Chapter 35 – Fiancée

Editor’s Note: Some liberties have been taken with Helmut’s speech as it is royalty formal, but the intent has not been altered.

“Armstrong, Burkhart, Associate Baron Baumeister, the three of you, have together successfully concluded the mission of subjugating Grade Grande. We graciously thank you for your hard work on this endeavor.” (Helmut)

Ten days after defeating Grade Grande, we, who participated in this mission, once again had an audience with His Majesty.

“Thanks to this, there are good prospects for Palkenia Grasslands to become a grain-producing region.” (Helmut)

His Majesty’s facial expression showed a happy mood.

Despite it needing many years before favorable conditions would appear, it was finally possible to develop the region, which would have been impossible before considering the obstacle called dragon.

Additionally, the subjugation of the remaining monsters still continued until now. The majority of the monsters in the former domain were already exterminated.

Nonetheless, the strength of Grade Grande, who ruled over the Palkenia Grasslands, was indeed great.

Now the monsters weren’t able to move as a group at all. The soldiers and adventurers thus hunted them down one-sidedly.

The amount of casualties was up to 200, but that was most likely something that couldn’t be avoided.

“As for the victims, We have arranged abundant reparations for the bereaved families. Although it might be considered as hypocrisy, it is still better than nothing.” (Helmut)

“This Armstrong is deeply moved by the kindness of His Majesty. I admire you.” (Armstrong)

You could certainly call it hypocrisy, but it was still better than ignoring it completely. (T/N: Yay! for repeating sentences)

Besides, such was the work of soldiers and adventurers to begin with.

Particularly the adventurers, it was said that there were about 1000 casualties yearly.

Given that they weren’t able to do any other work in order to make a living, just because they failed in obtaining the gratuity of money and prestige in their life, it didn’t mean it would be reasonable for them to complain about it afterwards.

There also were many adventurers, after judging their own skill calmly, decided not to participate in the military operation this time.

Furthermore, considering the scale of the dispatched troops for this military operation, the number of casualties could be called few.

His Majesty had also ordered the church to provide as many healers as possible for this campaign.

Especially those clergymen who were able to use holy healing magic, in contrast to the water healing magicians the church usually deployed outside of office.

Practitioners of both healing magic systems in large quantity were summoned by the church using its powerful connections in order to deploy them for this campaign.

That in itself wasn’t surprising as the church would profit by constantly establishing new churches as the development of the Palkenia Grasslands advanced.

The establishment of new churches naturally meant that there would be a proportional increase of parishes and priest positions. Officially it could be said that they abided His Majesty’s decree, but in reality they were rubbing their hands together due to receiving such a request.

While the clergymen at the actual scene were diligently treating the wounded, the higher-ups hosted such an ulterior motive. It was the same no matter in which world you were.

“We are very sorry that We cannot present you a proportionally great reward.” (Helmut)

“It is fine because we received a large amount of money the last time.” (Burkhart)

Although that was true as well, this time we received the valuable remains of Grade Grande.

Things like the frozen blood, the scales, the skin, the meat, the intestines and the bones.

Because the remains were stuffed into the magic bag right after killing the dragon, they preserved their freshness. Those would very likely sell for a large amount of money.

Also, because the remains held a gigantic magic crystal within, the kingdom would purchase it for 400 platinum coins.

As a result, combining it with the monster remains of the one week of hunting afterwards, the total amount per person was 450 platinum coins and 50 gold coins when split between Armstrong-doushi, Burkhart-san, and myself.

In any event, all of the dragon’s raw materials were expensive.

Supposing the undead ancient dragon from before was still alive, the prices would have risen even more steeply.

“(I don’t quite understand it as a large amount of money has already been given)” (Wendelin)

Any further reward isn’t really necessary, I thought due to the reasons from above.

From the point of views of someone who monthly earned 58’746 yen (tax included) in his previous life, someone possessing several platinum plates appeared to be plenty rich. (E: ~$488, which is hard to believe considering that is less than my cheapest apt rent ever)

There were many people in this country who wouldn’t get to see something like a platinum plate until their death.

The people having seen something like a platinum plate within his home territory were zero including his father who was a noble.

“However, given that honor be fulfilled, We award the three of you the Twin Dragon medal.” (Helmut)

Even though there has been no one receiving it for more than 200 hundred years, I got it after a long time, and now, half month later, I end up receiving yet another one.

