Chapter 3 – Wendelin Making Merry?



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“No kidding. It’s terrible that everyone already has a fiancé despite you just having been born a little while ago, right? Daddy is going to do his utmost to protect all of you.”


“I’m totally with you. Please leave everything to Daddy.”

“Hey, Wend, what are you blathering about all by yourself with a baby who can’t speak yet?”


As I’m talking with my children early in the morning before heading out to do public works, Erw butts in for some reason. What kind of stupid stuff is he asking me when he just became a father himself?

“Now listen Erw, although they don’t seem to say anything but 『Daa───』 or 『Auu───』 at first glance, there’s actually a deep and profound meaning hidden in those noises. I can tell since I’m their father.”

“Isn’t that just what you’ve arbitrarily decided…?”

“How rude.”

“I mean, they’re babies, so how about waiting a little bit longer? Sooner or later they’ll become able to speak properly…”

Ever since he became a father, Erw has started to prattle about awfully common things. Oh, I see, it looks like parents also grow up when they have children.

“Putting that aside, it’s about time.”

“I don’t really want to go, but Daddy must do his best.”

After not only bidding farewell to my children, but also my wives, I’m about to leap with 『Teleport』 to the construction site while taking Erw along as guard, but just then I hear a ruckus from the entry area of our mansion.

“Erw, what’s going on?”

“No clue. How about we go take a look?”

“Okay, let’s go.”

When we head over to the main gate of the Baumeister mansion which has nowadays become something akin to a little fortress, I spot the guards having an argument with a young man who appears to be a noble.

I feel like I’ve witnessed something similar in the past…I guess that’s what people call deja vu.

“We can’t let you through without a prior appointment!”

“Please show some flexibility! I’m the eldest son of the Baron Benneken House, Frot-sama!”

“Adding 『sama』 to your own name?” Erw snickers at the statement of the self-alleged eldest son of the Baron Benneken House.

For me it’s also the first time to encounter a noble son who refers to himself with -sama.

“No matter what kind of social standing you might have, a sudden meeting is impossible! You have to first make an appointment!”

The young man tries to force his way onto the grounds of my mansion, and the guards hinder him from doing so. Since I haven’t heard anything about a meeting from Roderich, this guy must be trying to to get in on his own volition. In other words, an uninvited guest.

“You cannot stop someone of noble birth like me. Step aside!”

“Young master! We shall help you!”

“Push in!”

Frot attempts to force his way while being assisted by three attendants. The guards blow a pipe to call for reinforcements while preventing the four men’s intrusion by pushing them back. Because this situation continues for a while, I show myself to Frot since I’ve already come out anyway.

“I’m Earl Baumeister. Do you have some business with us?”

“Ooohh! Earl Baumeister-dono! My name is Frot Rogel von Benneken, the eldest son of the Baron Benneken House.” Frot greets me in accordance to etiquette.

It looks like he’s got at least that much common sense left.

“So, what kind of business do you have to come here without even getting an appointment?”

My tone unconsciously becomes somewhat harsh. A plethora of nobles, merchants, and commoners want to meet with me. Since Roderich carefully selects the people who are allowed to do so, it’s possible that I’ll unnecessarily increase incidents like this one if I allow people to bypass the formal approach.

Knowing about this, Erw snaps at me, “It’s a bad idea for you to come out in such a situation.”

“Erw, don’t be such a stickler for rules…this is going to be an exception among exceptions. Now then, hurry up and tell me what you want.”

“I’m extremely honored. Let me get straight to the point without hiding anything then! Please allow your daughter to become my wife!”


At first I couldn’t quite understand what this guy was talking about.


“They were born just the other day, weren’t they? Of course I’m going to wait until they grow up, father-in-law.”


A guy, who’s obviously older than me, calls me father-in-law. As I gradually grasp the meaning of his words after the initial shock has passed, I’m starting to get close to exploding due to the anger welling up within me.

“Father-in-law, please, you can leave one of your daughters to me with a peace of mind.”

