Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 19: The depression of Baumeister family’s eldest son

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in something like a translation marathon of round about 10 hrs, including the editing, I managed to finish Interlude 19 as next extra interlude for you guys. One more interlude and we are caught up with the storyline (Interlude 20 is after chapter 44 iirc).

This interlude has a nicely dark touch, so twisted people, like me, will probably like it. However, there are a few notes you should know before reading:

  • First off, I think the author fucked up the tenses majorly in there. He used almost always present tense/future tense (not separated in Japanese) while talking about past events and likewise used past tense at some parts that should be present tense. I took the liberty to fix it because otherwise the whole thing would be a pain to read, though I don’t claim to have gotten all of it right. xD
  • Another thing, Kurt calls his father “oyaji” which also can be translated as “old man.” I think it has a bit of derogatory touch to it but I still used father. Just remember that part (only exception is when he calls him “dad”). Towards the end Kurt’s language gets rather derogatory all together but it’s expressed in the nuances of the Japanese way of talking rather than directly swearing as such. So take the whole thing with a pint of salt.

Extend your thanks to Asvan, Raymond R. and an anonymous donor for giving you this chapter.

|>> Enter the dark side! <<|


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  1. thanks for the interlude!

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