Although it’s appearance is quite beautiful as it is made out of gold and emerald, I somehow get the feeling that it isn’t really that valuable after all. My senses might be dull though. (E: Sort of like your sense of money now, huh?)

Actually the expressions Armstrong-doushi and Burkhart-san wore, as they were awarded the medal by His Majesty and attached it to themselves, showed unusual nervousness.

“What’s left is the peerage, huh? As Armstrong shall be a viscount and Sir Baumeister shall be promoted in rank to baron.” (Helmut)

Armstrong-doushi is the second son of an Earl’s household.

Because he couldn’t succeed the peerage as second son, he independently received the peerage rank of baron from His Majesty as he assumed his post as Royal Head Magician.

Just like myself, who doesn’t possess any territory and only receives the annuity, his peerage rank was raised to viscount and mine was raised from Associate Baron to Baron at the same time.

Holding the rank of Viscount grants you a annuity of 2 platinum coins, whereas someone holding the rank of Baron receives 1 platinum coin as annuity.

It is a considerably high income.

As expected, there is quite the wall between an Associate Baron and a Baron.

That being said, there is a difference to me, who is a fake noble.

Normally, those nobles residing in the royal capital hire suitable guards and servants for maintaining the grounds and protecting the residence matching their family status. There are various other roles and uses through their association as well.

Occasionally it is necessary for the patron to aid their vassal, as at the time of Erich-nii-san’s marriage for example. It is necessary to present appropriate, to the family status, congratulatory gifts at important ceremonial occasions in family relationships.

Thus you can say that the money spending increases as well.

Indeed, in the end I can understand Erich-nii-san’s remark about the higher ranking nobles usually being tightwads unexpectedly.

Also, normally a medal only equalled something like honor, but apparently just the Twin Dragon medal is different.

Because there was no one receiving one for more than 200 years, the governmental official in charge ended up forgetting to give an explanation about it. The Twin Dragon medal apparently bestows an honorary annuity for one’s lifetime.

The amount allocated is 3 platinum coins per year.

I, who possess two of them, will receive a annuity of 6 platinum coins. (T/N: Yep, the author can’t calculate as he forgot the 1 platinum coin annuity for the rank of Baron, totaling it to 7 platinum coins per year … tsk tsk tsk~)

“(I guess this is actually a reward?) I am extremely honored, Your Majesty.” (Wendelin)

“Compared to the raw materials of the dragon, this certainly is a meager thing, but …” (Helmut)

Due to subjugating two dragons, it could be viewed as insignificantly sufficient amount of money compared to the profit from selling the raw materials, but one had to consider that a dragon subjugation normally took place about every 50 years in the first place.  

Usually it was very rare that such large amount of money was changing hands.

“Burkhart, do you have some wish for yourself? Margraviate Breithilde shall receive a different reward.” (Helmut)

Burkhart-san was Margraviate Breithilde’s retainer. For this time’s campaign it took the form of His Majesty ordering Margraviate Breithilde.

Therefore, no matter how much His Majesty wanted to appoint a peerage rank to him, it was no good due to that reason.

Given that the person himself didn’t desire such a thing either, he would receive such things like gems and treasures from Margraviate Breithilde instead.

Still, as one would expect, without even that there would be rumors about His Majesty not recognizing his achievements decently in the end.

Also, although it was the Twin Dragon medal, it was still just a medal and you couldn’t just not bestow anything simply because the target was a retainer either.

Normally Burkhart-san should receive something as well.

Like this, there appeared to be various difficulties between peerage connected directly to royalty and retainers serving different nobles.

“On this occasion We are very satisfied with discovering such a young talent. We would be very glad if thee could diligently serve the kingdom from now on. We have high expectations of thee, Baron Baumeister.” (Helmut)

“Ha!” (Wendelin)

Rather than such expectations, I wish to spend my summer vacation peacefully and soon.

While I bowed towards His Majesty, such was my eager request.




POV: Wendelin

Okawari!” (Wendelin)

“You really eat a lot.” (Luise)

“I am hungry since I didn’t get to eat anything decent for about half a month.” (Wendelin)

After the audience had finished, I immediately returned to the Brandt household and ate a late lunch there.

The maid prepared such things as stew, pasta and salad. While eating I asked for a second serving. (T/N: Okawari – for those of you who don’t know that word. 😉 )

Next to my place Luise stared at me with an astonished face while starting a conversation.

