Chapter 33 – A brief holiday

“Hee, isn’t that an earth-shattering crowd of people?” (Wendelin)

“It’s because there are various stores both large and small lined up in this shopping street. There are many different people from the capital, other domestic places, and the Holy Empire Urquhart who come here shopping for goods.” (Miriam)

The next day after Erich-nii-san’s marriage announcement party safely concluded, we were guided by Erich-nii-san and Miriam-gishi-san visiting the shopping streets of the royal capital.

As one would expect of the shopping streets in the capital representing an entire nation, they exceeded the scale by far in comparison to the shopping streets in Breitburg.

Comparing it to my home village was quite unnecessary.

At any rate, there was not even one shop in the Baumeister territory.

“I am sorry to have you expressly guide us, Miriam-gishi-san.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t worry. I will have a three-day vacation with my husband after this.” (Miriam)

It seems that you usually receive a holiday of 2 ~ 3 days upon marriage in this world.

Apparently it only took one day of the holiday to report to the church, thus the rest was reserved for the married couple to spend some quality time with each other as they wished after the hectic and exhausting preparations and execution of the marriage announcement party.

Even so, going on a honeymoon was mostly for no one else other than nobles and wealthy merchants as it required one to have quite a surplus of money to spend.

The lower-ranking nobles in the urban areas and the commoners living a standard level life took a holiday of about three days, but they passed their time sightseeing and shopping within their local cities.

In addition, those living in a rural area like our home didn’t take any days off at all.

Our elder brothers, who had married, continued with their usual work the next day as well. That was one of the differences between living in an urban area and living in the countryside.

But it is also possible that it was just because our home was too poor for them to spend their time leisurely.

“In reality there are various merchant’s houses.”

“Oh well, Breitburg is a splendid city as well.”

“Only that the population here is more than five times that of Breitburg. I guess it can’t be helped though.”

Since it was called the capital of the whole nation, Stadtburg was recognised as metropolis by everyone.

As centre of the economy and government, the majority of the nobles who owned no lands had settled down here. Famous companies always erected their headquarters in Stadtburg.

The act of placing their headquarters here served as status symbol for the merchants as well.

Furthermore, the area in a 200 km radius from Stadtburg was dotted with many towns exceeding a population of 10’000 inhabitants. You could truly say that it was a capital forming an economic bloc.

“Maa, it’s not like there are no shortcomings either.” (Erich)

“Shortcomings?” (Wendelin)

According to Erich-nii-san the cost-of-living has become expensive as in the beginning there wasn’t such a crowd of people living here. The water was disgusting and couldn’t be drunk without processing it. And so forth.

The shortcomings of the royal capital were listed.

“Also, there is the hindrance called the Palkenia Grasslands, which hinders any further development among other things.” (Erich)

Going by the words of Erich-nii-san, the Palkenia Grasslands were the last monster domain remaining in the outskirts of the royal capital.

An old mole called Grade Grande was the top in that area. Up until now all attempts to subjugate it by groups of adventurers and the military ended in failure.

“If it becomes possible to develop the Palkenia Grasslands, the capital will also become able to further expand.” (Erich)

The possibility of developing a large-scale, grain-producing area and establishing a road to the neighboring districts by dividing the Palkenia Grasslands into parts will have an immeasurable economic effect, Erich-nii-san explained.

Even a petty official in a governmental office related to the financial affairs was able to easily recognise the importance.

“But, who will defeat such troublesome dragon?” (Wendelin) (T/N: Yea! Who?!)

“In the end it’s nothing more than a hypothetical talk. Now come, let’s enjoy the shopping.” (Erich)

Like that Erich-nii-san put a close to the serious talk and we decided to devote ourselves to enjoying the shopping.

“Erwin, would this sword be fine?” (Wendelin)

“Since it uses a relatively fine steel, though you wouldn’t expect from its price. I wonder if I should purchase this one… What do you think, Erich-san?” (Erwin)

“That one is a bargain.” (Erich)

“You understand the quality of swords, Erich-nii-san?” (Wendelin)

“Just a bit of self-studying. Huh? Wend, you also practiced with the sword, didn’t you?” (Erich)

“Um… Because I have no talent in it, I shifted to using the bow as I am better with that.” (Wendelin)

“Uwaa~ that part is just like your brothers…” (Erich)

In my time at home, I didn’t forget to practice the sword every morning for about an hour. But no matter how I think about it, I don’t have any talent in wielding one after all.

Instead I still had some hope in using the bow. Given that practicing magic rewards one in proportion to the time spent, I don’t feel like practicing the sword these days at all.