“Die, you bloody lolicon!”

At last I completely snap at Frot. I blow him, alongside his servants, away from the gate with powerful explosion magic while keeping it at a non-fatal level.


“Put them into jail for a while.”

“At once, milord.”

They enjoyed a life in a nice place made out of stone until Baron Benneken, Frot’s father, came to pick them up. Baron Benneken’s face was ghastly pale when he came to get Frot after hearing what happened. I heard that he later disinherited his eldest son, but I had absolutely nothing to do with that.

It looks like Frot made quite a few enemies among the important people of the Kingdom. Though it’s not like I knew about the details.




“Bloody hell, every last of them…”

I ended up running into a retard early in the morning, but then started to do construction work to calm down. Given that the number of immigrants has been continuously growing recently, the earldom is busy with foundation works for residential lands, farmland, and roads.

“What was the aim of that dumb noble anyway?”

“The real situation shouldn’t have been exposed, right?”

My daughters have been taken by the royal family and high-ranking noble houses, but the information about their engagement is confidential. Those big-shots are also completely blocking any information about my children being guaranteed to become magicians. If you consider that the competitors will only grow in number if this information is exposed, I can trust them to keep it that way.

“I suppose he’s simply followed the plan to get support by becoming a relative to the affluent Earl Baumeister House.”


Otherwise, it’d be unthinkable for a man beyond 20 years in age to propose marriage to a baby, no matter which world it might be.




Elise and the others have been training to get back in shape for working as adventurers again after their birth, but it’s very likely that they’ll go on maternity leave soon again since they’re being insistently told by their surroundings to give birth to more children as soon as possible.

I mean this world has no politicians loudly clamoring that women are no baby-making machines.

“I guess this means we won’t be able to form an adventurer party for a good while, huh?”

“Looks like it…”

“Should we occasionally go hunting together with Doushi and Burkhart-san, Erw?”

“A party consisting of only men? Sounds nice.”

Erw looks very happy. He’s probably thinking that he can totally cut loose when his wife isn’t around.

“Sensei, I’ll jump in as a helper as well.”

“I’ll do my best as well.”

“Me too.”

Today Agnes, Betty, and Cindy are also helping with the construction work which simultaneously counts as magic training. Hearing Erw’s and my conversation, they offer to join the party.

“Thanks, but for Cindy and Betty it has to wait until you’ve become adults.”

“It sure looks like they’re going to immediately take maternity leave after becoming adults, and we’ll be short on members again…”



I let Erw experience an elbow strike for looking at my cute pupils with evil eyes. And here I’m not even looking like that at those three…

“Sensei, did Erw-san do something just now?”

“Don’t worry, it was just one of his usual, stupid antics.”

“Is that so?”

Agnes asks me for the reason why I hit Erw, but I simply give her some suitable, evasive reply.

On that day we safely finish our scheduled construction work, and just as I’m getting ready to head back home, Cindy brings up a request with me.

“Sensei, is it okay for me to have a look at your babies?”


“I want to come with you as well.”

“Me too.”

In the end Agnes and Betty are going to come along as well, but having heard their request, Erw couldn’t resist running his mouth once again.

“Studying in preparation for the time when they’re going to give birth themselves, eh…?”



And just like before, I sink my elbow into Erw’s flank.




“””Madam, long time no see.”””

“Oh, the pupils? Indeed, we haven’t seen each other since back then, have we?”

When I bring the trio into the mansion since they wanted to see the babies, Elise and my other wives greet them with broad smiles.

“Elise-sama, we’re visiting to take a look at the babies.”

“Elise-sama, it is very enviable how you have already returned to your previous beauty despite having born a child a little while ago.”

“Someone like me is immediately in a pinch if I nibble on a bit too many sweets…”

“Thank you. But, it won’t be that simple to return to before.”

Elise doesn’t seem to be against being praised by the trio. But they’re right. Even though not that many days have passed since Elise gave birth, her figure has mostly returned to normal. I might not know whether it’s the completely same state as before the childbirth, but I’m sure the women of modern Japan would be jealous if they were to see Elise now.

