Chapter 29 – Reunion with Erich-nii-san

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“To put it simply, you received a medal and were ennobled into peerage.” (Artur)

“Well yea, you could say that.” (Wendelin)

After finishing the audience with His Majesty, I was sitting in the carriage once again headed towards the noble residential area.

Although of lower rank, another knight peerage household had adopted Erich-nii-san. And currently their residence was located in that district.

While advancing leisurely within the carriage along the stone-paved road, I inquired from Artur-san about various questions I was wondering about.

“First off, about the Twin Dragon medal.”

There existed several other kinds of medals within the kingdom.

Since there was no war for a long time, they were mostly given in turns to important nobles as a formality.

Even within the military forces and the government office, members of the upper echelons who contributed to the organizational management received a deed of arms in turns. However those were given out rarely.

I haven’t heard stories about particular contributions in my previous life, however it seems to be identical to important politicians and high-ranking bureaucrats receiving a medal.

Oh, and there also was a medal given to merchants who possessed a comparatively big amount of money.

As for this case, as soon as they knew that they would receive a conferring of decorations, they donated money towards orphanages, charitable organizations and additionally to the church in order to adequately honor the nation rewarding them for their services.

The party to celebrate the conferring of decorations also required quite a lot money as there usually were many invitees. Probably the aim was for them to spit out the money they had been stashing away.

Furthermore there also were lower ranking medals for superior craftsmen and wealthy farmers who contributed by reclaiming vast agricultural land or by digging out extensive irrigation channels.

And apparently even famous adventurers were targets for receiving a conferring of decorations.

Actually, Artur-san had received medals in his time as adventurer and more recently for being a fairly well off merchant, too.

In his adventurer time he received a conferring of decorations together with Burkhart-san for exterminating the fire drake.

“Honor is prestige, but … this, it takes a lot of money.” (Wendelin)

“Thus, the money is distributed upon society.” (Artur)

“I guess you could put it like that. Well, looking at it in long term, they can make quite the profit. So there really isn’t much of a choice except coughing up the money.” (Wendelin)

And on another subject regarding the Twin Dragon medal, I hear that medal is a deed of arms that hasn’t been granted to anyone in more than 200 years.

“237 years ago, the time when the kingdom was still at war with the Holy Empire Urquhart …” (Wendelin)

While both armies were glaring at each other in a deadlock, the military of the Holy Empire Urquhart had dispatched a unit of 10’000 soldiers making them take a detour so they could strike the Helmut kingdom army at the rear with a surprise attack.

“Noticing this movement, the great commander General Bierhoff immediately moved with a force of 5’000 soldiers to intercept them. After crushing them, he followed the route the enemy unit took and successfully stroke the Holy Empire Urquhart’s army in the rear by surprise in reverse. That’s how it was recorded in history books.” (Artur)

“I happened to read those records, too.” (Wendelin)

Being thrown into confusion by General Bierhoff’s reverse-surprise attack, the Helmut Kingdom’s army used this opportunity to attack the Holy Empire Urquhart’s army. As a result, of the Holy Empire Urquhart’s army, amounting to 200’000 soldiers, 100’000 troops were killed in action and further 30’000 were taken as prisoners.

Furthermore, the Urquhart Holy Empire had to abandon the territory they ruled in retreat.

They retreated beyond the Gigant Trench, which is a fissure exceeding a depth of 100 meters, dividing the central part of the Lingaia (T/N: >> Ringaia <<) continent into northern and southern parts.

Afterwards it developed into a deadlock of both armies glaring at each other on their respective side of the fissure once again.

And the irony of it all was that thanks to that Gigant Trench both countries were able to peacefully conclude a ceasefire agreement.

Because of the fissure having a vast width and depth, the nobles situated at the adjoining border didn’t fight over the soil or water supply.

Rather, it felt like the nobles were too busy grandly competing with the nobles whose territory touched their own borders while belonging to the same nation. Thus there weren’t any skirmishes between the two countries.

Because the efforts to cross the Gigant Trench in order to invade the other nation was not worth the result, the followers of each camp abstained from attempting it.

As the war lost its meaning, both countries changed their stance towards a ceasefire agreement. This is also the reason why there was no war in over 200 years.

