Chapter 20 – Small familiy feud

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The villagers’ unrest is increasing, slowly but surely, here in the Baumeister Knight Territory.” (Klaus)

I heard their business but the words that came from the village headman, Klaus, felt like a bombshell.

I’ve never heard that before.” (Wendelin)

I couldn’t say anything else.

Father is alive and well, and he has already announced Kurt as the successor to the Baumeister household. Plus, Kurt married four years ago and has a child, which is a boy.

It was clear to all that Kurt, the eldest son, would inherit Baumeister Knight Territory.

There is no reason to discuss this any further.” (Wendelin)

I’m troubled to suddenly have a talk like this. It feels like they want to instigate the useless eighth son, who is still eleven years old.

Honestly, what do they expect me to do?

B-But Wendelin-sama.” (Klaus)

Father is the current family head and has already announced my eldest brother Kurt as the successor. Also, there are three people above me for the succession; what could I possibly say about this absurd talk?”(Wendelin)

The line of succession in Baumeister Knight Territory right now is eldest brother Kurt, Kurt’s son Karl, Paul (3rd son), Helmut (4th son), Erich (5th son), and myself in last place.

Hermann, the second son, is the current family head of the vassal branch family, so he has abandoned the rights to inherit.

Erich nii-san is currently a petty official in the imperial city and has already decided to enter his boss’s family as their son-in-law, so he also plans on giving up the inheritance rights immediately.

It would be too unnatural for me to become the next family head of Baumeister since my place in succession is the fifth and last place. However, the biggest challenge would be to convince father to make me the family head.

Plus, there is a chance Klaus might get rid of me by making me the scapegoat for being the main culprit of a family feud; such a conspiracy theory also came to mind.

Maybe I am an eyesore for Klaus’ superior judgment?” (Wenedelin)

Why you little-” (Walter)

Back off Walter!” (Klaus)

But grandfather!” (Walther)

Wendelin-sama is your brother and your social standing is different. Back away, now!” (Klaus)

Walther, father’s 6th son, though through a mistress, rages at my remarks but was suppressed at once by Klaus.

Though Walther is eight years older than me, he can’t become my big brother.

I didn’t think much about it in my previous life, but the status distinction between a legal wife and mistress is indeed troublesome.

I am aware that I said something foolish, but I am absolutely sure Baumeister Knight Territory will decline in the future if we don’t take action.” (Klaus)

Decline? How?” (Wendelin)

I could not understand why Baumeister Knight Territory is weakening.

There is unused land that may produce enormous wealth, if greatly developed. And the territory can reach the sea, if we successfully cleared certain parts of Demon Forest.” (Wendelin)

Yes, our future is bright if development is possible, but it is not currently possible. As of now, the population of the territory is gradually, yet steadily, decreasing.” (Klaus)

Klaus begins to explain to me about his opinion on the future of the Baumeister Knight Territory, first explaining how it started with the incident that occurred eleven years ago in Demon Forest.

Sending troops eleven years ago is our biggest blunder in history.” (Klaus)

I already knew that. What I don’t understand is the need to rush the clearing of the Demon Forest for cultivation when we already had lot of undeveloped land to use. I suppose access to the sea was greatly desired by the Breithilde margrave, which might explain what they had hoped for in rushing forward with developing the land of Demon Forest.” (Wendelin)

With the current noble-sama participation in the incident, a solider was elected as a guide. Please carefully consider this … Other territories don’t have the same geography with how vast our lands are, nor do they have Demon Forest and its untold resources. Obviously it can be counted as military might with how large our territory is.” (Klaus)

Brihedar Margrave is able to mobilize military forces of more than thirty thousand.

Yet maintaining the security in the region and disputes with a few nobles near the territory boundary will drain the budget and logistics will become a problem to even move them.

Even with the logistics relying heavily upon master’s magic bag, it was reckless for ten thousand soldiers to march toward a mountain with almost the same altitude as Mt.Fuji.

Even for a vassal territory, people in Baumeister Knight Territory feel overwhelmed by the superior forces of other territories, and even more uneasy if there were lots of soldiers around.

It still sounded like a half-baked plan to just use two thousand people.”(Wenedelin)

I’m glad that noble-sama was wise enough to just send a hundred people to help. Besides, the true purpose of Breithilde margrave’s intent for Demon Forest was simple.” (Klaus)

The late Breithilde margrave had two sons, the eldest son Daniel and second son Amadeus.

Furthermore, the late Breithilde margrave doted on the eldest son Daniel the most because he would become the successor to the Breithilde household.

But Daniel ended up being slowly wasted by an incurable disease.” (Klaus)

Breithilde margrave had done what he could to help his dying son; however his son’s time was approaching closer and closer.

A slight hope at best, according to legend a powerful elixir can be made from ancient dragon blood, which just might restore Daniel. [ED: Changed “help” to “restore” since it is suppose to be a legendary elixir.]

