Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 83: Yellow

OMG, it deserves a romance tag…


Translated by Shasu

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  1. And here i though we got a wedding with a great gift (some retarded wedding crasher)
    well….we’ve got a great nope.
    still, it was a good chapter none the less.
    thank you for your hard work shasu,
    and i appolegise if this comment comes over as me being ungratefull,
    that’s not what i’m after, more like being amazed about the author making a big event (which it would’ve been) in to something like what it is in the chapter.
    that being said, i’m looking forward to the next arc that starts with the next chapter that will come next week!
    And have a nice weekend (from what’s still left of it though (^-^’ ))

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