“The army needed one week to prepare for departure from the garrison in the outskirts. It took three days until there weren’t any other monsters left in the center of Palkenia Grasslands where Grade Grande was enshrined. Furthermore it took another week to thin out the strong-looking monsters within the former domain. And the return took three days. Aaah … our precious summer vacation …” (Luise)

After I arrived at the royal capital, it was almost impossible to follow my own intentions.

Although I planned to enjoy the long-awaited sightseeing of the capital, mostly my impressions of the capital were the formal audience at the royal palace and the garrison in the outskirts which smelled of sweat and was covered with dust. Therefore I only had quite an amount of unappetizing meals so far.

And to top it off, I had to fight for my life with dragons that looked like special effect monsters.

And at the end of the fight, just like in some famous manga, a muscular ossan, who you wouldn’t believe to be a magician, came and concluded the battle climax. (T/N: LOL)

Although he surpassed its scales, striking the dragon with his bare hands, landing several kicks and throwing it after grabbing its tail, you really couldn’t call that a magician… (E: I keeping picturing FMA’s Armstrong… ,_,)

Afterwards, he proceeded to subjugate monsters claiming it to be what a proper adult noble is supposed to do.

To put it bluntly, in comparison to the dragon these monsters were weak.

Just, the number of them was great. Whenever possible he left for a clean up battle so that there would be no casualties amongst our troops and the adventurers. Due to Armstrong-doushi’s orders, they continued to thin out the most powerful specimens.

For one week we continued the cleanup battles, acting as search-and-kill forces, we three filthy men handled the killing of monsters. The food was self-made and we slept by taking turns.

Although I consider it to be a good experience before the time I will become an adventurer, I could be called the only person able to produce some normal food in the end among the three of us.

As for the food of the army in the garrison, only the amount of it could be viewed as decent.

Or more precisely, what did Armstrong-doushi and Burkhart-san do during their time as active adventurers?

While pondering such things, Burkhart-san taught me the reason.

Such things like preparation of food, all of it was entrusted to Artur-san. As long as I had some sake to drink, there was no problem.(Burkhart)

I see, apparently it was Artur-san who had the thankless task in that party. (E: He truly is his master’s disciple to inherit that role as well!)

After retirement, he attained success as merchant for that reason.

Putting that aside, I think it would be better for Burkhart-san to stop only using salty jerky or their likes and sake as replacement for a proper dinner.

Your liver will deteriorate. That’s one of the adult diseases you shouldn’t want to have, I ended up thinking to that extent.

And then, the other person, Armstrong-doushi, was even more outrageous.

While he was on duty we only ate monster meat which he prepared by draining the blood, cutting the meat into slices and then roasting it above open fire.

Although it was interesting and got a feeling of wildness on the first day, it got rather tedious quickly after it being the same every day.

Or rather, what kind of meals does Armstrong-doushi, who bears the title of a noble, usually eat?

Monster meat, which has been drained of its blood and grilled with a sprinkle of salt, has a staggering amount of nutrition.(Armstrong)

Honestly, he is a person I can’t really call a noble at all. (E: Really, you all fail due to a lack of various common sense.)

Because we got filthy due to the monster subjugation without being able to wash it off in a bath, we might have ended up being mistaken as bandits if things didn’t go well at that time.

Likely, we would have to be prepared facing death if we were caught on a mountain trail during the night.

Boy, you are actually able to cook.(Burkhart)

Umu, it tastes good. I have decided to leave the cooking to the lad from tomorrow onwards.(Armstrong)

Somehow coming up with something like soup and zousui¹ using rice, there was still a lot of room for improvement left for me.

However, inadvertently the second half of the meal preparation duty was pushed on me by the others.

Being the youngest in the group, I had no other choice by to obediently consent to it.

“A summer vacation smeared in sweat, dust and blood, huh? …” (Ina)

“Ina, don’t say it …” (Luise)

Actually, I am all the more upset because it is the truth after all.

However, our time remaining the capital amounts to no more than three days including today.

Although the summer vacation still continues past that, we can’t stay at the capital throughout the whole summer vacation as we would become a bother to Erich-nii-san. Frankly, I have a feeling that his nagging has increased lately. (E: You are insanely rich now, so rent a place or hit an inn!)

Even now the enthusiastic yelling of My certain death skill, Giant Swing Spearmanshipcould be heard from in front of the Brandt residence.

Though he seems to produce a bit of wind with his swing, I think I am not wrong in not hiring the Giant Swing fellow, am I?  

Ina cold-heartedly replied It’s fine to leave him alone.

