Chapter 36 – My fiancée is nicknamed Saint

“… there is no alcohol?” (Burkhart)

“This is a coffee shop (T/N: kissaten), Burkhart-san” (Wendelin)

“I know that, but.” (Burkhart)

Most of my precious summer vacation had been wasted on monster extermination. Although I finally got some time for myself in the remaining three days, I was once again met with a turning point in life.

I went to the headquarters of the religion holding a large influence on the entire Lingaia continent, to say nothing of this Helmut kingdom, to receive my real baptism there. For some reason I was tricked into being betrothed to the granddaughter of a big-shot over there.

Furthermore, that big-shot was Cardinal Hohenheim. Using his social status to freely enter the royal palace, he already had obtained permission from His Majesty.

Doing such a thing like rejecting the marriage here would have spelled the end of my life in the Helmut kingdom.

Even though it was very likely that I could have started a second life by seeking asylum in the neighboring country, Holy Empire Urquhart, I unfortunately had too little information related to the Holy Empire Urquhart.

Therefore, I forsake such things like defection as it was simply impossible.

In the end this marriage became a settled matter.

My partner Elise is a beautiful girl which would cause 10 out of 12 men to turn their head upon seeing her. I also didn’t think it was possible for her to have such huge breasts at the same age as me.

I guess there are only very few men who dislike huge breasts in this world.

I find them loveable to a great extent myself too.

Besides, I am only engaged for now.

Young nobles decided their marriage partner following the will of their parents.

Therefore, as this resembled the circumstances of the decider, it wasn’t unusual to have previously arranged marriages ending up being cancelled either.

Certainly it can be said that there is likewise no guarantee in me marrying Elise.

Is it such a ridiculous story? His Majesty has already given his approval to the marriage.

Won’t His Majesty order the annulment of this marriage authorisation if the situation changed unexpectedly?(Wendelin)

Such an accident won’t happen! Or rather, boy, do you find this girl disagreeable?』 

No! Her looks are a strike!(Wendelin) (T/N: Yea the bowling strike, expressively stated by the author in katakana)

Especially those breasts are excellent, I thought.

Although I still think even now that the various sizes of breasts have their advantages and disadvantages, seeing the actual things in front of my eyes I can’t stop ending up shifting my way of thinking.

(Hah, even if you call me a traitor, those are still excellent …)(Wendelin)

Since I didn’t understand towards whom I am becoming a traitor, I think pondering about this matter is just stupid.

That cardinal! Isn’t that a fine granddaughter he got! As expected of the Saint of Hohenheim!』 

Saint of Hohenheim?(Wendelin)

It is the nickname of that girl. She is famous in the royal capital.』 

I wasn’t aware of that.(Wendelin)

Even though that nickname gave off the feeling of something greatly divine, it ended up as a slightly pitiable sign for someone with such a young age.

As I was bewildered by being suddenly called Dragon-Slaying Heroas well, I was somehow able to cope with it as my insides are those of an ossan. (T/N: middle-aged man)

Anyway, for now I think the compatibility and such has to be confirmed first before proceeding to talk about the actual thing.

As a matter of fact it is also possible that she has a bad character, too.


Such being the case, not talking about the fiancée until it has been decided and finalized, I returned to the Brandt mansion after the real baptism. After a while I invited Burkhart-san and Erich-nii-san to a coffee shop close to the mansion and told them the whole story so far.

“Cardinal Hohenheim completely led you by the nose!” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san shouted directly.

No wonder, legally speaking, although Margrave Breithilde won the competition to become my patron, the introduction to my legal wife hasn’t been arranged yet.

Well, actually, in the end, my legal wife has been decided to be a relative of a noble appointed to the central government in the end.

Furthermore, it isn’t a noble just appointed to the central government without responsibilities either.

She isn’t only the grandchild of a big-shot in the state religion, the orthodox catholic religion, but also the niece of His Majesty’s most trusted Royal Head Magician. With this, you can’t really say her standing is poor.

As Burkhart-san was completely outwitted, he was in a state of being at his wit’s end what to tell his master, Margrave Breithilde, afterwards.

My surveillance and safeguarding, that is his job.

