Chapter 7 – Aspire to become a mage

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“Alright, let’s practice some magic.” (Wendelin)

Back in the study, I pulled out a book called “Introduction to Beginner’s Class Magic” along with the crystal ball (which had collected an inordinate amount of dust, suggesting that it had been long neglected). Judging by the state of the crystal ball, I doubt that anyone in this family can use magic. Honestly, I would be surprised if there is anyone in our territory that can use it given that the odds are one in several thousand.

“Let’s see… First, hold up both hands and cover the crystal ball.” (Wendelin)

I followed the instructions in the book and noticed that the crystal ball began to give off a weak light that shone with all the colors of the rainbow.

“If done correctly, the crystal ball will exude a rainbow light. This is normal for all people and should not be misconstrued as evidence of magical aptitude. Next, envision yourself absorbing the rainbow light into your palms and imagine it circulating throughout your body.”

I do so. The rainbow light disappears from the crystal ball and it feels like my body gradually becomes warmer.

“If the rainbow light in the crystal ball is extinguished, you have magical talent. This is often accompanied by a warming sensation, which is not a cause for concern. The next step is to learn to circulate mana within your body. Ideally, you should do so each day while slowly counting to 100.”

The book also had a disclaimer that basically said that I shouldn’t get my hopes up, as success up to this point doesn’t mean that I have enough aptitude to build a future using magic.

According to the book, mana circulates through the body along a set of arteries known as the “magic pathways” and is stored in an organ called the “magic sac.”

Of course, I know that these magical organs can’t be found in the human body.

It has been hypothesised by the scholars of this world that the pathways and sac are coextensive with the veins and liver, but that they exist on a different physical plane. This hasn’t actually been confirmed, but it was written in the book as if it were fact.

“Circulate mana. The volume at which you are able to move mana through your magic pathways will determine the strength of the spells that you are able to use, and practicing circulating mana will cause that volume to increase. Focus the mana into your magic sac. As you consciously feed mana into the magic sac, the magic sac will expand and your total mana capacity will increase.”

I used to watch Ultraman when I was a child, and the magic sac sounds like those organs that the monsters had. However, it seems a person’s belly does not actually bulge out when he practices expanding his mana capacity.

According to the book, the next step is to expend mana in large quantities, which will drain my magic sac and stress my magic pathways, which will cause my mana capacity to expand and my magic power to increase.

“However, every person has a limit. If you do not feel an increase in your power and capacity after three consecutive days of practice, it is very likely that you have reached your limit and will no longer experience growth. Once you reach your limit, you should work to improve your mana control and accuracy, as well as learn several different types of magic for which you have an affinity.”

So, in addition to growing my mana capacity, I should work on training my accuracy and controlling my mana output to adjust the power of my spells. This will also eventually cause my mana consumption to become more efficient, allowing me to cast the same spells using less mana.

I see. Research on the topic has reached a fairly advanced level, but the state chooses not to withhold the facts from the public. Apparently, that is because, even though many people have the opportunity to attempt these training methods, very few will ever succeed in becoming magicians. Still, for someone gifted in magic to have access to these texts is a tremendous boon, even if the demand for them will never really increase.

“The road to independence is much shorter if I can use magic.” (Wendelin)

The next thing to do is to learn beginner’s magic.

Since it was for beginners, the spells were really quite small, such as conjuring a flame on your fingertips roughly the same size as a burning match, filling a small cup with water, creating a tiny whirlwind in the palm of your hand, or transforming a bit of dirt into a sharp little shard and throwing it at something. The instructions said to keep repeating this sort of low level magic.

Having read these instructions, I feel that I have all of the necessary tools to attempt low level spells.

According to the book, it isn’t necessary to chant or draw magic circles for small spells. Some people choose to draw circles, chant incantations, shout out a word, or even add a repetitive action, such as swinging the staff or wand in a particular motion.

Nobody seems to look down upon the use of such methods if they result in the magician increasing his accuracy or output. Though there are also people like me who can cast just by imagining the spell.

“If you have talent, you will be able to do it immediately, but for those with no aptitude it will always be impossible, no matter how much effort a person puts into it.” The book didn’t equivocate on this point. It was almost cruel.

“Please refer to the intermediate edition of this series if you successfully completed the course of study laid out in this edition in roughly one week.”

Since I really did hope to qualify for the intermediate course, I decided to flip through the intermediate book just in case.

As expected, the intermediate book has instructions for casting higher level spells, such as fire arrows, ice arrows, wind blades, and rock missiles that can skewer an enemy from a distance, as well as simple body enhancements that can improve speed, strength and agility.

“Since I’m always alone anyway, I’ll just practice magic every day.”

A week later I had successfully completed the beginner course. I was a little disappointed that nobody in the house asked me what I was up to or noticed that I could use magic.

Then again, having magical talent is the same as hitting the lottery, so they probably can’t imagine a world where a useless kid like me can be a magician.


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