“Soon it will even be too late to go and buy some souvenirs.” (Luise)

“I don’t even know for whom I should buy souvenirs. For the remaining three days I want to enjoy the capital as much as possible.” (Wendelin)

“You are desperate …” (Erwin)

For souvenirs it is necessary that there is someone else, a close friend or family members, that isn’t present at the capital.

Erwin has gone ahead by selecting close friends from the prep school, except us. Ina and Luise still live at their parent’s home and it’s not like their relation with the other family members is particularly bad either.

I don’t plan on meeting my family back home anymore already, and as for friends, they have all come together with me to the capital. Thus there is no need to expressly buy souvenirs for them.

At most I could get some courtesy souvenirs for the teachers and headmaster at the prep school, huh?

However that isn’t necessary either as Rüdiger-san has prepared the souvenirs for such personnage already.

“Anyway, I will leave now! Time for the sightseeing of the capital!” (Wendelin)

“You are desperate. Wend … Isn’t it fine to come here using teleportation magic anyway?” (Erwin)

For some reason Erwin looks at me while being astonished. But it isn’t the time to care about such things.

Anyway, for now I will go ahead and get my fill of the capital.

Besides, it is certainly true that I can use magic to return to the capital at any time I want.

However, what’s important is now! How should I enjoy myself at this time?

It isn’t necessary to care about such things like the king or nobles anymore.

“Please wait, Wendelin-dono.” (Rüdiger)

Rüdiger-san hurriedly called out to me who was about to leave the Brandt residence.

“Although I am feeling deeply regretful, the preparations for the real baptism at the Holy Church headquarters has been completed.” (Rüdiger)

“Damn it!” (Wendelin)

Due to the matter of receiving the real baptism at the Holy Church headquarters in order to keep up their prestige, I had ended up promising to attend it to Cardinal Hohenheim at the previous audience with His Majesty.

However, because the previous arrangements had been crushed by the sudden decision of the mission to subjugate Grade Grande, I won’t be able to disregard this any longer.

I cannot afford to make an enemy out of the church in this world.

“Real baptism, huh? … You guys want to come along?” (Wendelin)

“I will refrain from doing so.” (Erwin)

Erwin immediately rejected it. (E: Traitor!)

Given that it will be quite formal, he is very reluctant.

I am not very eager to go either.

“Erwin will take care of our baggage.” (Ina)

“I can’t repay the remaining one silver coin yet.” (Erwin)

“With a new sword … Considering the souvenirs, how did you calculate to reimburse the debt anyway? …” (Wendelin)

Luise is currently shouldering the debt of Erwin towards me.

Although you would think that there was plenty of rewards during the earlier campaign, the female group saved it up while he didn’t take into account to save some of it.

As they returned the full debt, they inflicted the penalty of him carrying the baggage instead of paying interest.

“As for baked sweets, they will be preserved for a long time.” (Ina)

“Oh well. There are plenty of other famous products, too. Even if it is heavy, Erwin will take care of it.” (Luise)

“Other than the weight of the baggage, I am worried about what kind of shops we will visit …” (Erwin)

Apparently Erwin’s group plans to stand in line at a souvenirs shop that is aiming towards tourists visiting the low-lying part of the capital (T/N: shopping district, factories, etc) in order to purchase their goods.

Thus, only I go ahead to the Holy Church headquarters in order to receive the tedious real baptism.



“Welcome, please come inside, Associate Baron Baumeister, no, sorry, you have become a Baron, haven’t you.” (Hohenheim)

“I am also very humbled to receive God’s guidance.” (Wendelin)

“Shall God bless you with His good divine protections, Baron Baumeister.” (Hohenheim)

I arrived at the Holy Church headquarters in the centre of the royal capital. Waiting at the entrance, it was Cardinal Hohenheim alongside 10 High Priests and a group of Bishops who received me.  

Still, as expected of the sole faith of the Helmut Kingdom, which even encompassed the Holy Empire Urquhart, and its headquarters.

But given that the state religion of the Holy Empire Urquhart was Protestantism, it looks to me that there is quite a hateful relationship to the fellows at the Holy Church headquarters as it is a completely different faith after all.

Likewise the grounds of the Holy Church headquarters is grand. Anyone would understand the degree of money used to build this building by a single glance.