“Since the time of General Bierhoff, there was no other conferring of decorations to award the Twin Dragon medal.” (Artur)

“However, Artur-san and Burkhart-san killed a fire drake as well.” (Wendelin)

“We killed it, yea, but it didn’t particularly harm the kingdom in any way. While searching for new monster domains, we ran into it by chance and defeated it in battle. Therefore we got another medal.” (Artur)

If that fire drake had attacked an human habitat governed by the kingdom, they would have received it anywayis what I inferred from Artur-san’s explanation.

“Even so, a new peerage, huh?” (Artur)

Still, as I am yet a minor, it is an exceptionally rare case for a noble’s child with no right to inherit the household to become an independent head of another family.

The only other case would be small girls with no relatives left alive who became the fiancées of other noble children and thus succeeded their peerage.

Such cases seemed to appear occasionally.

“In Wendelin’s case though, you were appointed a noble for your achievements as the only reason.” (Artur)

According to Artur-san’s talk, I have to apparently leave the Baumeister family on this occasion in order to succeed as family head of a new and different Baumesiter household.

“Although you weren’t given territory, you will receive an annuity corresponding to your appointed title. As associate baron you will receive 30 gold coins per year. Since you weren’t appointed to a governmental office, you won’t receive the wages of one. You are not obliged to stay in the royal capital and thus you can return to the adventurer prep school in Breitburg without worries. As it is only necessary to keep up appearance, the necessary expenses are little, too. An easy victory with ease and comfort, wouldn’t you say?” (Artur)

Continuing the story with the ranks, there were ranks from first down to tenth rank.

First rank was His Majesty only, second rank were the queen, the two princes and the two princesses, third rank were other royals and nothing else but dukes, fourth rank were marquises and margraves, fifth rank were counts, viscounts and barons, however there also were barons possessing the sixth rank.

And then at the sixth rank there were associate barons and at the seventh rank was the knight peerage.

By the way, from the tenth rank up to the eighth rank the authority of inheritance wasn’t granted.

A former commoner, who advanced in rank due to meritorious deeds, wouldn’t go beyond baron in rank for lifetime and the rank wouldn’t be passed on to their children neither thus ending it in the same generation.

Naturally the children would fall back to the rank of commoners as they weren’t the cause of the advancement in rank due to the achievements.

Incidentally, just until a while ago I didn’t even hold such a rank.

That’s a gap in the system or more precisely it might have been left unknown on purpose.

The wives and children of nobles below associate baron, while being registered as nobles for the time being, they weren’t granted a suitable noble rank.

Of course they wouldn’t receive any pension neither. Even at the time the noble head died they couldn’t inherit the peerage and thus it would be lost.

Because the children who were born were not registered as nobles neither, there also were various lower-ranking nobles with huge branch families in many strange ways.

“Jaa, will my children succeed the noble rank then?” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin’s achievements are great. Having said that, we cannot give the offshoot an excessive salary just because of their lineage either. In case the children are ordinary, we would keep useless people on payroll because they are an associate baron, wouldn’t you agree? Keeping an useless person on payroll will be viewed with quite the envy.”

To put it simply, if one didn’t continue to contribute achievements in the future, apparently it wouldn’t be that easy to go beyond the rank of baron.

“But, if you were to become a remarkable person, it would be a different mater altogether.”(Artur)

“Eeh!” (Wendelin)

My father possesses a knight peerage of the seventh rank.

Erich-nii-san, who was adopted, will inherit the seventh rank knight peerage from his stepfather in several years, too.

In brief, I have become a remarkable person already.

“It depends on the standpoint, too. Even if Wendelin’s father and brother are equivalent as appointed nobles from His Majesty’s viewpoint, on official occasions it could result in bossy and difficult behavior if your brother and your father face each other.” (Artur)

The punishment for such behavior wasn’t as simple either. There seemed to be ostracism by the network of fellow nobles in such situations like In spite of being a noble, he is an idiot who doesn’t understand the rules of nobles.

“Although it wouldn’t matter in father’s case, for Erich-nii-san …” (Wendelin)

Although Erich is my closest brother being on the same wavelength as I, he can’t afford to deal with me in the wrong way due to my rank being above his.

I feel a bit lonely.

“Therefore you have to bear this in mind on official occasions. Usually it is no problem though.” (Artur)

While we had such talk, the carriage arrived safely at the mansion where Erich-nii-san lives.

“Somehow it seems to be difficult in various ways.” (Erich)

“Yes, staggeringly difficult.” (Wendelin)

Although it shouldn’t be a problem meeting again after an interval of approximately seven years and exchanging greetings, for Erich-nii-san to suddenly use polite speech to show his respect would cause me to be bothered quite a bit, too. However I am optimistic that it will work out just fine.