The late Breithilde margave thought that an ancient dragon might possibly be living in Demon Forest.” (Klaus)

None were known to exist at the other monster territories that adventurers have previously entered, thus the expectation that it was in the Demon Forest which had not yet been fully explored.

Sounds reckless, they ought to have asked for adventurers to help.” (Wenedelin)

With all due respect, they won’t be able to.” (Klaus)

To start with, any adventurer would have a hard time during the long journey to Baumeister Knight Territory, a journey which traverses hundreds of kilometers through rough terrain. After going that far they would just finally reach Demon Forest, but they would then be too exhausted to defeat the dragon.

I’d hate such a request even with all the gold in the world to compensate me.

The end result is history. The army of the late Breithilde Margrave was annihilated with only a hundred people returned safely from the Breithilde army. Similarily, our Baumeister Knight Territory troops only had 23 that survived the ordeal.” (Klaus)

Having lost the family head, the sickly, eldest son Daniel immediately died after hearing the news about his father. The second son, Amedues, then became the head of Breithilde household.

Not much was expected from him as the new heir to Breithilde margrave family. To begin with, only a twentieth of the military force remained from the Demon Forest incident and a powerful mage was lost as well.

[ED: 100 out of 2,000 = 1/20. Added “powerful” since I wouldn’t think a simple mage would rate being noted as lost in combat amongst those numbers.]

That must have felt like a punishment game to Amadeus.

The great noble’s military campaign failure added more oil to the disputes by other, opposing nobels. It is not hard to imagine that the current Breithilde margrave has several issues that may still be causing trouble.

That may be the reason that the current Breithilde margrave is paying a lot more solatium to Baumeister Knight Territory in recompense for the soldiers that were killed in battle; although it’s too bad noble-sama has spent most of that solatium already.” (Klaus)

It was a revelation I didn’t want to hear from the man who dealt with Baumeister house’s financial affairs. Solatium alone could not make the surviving families life easier, but it would have added some comfort to their daily lives.

Even though father was “begged” by the previous Breithilde Margrave to give troops to develop the Demon Forest, he made it look like he accepted the request unwillingly. After all, a vassal can’t refuse the request of a lord.

I don’t think the situation will get any better; this kind of thing is likely to take a turn for the worse.

Rebuilding the lost army and planning new ways to cultivate the land is too burdensome to noble- sama, especially if the population increases. That would result in noble-sama having to make new plans with regards to how to use the land. Simply put, noble-sama is in need of the funds.” (Klaus)

Gold and resources were not the only things lost in the Demon Forest incident, but valuable workers were also lost as well. Since the workers were lost, he now has to forcibly select workers for clearing new land and constructing irrigation canals.

There is also need for manpower to work the fields and people to hunt, but he doesn’t have the necessary funds to do everything.

The farm village in the rural area is not in the best condition but resilient. That said, the villagers are on the brink of exploding, which is not something we can let happen.” (Klaus)

Not done yet, Klaus continues his explanation.

Please think carefully as to why the people feel dissatisfied with noble-sama not just for that, but also the other things we also discussed.” (Klaus)

First is, 11 years ago, the families that lost their loved ones and promising young people. And father already foolishly spent the solatium given by the new Breithilde margrave.

If he was loved for either of these things, the territory people might be masochists.

Next is, members of the branch family, including the late head, and their retainers had been killed in action amongst those sent. Hermann, the second son, succeed that household, but he may be looked at as a spy sent to strengthen the main branch’s influence over the vassal branch. Plus, he is currently in a bad situation to be dealing with problems.

Hermann-dono can also feel the upcoming crisis. Since he was cut from the head house, by being adopted into the wife’s family, he is now in the position of being able to express his influence against the head house.” (Klaus)

Hey now…” (Wendelin) [ED: Almost expect to see “Oi…” instead.]

The current Baumeister Knight Territory house seems to be in a dangerous situation. Though I didn’t really care since I will be leaving the house soon.

And this is the most serious.” (Klaus)

The new cultivation plan has finally been completed but will need to be planned again if the population grows.

But cultivation works that noble-sama and young master command have a bad reputation.” (Klaus)

It is not that the workers get whip or anything. After all, father works voluntarily spearheading it and taking the same meals like everyone else.

Father’s body is strong so he can do the excessive work, but also he has a bad habit of unconsciously forcing others to do the same work when they feel exhausted.

Moreover, he doesn’t know how to command or construct efficiently. He also lacks the ability to lead as a commander. The territory people who are participating in the works seem to be getting depressed from working under him.

Kurt-sama also has the same bad reputation for not saying anything to noble-sama.” (Klaus)

He is the second in comment, yet he does not warn the noble-sama for his unreasonable actions and just does the same work as the ordinary workers.

Being hated by the other workers is obvious for ignoring their plight.

If the population ever increases and he continues that unpleasant reclamation work, then that would result in the territory’s people further resentment.” (Klaus)

There is also the fact that the workers dislike the bad meal they are given during cultivation. Dissatisfaction is such that the population in the village is no longer increasing.