Which reminds me, I had received a sword which can turn its blade into any attribute. I was completely keeping it stored away as is.

“Is there still room for growth in your maryoku1?” (Erich)

“Yes, I can feel it quite clearly everyday.” (Wendelin)

I followed the words my master had left me and before I knew it I became comfortable doing my meditation in a cross-legged position everyday. I didn’t miss even a single day of my practice to refine the mana within my body.

“Since it has become too disconnected from reality, you won’t hear anything from me.” (Erich)

“But, too flashy magic can’t be trained in the royal capital.”

If this was Breitburg, I could have practiced flashy magic in the outskirts. Since that was now impossible, I was only able to focus on the task of meditation to complete the circulation of mana in my room.

Erwin’s group, who had to practice in the garden, were envious of this point.

Because of that Erwin often came and invited me to practice the sword with the argument It is the etiquette for nobles!.

Naturally, I tell him that instead of wasting my time pointlessly I prefer to practice my magic, cutting him off like that.

Me holding a sword or something along those line, what’s the point in that?

“Alright! I got a new sword!” (Erwin)

Eventually while shopping, Erwin procured his new sword and I got a brand new bow as well.

Because of my tendency to use the bow more frequently, since I’m useless with a sword, it wasn’t a waste.

Erich-nii-san also purchased several sets of ordinary clothes as well as he didn’t always have time to do so.

After that it seems that we followed the three people of female group to who-knows-how-many tailor’s shops, accessory shops, etc.

Why I am speaking of it seemshere? Honestly, keeping woman company while they are shopping ends up wearing down your body.

“Erich-nii-san, don’t you go out with Miriam-gishi-san frequently enough?” (Wendelin)

“I accompanied her once before, because of that I learned from experience.” (Erich)

Because Miriam-gishi-san was born as lower-ranking noble, she doesn’t seem to be a person who squanders overly much.

Instead she searches for a bargain article by foot. Moreover, I got the impression that keeping her company made one wince.

Using a previously precious day off to walk around the shopping street, for more than half day, caused him to be totally exhausted at his desk the next day at work, Erich-nii-san explained.

“(Truthfully, housewives go berserk at the idea of bargain sales.)” (Erich)

Miriam-gishi-san is usually a gentle and kind feeling woman. But as far as the single word 『bargainis concerned, women should be avoided at all cost.

Also words like Limited salesand Clearance saleshould be the same, huh?

It’s the same here as it was in my previous world.

“Hey! I am searching for a merchant’s store where I can turn the jewels Wend brought as his 5 congratulatory gifts into accessories.”

Which reminds me, I came across the agate and jade ore, which I used for my congratulatory gifts, buried in the Savage Lands. It seems Miriam-gishi-san was hurrying with great joy to turn these into accessories.

“Women like jewels.” (Wendelin)

“However, that ore, just where did… nevermind, I understand, I won’t ask any further.” (Erich)

Erich-nii-san apparently realized the truth that I got those jewel ores from the Savage Lands.

It’s really not a problem though as our home, the Baumeister household, hasn’t grasped the resources allocation in the Savage Lands yet. Thus they couldn’t establish any proof of me illegally mining either. Especially since they didn’t know about it from the start.

“Certainly, that region falls under the jurisdiction of the Baumeister household, but…”

It’s very unlikely that the Baumeister household by itself will ever advance the development of that region. Even if the royal family or a big noble target it, that’s a matter that is at the very least a few hundred years off into the future.

In the first place, currently the only people who could go there would be those who can use Teleportation magic like me.

There are several hundreds of people who can use Teleportation magic besides me, but if they decide to go to the Savage Lands by teleportation, it won’t work unless they had the power to actually arrive on-site in just one go.

There was also the method of teleporting alongside me, but in that case they won’t be able to memorize the route for the teleportation themselves.

That’s the truth of the Teleportation magic.

Doubtlessly it is a convenient tool, but it has never happened that I was able to go to a place I’ve never been at before. Also, the maximum amount of people I can take along besides myself while teleporting is 10 people plus their hand luggage.

I also have investigated the limit of my own loading capacity, so at the most I would only take 5 additional people and hand luggage along.

Maa, since I can teleport the members of our party there is no inconvenience with that. Given that the share entering the magic bag has no effect in my case, it’s not a problem either.

“Since we’re talking about it, Wend, you can come to the royal capital in an instant, can’t you?” (Erich)

“That’s right.” (Wendelin)

“The Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar might really want you to join him…” (Erich)

Since the maximum number of people who can be teleported alongside me is about 10 people, it might be difficult to use Teleportation magic strategically to overturn a war situation.