As one would expect from the most rational and intelligent nii-san of the Baumeister family.

I am sure he will understand the situation I was thrown into today.

“Which reminds me, Wend’s friends are relaxing in the reception room.” (Erich)

“As expected of Erich-nii-san.” (Wendelin)

“Well then, I will excuse myself on this occasion.” (Artur)

“I am sorry to have bothered you when you are busy.” (Wendelin)

“What are you talking about? Personal connections are important for a merchant. Becoming an acquaintance of Wendelin on this voyage, there aren’t many days you make such a great profit, at least looking at it from my point of view.” (Artur)

Just like Burkhart-san, his way with words was a bit evil, but Artur-san paid attention to me not making any careless mistakes in front of His Majesty in various ways.

Likewise, during the talk with His Majesty, he sometimes very skilfully changed the direction the talks were going on a moment’s notice as well.

I think I can understand the reason why he is so successful as newcomer merchant in the royal capital.

“I am very grateful to you for looking after my little brother.” (Erich)

“As one would expect of Wendelin-dono’s elder brother. It looks to me that you certainly have a good marriage partner.” (Artur)

“They are poor, insignificant nobility, though.” (Erich)

“It might be like that now, but you never know what will happen in 10 years.” (Artur)

Because I was able to safely meet Erich-nii-san, do you think that your own duty has ended at this point?

In order to return to his own company, Artur-san boarded the carriage again.

The carriage started to move once more heading towards the direction of the business district.

“Saa, come, I will guide you.” (Erich)

It was a noble street. In close proximity to the royal palace were the residences of many high-ranking nobles, while the residences of lower ranking nobles were close to the streets of the commoners. This segregation was completely intentional.

Erich-nii-san’s residence, or perhaps I should say the residence of the Brandt (T/N: >> Buranto <<) family which adopted him. Of course the mansion belongs to the latter after all.

Nonetheless, as one would expect of the residence of a noble in office.

Already the gate of our own family was no match in size to this one.

It was to the degree that one might doubt it was a household holding the same rank of knight peerage.

As I entered the residence guided by Erich-nii-san, I was confronted by an apparently approximately sixty year old, silver-gray haired man with refined characteristics and an approximately forty year old, brown haired, middle-aged woman with a calm demeanor.

And furthermore there was beautiful girl with the same brown-colored hair as the middle-aged woman growing straight down to shoulder length.

She seemed to be approximately twenty years old but that was at best an educated guess. Her pupils also had the same color and she wore a slightly less composed demeanor. (T/N: That cries for NTR development, doesn’t it? xD)

“May I introduce the family members of the Brandt household who adopted me into their family.” (Erich)

The elder man, who acted as current family head, was called Rüdiger Wilhelm von Brandt (T/N: >> Rutoga Viremu <<) and would celebrate his 62nd anniversary this year.

The middle-aged woman was his wife and was called Marion Wilhelm von Brandt (T/N: >> Marion <<) with an age of 40 years.

And finally the beautiful girl was called Miriam Wilhelm von Brandt (T/N: >> Miriyamu <<) and would become 19 years old this year.

The former wife of the current family head Rüdiger-san died from illness without leaving any children behind. The current wife only had one daughter who was now to be married to Erich-nii-san. Such was the story of the Brandt family household.

Given that you couldn’t escape aging, he made the heavy decision to marry off his daughter in order to have a successor of the household. Erich-nii-san, who had just passed the junior governmental official examination, was assigned as subordinate to him. As he was pleased with the young man, he chose him as inheritor.

“Nice to meet you, Sir Baumeister.” (Rüdiger)

“Excuse me. We would like to ask for your forgiveness for receiving you at such a place instead of a more appropriate official location, Sir Baumeister” (Marion)

“As for this, please excuse us. At any rate, Baumeister-dono currently is famous in the royal capital due to the story of defeating an ancient dragon. However, for such a renown magician-dono to be the little brother of Erich, the world sure is small.” (Miriam)

There is not a speck of arrogance to be seen in Rüdiger-san unlike the usual nobles. Instead he addresses me open-heartedly.

“In all honesty, I was only desperate to avoid letting the magic airship and all those on board be burned by the breath attack.” (Wendelin)

No matter how much I continue to train my magic, nor does it matter how many ferocious wild animals I take on while hunting, it remains a fact that my debut at monster killing was extremely harsh upon closer examination.

