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ED: Zazabooze

Hey, take me somewhere.” (Luise)

What are you saying all of a sudden…” (Wendelin)

Successfully enrolling in an adventurer prep school, after passing time by hunting as a part-time job, I am teamed up with my close friend Erwin von Armin.

He was in a tough situation just like me as the fifth son of a knight peerage house.

That’s why it didn’t take that much time to befriend him.

Well, most of the noble children at the adventurer prep school are in similar circumstances.

Then, we saved two of our classmates from a pack of wolves while returning from hunting.
Of the two classmates we helped, one is Ina Susanne Hildbrun , a cool type pretty girl.
An expert with the spear and with a sharp gaze that she occasionally shows, making people uncomfortable.

Some people might think she’s scary, but I don’t feel that way.
Since this is a Western fantasy-style world, she appears more mature than Japanese people, but she is a twelve or thirteen year-old girl after all.

With my mental age being over thirty years old, it feels like she’s showing her dere moment? [ED: He’s saying she’s a tsundere.] I know that she always tries her best which is charming.

The other is Luise Jorlande Orphelia Orwin , the loli type pretty girl.
Typical nobility, the name is so long that it’s hard to remember.

In my previous world, I’d get arrested immediately if I make a move on her; it’s the real cute type girl. [ED: He says kawaii-kei or kawaii-style. It’s an otaku culture thing.]

But, don’t be fooled by her appearance.
She is a talented person who passed the scholarship test with the magic combat style that the army uses.

If you try to touch her chest then, without a doubt, you will get a broken nose.
And if you touch it and say ‘no bulge’, it can be expected that she will mark you for the next few years.

Take you… Isn’t this your home town? You must be more familiar with the geography of Breitburg than I am…” (Wendelin)

But I think it’s still a man’s role to escort a woman.” (Luise)

There is also such a theory.” (Wendelin)

Because Wend is a man, you should escort me like a gentlemen.” (Luise)

Unfortunately, I am lacking in experience.” (Wendelin)

Uh…” (Luise)

With some twists and turns, our first holiday starts without any problems.
Today, Erw went out to look for a new sword. Ina is also going out to look for a new spear.

Surprisingly, Erw and Ina are weapon lovers.
It’s something that we entrust our lives to, so I guess it’s natural as aspiring adventurers.

That reminds me, Luise, do you want to look for new gloves?” (Wendelin)

Hmm–, I don’t need them now.” (Luise)

According to Luise’s story, one’s own body is the most important factor for the magic combat style.
Fortunately, the gloves she got from her father are a high quality set despite being second-hand goods; she won’t need a new set for a while.

If needed in the future, she intends to use the money she has saved.

I see. Saving money is important.” (Wendelin)

Saving up a certain amount of money to buy something you need.
I was like that in my previous life, saving money diligently while still a junior high student.

Right. So treat me to something as a guide fee.” (Luise)

You…” (Wendelin)

I had thought that I have no interest in lolis, just like in my previous life, but when Luise asks me while smiling, I can’t say anything.

Is it because for many years, other than Mother and Sister-in-law, I hardly talked with woman that I am biased?
Nah, I also had a girlfriend before in my previous life. I don’t have a fear of strangers or gynophobia.

But I didn’t meet that many people in these last six years, so by chance, I may have developed one.

Within my mind, various thoughts are swirling.

I’ll guide you to a shop specializing in magic tools. It’s a holiday, so let’s go out.” (Luise)

Okay, I got it.” (Wendelin)

With Luise leading me by the hand, we go to the area in Breitburg that I had not seen until now.


You didn’t buy anything.” (Luise)

All the merchandise isn’t really that good.” (Wendelin)

After about an hour, with Luise as a guide, we leave a store specializing in magic tools that I didn’t know of until now. We have a talk while drinking tea in a cafe in the main street.

I can’t tell the difference.” (Luise)

The magic tools aren’t so bad.” (Wendelin)

Shops that display magic-related goods are something hard to understand, indeed.
Are there any general-purpose products that can be used by people with low magical power?
Or, are there only magician-exclusive goods?
Finally, are there weapons and armor that can be equipped by magicians?

Actually, due to magicians being so few in number, only a few shops display the third category of items.
If all the items were to be put on display, they would be numerous.

Nevertheless, as expected of the specialty stores of Breitburg.
There is generally a decent quality of goods being put on display.

But, the quality can’t be compared with Master’s heritage.
Of course, I don’t need any of them. I move to this cafe after checking all the items.

Magic tools are expensive.” (Luise)

For general-purpose products in particular, even an item that lets out a spark just like a lighter is almost one thousand cents.

The reason is because only an extremely small number of people can make them.

Items for magicians aren’t that expensive. By the way, Luise didn’t buy anything?” (Wendelin)

You noticed?” (Luise)

Of course, magicians can notice other magicians.” (Wendelin)

In fact, I’ve been aware from the moment I saw her at the entrance ceremony.
Ina and Luise hold more magic than most people.
And Luise must be at beginner or intermediate level, which is greater than Ina.
What’s more, Luise deliberately concealed this and didn’t do any training to increase her magical power.