“How did it turn into marriage talks on the occasion of a real baptism! Usually that’s impossible!” (Burkhart)

Usually it is supposed to be impossible.

Normally people would judge this as imprudent.

But that doesn’t particularly mean that it is a violation of the commandments.

“That person just ended up doing that. Even more so, he earned His Majesty’s authorization in advance. As he has His Majesty’s authorization, it will be already completed with the ex-post-facto approval by Margrave Breithilde.” (Erich)

Although in reality he was forced to accept the prior talks, in the end there still was the possibility of Margrave Breithilde having taken measures before this happened.

For this reason, he obtained the permission from His Majesty in advance so that Margrave Breithilde couldn’t voice any complaints afterwards either.

Even if Margrave Breithilde is an influential person in the southern parts of the kingdom, there were many instances where appointed nobles led the provincial nobles around by the nose due to their political distance from the central government.

Putting it conversely, being tricked due to the political gap between them, there was no rebellion in the provinces either. This peculiar state could be said to keep the peace within the kingdom. (T/N: What the author probably means is that they can’t react quickly and organise themselves into a revolting force since the results of the schemes performed by the nobles in the capital reach them quite delayed)

“Should I start a secluded life within the capital, I wonder?” (Burkhart)

Despite him stating that he is only 50 years old previously, Burkhart-san brought up the matter of retirement like an old man himself.

Which reminds me, when a large-scale business deal in my previous life broke down, I remember the section chief wearing such a facial expression right after that too.

“In the recent case, Margrave Breithilde got hold of a generous portion as well, that’s a fact. Therefore I think it’s fine to not say anything.” (Erich)

“If Erich-dono says so. It might cause master to not yell too much. But, you know …” (Burkhart)

If something happened that causes him to get angry, he would deal with his retainers wearing a frightening, eerie smile. I heard that it causes an icy feeling to travel down the spine.

“I guess there is no point in voicing my complaints towards the boy either …” (Burkhart)

“No matter how much of a genius in magic Wend is, understanding and avoiding to be swept away by the complex political conflicts within the capital is simply impossible for a 12-years old. Even for adults it is mostly impossible, too.” (Erich)

Yes, since the degree of intellect contained within me is after all the one of a second-rate trading company man, I can’t properly understand the complicated and mysterious matters of the world of politics.

“I guess so. Ah, if I only had used Artur-san better.” (Burkhart)

Likewise stating this, it is already too late as the matter has reached its conclusion by now. The three sipped the served coffee.

Coffee is a special product of the southern parts. Although importing the goods from the south is expensive, it is a beverage that is often drank by the common people of the capital as well.

In opposite, those in Breitburg and their likes drink cheap beverage.

“Naa, that boy …”

“Isn’t that the Dragon-Slaying Hero?”

“He is still so small. Isn’t he a cute one?”

“If you provoke him, you will be blown away with magic.”

This coffee shop has a reputation of having many nobles as regular customers. Even though the black tea, coffee and desserts are delicious, it isn’t really suited to use it for secret talks like this.

Families, young couples and nobles together with their attendants occasionally sneaked a look our way and tattled amongst themselves.

“Are you the customer who ordered the seasonal fruits tart?” (Waitress-oneesan)

“Yes!” (Wendelin)

Without caring about the whispering, I cheerfully answered the waitress-oneesan who brought my ordered dessert.

“Boy, how can you eat a dessert care-freely in this situation!” (Burkhart)

By the way, this coffee shop was listed in the guide of well-known stores in the capital. Since Ina and Luise said that their cakes were delicious, I thought that I want to eat them as well.

“Weeelll, this matter has already been decided and brought to a close. Or more precisely, I hadn’t time yet to go sightseeing the capital at all.” (Wendelin)

Because she is equal to me, also has some magic talent and since I was appointed to peerage by His Majesty, I don’t have the courage to do something like rejecting her.

Or rather, what kind of person could do such a thing anyway, I ended up thinking.

Was it in a manga from previous life? Or a novel?

Though it was a protagonist who refused the rewards and proposals by celebrities, I believed it to be a good decision to reject those things.

However, at least, for me, that is impossible.

Moreover, even if my fiancée ended up being decided arbitrarily.