Honestly, I don’t remember the time and situation when I fought that bone dragon too well. Since I was exceedingly frantic at the time, my remaining memory of the event is blurry.1

The contents of the story I told His Majesty afterwards were provided to me by what Erwin’s group and Burkhart-san had told me before.

“Darling, thinking about it very objectively I will become Wendelin-san’s sister-in-law.” (Miriam)

“That appears to be the case, no?” (Erich)

“My best regards to you, sister-in-law-san” (Wendelin)

“As I am an only daughter, having a younger brother-in-law is quite novel.” (Miriam)

Erich-nii-san’s bride gives off a feeling of what you would call a soothing beautiful girl in my previous life. Having such person as sister-in-law, I have a hunch they will lead a fortunate life.

Though they don’t comprehend yet that I can frequently meet them. My teleportation magic is already set and will allow me to move to the royal capital freely as I please. That possibility is certainly existent now.

“Oh, you have already returned?” (-)

“Is it true that you were appointed as a noble?” (-)

“Considering the overwhelming tension, did you make a mistake when you were in front of His Majesty?” (-)

While I was talking with each of the Brandt family members, the shape of Erwin’s group showed up from within the residence.2

It appears they also know about me receiving a peerage at the royal palace.

“The Twin Dragon medal as well as the 6th rank position of associate baron.” (Wendelin)

“Really? I want you to make me your retainer.” (Erwin)

“In the case of Erwin, you’ve got enough skill that you could enter governmental service with room left though.” (Wendelin)

“Even so, it is not such a simple story, you know?” (Erwin)

“It is as Erwin-kun says. No matter how skilled one is with the sword, to be employed by a noble as retainer it is important to have connections.” (Rüdiger)

Nobles needed a powerful group of retainers in preparation for war time.

This seemed to be the official stance. Nowadays the impact of war had ceased for more than 200 years. No matter how excellent one’s physical strength was, it wasn’t as easy any more for a novice to enter governmental service, Rüdiger-san explained the circumstances.

For example, in the case of some noble’s household suffering shortage of people.

First off, such noble’s household’s children would be made to found independent branch families. If that was no good either, priority would be given to the children of the current retainers.

If even that didn’t solve the problem, it would be sufficient to employ talented commoners from within the own territory. Thus the act of getting novices for such situation was non-existent.

“In times even that is no good, they will agree to more flexibility in relationships of close relatives and grown children. Therefore a letter of introductions is indispensable. Regarding that letter of introductions, if the person using it to become a retainer falls into disgrace, the evaluation of the one writing it will fall as well. Therefore they won’t write a letter of introductions for a person they don’t know well enough in the first place.” (Rüdiger)

In other words, either one took up some kind of employment within the territory of their family, or one reclaimed uninhabited and undeveloped land with perseverance in order to open it up as new territory for oneself or one followed the path of an adventurer.

“Aren’t you going to prep school currently in order to become an adventurer, Wend?” (Erwin)

“Ah!” (Wendelin)

“Then I want you to employ me.” (Erwin)

“Oh well, that’s fine with me.” (Wendelin)

“I don’t think he would be a gain. With him, even if Wend takes command as leader, there is no reason in getting that kind of trouble on board.” (Luise) (T/N: Right, Wendelin, take the women, forget ’bout the guy!)

“Me too, please hire me” (Ina)

“Me too” (Luise)

“Luise and Ina, each of you is fine with me as well, however are you sure you want to join such a noble?” (Wendelin)

“Your attitude is no good, you know. But …”

There were many lower-ranking appointed nobles in the royal capital, but it seemed more than half of them didn’t have a formal, official position.

Compared with the amount of nobles, the amount of official positions was quite insufficient.

Even so, a minimal pension was paid in order for nobles to have some money for socializing.

There were nobles who spent money to escape from their current official position in order to dedicate their time to physical training, too.

For that reason, there was a great number of lower-ranking nobles who had a subsidiary businesses or side jobs.

“Actually, it is not allowed, but hey … yelling Well, then give me an official position!would be troublesome as well, and because of that it is tolerated.”

“It’s difficult, huh?” (Wendelin)

Our family’s home is considerably poor, but the lower-ranking nobles in the royal capital have to face various difficulties, too.

“Because that’s how it is occasionally. There are nobles who work as adventurers as side job and die while carrying it out.”

While the cause of death was being killed by a monster, officially it couldn’t be made public for aforementioned reasons either.

