Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 83: It seems to be the Hero and the Goddess

Heyas everyone,

it seems like J Novel Club officially announced today that they are suspending further releases of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de. Well, I guess that’s a reasonable step for a company that depends on its reputation in the online community. I feel a bit sorry for them as they managed to acquire the license for a novel that might have become a big hit just to end up in front of a pile of shards.

Personally I never cared about the authors of the books I read or translate which is probably also  why I never read an autobiography in my entire life. If a story is good, I read it. And I think Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de is a good story. As far as I have seen it doesn’t propagate any problematic racial or ethical statements and as such I will translate it for those who want to enjoy a good story just like me. Of course, if I see that no one wants to read it, I will simply drop it again. So it’s up to you whether this story gets translated or not. ^^

For those who have a problem reading a story because of what its author did in the past, simply don’t read it and don’t bother coming here to discuss it cause your comments will be deleted and/or you will get banned. There are plenty other forums and such where you can vent your frustration for all I care.

I have re-enabled the chapters starting with volume 4 of the novel. If you want to read the chapters before that, you can purchase them over at J Novel Club.

The schedule will be irregular like Hakai no Miko (in other words, you get a chapter when I got time outside the regular releases) for now until Summoned Slaughterer ends.

Ah, and here’s the link…

P.S.: I’m looking for a dedicated editor for this series now that it’s back again. Requirements are: native English as well as will and dedication to invest into a long-term project (still more than 300 chapters left after all). Mail me at [email protected] or find me on our Discord server, if interested.





  1. Thanks!!!
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    Yay! It’s back! So why did JNovel dropped this? I guess I have to google it myself.

    • Surprised you don’t know
      The author had posted racist remarks about china and Korea before on his twitter and it came to light recently.
      He denied them till the very last moment so we add lying to the public to the charges.
      The anime production team also stopped production because of this

      • Thanks for the info. ANd too bad, the anime was axed because of that simple thing.

        • Yeah, and the tweets was too long ago, thanks to the butthurt chinese guy we won’t be able to enjoy the anime adaptatio. Well not that i mind, the completion of this story is the most important too me and anime is just a bonus.

  2. So they dropped the light novel?
    Also where is the chap?

    • Sorry, was a bit too trigger happy. Added the link in the post now. 🙂

      • Well I now know the reason why the light novel was dropped.
        This was such a good novel. And cn just focued on a small text in the first chapter where his history was said.

  3. Nacawili Ryjan

    Praise the lord!!!!! ! It’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Agree! Judge the story, not the author! If a work is good, then it is good. Regardless how much of a dickhead/idiot the creator is

  5. Thanks for the chapter^^..
    Yayyyyy its continue. ^^…

  6. And here I am waiting for J Novel to reach the translated part and yet it was drop welp I guess it’s still not a waste for paying to read it even it didn’t reach to the current translation

    • Surely not, a good story is worth its money after all. Also, you won’t get the volumes 1-3 officially anywhere but there. 🙂

      • Well after you announced that J novel is gonna liscends it I immediately tried J and waited till it reach to the transled part and will you post again the older translated parts

  7. Wasn’t the whole issue the fact that he referenced the Nanjing Massacre early on in the novel in the main character backstory concerning his kill count in WW2?

  8. I just want to ask did the author stopped posting in syosetu to ?

    • Yes, he did. It hasn’t been updated since May so you might as well assume that the story will stay stuck at chapter 404 indefinitely. Well, not that it would be the first novel to stop midway being released and not that it matters at the moment with over 300 chapters still remaining. xD

      • RIP since I really enjoyed his other novel that they were working on.

        • You mean “The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary” ? That one has 386 chapters in total and the translation is at chapter 25… don’t think you would have to worry about it stopping anytime soon…

          • I’m quite aware, I meant getting a proper ending for that one but who knows.

            • disqus_4c3fKOjHfa

              Did they stop releasing “the strange adventure of a broke mercenary” too? Man, I didn’t know that it was from the same author… Truly a shame…

  9. Thanks for picking this up again I bought both vol 1 and 2 already and I will buy vol 3 when it comes out good thing I can atleast continue the story knowing you’re translating it again

  10. Whohooo, it’s back, it’s back alive, thanks, so many thank for update it again.

  11. Brainanda Talydeppa Alirahman

    though some people said they will buy 3rd vol., but weren’t JNC even canceled all those who pre-ordered vol.3?
    well anyway, I’ll give you my thanks for making this novel alive again (to the latest chapter), thanks!!

    • No, you can buy vol. 3 over at JNC as far as I understood from their forums. I think there were just some issues with Amazon preorders when the whole thing started to go west. But that should be fixed now. They announced that they will suspend the translation after volume 3, so that also includes that you can get volume 3 over there. 🙂

  12. Hyrule Saviour

    I don’t care what the author did, I mean it’s wrong and he shouldn’t have but I would still like to read a good story, I mean look at the author of rurouni Kensington he did a horrible crime but his stor is regarded as a classic.

  13. omg thx for picking this up again, this is one of good ones besides Hachinan

  14. That was… unexpected. Thanks for picking it up again.

    I didn’t read about the author’s biography but I saw some people comment it about it somewhere else. Sounds like he lost an anime adaption as well.

    • Well he lost everything. Anime adaptation, novel serialization and so on. They completly “deleted” this novel.

  15. I am happy.

  16. HAahaha nice! i know about what happened but i dont care, they are just fkng people up just because, i bet those who went against the author dont really care. Even more, so what that his novel has racism on it? as if other novels dont have it, just read the chinese novels, they dont go around, they just explain fukng japs and all and insult them in a direct manner

  17. Thanks for picking this up again. Don’t really care what the author said. The Chinese are a lot more racist about Japanese and unlike what happened to this author, the Chinese would most likely not apologize.
    Maybe I’m prejudiced about Mainland Chinese since the ones I knew were… let’s just say they were not nice. Especially towards my Japanese and Taiwanese friends.