The cathedral where the baptism is performed has one side of its ceiling covered entirely in an enormous stained glass. I was forced to believe that religion isn’t a profitable business indeed. (T/N: In other words, building such churches costs a lot of money so they should be at the edge of zero or in the red … well wishful thinking, but yea, that’s what he means)

Furthermore, although we had such an conversation, should you call this the regular practice of greeting?

If I were to be a devout believer of the orthodox catholic faith (T/N: the faith of the Holy Church), should I express my gratitude with Because of God’s blessing I was able to safely defeat 2 dragons. Thank you.and should Hohenheim’s group congratulate with It is good that our God has granted you His divine protection?

I don’t believe in the slightest that I defeated the two dragons thanks to God.

Also, the other side won’t think that I have properly given my gratitude to God either.

But since I am still a child, let’s get along with the adults.

Although you could call it it a mutual give-and-take, to put things bluntly it is only for today’s purpose.

“Being able to use the Holy Light to this extent, I am certain that Baron Baumeister is loved by God.” (Hohenheim)

“Nevertheless, I want to express nothing but my gratitude for this divine love.” (Wendelin)

As I wasn’t religious in my previous life, the chances of me visiting a church, with the exception for a baptism, were very few in the period at my home in the present time.

Other than that, I don’t think I have prayed sufficiently enough to God to receive some kind of divine protection.

Apparently Holy magic has absolutely nothing to do with faith.

If the belief in a faith were to be required, it wouldn’t be strange for more clergymen being able to use Holy magic.

Maa, it might be best to not mention it though, as the church also uses its excessive money to shelter talented people who are capable of using Holy magic.

The exceptionally few people able to use Holy magic are convenient to defeat undeads of the wraith level once they appear in an area. There is a lot of powerful healing spells within the Holy magic.

In the case of a high-ranking Holy magic practitioner, apparently they can reattach a torn off arm, able to cure cancer, and they are also capable of reviving someone whose heart has stopped beating within a few hours. (E: Hours, not minutes? Whoa.)

Although within my Holy magic only Holy Light has such a high power, I am only able to use Water healing magic.

The troublesome matter is that it’s almost completely the same with all healing spells from Water magic.

If you can use healing spells from Holy magic, you can’t use healing spells from Water magic. Therefore, as the other way around is true as well, I won’t be able to use any healing spells from Holy magic.  

Even though I would have been given a stamp of approval in regards to my power if I could heal something like a torn off limb, there hasn’t occurred such great injury to that extent in reality yet. Since there hasn’t been such an injured person until now, I lack the proper experience of using the magic, too.

Furthermore, there wasn’t a time when Erwin’s group was really injured either.

Because at the most it was to the degree of a little scratch, there was no opportunity to use healing as it wasn’t a degree of injury to require that.

As a matter of fact I thought I might be able to practice it during the time of the expedition to the Palkenia Grasslands, but neither Burkhart-san nor Armstrong-doushi were injured at all.

Anyway, the persons themselves boasted about not having caught a single cold in their entire life until now.

(Somehow I haven’t caught a cold yet.)(Burkhart)

(It’s just as you heard from Burkhart-san)(Armstrong)    

Furthermore, although I tried to give medical assistance after joining up with a friendly unit, I was mainly reminded by Armstrong-doushi that we should constantly be deployed at the front.

Entrust it to the unit dispatched by the church! They are plenty prepared for support. Certainly our hunting of dangerous monsters at the front will lead to the best method of decreasing the victims!(Armstrong)

Though it was a reasonable argument, I just once wanted to take a break in the rear.

Read the mood, you muscle doushi!was what I ended up screaming within my mind.  

“Well then, let us begin the real baptism right away.” (Hohenheim)

Although I had anticipated for the real baptism taking a lot of time at the beginning, it only took 30 minutes to finish in reality.

As for the aspect differing from the regular baptism, I think it was mostly to the degree of Cardinal Hohenheim taking the role of the priest and the other high priests additionally taking care of the various chores, huh?

Since I was a valued client, the high-ranking clergymen weren’t stingy.

“The real baptism has finished safely, too.” (Hohenheim)

“Thank you very much. Please take this as gratuity.” (Wendelin)

Although I was told it isn’t necessary, there is no priest who isn’t happy about receiving donations (T/N There is no translator unhappy about it either :p). I passed the donation to Cardinal and he put it into his beautiful silken pouch.

It was 10 platinum coins.

Even though it was a large amount of money, I expected the priests of the church to become my allies if I gave them such an impact here.

After all I still have more than 1000 platinum coins which I can’t use up anyway.

