Chapter 23 – Uninvited member

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Thanks for helping us.”

Thank you Wend-kun.”

Excuse me…I also helped though.”

My bad. Erwin-kun, you’re also really amazing but…”

Magic is seriously foul play…”

In afternoon after school, I went out for part-time job with my classmate Erw, we were going to return to the town with overjoyed faces thanks to our good result; it was then that, by coincidence, we saved our classmate’s Ina and Luise who had been attacked by a pack of wolves.

Although the pack of wolves had been wiped out by both Erw’s bow and my magic, it wasn’t strange for them to be very surprised after seeing mere twelve year old brats annihilating a pack of wolves.

After collecting the wolves fur to be sold, the four of us decided to have a chat along with dinner.

But are you guys okay with giving us the wolf fur?”

Oh, about that? It’s fine, think of it as thanks for helping us.”

That also can’t be considered as thanks. More than half were defeated by Erw-kun and Wend-kun.”

To be honest, when we rushed there, eight wolves were already dead.
The two of them had managed to defeat them on their own.

But because of having spent too much stamina, they were forced into a defensive state without being able to defeat any more wolves.
I believe the fur of the eight wolves they had defeated should be theirs, but they were given to us as a thanks for helping them.

When I looked at the side, Erw had a really joyful face.
He must be happy about the increase in our income.

I don’t want them to feel indebted to us.
So I believe that I should receive it obediently.

On the other hand, I remember that I have to treat Erw to dinner since I lost to him in the hunting competition after all, I also decided to treat the other two while I’m at it.

After handing in the catch we hunted earlier at the purchase location designated by the prep school, which the adventurer guild also manages, we moved to the restaurant near the prep school.

In the past, I had sold sold what i caught in the bazaar with my merchant guild card while pretending to be a peasant who lives near Breitburg, it was easier now since all I had to do was to take it to the appointed purchase location.

Because of my habit from before I thought that I had to dismantle it, but since there is a professional for that in the purchase location I ended up being given a warning by the prep school, saying that an amateur should not try dismantling it.

The value would be reduced if it was done by an amateur, but when I sold it in bazaar I had been praised by my customers and the commercial guild staff for being good at dismantling.

However, that dismantling was done by magic.

And at the reception desk of the purchase location, I met someone I knew from the staff of the commercial guild.
I thought it would be bad if my name was heard by him after the receptionist called me, but it seems the other side didn’t care.
I was told by Erw later that it was not unusual for a noble kid from the countryside to work hard at a side job pretending to be a farmer’s kid, it seems he did that too.

It would become a serious thing if it was found that the false name was being used for crime, but they were relieved instead when a noble kid used a false name to work a part-time job since their identity is trustworthy.
What’s more, the expert guild staff can tell the different between a farmer’s kid and a noble’s kid.
They can pretty much be called professionals in this.
And true enough, that commercial guild staff didn’t come to talk to me.

The person with tag seven.”


After everything else was done, 3 silver coins for the fur of one wild boar, 4 silver coins for eight rabbits and 3 silver for three guinea fowls.

The wolf meat can’t be eaten but the fur was unexpectedly in much demand, totaling 6 silver coins for twenty wolf furs.

Today’s total is 16 silver coin so, 8 silver coins each.
Or about 80,000 in yen?

Despite the unthinkable amount for a part-time job, this is because we went all the way to the distant hunting grounds.
Of those hunting near the town, about half of them are usually boys.

There is more danger hunting in a distant place with no one nearby.
What happened today is the result of the actions of this two ojou-sama‘s.

So the rumor was true.”


Yes, about Baumeister house’s eighth son that can use pretty powerful magic.”

We arrived at student purveyor restaurant near prep school, after taking a seat at a table, I order four servings of today’s recommended dinner.
One serving is one copper plate, a bit expensive but it had a lot more meat in the thick stew, fried river fish and fresh salad.
With two pieces of white, soft bread; the drink is tea or coffee, with apple pie as the desert.

The price is worth the amount.

I feel bad for having you treat us this expensive menu.”

Erw won the bet you see.”

Sorry for making you give us a treat.”

It’s not a problem since we earned a lot today.”

We felt hungry and so decided to finish the warm meal in our presence first, we had a talk while enjoying tea and coffee after the meal, and even ate dessert later.

But that was a bad luck.”

Well…It must be, it takes a lot of time to hunt such a large boar.”

To Erw’s comforting words, the pretty Luise with her childish appearance and blue light hair explained why they ended up surrounded by so many wolves.
Just like us, they luckily found a large boar soon after the hunt started in a location away from the town, it took a lot of time to deal with it, meanwhile, the smell of blood attracted the pack of wolves.

