Summoned Slaughterer – Chapter 74: Stupid Like This

Quite the busy castle…


Well for those, who don’t want to listen to my little rant, just click the link above and be done with it. For the rest, who can bear with me for a few lines, feel free to drop comments below.

Well I could start with mentioning how I’ve got no editor for this series, but I guess I won’t keep bothering the unwilling. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I like the path the author is currently taking with this novel. The first 40ish chapters were mostly only slaughtering and with Kasha’s death there was a choice of going for an even more powerful enemy (shounen like development) or to go down the serious route (seinen). Unfortunately the author at first chose to try the former option which many readers criticized as getting boring, rightfully in my opinion as mere slaughtering can stay interesting only for a while, if there’s nothing else. But luckily the author has lately reverted his decision, apparently, and gone towards more world building, which gives this a deeper touch (yea, yea, some will now say “You are a world building nut anyway”). Going by the titles of the next arc we are heading into some quite interesting developments. So I’m really looking forward to this (yea, I’m not reading ahead!). Thus, if you think the same way as me, I would be happy, if you could drop some positive reviews on Novel Updates as people usually only comment if they have issues with a novel, but I don’t think that’s fair towards the novels usually. After all I’m translating this series and the other two so that as many readers as possible can read them. ^^

Oh, a short notice: My sickness has revived, so I don’t know how well I will be able to translate this weekend, but I will try my best.

Either way, this chapter has been translated by me, Shasu.

~ Thanks to the Patrons of Summoned Slaughterer for supporting this series! ~


  1. hey if you need a editor. im willing to do it. just text me info about it. usually free enough nights to do it as much. cant really check the translation, but i can fix typos and grammar mistakes

  2. The chapters 35 and beyond up to an unknown point all seem to be dead links is there anyway you can fix this when you get a chance to check it out

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