The boys from other families have started to leave the territory.” (Klaus)

There are also many that leave their home with the merchant group that comes every few months from the closest city, Breitburg.

Plus those that leave tend to arrive in Breitburg to look for a job or apply for recruitment in the new settlements that other lords are managing.

Even the girls are recently leaving as well.” (Klaus)

The only ones staying behind in the families in Baumeister Knight Territories are the eldest sons who can succeed the field and the girls who can become brides to them. Otherwise the others will leave the Baumeister Knight Territory.

The worst outcome of depopulation would be when the eldest son of a family can’t find a bride in Baumeister Knight Territory. There is nothing that stops the population from decreasing currently.

The worse thing is Wendelin-sama’s magic might get exposed.” (Klaus)

It’s my precious magic.

It would be nice if I could live in this Baumeister territory to develop it and for father to keep the current line of inheritance. Sadly, I know that wouldn’t happen, which is why I avoid contact with other territories’ people for fear of my magic being found out.

But if I really wanted to develop the territory, I could work for the territory when the heir changed to me.

Making that type of ruthless decision, such as becoming the next heir, is the mission of a so-called noble, right?

The people of the territory already know that Wendelin-sama can use magic. Listen, noble-sama is indeed treated as a noble in this farm village, but I believe you can succeed the house without any dissension from the others since they won’t care about it.” (Klaus)

It might be severe when thought about but humans are creatures who suffer from greed.

Excessive greed is certainly not good, an appropriate desire is better.

And that desire used to also improve their own lives a little more is essential to humans.

It is important to at least feed all the territory’s people, but noble-sama stopped there. He didn’t think about doing anything more than that. A ruler needs to do more than just feed his people. He also needs to think about the future that lies ahead for them.” (Klaus)

Klaus spoke up here and sighed.

The population of Baumeister Knight Territory has already come to a standstill. If this downward trend continues as he said, there would be endless problems to solve.

I can understand your feelings, Klaus, but do you want me to declare here that I would become the next family head? An unnecessary uproar for succession will only increase the people’s unrest.” (Wendelin)

No matter how I think about it, there will be no one supporting me as the family head.

It’s futile when father does not make me the legitimate successor, and when the capital city hears about the successor conflict they may decide to intervene to confiscate the territory or reduce its size.

Solely making a fuss is pointless. It is much better if we ignore this conversation and did not make a fuss about it. You should persuade father more to increase new immigrants as we can only push forward for efficient development.” (Wenedelin)

But with Wendelin-sama’s magic…” (Klaus)

If I did decide to use magic, what would you do when I die?” (Wendelin)

That is…” (Klaus)

I hear that talent such as magic is not genetic.

If it was genetic, of course the royal family and noble families would be full of mages.

Since it is not genetic, the royal family and nobles spend quite a bit of their fortune to secure an excellent mage into their ranks.

Back to topic at hand, when did I decide to make use of my magic to enrich Baumeister Knight Territory? How would they preserve it if I were to die?

Perhaps a dreadful decline will happen even worse than gradual depopulation that currently awaits the Baumeister Knight Territory.

There must be those who will disagree if I am forced to become the head of the family.” (Wendelin)

Klaus seems to hold dissatisfaction to father, but people in the territory do not hold that much dissatisfaction for both father and brother.

Even if I take the position as the current family head, there would be no point when they feel antipathy to me.

So I’ll pretend that I never heard this discussion.” (Wenedelin)

When I leave that word at the end, I run hastily to the depths of the forest and disappear at once with teleport magic.

Klaus was watching dumbfounded.

“(Did he expect an elven year old to agree to this?)“

I understand Klaus’s feelings but the order is wrong.

There is someone else he would have to talk to before convincing me.

He would need to convince father first, so talking to me is useless.

“(But this does look bad…)“

It was unclear whether father and Kurt nii-san even knows about Klaus’s real intention.

At worst, the suspicion of rebellion might wind up on me.

It would become troublesome in many ways if that happens.

I might not be able to leave the house even after giving up the inheritance rights. There is also the possibility of me becoming a nuisance to society as the person who is disturbing the inheritance order of my parents’ house.

Such a nasty rumor will make my life difficult to carry on in a normal manner.

But I am hesitant to consult father about this.

What if it was used by father to dispose of me?

The solution was getting more complicated the further I thought about it.

Daaa! Thinking about it is useless! I’ll just ignore Klaus!”

At my destination, in the prairie of undeveloped land, I let loose a large-scale explosion magic in full force and created a big hole.

Tsk. The environment gets destroyed due to me reducing stress…”

Though I was reflecting after becoming a bit calmer, I have no words to say when later on this large hole is used as an artificial lake by people later on in the future. Only heaven knows how it was formed.

[ED: I see that last part as him not admitting to making it when he finds people using it in the future.]

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