Not only that, but the eight wolves they had managed to defeat before were from the first pack, and the others were from a 2nd pack that followed the first.

Despite being scholarship students, they are still 12-13 years old girls.
Fighting with two packs of wolves seems to be too much for them.

And honestly, it was our first time hunting.”

According to Ina’s story, the two of them had only ever trained in the dojo so they had no experience in hunting.
Which made them use their stamina recklessly.

You guys never went hunting before?”

It’s hardly surprising Wend.”


Yeah. Nobles and even retainers that live in a town are like that.”

As for me and Erw, since both our families come from a rural area, we had to hunt despite being nobles.
In a rural area there are less hunters given that farming is the priority, and adventurers mostly don’t come, there some people that train their martial arts but most consider it a hobby.

On the other hand, nobles and soldiers in town can work as hunters or adventurers, you can also receive formal martial arts training, and they can also engage in various different hobby’s and entertainment as well.

Fighting a single wolf would not be a hard fight for someone trained, however.”

The scary thing about wolves attacking in a group, is that despite knocking down several of them and inflicting wounds, the defenders would be injured sooner or later, many lives are stolen in this manner after losing their strength.

Besides your pairing composition is wrong.”

Ina with spear and Luise with the magic combat style.
Since both of them are vanguard types, Erw advised that at least one person should use a bow instead.

In that aspect, I can use bow and sword with Wend can use bow and magic. A well-balanced party.”

I think it has nothing to do with balance.”

Why is that, Hildbrun?”

Ina is fine. Listen, I know your skill with the sword is good, and you’re skilled in the bow too. But Wendelin’s magic is in an entirely different realm. The result would be the same even if he were paired with others, right?”

Makes sense. I understand what Ina wants to say. Wend-kun’s magic is already a the level of a top-notch adventurer.”

Luise also agreed with Ina’s speech.

Otherwise, he would not be able to kill ten wolves with just magic arrows. Not just his capacity in magical power, but his magic accuracy is already on the level of an expert as well.”

Just like Ina said, I have a lot of confidence in my magic precision.
This six years weren’t for nothing, that does not mean I kept doing intensive training in magic before i left the house.

Right, I just put all my effort in magic training and eating alone.
By no means I didn’t do other things.

And I also had master who i’m indebted to even though we only spent a short time together, he is a great existence for me.
Because i had him as a teacher, I was able to receive efficient training in magic.

I won’t say it is unfair but Erwin’s partner is just too overwhelming.”

I can’t help it. I was lucky on that part.”

Normally, it often sounds arrogant when someone talks in such a way, but Erw had a strange charm and an enviable personality that doesn’t make enemies easily.

And what Erw said is a fact.

We became friends after accidentally meeting in the entrance ceremony, a total coincidence

Interestingly, Erw was an expert at swordplay at that point.
His prowess with the bow is also not to be underestimated.

I never thought about him as a burden.

What Erwin said is true”

You’re right. This is also fate. It’s like one fate was bound with others.”

Luise and me as vanguards, and depending on the situation Erwin can use sword as vanguard and bow as rearguard. And Wendelin as rearguard with his bow and magic. A well-balanced party isn’t it.”

Somehow, a party is formed without permission…”

Girls are the sort of creatures that after combining their cuteness and weakness can make it a powerful combination.
I have somewhat experienced it in my previous life, but it seems I have taken it too lightly.

The next day, after we entered the prep school classroom, we were called by the teacher who also belongs to the staff from the guild.

Baumeister, Arnim. We have received the party application from Hildbrun and Orwin.”


If I am not mistaken, we were given the explanation about party formation at the entrance ceremony.
The trick for adventurers to survive is either through their own ability or by finding a reliable companion.
With all the trouble in attending prep school, it’s common to create a party together with your close companions to help in studies and training.

Thus party application exists for that.
If one had applied to this, the applied members were given priority at a party training to be held later on, it’s the prep school’s belief that one would feel safer when knowing the other members fighting style from experience, after spending some time hunting together as a part time job.

That’s a well-balanced party. We’ll expecting a lot from you guys in the future.”

Those girls…”

Is this the so-called raising a flag like those in a light novel?’

I don’t think they had any bad intent, and it would be insipid to act only with a guy like Erw or alone all the time, so for the time being I suppose I’ll wait and see what happens.


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    “That also can’t be considered as thanks. More than half were defeated by Erw-kun and Wend-kun.”

    “It’s hardly surprising Wen.”
    “It’s hardly surprising, Wend.”

    “Makes sense. I understand what Ina wants to say. Wen-kun’s magic is already a the level of a top-notch adventurer.”
    “Makes sense. I understand what Ina is trying to say. Wend-kun’s magic is already at the level of a top-notch adventurer.”


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