However, you can use it to send in an elite unit or spies nevertheless. Additionally, the magic bag is attached to the magician who uses the Teleportation magic as well.

Thus it is usable for things like suppressing a local rebellion, arbitration in conflicts regarding territory and concessions, and subjugation of larger bandit groups.

Organised army forces that were sent in early without a group of packhorses will also be thankful if a teleporting magician can be used as replacement for regular supply units.

Come to think of it, I recall that my master used this tactic as well when he was deployed as supply officer of the expedition force of the Breithilde margrave.

“The military usually makes sure that there are always dozens of magicians who can use Teleportation. Now I remember such a story that it was necessary, so you’ll likely be written down in a reserve list.” (Erich)

Additionally, there are other lists as apparently they also make sure that there are dozens of people capable of using long distance communication in order to being able to use that ability for long distance calls.

Although there is a magic tool that can be used for long distance calling, if there is no magician available, there are terribly few people who can manufacture it and thus it is impossible to satisfy the demand.

Of course this was collected as well. Within the army magicians, those who were able to use long distance communication were assigned and distributed to each unit. It could be said that this was a security policy of the kingdom.

As a matter of fact, my teacher had taught me the long distance communication magic as well.

However, I wasn’t able to talk to other magicians using the same long distance communication as it was necessary for these magicians to exchange a small quantity of mana with the other party to register them as relay point.

As for the concept, I think it would be easy to understand if one were to compare it to the infrared data communication of mobile telephones.

Even so, up until now I am not aware of any good magicians besides my master who know it, thus I have never been able to use it after learning it.

Even Burkhart-san can’t use this magic, so it must be a fairly unique magic.

Which reminds me, Burkhart-san surprisingly moves, following the intentions of the margrave of Breithilde skilfully, going about his duty. He doesn’t seem to have received any instructions via long distance communication, thus he likely follows an objective to a certain extent from the beginning. I have the impression, moreover, that he follows his independent judgement on how to operate.

The biggest requirement for the magicians employed by nobles was their experience they have piled up over the years.

The same could be said for a change of occupation in my previous existence as experienced people were given priority.

“Well, Wend is still a minor.” (Erich)

I won’t become an adult for a little less than three years. By no means do I want to be involved in another dragon extermination. (T/N: Well, tough luck, I guess 😉 )

Although that’s what I was thinking, I had to immediately withdraw this motion.

“How about that? Wend, doesn’t it suit you?” (Ina)

“As you would expect of a shop in the capital. The style of clothes is the best.” (Wendelin)

“Admiring the clothes is fine, but you have to praise us, who wear them, as well.” (Luise)

And then, after who knows how many shops, Ina and Luise appear to have bought all the new clothes they needed. They delightfully displayed their purchased clothes to Erwin and me.

“However, we bought quite a lot. Will our funds be alright?” (Ina)

“When we return from the capital, we will center our hunt around bears.” (Wendelin)

“After fully saving up our money, we will return next year to the capital to buy some new clothes.” (Luise)

Although I couldn’t think of anything else but being glad that I didn’t get any weird attire, the women group ended up being influenced by the latest fashion in the royal capital.

It also takes quite a bit of money to buy the newest fashion. Thus Ina ended up being indebted to me as well. (ED: Wend is becoming a sugar daddy?)

Where money was concerned, there was no other choice but to hunt for a lot of prey back in Breitburg.

Although it was a pathetic reason to go hunt for animals, fortunately there was no animal welfare organisation in this world.

“Wend-kun, like this the cute girls got some new clothes. Shouldn’t you praise them here?” (Miriam)

“You are quite relentless towards your younger brother-in-law, Miriam-gishi-san.” (Wendelin)

“Is it really relentless? I think it’s common sense.” (Miriam)

For the sake of fashionable clothes a large amount of bears will be hunted. I ended up thinking that it’s just a little pitiable… Compared to the disaster visiting me tomorrow, this matter is nothing but a trivial issue.

Even so, I only possess little to no vocabulary to properly praise Ina’s and Luise’s new clothes. I noted down in my mind those remarks which didn’t receive a passing mark.

“Erwin is in the same category as Wend.” (Ina)

“A little bit more sense in praising someone is necessary!” (Luise)

Erwin seems to have a similar feeling regarding such a matter.



Translation Notes

1 Can either mean Mana or Magic Power or even both, thus I left it in Romaji.


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