After consultation with the governmental office it would be declared as death due to sickness. Furthermore the governmental office staff themselves would urge the matter of handing over the peerage to a successor as soon as possible, too, Rüdiger-san told us from experience.

“Huh? But in that case, what’s the rule for me?” (Wendelin)

“In Wendelin-dono’s case His Majesty has bestowed an authorization to freely do as you please. Although the reason might be that yourself are a magician as well.” (Rüdiger)

The nobles and the kingdom, no matter how much talent one might possess, an inexperienced young magician wouldn’t be hired by either, it seemed.

In reverse it would become a struggle between both sides once one became widely known as an adventurer. Such a magician could freely choose their governmental service post once they retired and started their second life.

However magic alone wouldn’t be enough. It was a fact that the cultivated experience and personal connections during one’s time as adventurer would be very useful as well.

This perfectly applies to our master, Burkhart-san.

“By His Majesty’s decision, Wendelin-dono has already been reserved in advance.” (Rüdiger)

“Reservation? Ah!” (Wendelin)

Which reminds me, as I received a conferring of decorations by His Majesty, I already am a noble of the kingdom.

Later on, as I retire as adventurer it will end in Well, you can assume your official position now!.

On the contrary, there also is the possibility to be employed by the household of the Breithilde margrave. What a despairing situation.

Even if there is a difference between peerage and rank as well, both, me and the Breithilde margrave, are appointed as nobles by the kingdom. Thus the situation would become the same in the end.

Therefore the Breithilde margrave won’t be able to employ me any more as we have become colleagues already.

Thinking back, I can now understand the reason for the obviously awkward wry smile of Artur-san not long ago.

While it isn’t Burkhart-san’s fault, it is a fact that the personnel that caught his master’s eye has immediately been monopolized by the kingdom in the end.

No matter how gentle the Breithilde margrave might be, it was no risky wager to state that Burkhart-san would be scolded.

Artur-san, who had noticed this, considered his friend Burkhart-san in pity. That would explain the expression he wore earlier.

“Wendelin-dono, even if those three are your friends, it might be better to employ them in appearance only.” (Rüdiger)

Rüdiger-san suggested to me to only employ my three friends formally.

“Wendelin-dono although you became a associate baron you hold no duty.” (Rüdiger)

Thus the annual pension will be 3 gold plates.

Changing it into Japanese yen, that would be about 30 million yen.

However, as I currently have no residence in the royal capital to maintain, there naturally is no particular need to employ any people either.

“After over 200 years the first person to receive the Twin Dragon medal is Wendelin-dono. Furthermore the matter of conferring the rank of associate baron. This news has already spread in the royal capital …” (Rüdiger)

Naturally, the unemployed young nobles being NEETs while wishing to become a retainer will begin to promote themselves towards a currently highly praised person. Furthermore even commoners wishing to become guards or servants will intrude on me in the future. Such a scenarios is easily imaginable.

“There exists an economical reason for the kingdom, too. Currently it isn’t easy to increase the number of noble households.” (Rüdiger)

Half of the appointed noble households resided within the royal capital. Thus the reality was that there were nobles whom you could call NEETs, who do nothing else but receiving their annual pension.

Although the amount of annual pension was known to the general public, living idly and eating for free while not speaking of anyone specific, the taxpaying commoners would remember it.

Therefore it wasn’t that easy to increase the amount of nobles.

Conversely in the case of decrease, more and more would become extinct without even having a chance to adopt successors into their households.

But as for this, it was apparently a quite rare case.

In the first place, there almost always existed a relative somewhere who had the potential to become the successor. Rather, there were many cases where it turned into an ugly competition between the succession candidates.

“Because of that it may become a bloodshed. There are also case where the talk about succession completely vanished.” (Rüdiger)

“…” (Wendelin)

Next would be the case of taking up the peerage to the extent of committing a crime.

However, there were cases like this as well. Important nobles accepting bribes and such and there also were many issues with swindlers. In the case of accepting bribes there were many instances which were settled by paying a penalty and thus closing the case.

Occasionally there were cases of profligate sons of nobles killing a commoner. In such a situation it was often solved by paying a huge load of money to settle it out of court and thus putting an end to any legal claims.

“Once in a while there is an unlucky noble who gets in the crossfire of opposing factions and ends up receiving a severe punishment to be made an example of.” (Rüdiger) (T/N: And now someone be as kind to tell me why they are standing in the entrance hall talking about this hypothetical political shit. xD)

However, that seemed to be rare as well. (T/N: Then don’t talk about it!!!)

