Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 41: It seems to be Az-san, once again

Heyas folks,

here you go with a chapter of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de to meet this week’s quota. Not sure if I will manage another as I have to work on other releases next.

This time it’s a bit longer than usual, both in total length and also in the length of the sentences. So I hope it’s readable without too many unclear parts. Too tired to rack my brain over rephrasing them either way. :p

Also, a kind soul provided me a link to the illustrations up to volume 8. Well, amusingly the first arc of the series was stretched into 2 volumes, so I guess we are more or less set for a third of the entire series in regards to illustrations for now. I will add those during my vacation alongside properly fixing the glossary. We are in volume 3 of the LN now, so I added the cover picture to the ToC.

|>> Enjoy <<|

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

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