Epilogue – In the End, it’s all about Doushi’s Youth?



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“That said, I successfully avenged my best friend! I am also deeply thankful to Bruno for having been able to find a new friend in Alfred! Thinking back on it now, we did not associate for such a long time, but I never forgot about him!”


“Earl Baumeister, Elise, Erwin-lad, were all of you so deeply moved by the story of my youth?”

“Umm, you see…let me ask just one thing…”

“What is it?”

The story about Doushi’s youth was unexpectedly interesting. No matter how I look at it, the idea of him having been a cute boy doesn’t strike me as possible, but that’s no problem since no one besides him and Nina believed that part anyway.

Rather than that, the last part of his story was quite tragic. The twin brother of the king of two generations ago harbored dissatisfaction towards the royal family, covered for a homicidal magician for the sake of amassing collaborators and power, and in the end even helped that serial murderer to relieve his sexual desires. After that magician was secretly killed by Doushi and Master, even that twin brother, who got angry at that, was poisoned by Cardinal Hohenheim and other noble sympathizers, who couldn’t put up with it any longer, with the royal family tolerating it.

Isn’t that story way off-the-record to begin with as it depicts the darkness of the Helmut Kingdom which seems so peaceful on the surface? I feel like it’d have been better for us to have not heard about this.

Curiosity killed the cat…then again, it’s not like we were curious or anything like that. It might be proper to call us the victims here since we were forced to listen to a secret story without having any say in it.

“This story was necessary to talk about Bruno! It will be fine as long as you keep it a secret!”


I had expected Doushi to say something like that. Even if we were to blame him, he wouldn’t reflect on it anyway.

“(Wend, Elise, it’s fine for you guys since you have reasonably high positions yourselves, but what about me?)”

Now that he’s in the same boat, Erw has no choice but to take this to his grave, just like us.

“It’s bad for the child in Elise’s belly to hear something like this…Besides, even Elise herself doesn’t look all that happy about it.”

I mean, it’s a story about a serial killer who loved to cut up boys and girls. We’ve not been watching any horror movies, and I don’t think it’s a decent story for the pregnant Elise to hear.

“The child she is going to deliver will become the next Earl Baumeister! It is better for it to understand early on that such situations can occur as well!”

No, I kinda doubt there’s a point in telling a baby, who’s still inside the womb of its mother, about the real backside of politics as prenatal education, but Doushi brings this topic to a close by powerfully declaring so in his usual way.

“Doushi, so about the portrait of you as a boy…”

“Ooohh! You are right!”

Erw, you did well to have remembered about the picture after all this time. I had already completely forgotten about it.

“Feel free to take a look at it! It is from my time as a cute boy!”

In response, I look at the portrait Doushi has taken out of his magic bag right afterwards, just to find that the boy drawn there doesn’t have Doushi’s pineapple haircut.


The 14-years old Doushi looks somewhat more childish than now, and doesn’t have his trademark haircut. Compared with now, he’s slightly cute, I guess? Though he doesn’t look like a 14-years old at all.

“Back then, I was still cute, small, and inexperienced, but after continuing to train myself in the outside world, I became what I am now!”

“True. Klimt-niisama was small and adorable in the past.” Nina-sama directly agrees with Doushi’s statement.

Come to think of it, she’s also a member of the Earl Armstrong House. If she’s grown up among the members of that family, who cause mafia members to run away barefooted, Doushi as a boy might have looked lovely to her. In the end, it’s no more than an issue of lacking comparison targets, though.

“(Mother is slightly off when it comes to such things…)” Elise whispers to me apologetically.

Going by Nina-sama’s standards who always calls me 『Wendelin-kun』, I might still register as cute boy. Though I feel like this world is overflowing with cute children when compared to Doushi.

“Therefore, it would be best if your child were to grow up into a strong man like me, Earl Baumeister, Elise.”

At this point, the topic returns to the Elise’s and my child. If possible at all, I’d love to be spared from a child resembling Doushi, really…especially, if it’s going to be a girl, I’d feel pity for her on many levels.

“(Dear, the child I’m expecting will…)”

“(No, it’s the child between the two of us, so I’m sure it’ll resemble either you or me!)”

That damned Doushi! Don’t make Elise feel anxious right before her delivery!

“It’s going to be alright. Klimt-niisama is very popular among women, after all.”

She’s right. Despite him looking like that, he’s actually quite popular among women. He’s also got four wives. Or rather, isn’t it unrelated whether the baby will be popular among women if it’s a girl?

“My friend Liese-chan has married Klimt-niisama as well.”

“””Ehh!? Seriously!?”””

“Yes, seriously.”

Oh, I remember now that she mentions it, one of Doushi’s wives has Liese as a nickname. She remained in my memory since she’s a very pretty woman.

Marrying the young sister of his deceased best friend…this old dude is quite the normie despite being a muscle daruma.

“(Dear? Is something the matter?)”

“(No, I was just wondering whether it’d be fine for our child to resemble Doushi a bit when it comes to character rather than outward appearance…)”

It’d be a problem if it ends up being a perfect copy of him, but it might be good for it to have a slightly similar character.

“Is something wrong, you two?”

“No, it’s nothing. We’ve just been saying that it’d be great for the child to be born as healthy as you are, Doushi. Right, Elise?”

“Yes. I think it’d be wonderful if it’s as healthy as uncle-sama.”

“That is true as well! I am sure you will give birth to a strong child!”


Doushi continued to laugh loudly by himself, next to us who somehow managed to deceive him.





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