“Long time no see, young ones.”

“What young ones? You aren’t that much older, and on top of that, Luise, you look much younger than them…ugehh!”

Erw makes a retort against Luise who’s trying to act like an adult lady with the trio due to her childbirth, but she answers with an elbow strike which is much stronger than mine.

“We also had such a period in our lives.”

“Why are you hitting your life counselor all of a sudden the…ugehh!”

Erw also makes a retort at Ina’s comment, but ends up with yet another powerful elbow strike in response. I think Erw is the most eccentric one of us as he doesn’t learn anything, even though he’d just need to stop running his mouth about unnecessary stuff.

“Hahaha! It’s always a good idea to prepare for the future.”

Seeing how some of my wives had already met the three in the past, they welcomed Agnes, Betty, and Cindy warmly.

“Come to think of it, you don’t have any male pupils, do you?”

“Yeah, I’ve only seen girls.”

“That’s not how it is.” I warn Luise and Ina just in case.

The students of the magician class I looked after are all my pupils, regardless of gender. It’s not to the extent of the trio, but every once in a while one of them visits me to get some teaching in magic. It’s just that Ina and Luise haven’t been around at those times…I won’t deny that I treat the trio preferentially, but that’s because of the mana capacity.

Since most of my students are staying at the Demon Forest to work as adventurers, I think the trio stands out as they’re the only ones learning public works magic from me…

“Excellent pupils are something you foster.”

“Certainly, Wilma’s and my mana capacities are lower than theirs.”

Confirming anew that the trio’s mana is already in the process of getting close to advanced level, Ina seems to understand my line of thinking.

“Which reminds me, how old are you girls?”

“I’m 15, Cindy is 13, and Betty is 14.”

“Having bigger chests than me who gave birth despite being younger…how enviable…” Luise sighs after comparing her chest with theirs.

Now that she mentions it, adding the factor of her having given birth, Luise’s chest is…any further than that is dangerous!

“That’s the part you worry about!?”

“Wend, tell me what else should I worry about? Amalie-san told me that my chest would grow when I become pregnant, but I don’t really feel like that’s come true…”

Since Luise’s chest hasn’t become any bigger in reality, I doubt you can explain this with anything but her genetic disposition at this point.

“Life has many ups and downs. That’s all.”

“Wend, don’t you have a more tasteful way of comfort to offer?”

“If I could do anything about it with magic, I’d take every step necessary, but…”

I consider her to be adorable, but there’s also her feelings on this to consider. If you could grow a chest with magic, I’d do so for her as soon as possible.

The magic in this world has the potential to have a lot of utility, depending on the magician’s aptitude, but it still has many things it can’t do.

“As I’m kinda doubtful about a chest that has been grown by magic, I think I’ll pass.”

Luise is basically quite carefree, so she immediately stops worrying about having no chest.

“I’ve heard the rumors, but sensei, all your wives really are magicians…”

“Agnes, the same can be said about sensei’s babies, no?”

“All of them possess mana…”

A magician will recognize another magician. The trio becomes speechless when they look at the babies sleeping in their small beds as all of them have mana.

“Eh? Huh? Why!?”

“All of them…that’s a bit…”

“Is this possibly…”

Among the three, Betty is the first to suspect something, obviously showing her agitation on her face.

“Betty, sshhh───”

“Huh? Sshhh─── you say?”

“In this world it’s sometimes better to pretend to not know something.”

Wilma, whose words always have an impact as she’s usually a silent girl, warns Betty.

“『Today you just visited your magic teacher’s babies, and went back home after spending some nice, harmonious time with them』 or 『Getting in on a little secret』; which do you prefer? However, the latter comes with strings attached.”


“If you choose the latter, it might be possible for you to become great magicians, but there’ll be things you must not do. If you do them despite knowing that, your future life is going to become quite difficult.”