Also, it can be said to be totally different if I am wedded to a person that I truly love myself, not a fiancée decided by some big-shot, otherwise I will only be a main character in the emerging drama.

Besides, after thinking about it very carefully, presently I have no lover I want to pledge my loyalty to no matter which obstacles I will face in the future or what kind of difference between our social position exists.

To me, an almost loner with an age of 12 years, I can’t picture such things like love either.

Given that my score in love is low by nature, that was something that couldn’t also be helped.

Therefore I will accept the engagement for now and focus on spending my remaining time in the capital in an enjoyable way.

“As a matter of fact, you resemble Alfred quite well like this. That guy also did things at his own pace contrary to his appearance while donning a kind mask on the surface.” (Burkhart)

“I will take this as a compliment. But, an engagement is in the end nothing more than an engagement, isn’t that so?” (Wendelin)

As I mentioned not long ago, you shouldn’t rely on something of the degree of an engagement between nobles either.

The head of a noble’s household decides for their companions as they please. Even so, if the nobles having pushed the marriage upon them this way didn’t think well of the other party, they immediately ended up cancelling the marriage at their own convenience.

Also, since Elise will live in the royal capital until she becomes an adult, I expect there won’t be many opportunities to meet face-to-face with me who will be in Breitburg.

Therefore I considered to stop making such an extent of ruckus, too.

“The sweetness of peaches combined with the sour feeling of the first pears of the season.” (Wendelin)

As you would expect of a dessert of a famous coffee shop in the capital.

The somewhat suppressed sweetness is also very delicious.

At my home I wouldn’t have been able to eat such a thing for an eternity.

“Wend, I hope that tart is tasty?” (Erich)

“Yes, it’s perfect.” (Wendelin)

“Burkhart-san, let’s give up already. I also want one of those tarts.” (Erich)

“Me too …” (Burkhart)

Since the location was a coffee shop, secrecy would be somehow suspicious. In the end, all three got excited and didn’t decide on any countermeasure for the suddenly appeared fiancée either. After eating the cakes, which were the store’s specialty, they agreed with returning to the Brandt’s mansion just like that.


“The time remaining for you to stay in the capital is scarce, Wendelin-sama. During that time, you defeated the two dragons, who appeared, as well. I hear that you hadn’t the occasion to spend some time on such things as sightseeing overly much either. Today I will gladly guide you around the capital.” (Elise)

“Ahaha … In case of Elise-san, who was born in the capital, I can feel relieved to entrust it to you.” (Wendelin)

“I am a woman chosen to become Wendelin-sama’s wife. Please call me Elise without adding any honorific titles.” (Elise)

“Is that so? Then there is no need for you to add -sama to my name either.” (Wendelin)

“No, that’s not something I can do.” (Elise)

“…” (Wendelin)

The next day, only two days remained of my stay in the capital.

As I was discussing with Erwin’s group where we would go out to today, the figure of yesterday’s fiancée Elise appeared at the Brandt’s mansion.

I unintentionally ended up sending my glance in the direction of Ina and Luise.

Although neither of them showed any particular change of their facial expression, I wondered, why I directed my gaze towards them now that I think of it?

“Elise-dono? Expressly coming here, what an honor.” (Burkhart)

“I have heard of your fame from oji-sama, Ringstadt-sama” (Elise)

“Maa, I am a second-rate magician in comparison to Armstrong-doushi.” (Burkhart)

“No, there is no such thing. Oji-sama told me that he views you as an expert magician.” (Elise)

Next Burkhart-san appeared here and exchanged greetings with Elise.

For Burkhart-san, you had to expect him to not find the existence of Elise itself amusing.

The reason is, while my patron Margrave Breithilde probably planned to allocate a fiancée for me afterwards, those plans had been completely ruined in the end.

However, after observing Elise yesterday, I arrived at the conclusion that it would be unfair to turn this grudge towards her.

For sure the instigator of the engagement is Cardinal Hohenheim, thus all complaints should be directed at him.

Maa, no matter what you say to this old man, I certainly don’t believe he will mind such things.


I gathered all available information related to Elise since yesterday evening.

As Erich-nii-san and the people of the Brandt household knew it, she is apparently called the Saint of Hohenheimon the streets.

