Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 67: It seems to be the cooking of rice

Heyas folks,

as promised on Saturday, yet another chapter of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de due to sponsoring by the INT Patrons.

The author considered this chapter important enough to place an illustration here and it’s pretty much hilarious, the first part that is. Maybe some of you will realize why I had a good laugh reading it. 😉

Ah, btw I’m no cooking expert, so please excuse any errors I might have made misinterpreting how to cook the rice. xD

Now, as for the more important stuff:

I changed cooking utensil to rice cooker. Well, it’s pretty obvious, so nothing speaking against it and likewise keeping it vague in the previous chapters adds to the fun, I think. Thus I won’t change it there.

Now important: I changed Kurowaal’s name to Croix Croire! Well the name irked me for quite some time, so I decided to toss it into several translation thingies today and picked that name from the choices. It has a nice pun of being gender neutral in French (after all Croix is small-breasted… *evil smirk*). The author mostly uses European themed names and thus keeping it as phonetic Japanese gibberish makes no sense anyway. I saw the manga translation interpreting Khalil as Caryl or such, but I like the mysterious Arabian flavour of the name as she is a mysterious magician, so I will keep that. 😉

Well a lot of blah blah from me… enjoy the chapter sponsored by the INT Patrons


~ Thanks to the Patrons of Nidoume for their support! ~


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Croix means cross in french sort of(through and Kurowaal sounds more like elfish.

  3. So… Where’s the link to ch. 67..? I don’t see the “red enjoy” as usual..


    After hearing the pronunciation, I’ve decided I prefer Kurowaal.

    • Hmm yea, that pronunciation misses the last part of the katakana of kurowa~ru. Hmm Croire then, I guess.

      Actually, check out this here:
      The same katakana used there, so I shall go with that. 🙂

      • What a strange looking thing I just saw (megaman image). Well ignoring that, as someone completely unable to speak Japanese (Chinese and Korean as well for that matter) my pronunciation spoken aloud or mentally is likely to be way of for many names I come across. Though it is likely better for Japanese after watching so much anime.

        Point being, I’m usually saying the names wrong anyway, so makes little difference which you go for in that respect. I think it’s like when I watched anime, a popular example would DBZ, which I originally watched in English dub, so that became my accepted version and true voice. Another would be Naruto, after years of watching the fansub versions, those Crunchyroll ones didn’t half make me squirm.

        So basically you tend to accept the first version you see, small changes like I think
        it was the ‘r’ and ‘l'(not pronounced or didn’t exist can’t remember the reason anymore) are easy enough to accept. Kurowaal and Kurowa~ru not as glaring a change as Croix/Croire. Guess I’ll get used to it with time though since I have no intention of stopping reading for such a stupid reason.

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