If one went too far, the noble community would become brutal.

“The reason why noble household increase is similar. First off, the case where someone contributes matchless achievements like Wendelin-dono” (Rüdiger)

But due to war having disappeared nowadays, that could be considered almost hopeless.

Even if one performed peerlessly in the occasional outbreaks of strife at the border of the territory, the kingdom wouldn’t spend any praises for such a reason.

It was unthinkable that the evaluation would rise from that to the extent that you could put a value of minus zero to the increase.

“Since those soldiers are vassals employed by the noble, generally any reward that was sent will go to the noble himself. What a nice story, isn’t it?”

Next would be, the situation of oneself reclaiming undeveloped land and having the territorial right recognized by the kingdom.

In addition, this is the case for my own home, the Baumeister household.

“Although it is a positive method in a certain way, it is also quite the difficult feat to accomplish.”

Gathering people to clear the empty plot of land and then making sure to increase tax yields. Talking about it was easy, but actually accomplishing it was quite difficult.

Moreover even if you succeeded with it, if it caught the interest of an important noble in the vicinity, it might happen that the feudal lord in the adjourning territory would compete for the rights of the land.

Apparently this was connected to quite a few hardships.

“Although the kingdom presents the knight peerage as a matter of convenience, it isn’t unusual for the village under a noble to not exceed a population of 100 inhabitants.”

In that way it quickly became a matter of internal administration for the king. Such a nice story where reclaiming grounds equaled to rapid development would be a strange dream at best.

Otherwise our own home, the Baumeister household, would have already become a separate margraviate long time ago.

“For that reason, tomorrow there might potentially be a flood of people rushing the location of Wendelin-dono”

The young nobles in hope of a retainer’s position and the commoners in hope of employment.

And then, nobles offering their daughters or little sisters as brides, and merchants and commoners earnestly requesting and desiring to be taken as concubines.

I am getting a headache from just thinking about it.

“Therefore, those three will be made into retainers even if only formally in the end.”

Having the same ambition to become adventurers, they already were party members. Currently there was no work in the new Baumeister household and thus there was no need to pay any wages neither.

“That’s true. We don’t need something like wages.”

“At the least it is an insurance for the second life.”

“That’s how it is. It is much better to become a retainer of the unmarried Wend than being the second wife of some strange guy after retirement.”

If it comes to light that I already secured retainers, the unreasonable pleads of various people would decrease as well.

Moreover, Ina and Luise are of the same age as I am.

“With all due respect, Ina-san and Luise-san being the daughters of vassals, it is all the more convenient in such case.”

“The surroundings would perceive the situation as Ina and me being mistresses, huh?” (Luise)

Since I have become the family head as a noble, assuming that I agree to accept a legal wife, it will become necessary to match the family status.

Therefore, it seems the two daughters of retainers are excluded and can’t be accepted as wives.

“It helps that Luise-san understands the situation quickly.”

“Well to be honest, I am fine with actually being his mistress too though.” (Luise)

“Maa, this would also be the worst way to become an adult, you know? Also you might have a desire for someone else than me.” (Wendelin)

“If Wend says so. Just that the difference would be that I will have become an attractive woman at that time. I would do my best to seduce you as much as possible.” (Luise)

Afterwards, we ate dinner together with Erich-nii-san and everyone from the Brandt family.

We spent the evening talking about various other matters. Half of the chat was about me suddenly becoming the family head of a new noble household.

The experienced and well-versed Rüdiger-san gave me various bits of advice without minding my inexperience. As one would expect of a noble serving in a governmental office in the royal capital for many years.

Even though both families have the same rank, except for knowing how to plow a field, in almost everything else father and brother couldn’t outdo the the Brandt family.

While the air of the royal city might rub a lower-ranking noble the wrong way, you had to be sensible to politics and the common knowledge of nobles.

“Hey, Erich-nii-san.” (Wendelin)

“What’s up, Wend?” (Erich)

“Rüdiger-san is several tens times more reliable than our father and our other brothers.” (Wendelin)

“Maa, it might be best to not mention this though.” (Erich)

Before retiring for the night, Erich-nii-san and I had such a talk.

Translation Notes

1 The author wrote he has no memory of the time but it’s not like he has amnesia so I weakened it a bit.

2 So yea, this clears up the doubt whether the 2 girls were on board the ship in the previous chapters now, too. I will change the singular tense to plural tense later in the previous chapters then.

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