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Hello everyone,

my name is Shasu (internet handle) and I am a 32-year old german otaku. ^^

I have been following the japanese anime/manga scene for approximately 10 years and got stuck to reading novels, be it web or light versions, for about 2 years now.

As an avid reader I have finished most of the novels a while ago and am stuck to waiting for releases to be dished out to satisfy my craving.

There are many novels I follow so I will pass on going into details though. 😉

I am pretty sure many of you are in a similiar situation as I am, thus I decided to pick up the “pen” and help with translating novels that are left aside, released only once every few months or similiar.

I do plan to pick up about 3 series that I rate very highly. Which ones you shall see in the coming days/week.

Please also note, that my translations are machine translations. I will do my best to keep the meaning as close as possible to the intended one but MTL is not that easy. Thus I am learning Japanese on the side to help me with reading and comprehension but this will take a while to bear any reasonable fruits. 😉

Well, I hope we do get along in the future and happy reading from my side,


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