Sadly, simple spell checking and grammar check will likely be insufficient. It took me 2 hours to TLC/Edit it myself and I still think it doesn’t flow that well even as I hit the limit of my English language knowledge. I think this novel deserves a proper edit to do justice to its rich and decent vocabulary. If you are a challenger, who is very fluent in English and possesses a rich English vocabulary, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Well, the next chapter will probably take a while as I got other stuff on my plate for now, but this novel looks like a keeper, so look forward to more of it. 🙂

|>> Enjoy! <<|




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