“Sensei, your wife is scary…”

The three ponder about Wilma’s question with meek expressions. The question clearly includes a threat as well, but they might become successful magicians if they choose to get in on the secret. It seems they’re hesitating because of that temptation.

“Wilma, as expected, that way of phrasing is…”

“Wend-sama, this is no threat. It’s ultimately just a deal.”

Even though I brought the three along because they said they want to see the babies, things have suddenly developed in a fairly dangerous way for some reason. But Wilma assures me, who’s bewildered, that it’s no threat.

“Wendelin-san, you still have some naive parts. It’d be better to not casually show Friedrich and the other babies to other people since they’re going to stumble upon a secret that’s being hidden away by His Majesty and several high-ranking nobles.”

“No, you see, I just wanted to comply with the wishes of my cute pupils…”

Katharina seems flabbergasted by my naivety, but in my previous life it was normal for relatives and friends to come over to visit newborns. I also made such visits while bringing gifts along on several occasions.

“Weren’t you frightened that the secret might get exposed when it came to this morning’s matter with the stupid noble youth? It was quite careless of you, hubby.”

“Being told that…for me to overlook something even Katia has realized…”

“Uwah, just what are you taking me for, hubby!?”

But they’re right. I must be quite careful until all my children grow up into adults since they all have the qualifications of magicians. No matter how cute my pupils might be, it might have been careless of me to show my children to them.

“Hubby, I admit that I caused you trouble with my weird actions back when we met for the first time, but isn’t that way too terrible of you?”

“You’re right, I’m sorry, Katia.” I apologize to Katia for having brought up a matter of the past. (TN: no idea where, but whatever)

“Do you want to hug the babies since you came all the way here anyway?”


At this point Lisa suggests to the trio that they could hug the babies as if to follow up on her former pupil, Katia. Nothing less of an mature lady, or rather, it’s unbelievable for her to be the same person as her past self, if you consider the heavy make-up and flashy outfit when we first met.

“””Thank you very much.”””

Seeing how the trio keeps acting somewhat meek towards Lisa even while thanking her, Lisa’s popularity when she ran around dressed in her gaudy outfit and her eccentric words and conduct seem to have been quite well-known. Given that Agnes knows this kind of information in detail, she might have cautioned the other two before coming here.

“You hold them like this.”

“Whoa, a baby is so warm.”

“How adorable. I feel like wanting one as well.”

“I wonder which I’d prefer, a boy or a girl. Hmm.”

After being taught by Amalie-san how to hold the babies, Agnes picks up Friedrich, Cindy picks up Anna, and Betty picks up Elsa; all three smiling.

“You’re going to become mothers soon anyway…fugeeh!”

I drive an elbow strike into Erw’s flank since he’s said something unnecessary again.

“Sensei, these children…considering they’re babies…” Agnes hesitates to speak up.

My children have a lot more mana than any of the famous magicians during their babyhood. Burkhart-san said the same when he previously came over to visit Friedrich and the other children.

However, no matter how much mana they might have, it’s no more than elementary when judged by adult magician standards. Just when I thought that it’s nothing requiring so much attention…


“What’s wrong, Friedrich-chan? Eh!?”

Since Friedrich seems somewhat unhappy, Agnes cuddles him affectionately, but in the next instant, a small 『Fireball』 is released from the tip of Friedrich’s finger. Fortunately no one stands in the flight path of the 『Fireball』, but it left a burn mark after hitting the wall.

“Oh, he fired a spell despite being a baby! That’s my son for you!”

Even though he’s just been born recently, it sure looks like he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

“Give it a rest with being such an overly doting father! This is a bit of a problem, man.”

“Really? It didn’t have that much firepower, did it?”

Erw is exaggerating. Since Friedrich is still a baby, the firepower of the fireball was very weak. In short, the firepower falls drastically as long as he doesn’t use a wand since he’s still at elementary level. But that’s no real problem since it’s a baby’s job to sleep most of the time.

“Dude…it’s dangerous for the caretakers, isn’t it? Don’t expect a baby to control the spells it fires, geeze!”

