Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 18: Sequel after capturing the Underground Ruin

Heyas everyone,

here’s one of my owned extra interludes. The interlude completely follows the PoV of Burkhart.

I welcome any spelling/grammar corrections as this one is completely edited by myself once again. Somehow I guess this message is getting kind of redundant slowly… xD Oh well, so many readers and not even 0,001% considers applying as editor, kind of sad, isn’t it… ?

All of the older chapters have now been edited by Garit and Zazabooze! Chapter 23 and 24 still need some checking with me being the bottleneck here. But, great thanks for the nice work to the two of them! Both have started working on the book versions of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou and Garit will become the editor for Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo!

Extend your thanks to Asvan and Teafa for making this interlude possible!!!

|>> Enjoy the interlude! <<|


On another note: After listening to the various comments of the readers about my copyright measurements and considering it for a bit, I decided to cease the extra work of impeding the copying of content. At the same time, I decided that if a series’ readership should drop gradually due to people reading the chapters I translate on other sites, I will simply drop the translation of said series, no question asked. Saves me the trouble to bother with trying to protect this blog’s content and allows you, the readers, to decide yourself whether translations will go on.

Also, in the last days I had to read quite a few insulting and swearing comments. I don’t mind people stating their opinion but I do mind if people get personal over it. Such people will be immediately banned. There is a page called Rules of Conduct and I would be glad if everyone follows the rules written there. Otherwise I will simply disable all comments on the blog.






  1. thanks for the release!!
    also, since ur the one translating, its up to you what to do about the copy right. Beggers cant be choosers. as long as you keep translating i dont care what you choose 😀

    just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. Thanks for the release. One of my favorite translated stories with high quality as usual.

    Hope viewers don’t drop, as I’d like to be able to keep reading this. But if they do, your decision to drop the project is respected.

  3. Regarding your point about the lack of applications for the position of editor, I have to say that I for once would have aplied, but you clearly stated in an earlier post, that you wanted a native speaker.
    Since I am german, I obviously learned english in school and therefore didn’t even consider applying.

    My best guess is, that many others will feel the same way.


  4. Thanks! Nepu!!
    ( ・ω・)=つ≡つ?
    (っ ≡つ=つ?
    `/  )

  5. well good this is a fan translation so copy rights won’t protect you so you have to protect yourself…. (please don’t drop i will read forever!!)

  6. Thanks for the chapter!
    I was unable to comment after reading the chapter. So thanking here.

  7. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Also, regarding your wish to protect your work, you should take any measures you deem fit, and we should applaud your resolution whilst we continue to enjoy your work. I am truly sorry that the actions of the few have caused you such mental anguish. I feel I speak for the majority when I say we support you and your work however we can, whether on Patreon, or word of mouth, or in spirit.

    Granted, as I was in the middle of processing your work into ePUBs for my personal offline viewing pleasure (and I would like to stress the personal part, heck, I had at one point contemplated sending them to you for sharing, since at that time the first few 20 or so chapters were, IMHO, less than stellar, and required some editing on my part so that it flowed smoothly to yours), that last chapter did have me resort to somewhat unusual means for a layman to acquire a copy, short of transcribing it out word for word. But I take such an experience as a requirement to continue being a bi-monthly junkie of your work, which, if I could comment as another non-native English speaker, is top-notch.

    So, my apologies to everyone for writing such a long comment. Keep on making miracles, Shasu-dono.

  8. To hell with them ungrateful rude asses and thieving ‘translators’ who dare attempt to take your work and treat it as their own!

    In any case, I really hope you don’t drop this series, it’s one of the things I look forward to reading every time I open up novel update and check. 🙂

    But, if you wish to do so, I completely respect your opinions.

  9. Like, I edit stuff all the time, mostly for my own enjoyment. When I read a poorly translated series I like, I copy it to word for editing, then re-read it when I am done. Those guys/gals never want my copies to overwrite theirs so I just sit on them. Eventually I might torrent something like a collection of epubs if their sites go down.

  10. thanks 🙂

  11. Thanks

  12. Those insulting comments might be from the guys stealing your translation, have you considered it?

    I have no problem what-so-ever with your measures, you can just enable copying text content of a released chapter after uhm lets say about 1 or 2 weeks?

    Anyway I’m always thankful for a new chapter of Hachinan, my dosage of common sense.

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