I think you can exceed intermediate if you train.” (Wendelin)

There is a reason for that…” (Luise)

The Orwin house, which is her parents’ house, is a family with decent social standing that has taught magic combat style for generations.
But human beings with a lot of magical power should not be born into such a house. The generations-old secret training method draws out battle ability, so that even those with the magical power of an ordinary person are able to overwhelm an average person. It can be said to be a technique that is able to use magical power efficiently.

My father and brothers only have the magical power of an ordinary person. I am an exception.” (Luise)

When Luise became able to understand what was going on around her, she began to learn magic combat style from her father and brother immediately.
She didn’t notice her somewhat larger magical power, so much that Luise gradually become stronger.
Even her father and brother were overwhelmed by her in combat.

I thought in my childish mind that I must hold back. But I found out that my technique becomes rigid if I hold back.” (Luise)

Go easy on children.
In addition, that child was a girl.

This caused her to gradually become isolated in the dojo.
Even though her father and brothers were gentle at home, she was treated coldly in the dojo.

But she was never told not to come to the dojo.
Were she to be forcibly excluded, other disciples might think that “because she is stronger than the instructor, that small girl was excluded.”

But it was hard to handle a girl who was stronger than the instructor.
It didn’t take much time for the training to become painful.

But Ina, whose house is close, also had the same problem.” (Luise)

As result, most of the time she was excluded during training.
She knows that magical power can increase with extensive training.
However, when the increased magic power was used with magic combat style, it would increase the gap in strength between her and her family.

She had no choice but to postpone her training in magic power.
These are her current circumstances.

But I feel some remorse. It took so long to defeat that pack of wolves.” (Luise)

If she had increased her magical power properly, it might not have taken her so long to defeat those wolves.
With that in mind, now she’s determined to work hard at training.

I’ll work hard to master the magic combat style.” (Luise)

Oh, do your best.” (Wendelin)

But we discover an unexpected fact later in the process of that training.
As a result of her magic power increasing, the fighting power of her magic combat style went up, but other magics still can’t be used. It made Luise feel dejected.

In fact, sometimes these people exist.
Only able to use magical power to improve their physical strength or strengthen the power of their attack and defense, the so-called magic swordsman or magic martial artist.

Wend—!” (Luise)

Even if you call my name, I only said that it was possible for you to gain more magical power…” (Wendelin)

When there is low magical power, in order not to consume the magical power, I can imagine that the body unconsciously cannot use other magic.
Another theory is that it had been carved in one’s deep psyche that one can’t use other magic.

This description is written in the book that Master left. It was written that there are some people that are originally without aptitude and are not able to use it, so it’s difficult to distinguish. It makes me quite disappointed.

Although Master was an excellent magician, when looking through the book and letters he wrote that he left behind, it often described things with a very mild personality.
Even if I flip through a book desperately seeking an answer, I don’t think it will give me one.

You can just become stronger with magic combat style. It’s rather strange with that talent that no invitation has come from Margrave Breithilde.” (Wendelin)

Luise’s magical power should already be close to that of Burkhart-san who belongs to Margrave Breithilde’s house.
Despite having just started building up her magical power, she has more magical power than most retainer magicians.

That’s because I am a woman.” (Luise)

Due to being a woman, it’s not possible to create a family to become a vassal.
This county and the neighboring country Urquhart Holy Empire are the same.
The status of women being lower, a woman is unlikely to possess a title as the head of a household.

If Luise was a man, Margrave Breithilde would have come over to invite her.
It just for form’s sake, she still registered as of the Orwin house, though the conditions of “after she grows up” can be put.

However, that is impossible because Luise is a woman.
Even if she has the talent, as a woman, she would have to leave the Orwin house to teach the generations-old magic combat style to the Brithilde house.

It might be possible for Margrave Breithilde to push it forcibly, but the relations with vassals would likely become strained this time if he does that.

It is not a time of war either, a newcomer disturbing the current system would lead to overreactions.

Even for those with the ability to be hired immediately it wouldn’t be smooth sailing, as Margrave Breithilde’s house is a huge structure. [ED: Metaphorical house, not the building he lives in.]

Such stories are also often heard about government offices and large companies from Heisei era Japan, so I don’t think it’s something ridiculous.

It’s a troublesome story (Completely a feudal society…)” (Wendelin)

It’s a hassle to serve in the court, not that I really care though.” (Luise)

Luise will get stronger from now on.
That can only spell trouble for her brother’s status, which is more precious than jewels for the Orwin house’s current head.

Actually, it was the same with me.

Kurt nii-san is more precious than jewels for the Baumeister house’s headship and territory, but I can only recognize it as something troublesome to manage with little income.

Not all humans desire the same thing.

It would be nice if I could use magic.” (Luise)

Raise your magical power, and pray to the heavens.” (Wendelin)

Such an irresponsible teacher.” (Luise)

I get along well with Luise due to her practicing in raising her magical power. Slowly I am getting on good terms with her.

But some ridiculous rumor goes around because of this.


Hey, Wend.” (Erwin)

What is it, Erw?” (Wendelin)

Are you really going out with Luise?” (Erwin)

Of course I am not!” (Wendelin)

Rumors spread within the prep school that Luise and I are dating. At the same time, there are also rumors going around that I like small girls and small chests.



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