“Hmm, that makes sense…no, it’s not like I haven’t considered this.”

At present it’s only Friedrich who’s released magic. It’ll be no problem if we limit his care-taking to magicians. Babies sleep all day long anyway.



“I just have to look after him as well!”

I can easily detect when Friedrich is going to release magic from the movements of his mana. This time it was unexpected because Agnes is still inexperienced as a magician herself.

“Don’t try to use the confusion to install yourself as a member of the childcare group!”

“I’m a noble who’s going to establish a new common sense for nobility!”

I just thought this is a great chance to give birth to nobles who take care of their own children…

“No, that is not allowed.” Elise immediately shoots it down with a smile, trying to protect the old customs.

“I think some kind of countermeasure is necessary, my dear husband.”

“You mean like taking care of it with tools that block magic or some such?”

I bring up the idea I came up with on the spot in response to Lisa’s suggestion. If it’s Friedrich’s current level of magic, it should be possible to somehow handle it with items.

“No, something like that might not enough.”

“Not enough?”

At first I didn’t understand what Lisa was trying to tell me.

“I think Friedrich is going to be in this situation until he reaches a certain age. The incidents are going to increase in number from now on too. If he continues to unconsciously release magic every day, his mana capacity will grow, and the spells’ firepower should rise as well. The cheapest countermeasure would be…”

She advocates for a fundamental solution since the firepower and frequency of magic would only keep increasing as Friedrich and the other babies grow up.

“There’s one more issue.”

“Hmm? What would that be, Therese?”

“Right now it’s just Friedrich, but the other children, including my Flora, have roughly the same amount of mana as Friedrich. In other words, it’s quite possible that the number of babies unconsciously releasing mana is going to increase from now on.”

“I see! As expected of my children!”

“Thou think this is the right time to revel in admiration?”

Maybe as a reaction to Therese’s words, I suddenly sense how mana circulates, just as it does before a spell is being released. Moreover, it’s not just coming from Anna, who’s in Cindy’s arms, and Elsa, who’s in Betty’s arms, but also from my other children.

“Daddy is moved by the close relationship between you siblings.”

After all, it’d be pitiful for a child to be the only one left out because it can’t use magic.

“You idiot! Now’s not the time to blather such carefree nonsense! Run!”

Erw retrieves his son Leon from his crib and evacuates the room together with Haruka as well as the other maids who are holding the other babies. And immediately following that, my other children, except for Friedrich who’s now sleeping peacefully after having used magic earlier, unleash their magic all at once.

“『Waterball』, 『Wind Blade』, making the crib float with 『Telekinesis』, huh? In addition, there’s also 『Fire Pillar』, 『Ice Sphere』, and 『Tornado』. But, the firepower of all spells ist still quite lacking, I’d say.”

“Sensei, I don’t think that’s the issue here…”

“The damage is rather insignificant, but it’ll become tough if they continue doing this every day.”

“It’s indispensable to set up some countermeasures, yep.”

I’m extremely happy that all my children possess a magic talent, but it looks like we must adopt some measure so that they won’t trouble their caretakers and other people.

That’s the conclusion I’ve reached inside the nursery that’s become slightly devastated.




“So that’s why the sorcery guild, Lisa-sama?”

“Magicians who cannot control their mana because they have too much of it from early infancy are extremely rare, but I’ve heard that such cases exist. They say that there are magic tools capable of dealing with that.”

“I’m hearing of this for the first time.”

“It might become necessary for our children in the future, Lisa-sama.”

“That probability is indeed rather high.”


Friedrich and my other children are still babies, but them having too much mana which they can’t control has created a problem. Currently, their magic casting is limited to once per day, but since they release the spell unconsciously, it’ll be difficult to look after them.

Accordingly, for the sake of solving this problem by getting some magic tools, we’ve headed over to the sorcery guild in the capital through 『Teleport』. The trio, Lisa, and Therese are accompanying me. Lisa has been talking to my pupils with the nuance that it might be better for them to know about the possibility of this happening when they give birth to my children in the future.