  18. Abraham Matamala

    thank you for picking it up again, question are you gona repost the previous chapters that you had before j-novel club? that’s all thanks again 🙂

    • All chapters starting with Volume 4 have been re-enabled and are accessible through the Table of Contents. The chapters belonging to LN Volumes 1-3 will never again be posted on this blog due to licensing. Please purchase the respective volumes over at J Novel Club. 🙂

  19. Is there much difference between the LN and the WN? Ideally, us fans of the LN who find ourselves wanting more after reading JNC’s release of v3 of the LN would have liked to continue with a translation of v4 of the LN, rather than the WN. Either way, appreciate what you’re doing.

    • Sorry, but that is impossible. While JNC tolerates the translation of the WNs if the content isn’t covered by their own LN releases, I’m pretty sure they won’t allow someone to breach their license rights. They might have suspended their releases until further notice, but they should still own the rights legally. After all I don’t think the original publisher negotiated with them the rights over each single volume, but the whole series. 🙂

      • There are some misconceptions here. Firstly, JNC doesn’t tolerate WNs any more than they tolerate LNs, they only really care about people charging money for fan translations of series they’ve licensed. IIRC the only times that they’ve actually sent proper C&Ds was for WNs hidden behind a paywall. Normally when they license a series, they just contact the fan translators (of the WN or LN) and ask that they remove the chapters of the volumes as they’re released by JNC.

        Secondly, they didn’t just suspend future releases, they’ll be pulling the existing volumes (1-3) from sale at the end of the month. If people want to buy the existing volumes, now’s their chance, because soon there won’t be any legal way to obtain any of the light novels.

        Thirdly, they don’t typically license entire series. They normally license them volume by volume, or sometimes in multi-volume batches. This has led to delays for certain series where the contract didn’t get signed in time to hit the normal release schedule. That said, it’s unlikely that a Japanese publisher would license a volume in the middle of a series to somebody else once one company has started publishing the series. I don’t know specifically which volumes of [New Life+] have been licensed by JNC, but it is almost certainly not all of them. Point is, for this reason, and the prior ones listed, you’re not going to hear any complaints from JNC if you translate volume 4 of the light novel.

        • Why am I surprised that they haven’t licensed anything that Roxism HQ’s translating? I mean, those guys hide chapters behind paywalls for a limited time. Even though RHQ has some stuff I like, I think it would do those guys some justice if J-Novel Club license anything they’re translating then.

        • To 1.) You formulated it better than me, but that’s basically what I meant with the toleration of WNs. To 2.) Well, I guess we will see after July 1st, cause I only read their official statement via Twitter.

          To 3.) I don’t know how they exactly set their contracts but I never seen a series having different publishers over the course of volumes (be it LNs or regular novels). So they must at least have some kind of clause giving them priority on the volume purchase of a series.

          Well anyway, to keep it short, I won’t translate the LN. Hope you can accept my decision. 🙂

  20. Nice!
    I for one really like this story. Ty for picking it up again.

  21. Wait, what’s wrong with the author? Is he tweeted some racist remarks or something? Anyways, if J-Novel dropped them, I’m happy that you’ll continue translating it.

    Edit: right, it’s about those Chinese massacre that the MC in WWII isn’t it? But isn’t that a normal thing to happen in a war? Those Chinese guys are just too sensitive.

    • From comments / reddit threads I’ve read, it seems Renya himself is hinted at being a Japanese Prince that massacred a bunch of Non-Combatants in WW2. The Nanking Massacure or something like that. He lived till 90 and was never charged for his crimes, just like Renya.

      To further add to this, it seems the chinese tranaslations for this series mysteriously were missing the parts explaining that part of his backstory. :thinking:

      • Some cunt edited my reply, and I wasn’t notified of this. Now thats scary. Welp, won’t be coming here much now that the manga and novel are dead, so *shrugs*.

  22. Apparently JNC is only selling the books up till the 1st of July. Are you going to release the previous chapters then? I’ve purchased the first 2 books, but since i use bookwalker to get all my books from the one place, it won’t be coming to that platform.

    • I didn’t see anywhere a notice that they will stop selling Volumes 1-3 after July 1st though? In their official announcement they only said that they will suspend further translations beyond Volume 3 of the series. Or do you have any information I lack?

      • I read that they were suspending publications and sales of the English translations from the 1st of July. I could be wrong about them continuing to sell the first 3 versions. I just know that volume 3 is currently not up on bookwalkers release schedule even though it’s released on other sites.

        • Book 3 has appeared on bookwalker for release in a couple days, so this question doesn’t matter now 🙂

  23. I guess I better get volume 1 to 3 before it disappear. And maybe this is one of the reasons the manga keps on updating. Not complaining but I do want to read the LN since it’s probably the edited version of the WN. So now I have no novels to read so far and this made me decise to finally read this.

  24. João Carlos Honório Pedro

    I’ll be real here, you post more Nidoume, I read it. You do a great job (-w-)b

  25. Although I don’t know if this will infringe with their licensing or not, I would like to continue to read this series again if possible. Thank you for picking this up again.

  26. thank you for translating this series again. this is good novel, don’t drop it again please

  27. I only just now saw the new chapters xD great that you keep translating , I totally lost motivation when i heard it was licensed :p
    An yeah, who cares about the author. I really dislike J K Rowling and i still read harry Potter.

  28. Thanks for the chapter.

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