“We thank you very kindly for this generous donation.” (Hohenheim)

Just as I thought, seeing the coins taking their place amongst gold coins within Cardinal Hohenheim’s pouch, he casually passed that pouch to a nearby high priest.

As expected, I shouldn’t be caught in the action of seeing the contents at this place.

I probably wasn’t surprised knowing it afterwards.

Well, since I can’t really estimate the donations from nobles, it might actually be quite normal.

“Well, since the real baptism has finished, how about some tea?” (Hohenheim)

Given that Cardinal Hohenheim has invited me to some tea, I decided to take him up on his offer.

Leaving this impressive church and walking for a little while, the building mentioned earlier, where Cardinal Hohenheim’s office is located at, became visible.  

Entering the interior of the building I was guided to a room similar to a reception office with a sofa and desk.

“In the back is my office, although it is an ordinary study lacking any appeal.” (Hohenheim)

The door visible in the back apparently is the entrance.


After a few seconds, there was a knocking at the door and following Cardinal Hoheheimer’s reply a person clad in a female learning attire entered the room holding a tray with tea kettle and cups. (T/N: Originally it says “holding tea” but I doubt that makes sense 😉 )

Well, although you could definitely say that she was a woman, her height was not more than 150 centimeters. Also, checking her face and trying to deduct her approximate age, I wasn’t able to.

You might even say that the certainly mysterious face of this young lady (shoujo) made her into a well-featured beautiful girl (bishoujo). The small amount of long blond hair being visible behind the veil was glittering and shining. Adding to this these mysterious pupils colored like amethyst, I ended up being charmed for a moment by her face.

What continued to be on my mind, were those bulges of a certain part which weren’t adequate at such degree considering her age.

Although it would be rude to keep staring at her, there was no one in the same generation like Ina who could win against those two hills. The originally inconspicuous nun’s habit was pushed up by her breast portion.

Well there existed such things as 11 years old gravure idols with F-cups in my previous life. There are many people in this world who resembled Europeans and Americans in shape and appearance.

Therefore it might not be too strange for an approximately 12-years old girl with above F-cups to exist here.

Considering it like that, Ina and Luise might have various difficulties without me being aware of it, huh?

And then I also noticed one more fact.

“Her magic power is strong, isn’t it?” (Wendelin)

“So you can tell after all, huh? Although I let her serve tea as greeting today, she is in reality my granddaughter.” (Hohenheim)    

“My humble name is Elise Katharina von Hohenheim (T/N: >> erize katarina fon hoenhaimu <<)” (Elise)

So this beautiful girl is Cardinal Hohenheim’s granddaughter.

Although I have certain feeling that her face among other things doesn’t resemble him at all, given that she is his grandchild, his child might have not taken after him.

Thus, Cardinal Hohenheim is a noble as expected.

As a matter of fact, for appointed nobles lacking any responsibilities, there are many cases where they made a career as clergymen.

Though there was no designed difference in a successful career for the commoners, nobles and merchants at my home for the time being. I wonder all the same how long they would need to collect donations in order to become distinguished. You can only call this corrupt. The top-brass positions in the church are all held by former nobles and merchants.

After all, the commandments are quite loose.

Marrying as it pleases you and also there are no restriction regarding the consumption of meat and fish. At most it is to the degree of not drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco in public.

In short, the thing called freedom wasn’t overly frowned upon by the clergymen in regards to society.

Nonetheless, apparently the amount of corrupt priests has been increasing here lately.

Because they want to amass wealth they resort to things such as loansharking in order to get money. As it is wrong of them to officially have a mistress as you would expect, they secretly surround themselves with lovers. And due to excessive drinking of alcohol they become alcoholics.

Apparently experiencing this for several hundred years here, the faith of Protestantism was born due to that. These circumstances also sprang forth the antagonism between both sides.

However, even the fundamental beliefs of Protestantism were lost in the several hundred years of history and now there is no great difference between them and the orthodox catholic church. Although there was another faction born in reminiscence of the old days in order to correct this again, history will just repeat itself.

For this nostalgic faction such things like the common clergy re-marrying, consuming meat and fish meals, and indulging in luxury items such as tea, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited just as it was thousands of years ago.

Protecting the former rigid doctrine, they aim to create a foundation returning to the original faith.

Therefore, a strict doctrine, with the exception of marriage prohibition, was imposed upon their believers.

But, owing these circumstances the number of believers hasn’t increased in reverse which generated contradictions.