“So it’s already an established fact?”

“What are thou saying now after all this time? Let’s go, Wendelin.” Therese declares as if it’s a waste of time at this point to confirm that the trio is going to marry me in the future.

She forcibly pulls me along to the sorcery guild.

“Earl Baumeister? Did you grow tired of your first wives and got some new ones already?”



At the sorcery guild we’re greeted by Mr. Beckenbauer who can’t read the mood as always, and thus earns himself a pummeling by Agnes and the others because of his unnecessary comment. I suspect this guy might actually like being beaten by women.

“So, what kind of business do you have with us?”

“It’s about a 『Mana Absorption Device』 for children.” Lisa answers in my stead.

“Aahh, that one, huh? We’re not selling it at the store because it’s on low demand as a magic tool that hasn’t seen any technological advances for a long time now, so we’re only lending it out here. We’ve got plenty of them in stock.”

“Mana Absorption Device?”

“That’s correct, Earl Baumeister’s new mistress No. 1.”



“Who’s a mistress here!?”

Adding another unnecessary comment to his answer of Agnes’ question, she powerfully slaps his cheek.

It was obvious it’d turn out like that…if you ask why, the answer would be his personality, I guess?

“As the name of the 『Mana Absorption Device』 suggests, it’s a device absorbing mana from the magician wearing it.”

Once you insert an empty magic crystal into the device, the mana absorbed from the magic user will be stored in it, allowing to reuse it as energy source for magic tools.

“But, isn’t that dangerous?”

If their mana gets drained every day, it’s going to influence my children’s growth, no?

“As far as I’ve understood, it sounds like your baby’s mana seems to go out of control. The cases of children having too much mana, resulting in them unconsciously casting spells, are rare, but they do exist. The worry that stealing the child’s mana in one go might have a negative influence on the child’s growth has been discussed in the past as well. Given that such children definitely become excellent magicians in the future, society cannot afford to lose them through some stupid blunder in their childhood. Thus the 『Mana Absorption Device』 has gone through various improvements to avoid such harm over time. Because the mana is extracted very slowly, the child doesn’t feel any discomfort when their mana fills up completely, and naturally stops feeling the need to cast magic,” Mr. Beckenbauer explains.

“Children…and especially babies feel uncomfortable when their mana hits the capacity limit, making it impossible for them to sleep.”

Babies and children up to three years, who spend a lot of time sleeping for the sake of growing, have their sleep disturbed if they cap out on mana. And thus they apparently try to get their sleep by unconsciously releasing magic to get rid of that disturbance.

I guess that’s the reason why Friedrich and the others immediately fell asleep after releasing their magic.

“It’s fine if you take as many as you need with you. Of course you’ll be charged a rental fee, though.”

“That’s very welcome, but is it alright to put a 『Mana Absorption Device』 on a baby?”

“No need to worry, Earl Baumeister’s mistress No. 2.”

Old man, sooner or later you’re really going to lose your job because of all of your verbal gaffes.

“Huh? Therese, you aren’t angry at him?”

“Something of this degree can be labeled as a slightly sarcastic undertone, don’t thou think? The 『Mana Absorption Device』 is what matters now.”

That’s an elder, experienced lady for you, huh? She doesn’t care about Mr. Beckenbauer’s remark at all.

“Who’s old!? Isn’t thine remark actually far worse, Wendelin?”

Why was Therese able to hear my internal voice?

“It looks like this.”

Mr. Beckenbauer shows us a 『Mana Absorption Device』 , but it’s smaller than I imagined. The hole right in the middle seems to be the slot for inserting the empty magic crystal.

“Since the device is very small as you can see, it can also be attached to baby clothes. Once the magic crystal fills up, this part is going to shine, so you won’t forget to install a new, empty magic crystal.”

Somehow, it’s just like a device that’s run by chargeable batteries.

“Since you can use the accumulated mana for magic tools, it should balance out even if you have to pay a rental fee.”

