Interlude 11 – The Saint’s confession

“Naa, Wend, isn’t it almost time for your 13-years-old birthday?” (Erwin)

“Now that you mention it, I guess there was something like that.” (Wendelin)

“You… Isn’t that your own birthday…?” (Erwin)

In the afternoon of a certain day, in the residence that was loaned to us by Margrave Breithilde, I was asked by Erwin whether I wouldn’t be having my birthday in the near future.


If you thought about it normally, you would expect a happy day of receiving congratulations from your friends and family.

Undoubtedly such things like a delicious feast and a cake would be provided as well.

There should also be some presents.

But, comparing it to my previous existence it was different for me here for about 10 years.

Apart from my childhood in my previous life, since I lived alone since my time as a university student, I celebrated it only twice during the time I had a girlfriend.

Afterwards, as I also became a working adult, it was normal for the excessive eagerness to celebrate one’s birthday to disappear.

My 25-year-old birthday was particularly cruel.

As the overtime dragged on, I noticed my birthday on the verge of the date changing.

On the way home, no sooner than wanting to buy a shortcake at the convenience store, it was sold out. Since it couldn’t be helped I ate a pudding with fresh cream spread on top of it that day.

After that, despite taking possession of a child’s body, I didn’t really consider that the situation could get any worse.

Since I possessed Wendelin, the concept of something called celebrating a birthday didn’t exist in that home.

Only for eldest son, Kurt’s birthday, they slightly splurged with a magnificent meal, I guess that’s about all?

He only received a slightly more favorable treatment in a such way because he was the eldest son.

Something like the other sibling’s birthdays were almost ignored, or perhaps I should say they were completely ignored.

I guess that my father probably didn’t even accurately remember my birthday.

Even if he remembered it at most, something like a birthday party could be expected to be impossible in that home due to its economical condition.

Since there were many siblings, celebrating each and everyone’s they would certainly run out of money in no time.

Therefore, my memory of birthdays after I became Wendelin could be referred to only be at the age of seven when Erich-nii-san told me Happy Birthday!. Also, after Erich-nii-san left home, he sent me a present and a letter every year .

100% of the memory of receiving congratulations was Erich-nii-san, no one else, huh?

Indeed, it was quite heartless.

I have no interest in my home’s family members and the only one, as an exception, who understands the reason for that well is Erich-nii-san.

Recently, I also met Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san.

I don’t quite know how to talk with them being being much younger then them.

Since I didn’t know when it was arranged for me to leave my home, I was busying myself with only my own matters.

“It is true that I will become 13 years old. Even so, it isn’t more than a single waypoint in life.” (Wendelin)

Still this year there are Elise, Erwin, Ina, Luise, Erich-nii-san’s group and the Brandt family members who might celebrate it with me.

Talking about such an expectation, I would set the stage myself wholeheartedly.

Therefore I decided to try replying slightly coldheartedly.

Most likely, if you combine these attitudes on the very day of my birthday party, they will call me something which was referred to as a tsundere in my previous life.

Such a thing like a tsundere guy, I think there isn’t any demand for that at all.

“Even if you don’t ask for it, there is still the possibility that it will be celebrated.” (Erwin)

“Is that so?” (Wendelin)

“It will be full of nobles.” (Erwin)

“Something like that is already fine.” (Wendelin)

Even so, there seem to be nobles who are scheming something, exceeding the scale of Erwin’s anticipations, again.

They are really persistent.

Having this kind of toughness, they might have become a first-rate businessman in the trading company I worked at in my previous life as well.

Something like Ichinomiya, I want you to have a little bit more guts., I think my supervising boss wouldn’t have said that.

“Yo, boys” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san came looking for us there and greeted us. (T/N: Changed boy to boys, as he greeted them and not only Wendelin)

“Did your work go well today, Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“It’s work. Sunday next week the boy’s birthday party will be held.” (Burkhart)

“Can you still be called a child at this age?” (Wendelin)

Basically, the reason could be said to be the noble’s fondness of parties.

There are also circumstances to decide holding the party with such a scale and at such a time.

Even the nobles themselves, there are basically many who like to party but you couldn’t say it was 100% of them either. There were many people who are saving up money regularly for such occasions.