The majority of society scowls at the depravity of the clergy.

Even so, if you asked them to protect strict commandments by their own will, the majority of people would disagree to do so.

Although I got all of my knowledge about this area of expertise from Erich-nii-san, this story is depressing by only listening to it. (T/N: Then don’t repeat it, you moron!)

There is really no difference between religion in my previous life and religion in the current world.  (BakaG: As claimed by the guy that avoided Church his entire life. Real religion is about Common Decency, Faith, and Love. Do some fact checking before you start condemning entire cultural bodies, Original Author.)

Cardinal Hohenheim is categorized as member of the less objectionable group within the church, I heard in rumors. Being appointed as duty-free Viscount, he isn’t fussy about receiving donations considering him being a clergyman.(Erich)

The likes of imprudent commoners becoming high priests are apparently quite annoying in receiving donation for no matter what they do.

They can’t sever and come clean of their time of suffering due to having to meet the business quota called donations for the sake of rising to the top.

On the other hand, because former nobles and merchants don’t go through such hardships in collecting the necessary donations for advancing in rank, there are unexpectedly quite a few generous people around in the church.

Watch out for high priests that were commoners.(Erich)

This seems to be the common sense of this world.

“I am very proud of my granddaughter. Because she can use Holy healing magic, she is allowed to practice as a nun in this manner.” (Hohenheim)

Since the clergy, women as well as men, can marry as they please in this world, the clergy’s family members are also free to come and go as they wish.

Even if they aren’t proficient in Holy magic like her, there are many children entrusted to the church.

Because there are many nobles who have time for teaching and so forth, they receive an education. For the girls it is training to become a bride in case they get such an offer.

“Holy healing magic, huh? I can only use Holy Light of the Holy magic.” (Wendelin)

“Only being able to use it is already a significant quality. Moreover, can’t you use Water healing magic?” (Hohenheim)

“Well yea (You are quite knowledgeable …)” (Wendelin)

As one should expect of one of the church’s leaders Cardinal Hohenheim I should say, huh?

Despite not being able until now to use the likes of Water healing magic in a situation, he is well aware of the circumstances that I can use it though.

Is the root of the information coming from the adventurer prep school?

Given that I displayed it several times at practical lessons, this fact was obviously leaked.

At any rate it is a definite proof that the intelligence network of the church is widespread and profound.

“You know it very well.” (Wendelin)

At that time I healed several slightly-injured people.

In truth, although master said that I should be able to heal quite severely injured people as well, it’s not like seriously sick people will suddenly appear just because of that.

My healing magic still has some unfinished parts.

“Maa, it’s because the church has quite good eyes and ears.” (Hohenheim)

After all, since I am unskilled at hiding, not even talking about concealing it in this situation, I decided to act obediently here.

As expected of Alfred’s pupil! The handling of magic was inherited from his master!(Armstrong)

The only person declaring it in such earth-shattering admiration was doushi-sama.

“I placed Elise here for her to thoroughly study before she gets married.” (Hohenheim)

“A~re? But, she can use Holy healing magic, isn’t that right?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, and in addition to that she is quite talented at it.” (Hohenheim)

As for magic skill she can use from intermediate up to advanced magic.

Although you might call it a flaw that she can use nothing but Holy magic, at the Palkenia Grasslands liberation a few days ago she was able to help with first-aid treatment for the several hundred severely injured people brought in for medical treatment according to Cardinal Hohenheim’s story.

“As grandfather of this girl, I wish for her to marry normally. In relation to her healing ability, it shouldn’t cause any difficulties in her wedded life and be fine, if she were to be called upon to receive work.” (Hohenheim)

Obviously Cardinal Hohenheim had at the very least no intention to put his granddaughter into the clergy.

Since she can use healing magic anyway, it seems that she can simply receive requests from the local church and the adventurer’s guild for medical treatment. In the end there won’t be any real changes, huh?

Until her marriage she will perform the healing as apprentice nun of the church. After the marriage she will perform healing upon request, whereas a part of the reward will be donated to the church.

Apparently there are quite a few married women possessing healing ability operating like this.

“The looks of this child are quite excellent and she has the disposition of a gentle girl, too. Therefore I want to look for the best husband.” (Hohenheim) (T/N: Yep, sale talks are starting now)   (E: Harem member, get


Furthermore, Elise is the daughter of the eldest son of Cardinal Hohenheim. Naturally, a husband who isn’t suited to this family status is useless.