Though she is training in order to be wed, she is working as a nun apprentice at the church.

I believed her to behave arrogantly since she is the grandchild of a big-shot in the church. But she receives everyone without any discrimination. People say that she gives medical treatment to many people for free using her understanding of Healing magic as long as time allows it.

Also, in addition, she sews clothes, makes sweets to eat and instructs the study for the children of the orphanage run by the church.

She participates at the periodically performed food distributions for the poor, too.

I don’t understand how it turned into her becoming my wife as she is a girl suitable of the nickname Saint.

She simply is a flawless superwoman, I think.

Is her body being sacrificed to the Maou-like me as it would suit a holy woman?(Wendelin)

To call yourself to the extent of Maou, I don’t think Wend is such a villain. Just that you become indistinguishable in public, with the exception of the magic side.(Luise)

You …(Wendelin)

I shed tears when Luise spoke her mind.

But, if someone is that perfect, there must be something suspicious in reverse … If I may say myself, I think her character is bad.(Ina)

The thing Ina mentioned, there might be some truth to it.(Luise)

Although I listened to the view of Rüdiger-san and Erich-nii-san being Isn’t that just because she is quite well versed at pretending?, it didn’t look to me that she is very crude.

It is only the outcome of genuinely receiving the education of public attitude as noble girl who has led a sheltered life. It appears that she is a beautiful girl, who earnestly puts great effort into being able to serve her future husband, just like the impression given by a painting.

Also, although I don’t quite understand why, after killing two dragons and receiving two Twin Dragon medals plus the
rank of Baron from His Majesty, I gained great popularity among the women of the capital.

Therefore, it may also be possible that Elise is truly attracted to me.

And, after meeting Elise, it became apparent that she held a very great reverence towards her uncle, Armstrong-doushi, who used the same magic as herself.

Naturally, that uncle was totally speaking in high tones about my abilities, thus there was no need to worry about her hating me at least .

As I saw Elise’s smile, that also became very apparent to even someone like me.

“(How regrettable, I am not such a noble person).” (Wendelin)

“Will Elise-ojousama visit us soon?”

“Yes” (Wendelin)


And then, Elise came alongside a single attendant.

It was an elderly man with silver-grey hair which was swept back. Summarizing it, this man certainly should be called THE Butler. The name he introduced himself with was Sebastian. (T/N: Leaving out the katakana for verification. It is just toooooooo obvious. XD)

“Sebastian has served the Hohenheim household as butler since before I was born.” (Elise)

“At this time I have received the order from master to be the attendant of Elise-sama and Wendelin-sama.” (Sebastian)

From his outward appearance up to his speech and conduct, he was, no matter where you looked, a butler appearing like a role model of the Sebastian lineage (estimated 52 years old). I even forgot my own current situation while being deeply moved by my memories.

“(As if he is an employee of a Butler cafe) Despite coming to the capital at great pains, I was practically unable to go sightseeing the capital.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-sama, you obtained achievements to such an extent. It is only natural that you were busy. Then, shall we go?” (Elise)

While I was deeply impressed by Sebastian’s style as butler, I left the Brandt’s mansion together with Elise and him.

Although I had the feeling that I was forgetting something important, I think I ought to focus on the sightseeing tour of the capital which I would now experience finally after waiting for such a long time.

Given that it was the only one day after the engagement was decided, I had better cultivate a better understanding of Elise as well.

But, after we left the Brandt’s mansion behind, apparently a quarrel broke out between the people left behind.


“That girl is Wend’s fiancée, huh? But he is great after all, too, isn’t that so? Those breasts are enviable.” (Erwin)

“Erwin is just a normal man too.” (Ina)

“Is that bad? However, despite being in the same environment as Wend, there hasn’t been any attempt of such things like talking about a fiancée for me.” (Erwin)

Erwin honestly felt jealous of Wendelin.

Especially about those breasts.

At the same time he sent a glance towards Ina and Luise, after looking at their chests he breathed a sigh. He received a slap in the face from both turning both of his cheeks red and turning the situation being awkward.