Because nobles host extravagant parties, they would be exceedingly evaluated by the elegance of their assets appropriate for a noble.

If there are many sponsors, this would also be rated and deemed to be a sign of having wide connections.

Personal connections are the sole weapon of a noble.

“Although it is unusual, we’ve got to host a party for you. You are a dragon-slaying hero after all, boy.” (Burkhart)

In other words, there will be many nobles and merchants who will intrude uninvited to pass on their presents.(ED; Even the party crashers are giving him gifts? Score!)

And then they will expect a return gift, I guess. (TN: …Oh.)

Come to think of it, I remember my yet healthy obaachan in my hometown saying There is nothing more expensive in this world than something that’s free!.

“But, it will be impossible in the garden of this house.” (Wendelin)

Although this house was a splendid home to live in for a student commuting to the adventurer prep school, comparing it to the house of a noble, it is small.

Since the garden is particularly small, it can be considered to be ill-suit for a party.

“The party will be carried out in Margrave Breithilde’s residence in the capital. It will be fine for you to simply come on the appointed day, boy.” (Burkhart)

“Understood” (Wendelin)

“You are rather obedient.” (Burkhart)

“No, it would be detestable of me to say that I would prepare everything by myself …” (Wendelin) (T/N: Let’s do a 180° from before, huh? …)

“In any case, as you are the guest of honor, boy, you will be continuously busy during the party.” (Burkhart)

Somehow or other, this is a clear sign that I will be busy during the party with various matters to attend to.

Since it seems that I will have to keep many people company either way, I resolved myself that this matter wouldn’t be any fun.


– Ina’s POV –

“Birthday party? It will be held at the residence of Margrave Breithilde. I hear it is because there are many nobles who want to form ties with Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

Wend’s 13-years-old birthday party will be held in the residence of Margrave Breithilde. (T/N: For those that missed this bit of information yet)

At the time we heard this story from Burkhart-sama, Wend’s fiancée Elise calmly analyzed it in that way.

Elise, the granddaughter of an important appointed noble, who is training in the capital everyday, cooking and making sweets, is a girl that likes to prepare tea.

Her blood is the genuine blue blood after all. (T/N: Blue blood = noble)

When Wend became famous to this degree, he had to learn various things necessary for a noble such as taking care of etiquette, customs and knowledge.

Honestly, in Wend’s upbringing there might not have been time to learn these things.

Even if there was, you couldn’t expect that home to teach him.

After all, they most likely didn’t learn it either. (T/N: they as in the parents etc.)

For that reason, it would be necessary for him to always follow and stick close to Elise during the party.

“But, there is also Ina-san and Luise-san.” (Elise)

“The three of us have to support him.” (Ina)

“Yes, otherwise…” (Elise)

Not having learned their lesson, how many more times will these troublesome circumstances of forcing concubines and maids concealed as concubines would occur?

Only thinking about it, it looks to me that it would result in something terrifying.

“However, you approved of us, Elise” (Luise)

“Even though things may appear this way, I am a noble’s daughter after all.” (Elise)

I hear that it is unusual for nobles to have only one wife.

Even in Elise’s home it is like that. It seems there is an elder brother, likewise being the grandson of Cardinal Hohenheim, from a different mother.

“To tell you the truth, it is the same in our home as well.” (Luise)

“In mine as well.” (Ina)

In case of a great noble’s retainer, there are many instances of situations of having several wives after all.

I am not hated as a daughter or younger sister. The reason for that is my position of not being involved in the succession at all.

In reality, if the legal wife and the mistress give birth to males close in age, the child of the mistress will receive the same type of affection. It isn’t a rare case for a dangerous relationship between both parties to develop.

“For this reason all three of us have to give our best to prevent these things.” (Elise)

“Isn’t Elise unexpectedly a hard worker-san?” (Luise)

Maa, it’s better than the three of us not getting along. Speaking of troubles, it would be a lot more problematic to increase the amount of mistresses.

Cooperating here will prevent there being even more rivals.

In a certain sense, those also are troublesome opponents since it’s different from defeating a monster.