Because Cardinal Hohenheim is a Viscount, it had to be an heir or family head of one level of the upper or lower class. (T/N: Earl or Baron)

I believe this much is the least estimation.

“Given that Elise-san is quite the beautiful type, the competition should be quite fierce, shouldn’t it?” (Wendelin)

Though I thought Having her serve tea for people, what a prided granddaughter!, there was no merit in angering a big-shot of the church here either.

I was determined to do nothing but speak well of the girl called Elise.

The tendency of a salary-man of a second-rate company in my previous life came out.

In reality, since she’s a beauty to the degree of deserving the admiration, it is quite easy to do my part without any need to strain myself.

If she were a woman like Miriam, I wouldn’t say a word after all. (T/N: Erich’s wife)

“Talking honestly, there are a lot of such families.” (Hohenheim)

Since there are several Earl households, I have the impression that she received many requests to become the legal wife of a family head or an heir.

“I thought you’d say that. With such a degree of beauty, I wonder whether I should become candidate as well?” (Wendelin) (T/N: MC, you fail at business talks)

Later on I would wonder why I said these words after putting them under a careful consideration. Apparently it was due to the strong influence of my previous life’s memory.

In my previous life I wasn’t very popular with women (T/N: Yea, pretty obviously)

Since I was without exaggeration quite unpopular, after becoming acquainted to such beautiful girls such as Ina and Luise, I didn’t properly consider the target of my passion and marriage partner either.

I only thought that I was lucky to become their friend and that I am unrelated to such a level of beautiful girls in the first place.

Up to here I might not have been realistic.

“Ooooh! So you will kindly receive Elise as wife?” (Hohenheim)

“As I am still not of age, wouldn’t it be difficult for me to enter an engagement at the current time?” (Wendelin)

Even though I spoke words due to my loose tongue I usually would never utter at all, I thought of them as impossible solution to begin with within my mind.

As a kind of lip service I planned for it to be a light joke.  

“That’s true. Since Elise is, just like Baron Baumeister, 12 years old, we can for now only announce the engagement and then once you become an adult we will be able to officially perform the marriage, isn’t that right?” (Hohenheim)

“That’s true.” (Wendelin)

“Well then, that’s the situation.” (Hohenheim)

“Eh?” (Wendelin)

Because of the serious look of Cardinal Hohenheim, my smiling face ended up frozen.

“When I asked His Majesty, I received the words Since they are similar in age, they will be a well-suited marriage couple.” (Hohenheim)

“Eh? This? Are you for real?” (Wendelin)

By no means I did believe to be betrothed to this girl called Elise. My mind was completely in disorder.

“As for this girl’S mother, she’s actually related to Armstrong-doushi’s little sister. Doushi also completely agrees to this engagement.” (Hohenheim)

Furthermore, I was confronted with another outrageous piece of information.

On top of being certified by His Majesty, this girl seems to be niece of the muscled magician Armstrong-doushi.

Therefore, I’d apparently end up becoming his relative as well. The phrasing makes it sound as if it’s decided that I’ll marry her, and in fact you could say that it’s already set in stone at this point.

There might be nobles, who have the courage, to refuse the marriage in such a situation.

However I didn’t feel inclined to such bravery since it was no more than reckless foolishness.

Even so, not hearing Elise’s will in regards to the marriage is quite unfair.

Being born as noble, she couldn’t possibly refuse the marriage arranged between her parents and me.

As for noble’s marriages, half of them were due to obligation of their vocation.

Therefore, marriages due to love were handed down as curiosity to future generations.

“Elise is fine with this, too? For Baron Baumeister-dono to become your husband? Please extend your greetings to him.” (Hohenheim)

“Yes, esteemed grandfather. As Baron Baumeister-sama’s honorable activity has become a popular topic of conversation within the royal capital, I requested a chance to meet him. To be able to become the wife of such an esteemed person, I am truly grateful.” (Elise)

“…” (Wendelin)

“Baron Baumeister-dono?” (Hohenheim)

“Erm… I am Wendelin von Benno Baumeister. Please treat me well after I become an adult and officially marry you.” (Wendelin)

“It is I who should say so, please treat me well.” (Elise)

No matter how much memory I possess from my previous life or how strong the magic I can use is.

After all, I am still me.

Deceived by the experienced Cardinal Hohenheim, I ended up having decided upon a fiance at the early age of 12 years.



Translation Notes

¹ Check here to know what it’s about, courtesies to HolySheep


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