“I believe if you defeat 2 dragons as well you will be able to get a fiancée too. (Although only on the same level as someone like me …)” (Ina)

“You are asking the impossible, Ina. I decided to steadily raise one flag.” (Erwin)

“As adventurer? Or as Wend’s vassal?”

“U~~~n, I will play it by ear.” (Erwin)

– Ina PoV –

At the present state, he hadn’t put together his future objectives and plans as too many various things happened recently, thus Erwin couldn’t just give a single reply.

Also, from Ina’s view, Erwin didn’t want to feel inferior as a man in comparison to Wendelin.

Rather, his height was tall and his face wasn’t at a different level than Wendelin’s.

Since the target of comparison next to him was simply far too great, that was the only reason why he was losing out.

“Well then, Ina become my fiancée.” (Erwin)

“Impossible. Or rather, are you for real?” (Ina)

“I only wanted to try saying it.” (Erwin)

Even though Luise also said that, on the occasion of that garden party where Margrave Breithilde was pleased with Wendelin, my own future as mistress ended up being acknowledged by the surroundings.

Though it wasn’t clear whether he would make a move on her in the future, Ina still thought that it would be fine either way.

He is a gentle man, he even excels as a magician and his assets are great too.

As for the story of money on hand, mistress, be that as it may, still ties the partner into a sexual relationship between man and woman. There is no situation that is better than having a partner who can secure a safe child birth.

Speaking of such requirements, Wendelin is the best partner.

“Luise-jou-chan, I want you to persevere for a little longer.” (Burkhart)

And now, Burkhart whined to Luise.

Approximately 4 months after enrolling at the prep school, since she went as far as staying at Wendelin’s mansion, she thought she simply wants to remove Elise’s sex appeal.

“Don’t say something this pathetic, Burkhart. Even in the case we would be in mutual love with Wend at this point in time, we still wouldn’t obstruct this engagement situation or today’s date.” (Luise)

Although she was the daughter of a retainer, she would still oppose the grandchild of an appointed viscount and influential person within the church concerning the status of being the true wife.

Going to the extent of doing such reckless competition, even Luise wasn’t that thoughtless either.

If she could choose these things, it would be more efficient to direct her effort into something like receiving affection after the marriage.

“(This girl’s characteristic is to not be concerned how she appears to society.) I am sorry. Those were idle complaints from an ossan. But, you understand, don’t you?” (Burkhart)

The matter Burkhart wanted to talk about, until now, more than gaining fame in the capital, only Ina and Luise were close to Wendelin and were treated as his women by these needlessly excessive surroundings.

That’s the thing he wanted to say.

“Back home they are evidently hoping that, I think.”(Ina)

“By now there are no talks about marriage interviews (omiai) from my parent’s house. Even though I didn’t get a partner either.” (Luise)

Judging by the way Ina’s and Luise’s parents handled things, it would be convenient for them if their own daughters became the mistresses of the dragon-slaying hero who is Margrave Breithilde’s favorite.

From the start, due to the problem of family status, they didn’t held a speck of expectation for them to attain the status of legal wife either.

The Baron Baumeister household would certainly receive territory once he founded a family. Thereupon it would become possible trying to teach spearmanship and establish a new dojo for their magic combat style for the children given birth by their own daughters.

Dispatching personnel to manage the dojo and its pupils, it would allow them to adapt into working for the Baumeister household.

Even if they were only taught the basics of the martial arts school in the dojo, it could be said that it had reasonable advantages as it would be easy to gather pupils since there were many options of employment afterwards.

However, resolving to only use martial arts is like a meal you can’t eat.

Those were the words of Ina’s grandfather who already passed away.

With this you can be certain that the operation of a dojo is quite difficult as well.

“You also have various difficulties.” (Burkhart)

“Go forward! Become Wend’s mistress and establish a branch of the magic combat style in the territory of the Baron Baumeister household, as mother of the first-generation teacher!” (Ina)

“Eeto. Similarly, establish a branch spearmanship dojo on the territory of the Baron Baumeister household, as mother of the first-generation teacher?” (Luise)

“Ina-chan, don’t use such obscene words like mistress or concubine here.” (Burkhart)

“Embarrassing, isn’t it? …” (Ina)

– Burkhart PoV –

Different to the usually calm facial expression, Burkhart looked at Ina’s face, which had become red, while admiringly thinking So she is able to make such a face, too.