“And furthermore” (Elise)

“There is still more?” (Ina)

“Yes, it is Wendelin-sama’s birthday.” (Elise)

It can’t be helped that a large-scale birthday party will take place at the residence of Margrave Breithilde. It seems Elise wants to consult about the modest birthday party held in this house, which is supposed to be only for concerned parties.

“Since I will prepare the cake, I would like to request you two to handle the cooking.” (Elise)

“Alright. Even for Wend, such a party should be unpleasant.” (Luise)

As for Wend, he couldn’t simply state his reluctance as the birthday party will especially be managed by Margrave Breithilde-sama.

As it was the duty of a noble, it is obvious for us to attend, even if unwillingly.

“At any rate, the three of us have to promise to not hinder each other.” (Elise)

“That’s for sure. But, that’s unexpected.” (Luise)

“Really?” (Elise)

“Un, listen to me without getting angry. It hasn’t been long since Cardinal Hohenheim told you to become Wend’s fiancée, right? In Wend’s eyes, he still doesn’t think that you like him so much.” (Luise)

“Even for us, it hasn’t been a year yet since we got to know each other.” (Ina)

It hasn’t been such a long time since Luise and I became acquainted with Wend.

For Elise it has been even less time.

Even though she is sort of his girlfriend, at the current time one could doubt whether she likes Wend.

I can’t talk about other people’s circumstances overly much either.

“That’s true, isn’t it? At the time when I was told by my honorable jiji-sama, I was surprised at first.” (Elise) (T/N: jiji = old man, but that sound kind of disrespectful which isn’t really the intention here)

I hear that there were many marriage proposals offered to Elise up until now.

Regardless of appointed nobles or nobles with territory, there were dozens ranging from baron household’s up until viscount households.

There were even more; Marquis households, Margrave households and even Duke households who wanted her to enter as a mistress.

Elise said that they wanted her fame as a prominent Holy healing magic user which earned her the title Saint of Hohenheim.

Since they are nobles, certainly you could expect them to desire something like that.

In fact, even now there are many nobles swarming around Wend due to his reputation as a Dragon-slaying Hero.

“Jiji-sama continuously refused such approaches. I am sure that somehow he realized that I hate these.” (Elise)

Because she is a noble’s daughter, she can’t simply refuse marriage proposals offered by her home.

Therefore she seems to genuinely be very grateful.

“Well, in fact, right after the rumors about Wendelin-sama subjugating an ancient dragon came up…” (Elise)

Wend had his audience with the king and obtained immediately afterwards the status of Associate Baron.

It looks to me that she heard about it from Cardinal Hohenheim all at once.


– Elise POV –

Elise, your husband has been decided. It is Associate Baron Baumeister-dono.(Hohenheim)

That dragon-slaying hero-sama?(Elise)

That’s right. It’s exactly that dragon-slaying hero.(Hohenheim)

Although that is fine with me, the dragon-slaying hero-sama seems to only be an Associate Baron.(Elise)

Even though it is a troublesome story, the Hohenheim family is a Viscount household.

Until now we even rejected the appeals of Duke households. Without even being at the very least a Baron, it can be expected that there will be complaints about this.

There is no problem in regards to matching the family status. His Majesty told me that he would become a Baron soon.(Hohenheim)

Does this maybe concern the Palkenia Grasslands?(Elise)

Because of the state of the current church, since the army will be dispatched to the Palkenia Grasslands, I was told that I would participate in the expedition as one in charge of medical treatment.

As there will be other healing magic practitioners, and also priest-samas, who will join to hold memorial services for the casualties on site, I am told that it will become a work of being a front line healer.

Although I wondered whether it would be alright to face the elder dragon as an opponent who repelled many punitive forces in the past, I felt relieved when I was told that the dragon-slaying hero-sama also departed to the front in an advance party.

Even including us, the main body of the expeditionary force wouldn’t participate in the fight against the dragon, it seems.

In addition there would be my uncle, the Royal Head Magician, and the trump card of the Margrave Breithilde household, Burkhart-sama, a very renowned magician.

Apparently the kingdom is bent on capturing the Palkenia Grasslands by putting its back into it.

As soon as Associate Baumeister returns from the expedition, I plan to hold the ceremony of real baptism at the headquarter of the Holy church. At that time I will introduce you to him.(Hohenheim)

I understand(Elise)

I honestly pondered about what kind of person he is.

