The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 83: The gentle Tiger who boasts of a fierce god-like strength

Heyas folks,

today you get a portion of melodramatic action. Next chapter will be released 6th May.

But before that, a short information. A few days ago Volume 5 of Stranger & Black Cat (official LN title) came out. I bought it yesterday and extracted the illustrations. I added quite a few to the previously released chapters, the new cover can be seen at the ToC and the cast for the volume can be seen in the Glossary. Check them out if you like pictures. 😉

Also, due to the length of the chapters, the LN doesn’t make much headway. Currently we are already half past through the volume and I expect it to be fully finished until chapter 90 if not earlier. So no illustrations for quite a while to come after that.

This chapter has been translated by Shasu and edited by Kelechi and Marco.



  1. Thanks for the illustrations!

  2. Thanks for doing this chapter!?

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