“However, that Elise is a threat.” (Burkhart)

At this late hour, it already wasn’t because Burkhart harbored reservations towards Elise.

Honestly speaking, she is an adorable girl. From the start Ina and Luise had no hope of being the legal wives.

Moreover, as he didn’t seem to be a pitiful person who couldn’t pay the expenses for receiving the report via communication magic, it could be said that it was because Margrave Breithilde essentially hadn’t properly prepared a fiancée candidate.

Who the heck is it? It couldn’t be that he wanted to recommend a woman well past her prime who missed the chance to get married so as to not hurt her feelings, could it?

Huh! Anita-sama will become Wend’s fiance?

Even if it is novel, I absolutely expect him to become angry, but …

When Ina and Luise were told this later on secretly, they were lost for words too.

At that age, spending the energy she had for enjoying herself without doing any work at the main residence of the Breithilde household. She also didn’t have a good reputation among the retainers.

Because it wasn’t possible to tell the person herself directly to their face, it was arranged that her reputation wouldn’t be leaked to the public.

Furthermore, though regularly putting her looks in order for aiming at the retainers, an unreasonable marriage proposal was brought in.

Usually, it was for her to become the second wife of elder nobles who passed the age of 60 and whose first wife already passed away.

Since it was only such stories, the person herself immediately rejected these proposals in the end.

Margrave Breithilde was also hesitant to say anything, it wouldn’t be so bad when she were something like his younger sister, but in fact she was his stubborn aunt.

Therefore he kept in mind to normally not come in contact with this person as much as possible.

“It is unnecessary to compare her with Elise.” (Ina)

“Merely comparing is already pointless. Good grief, what was master thinking … You two somehow suit the boy.” (Burkhart)

“Leave it to me! I will use my strong sex appeal to magnificently seduce Wend.” (Luise)

“Strong sex appeal eh …” (Burkhart)

No matter how you enhanced her looks, currently you couldn’t view Luise as nothing else but a 10-years old. Although you couldn’t deny the potential once she grew up a bit.

Furthermore it was certainly possible that Wendelin in reality liked little girlish women too.

“(To tell you the truth, there is a fixed number of such nobles too …)” (Burkhart)

Such things like the favorite concubine being a small girl, I heard there were many nobles desiring them.

Actually, Burkhart already knew and witnessed the likes of them.

At any rate, it is necessary to increase Wendelin’s wives and mistresses to a certain extent.

It had better be various types, Burkhart considered.

When forcefully pushing for various types, it could be said that you built a shelf within your mind where feelings of guilt wouldn’t erupt.

“It isn’t an unusual story for mistresses to steal a march on the legal wife either.” (Luise)

“That is certainly true. So? Ina-jou-chan?” (Burkhart)

“I will try with great effort …” (Ina)

Ina’s face was once more dyed bright red while Burkhart inquired for a reply.

Other than the usually composed facial expression, this face filled with shame would give Wendelin a serious blow if he saw it.

Burkhart, who had some experiences in his own way, ended up thinking that.

“Anyway, in a few days we will already return to Breitburg. Over there you can slowly seduce the boy.” (Burkhart)

In the first place, with only 12 years too many various things already happened.

Currently, there was only one 12-years old on the whole continent, who spent his summer vacation with such thrilling and hectic events.

That was Wendelin.

“However, a butler accompanying her on a date with the fiancée. She is quite the ojousama.” (Ina)

“Isn’t it fine, seeing how it’d be a problem if they headed to an inn for lovers on their first meeting?” (Luise)

“Luise-jou-chan, you’re quite extreme there.” (Burkhart)

Although she is of the same age as Wendelin, women are dreadful, Burkhart thought.

“Next time, I will get Wend to take me there.” (Luise)

“No, I will stop you at the gate. Since the boy will get angry too.” (Burkhart)

Since it was a place prohibited for minors to enter, he had to give a warning there.

Merely 12 years old and he had already to deal with 3 fiancées, he pitied Wendelin from the bottom of his heart. It could be said that Burkhart was a particular noble who lived affluently as unmarried person.


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