Born as the eighth son of a poor noble, in name only, household, which was made fun of by the retainers of the household’s patron. That is what I heard from jiji-sama.

Such a person ended up becoming the head of an independent noble household after subjugating a dragon.

I wonder, what kind of frame of mind does he own?

And, as the Palkenia Grasslands expedition began, I was only able to think about such things while performing medical treatment to the wounded in the medical station established next to the troops headquarters.

On the way, one-by-one the reports about the vanguard group of Uncle-sama came in.

Uncle-sama had suppressed the movement of the dragon by using his prided magic of combat magic.

Meanwhile the dragon-slaying hero-sama prepared a strategic class spell, and in the end the dragon seems to have met it’s demise quickly.

As for Burkhart-sama, it was said He just took it easy as there was nothing left for him to do. But then again, if Associate Baron Baumeister-dono hadn’t been there, it might have become dangerous.

Although Uncle-sama overwhelmed the elder dragon with his combat magic, the consumption of mana is so extensive that he wouldn’t have been able to fight on after a few minutes later, it appears.

I was fortunate to have calculated the mana consumption after all! If I weren’t able to kill the opponent within 8 minutes of using my whole energy, it would have been myself who died!(Armstrong)

I heard that this was what Uncle-sama reported to the soldier who went there for reconnaissance.

And even after the death of the elder dragon, Uncle-sama’s group continued to subjugate the remaining monsters at the front.

They kept thinning out the monsters which were dangerous for the army and adventurer volunteers.

As for the medical station, the number of wounded brought in easily exceeded 100 per day.

Even though I was earnestly performing medical treatment, apparently this was considerably according to what the elder priests told.

It was an inevitable future as in my youth I participated in the Palkenia Grasslands campaigns due to the order by the king.(Old Priest)

Back then, thousands met instant death with a few shots of the elder dragon’s breath. The surviving soldiers didn’t know if they would be covered in severe wounds the next day either. Furthermore they suffered from being pursued by the monsters who joined the fray.

Let alone bringing in the wounded to the medical station, while withdrawing only those people were treated who seemed to be able to survive. I hear that it was like a scene from hell after they left.

The soldiers who couldn’t be saved were left behind in the monster’s estimated advancement route. We used the time the monsters spent on tormenting and devouring these soldiers to gain a lead. Everyone was crying while deserting their comrades in arms.(Old Priest)

However, wouldn’t it have been possible to save them with resurrection magic?(Elise)

The mana needed for that spell allowed us instead to use healing magic several tens of times on others. That’s how it was.(Old Priest)

With an anguished facial expression the old priest-sama told this story.

And yet, even this time there is no way that there wouldn’t be any casualties.

Even if their hearts stopped beating, although there are many cases where it is possible to use resurrection if it’s within a few hours, there wouldn’t be any meaning in doing so if their body was extremely damaged.

Even after revival, they would simply die again due to the injuries awaiting them.

Since it isn’t effective to use healing magic on a body of which the heart has stopped beating, you can’t say that resurrection magic is perfect either.

In the first place, there are only very few people who can use it.

Saint-sama, are you alright?(Old Priest)

As there were many wounded, occasionally a casualty appeared as well.

Due to the actual scene being quite gruesome, concerned people called out being worried about me.

I’m alright(Elise)

There is no way I could have said that I am not fine. I forced myself to smile.

Since I had to keep the appearance of being the saint of the Hohenheim household.


– Ina POV –

“Eeto, it is slightly hard to tell you my impressions…” (Ina)

Due to Elise’s talk about the expedition, we unintentionally ended up becoming speechless.

It seems it was stupid of us to think something like Staying in the back, she had it easy since she didn’t have to fight.

“Even you two went to the front leading the feudal troops, no?” (Elise)

“But we were completely decorations.” (Ina)

Given that we were told Don’t get injured!and Don’t die!, we were just guarded by Erich-san’s group in the rear.

Although there were 5 casualties amongst the hired combatants, it was said by everyone that this degree was comparatively few.

Being worried, Wend provided a larger portion of remuneration money.

