Hachi-nan: Short update

In case of those wondering what’s going on with Hachi-nan I thought I would provide a bit information:

First off, against my expectations it seems like the chapters of the web novel got the length of a regular light novel chapter (In this case 3 times the length of an Yomigaeri no Maou chapters or in other words about 50k characters). Thus I will move the scheduling for this series from Saturday to Sunday. Current status of translation is at 40%.

I will try to release Chapter 26 on Saturday at 8 PM GMT but as mentioned above, no promises there.

Now some may be surprised: “Chapter 26, huh? That was translated already!”

Well, the previous translators counted the 5 Interludes as regular chapters. Thus I will fix the numerical order to the default way of numbering for web novel translations as the author didn’t count the interludes as chapters neither.

Same as Nidoume no Jinsei wo Sekai de (check out the Table of Contents for reference) I will copy the previous chapters with the correct numbering to this blog. This might be non-standard method of handling things, but I think that it is acceptable considering the fact that most of the chapters are on an inactive blog anyway and it should increase readability for those who want to catch up with the series.

Lastly, the naming of locations and persons will change a bit with the upcoming chapter, so be sure to read the notes at the beginning of the chapter.





  1. May you consider release it in part to increase the pace of blog update?
    shintranslation use that method to deal with the very troublesome length of The New Gate

    • As I release weekly it would actually lower the pace to split it into parts. You sure that’s what you want? 🙂
      In case you meant me releasing the parts in quicker pace, that won’t happen. As it is now, I release every 2 days a chapter of a series. Any more is not possible, especially as a one-man-army. Let’s not get greedy. 😉

      P.S.: shintranslation is on a weekly release basis too to pick up on your example. ^^

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