The Spearmaster and the Black Cat – Chapter 74: Demonic Steel-City Holkerbaum

So yea, after discussing what to do after Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de had to make an unplanned exit from our line-up, we were discussing what to do next, and Marco mentioned this novel, which hasn’t been translated for more than 4 months now. Then I remembered it as well as it was down my line in brutality and darkness, at least the first chapters that I did read.

So, to get off my thoughts from sulking over Nidoume, I did what a translator can do best and delved into translating something. And this is the product of me working off some stress.

If you people like the translation of this series’ I will seriously consider continuing with it as it has an interesting writing style which I don’t have among my current projects yet.

Well, have a look and tell me what you think…

Translated by Shasu and edited by Marco.


  1. I like this series and hopefully will become main project in here

  2. Anywhere I can catch up? Tried NU and the first five chapters are dead links.

  3. Bah Bah Black Sheep

    I’ve read till chapter 5. It’s not bad, I’m into it. If you’re going to translate more, ill be down.

  4. Please continue. I need more Rollo in my life.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  5. woooo I just thinking about this novel after a like 3 months no update and here it is ,what luck . thanks a bunch and I’ll look out if this become your main project

  6. Well if you can pick this up, I’d be happy tho… a good story with a ‘not so fcking beta MC’, it’s nice for a change from the usual.

  7. From the novel updates’s date log, it’s 3 month + 2 days.. but it does exceed the 3 month rule.. so thanks for picking it up~

  8. Please be main project.
    The fight’s description in this novel were awesome and Rollo is cute.

  9. Thank you for picking this up!

  10. Sad news that u decided to drop nidoume., but thanka for picking up spearman black cat.

    Btw do you want to pick another title just in case. It’s Monster no Goshujin-sama. The last group officially drop it. Its very unfortunate
    I really like that one. Please consider it!

  11. I really enjoy this series so far. So I hope you will continue to translate it since Birdy went MIA

  12. This is great i always wanted this to get translated a bit faster. It’s sad for Birdy, but he has been going in depression on and off… We never know if he actually dropped it or not, then he returns after a month or two to continue translating… Anyways thanks for picking it up.

    • I’m looking for a series for a bi-weekly time slot though. So don’t expect it to be super-fast. The chapters are actually long, too.

      • 1 chapter a month is still more than 0 chapters for 3 months, I strongly support this translation, it´s one of my favourite stories out there. 🙂

      • Well, i must say 2 chapters per month is quite slow indeed. I get that people always bash people like me and call us greedy for wanting more, but well, i’m more of a realist and seeing that there are currently 382 chapters and author pumps out 15 new chapters every month, 2 chapters per month translation would pretty much mean we can’t ever finish the story let alone catch up. Just catching up to current chapters would take 13 years and then who knows how much longer to finish it as the novel is still ongoing. I do want to read it, but when i feel like there is no hope for the future it’s kind of hard to continue.

        When i started reading this novel, Birdy had a translation rate of a chapter every 1.3 days. Yeah it was really fast eh? Then his depression episodes started. He came back on and off from time to time, so i didn’t return after 56th chapter. Now, for what i’m going to say next people will probably bash me again, but i still want to say it.

        I would actually recommend you not taking over the translation and dedicate more time to your current novels. That would surely make your current readers quite happy. I guess you don’t like to focus on one project and i understand that you are doing it as a hobby of sorts, but taking over so many at the same time has it’s detriments. If it’s going to take decades to translate a novel, i can instead wait for a translator who will solely focus on the project to take it over and translate it all in the span of a year or two. Even for you, if you were to focus on a single project, with your speed, a chapter every other day would actually be quite possible. As i see it, you were translating 4 novels at the same time, and in total, you were pretty much already translating faster than a chapter every other day rate. Just scattered all over various novels. Anyways it’s still your decision, but with such speed i can’t see an end to this novel…

        • You are free to have an opinion, but let me give you just one comment:

          “When i started reading this novel, Birdy had a translation rate of a chapter every 1.3 days. Yeah it was really fast eh?”

          And that’s why most translators quit after a bit. They start fast, then they get slower and slower and eventually they stop completely, they literally burn out.
          My solution is to spread my love over a few novels so I don’t get bored of translating and/or burn out on them. If it’s a decent novel I up their release speed, if it’s a boring novel I drop them. If I see people don’t read a series I drop it too as I have no particular interest in translating for a few dozens people except for novels I really like (like Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo). That’s how I handle it. *shrug*

          • I understand where you are coming from, but surely you must also understand that the number of people who follow a novel is quite related to how fast it is translated. Even more so than the quality of the translation. It’s sad, but that’s just how human minds work in general. The more frequent they get something the more interested they will be in it. If it’s quality translation to boot that’s even better! (granted the novel is interesting to begin with ofc). Not everyone is like this, but for majority it works like that.

            Check out translator Yoshi. He is the translator of The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time. The chapters of that novel are really long. About 3 times as long as the chapters of your avarage novel. But he could keep a translation rate of 2 days/per chapter even with such long chapters, before he took a month long break for vacation that is. I guess he did experience being burned out as you said and it’s understandable that he took a month long vacation for the new year. He has a big reader community with hundreds of people commenting in each chapter and people who are willing to sponsor $100 for each chapter. Just check any chapter and you can see how crowded the chat is. He even had to close his paypal weeks before he went to vacation so people would stop piling up donations for sponsor chapters while he is gone haha! He was barely able to finish all the owed sponsor chapters right before he gone to his vacation. With so many fans Yoshi must be doing something right atleast don’t you think so?

            Anyways i have rambled on for too long. I’m just trying to give you some ideas. Just wanted to show you how another translator works and maybe you can get some inspiration from Yoshi’s example.

            Also i think you might want to try implementing disqus for chat like in Yoshi’s example. It’s generally more useful and easier for people to follow up comments and it allows people to be more interractive by letting them upvote the comments they like, thus pushing it up the list. So you can get alot more people commenting on your novels and generally have a more active community using disqus. You can also try seting up a general chat room at the main page with disqus and try to create an always active community that uses your site to talk about novels and other stuff. Just some ideas that might work well.

            Anyways thanks for replying back to me. Most people don’t like criticism and can outright block others without even a word if they don’t like what’s being said. The world has become such a place sadly. I had my run ins with some translators like that before haha!

            • Well, your example is slightly bad in this situation because that particular translator translates Death Mage regularly once a week, everything extra is because people paid him/her 100$ per chapter.
              Quite honestly, if people paid me 100$ per chapter, I wouldn’t mind increasing the release speed either as long as it is within my capacities but that’s not a reality for most Japanese translators, if not all but Yoshi.

              As for Disqus, I will look into it and try to put it on the blog. I remember I cheched it a while back already but somehow I forgot about it. As person who has to do everything myself, I kind of tend to let things with lower priority slip. xD

              • Oh, it seems you did integrate disqus. And you were even able to keep the old comments. I’m curious how people will react. Seems to be working fine.

  13. Thx for the Chapter~!

  14. Thanks for picking this up, sad to see Nidoume go though but oh well

  15. Thanks for the chapter, I was really hoping someone would pick up this LN. 🙂

  16. Wow! Thanks your a lifesaver!
    I been reading this for so long and truly disappointed when its not been updated for a long time.
    I say your translation Shasu and editor Marco are much better than the previous translator where it seems translated in google then just fixed the matching words and sentences. The translator must be a rookie in that area.

    Thanks again! For bringing this one back to the land of the living!

  17. Just now i dound out about the scandal of the author of nidoume and the novel was cancelled and the web novel was also removed…. its a fkng mess… it was good too…

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