“After that I met Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

Even though she was wondering what kind of grim appearance he would have, I think she was relieved that he was just a normal person.

Also, there was the first date.


The saint of the Hohenheim household, huh? Although I can understand you since I was called such things like dragon-slaying hero all of a sudden. There is a bit of pressure, right?(Wendelin)


Something like being delighted and obediently accepting being called a hero, I am not so bold.(Wendelin)


– Ina POV –

“When Wendelin-sama said this, I felt that I had met someone who understands my own feelings for the first time.” (Elise)

Having the talent in healing magic since birth, she used it to heal a lot of people and earned their reverence.

While thinking that she was pitied by Cardinal Hohenheim, she hardened her heart as a noble and used the healing magic for the sake of the Hohenheim household.

And thus she also continued to put in great effort in order to meet those expectations.

Even if Cardinal Hohenheim didn’t want to use her as she is his granddaughter, it would also be wrong for her as a noble not to be used. Elise understood this quite well too.

But it is a fact that she felt stress due to that.

“As a matter of fact, Wendelin-sama didn’t really consider me to be a saint at all.” (Elise)

“About this, weren’t you angry?” (Ina)

“No, on the contrary, I was happy.” (Elise)

He didn’t think of her being an excellent magician as she is only specialized in healing magic.

But, this evaluation made her happy in reverse.

“But, when I decided to make a meal before.” (Elise)

When she participated in the periodic food distribution of the church by making sweets for the children of an orphanage, he praised her skill as remarkable.


Hee, Elise, you are quite skilled in cooking. I feel like you are quite used to it. In my case, I can only prepare rough, guy-type things.(Wendelin)

I think that Wendelin-sama’s cooking is delicious as well.(Elise)

Just a little bit, though the flavoring is a bit unusual.(Wendelin)


– Ina POV –

“Certainly, I have never seen that black liquid and light brown paste before.” (Ina)

Although they appear to be called miso and soy sauce, it seems to be something produced with Wend’s own original magic.

Even though the flavoring was ambiguous and the naming criterion wasn’t very good either, it was popular with Burkhart-san and Armstrong-doushi in the aforementioned Palkenia Grasslands expedition.

“I think it is similar to a Sho” (Elise)

“What is a Sho?” (Luise)

Towards Luise’s question, Elise answered.

Shois a seasoning produced at the eastern coast lands of the kingdom.

Such things like small ocean fishes and shrimps are put into a big earthenware pot and large amounts of salt are added to it in order to let it ferment.

Although it has a slightly peculiar smell and appearance, it seems to be imported and sold in the royal capital as well.

I hear that there are many loyal fans in the capital too.

“Since the smell is weaker than Sho, it (T/N: Soy n Miso) might become popular if sold.” (Elise)

“(It’s getting dangerous. I thought she wouldn’t have a clue of cooking since she is the daughter of an important noble, but …)” (Ina)

Speaking of experience, she might be superior.

Or more precisely, she can also make tea and skilfully prepare sweets.

As a woman of the same age, I irritably feel a slight sense of defeat in the end.

“Furthermore, Elise’s style is excellent as well.” (Luise)

“Because that is embarrassing …” (Elise)

Due to Luise’s undisguised old man remark, Elise’s face turned bright red.

“For the male’s side, all of their stares go towards those…” (Ina)

That is, those breasts.

Though telling them to not look, might be harsh in reverse.

“I know. Even I keep staring at those breasts.” (Luise)

“As a matter of fact, Wendelin-sama as well…” (Elise)

Wend is a guy after all too.

Because he steadily gazes at Elise’s breasts.

“It can’t be helped if it’s a guy. Rather, you should think of it as an asset.” (Luise)

“Is that really so?” (Elise)

“That’s how it is, isn’t it? In reality it is a fact.” (Ina)

“Although I think it is still fine for Ina as hers are normal, I am in serious trouble. Whether they will grow from now on or not. Elise is lucky. At this rate you will become a winner even after you become an adult.” (Luise)

As the talks proceeded after that, only concerned parties would carry out Wend’s birthday party, excluding the decision that the cooking would only be handled by us.

It became only pointless chatting afterwards.

But I think that’s fine as it was enjoyable.

I also think that we became even closer to Elise.


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