Tale of the Mismarca Kingdom – Chapter 1: Mismarca’s Crown Prince – Part 1

Heyas folks,

with me having ended the translation of Bookworm after it got licensed by J-Novel Club, I wanted to translate something new instead of it.

I chose Mismarca relatively quickly since it’s one of those novels I read first when I started reading Manga/LN back before I even started learning Japanese and translating novels myself. I liked the story very much and was devastated back then when any kind of translation had come to an end.

The novel itself is already a bit older (just as I’m lol) and has finished at 12 Volumes + 1 Extra. It’s a work of Hayashi Tomoaki and also part of a bigger universe (though rather disconnected from it for the most part). Yoraikun has translated Battlefield: Masurawo and is translating O-Ri-Ga-Mi, both part of the same universe. So don’t be shy and check it out here: https://yoraikun.wordpress.com/

As the chapters are fairly long, I will split them in parts as I do with all my series that have long chapters. Release day will be Thursday, on a weekly base. I know there are some translations of the first odd chapters out there, but I will start from scratch. I hope you will enjoy the journey as readers. 🙂

Also, please extend your thanks to ApoWo who has joined me on this new endeavor as editor! 😀

Now enough from me, enjoy part 1 of 3~

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