The rental fee for a 『Mana Absorption Device』 is quite expensive, but the part about being able to use the absorbed mana is really cool. The Baumeister Earldom possesses many magic tools, so we won’t have any problem with finding use for the accumulated mana.

“Still, I must say you’re renting quite a big number there. Well, it’s not like we’re short on them, so I don’t mind, but…”

Even though he’s noticed that all my children possess mana, Mr. Beckenbauer doesn’t make any reckless statements unlike usual.

Is he capable of accomplishing his current job because he doesn’t make mistakes where it counts?

“Recently the number of people borrowing these devices has been very low. It’s going to be alright even if you keep them for a while.”

“I see.”

Come to think of it, I’ve heard that the birth rate of magicians with lots of mana has been gradually declining in recent years. I guess the sorcery guild also pins its hopes on my children.

“But then again, it’s also true that no one would usually borrow that many. Since you’ll likely have a lot more children with your wives, including mistresses No. 1 to 5 over here, it’d be a hassle to rent them out each and every single time. Mistress No. 6 and above, who aren’t present right now, need to do their best as well.”

“””””As said previously, who’s a mistress here!?”””””

However, with him saying something unnecessary at the end again, Mr. Beckenbauer ends up buried by a storm of slaps. Having said that, I didn’t feel the slightest will to help him since all of it has been his own fault.




“Sensei, everyone’s mana has settled down.”

“Such a device existed as well, huh?”

“They are sleeping so peacefully.”


After attaching the 『Mana Absorption Devices』 to the clothes of Friedrich and the others, all of them have started to sleep peacefully, looking as though feeling relieved.

I didn’t know that babies would accumulate stress from losing sleep over not having used their capped mana. Given that such a problem apparently wouldn’t crop up with a low amount of mana, this might be another part of their fate after having been born as my children.

“I am happy to see that this problem has been resolved now, milord.”

“Roderich, you seem oddly cheerful about it…”

It appears as if there’s another reason for him to be glad besides the resolution of the mana discharge problem.

“Have you forgotten, milord? Weren’t we going to install street lights at key points of Baulburg?”

“Ah, I remember something along those lines.”

Because Baulburg has started to become lively during the night as well, we’ve introduced mana-based street lighting. The main energy source is the panel that absorbs mana from the air. That panel had been attached to the dragon golem we fought in the underground ruin when we debuted as adventurers.

As the magic tool guild has become capable of producing as many as you like, we’ve apparently started to introduce them to a part of the Baumeister Earldom.

“Are you possibly planning to use the mana of my babies? But, as long as we have that panel, there’s no real need to replenish mana for the street lamps from elsewhere, is there?”

“That is…it looks like that panel has lost some of its performance when compared to the original…”

With the magic tool guild seemingly having grasped that part as well, they’ve added the function to replenish mana through magic crystals.

“Given that Baulburg has also started to prosper at night at long last, it is preferable for the street lamps to work reliably. Therefore it is a blessing that milord’s children can supply mana at such an early age.”

“Hey, hey…”

Roderich, are you planning to even exploit my children for the development of the territory?

“I must admit, nothing less of you, milord. I would love to request a lot more children if possible.”

Roderich, my children are no damn mana supply stations…

“Agnes-sama, Betty-sama, Cindy-sama, I am counting on your future efforts in the Baumeister Earldom.”

“Please leave it to us, Roderich-sama.”

“We’re sensei’s pupils after all.”

“Indeed. We must put in more effort for sensei’s sake.”


Roderich and the trio seem to have reached some kind of agreement, even without voicing it out. The weird part about Roderich suddenly having started to add 『sama』 to their names…wait, that’s not the point here! My children are no bloody power plants!

“They must fulfill their duty as noble descendants from the moment of their birth. Milord, your children will be regarded as genuine nobles. It would be great for their numbers to grow even further, I am sure.”


In short, he’s telling me to make more children, huh…?

Even a lord’s children must strive for the sake of the territory’s development. I gotta say, Roderich is much more suited to be a noble than me.




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